✨ Today’s Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ✨

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Linda Berry

✨ Monday, May 29, 2017 ✨ 

The Daily Vibration:

For those of us that are celebrating Memorial Day in the USA today, today’s interaction between Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars just fits right in! The vibe of the day is a desire to go out into the world, exploring something you have possibly not explored before and have some fun! You may also feel like doing something healthy with your exercise regime during this time too – if so get it going because Mars is behind you giving you the energy to do it!

Added to this we have Mars, Saturn, Uranus opening the door for us to be genuinely ourselves and still interact with harmony sharing with others.

Long Term Vibrational Themes:

Starts on 29th and wanes down until the 1st.
There is a 5 days creativity pattern that will help u come up with some creative business ideas. The core energy is creative organization and ideas with others. There is a certain amount of being able to do something new in a realistic way. Creative activity in a business sense. If you have some new business ideas then this is a good time to start them working.The strongest point of focus is 4:15 PM today but this lasts tomorrow too. You can even get a bit obsessive about what you are doing.

The Mars, Jupiter, Saturn vibration (discussed above) is the strongest vibration today and will continue to grow to peak May 29th and last through Tuesday, May 30. This is a vibration of shared creativity and play.

Between now and June 1, Mars, Saturn, Uranus brings us the potential to act responsibly as we express our individuality in coordination with others. This vibration peaks on Monday, ay 29th.

Over the next few days you will start to feel a Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto vibrational theme bringing you feelings of being obsessed with growth balanced with practical efficiency. You will find yourself coming up with creative solutions, new and different approaches that bring growth and expansion in a reasonable and realistic way This focuses especially in your professional and business operations between now and mid-June with its peak around June 5th.

For the rest of 2017 Saturn trine Uranus is helping us learn to smoothly and harmoniously balance our expression of both our individual independent action and our concern for and responsibility for others

The Daily Aspects:

Piggybacking on the Daily Vibration is a two planet aspect with Mars in Gemini making an opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius, that peaks at 2:55 AM. This brings about a feeling of being subdued in your energy. The Mars-Saturn combination reminds me of golden embers burning deep within a fire. The embers can be ignited to a roaring flame or left there to burn slowly. The focus here is for us to express the energy of this aspect in a way that we want to express it – as opposed to allowing it to make us nervous or fidgety.

Along with this at 2:59 AM the Cancer Moon has its last aspect square Uranus.  This may increase the uncomfortable Impulsive feelings at this time if you are up and around.  

This is followed by a quiet, calm down period until the Moon enters Leo at 8:12 AM.  The Leo Moon brings a sense of playfulness and of wanting to be who you uniquely are along with appreciating all the special and unusual people around you.

Finally at 11:17 PM the Sun sextiles the Moon and you feel your emotions being calm and at ease, a lovely energy enjoy this evening and to go to sleep with

The Daily Gemstone & Essential Oil:

The gemstone suggestion for today is Calcite. Calcite helps to amplify energy and turn negative energy into positive. Giving you a new found feeling of positivity.

The essential oil for today is clary sage, giving us an opportunity to connect with the energies of the Moon even further. This is also helpful at giving us a chance to work with lucid dreams in our lives.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.


Starlene Breiter & Linda Berry

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✨ A Note from Starlene ✨ 

Linda Berry and I, Starlene, have been working on different astrological techniques (such as which harmonic(s) of the day has the strongest aspect pattern(s) in it). We have formulated this into the newest version of the Astro Tapestry Report. Up until now, I was writing in the Astro Tapestry Report about the daily Ptolemaic transits, which is great – but there is more!

With Linda’s genius programming skills & the use of the Sirius software – We are seeing the strongest aspect patterns in the most prominent harmonics occurring that day. We are now practicing interpreting this and the times they are influencing us. The idea is that this is a new lens to view the transiting planets with which will add to what we can tell from using the Ptolemaic transits themselves.

When we do some more work on this, we will be sharing the “New Astro Tapestry Report” with the public and you all can give us your opinions too! You won’t have to understand the technical stuff, that is up to us to relate it to you. We very much look forward to seeing how our work and daily forecasts relate to your day!

Enjoy the Astro Tapestry Report!

Starlene Breiter & Linda Berry

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