✨ Today’s Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ✨

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter & Linda Berry 

✨ Thursday, July 27, 2017  
The AstroFrequency for the day:
“15” Harmonious or free-flowing play and creativity
The Daily Vibrations:
The Sun, Mars and Jupiter continue today to increase the focus on taking big actions of a playful and creative nature.sharing this experience with others.  You may possibly coming up with something new and different as you playfully create.
In addition to the playful creativity which is the dominant energy today Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are generating an underlying sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction that needs to move out of the current patterns and seek something new.  This is like a calling to open to the big spiritual truths that lie below the surface.
Cyclic Patterns we are experiencing at this time 
Moon Cycle July 23 – August  20 with the next New Moon on August 21 being a solar eclipse visible in the United States.  The Full Moon is August 7 and it is a lunar eclipse.  This means we have one of the heaviest patterns of the year coming up this next month.  Additionally Mercury goes retrograde from August 13 – September 5.  More about that next month, but some people like to know when these things are happening.
The symbol for the New Moon is “A Case of Apoplexy”  This brings feelings of being overwhelmed with feelings rushing into you  There can be a tendency to feel overwhelmed  and the way to deal with this is to pull back a bit and give yourself some space to evaluate.  There is potential here for those with overinflated egos to spiral out of control.  This is combined with Mars which is closely joined with the Sun and the Moon.  This brings a sensitiveness to patterns and how they start and how to work with them to keep them from spiralling out of control.  This sensitivity can help you sort things out in an effective way during this next cycle.  The caution is to not get caught in a sense of arrogance and entitlement which could be your undoing.
The Mood of the Day:
Slowly diminishing in strength today is the Sun conjunct Mars, both in Leo. This aspect peaked last night and is still quite strong today. This aspect lasts until Monday July 30th. So use this energy to your advantage! This is a time of high energy!  We feel excited and ready to rock and roll. This would be an excellent time to excel at doing something physical with yourself such as working out. If you do not already work out, then why not begin that process now? You need to expend some of this energy now, so that you can release the power behind this transit, otherwise it could build up and come out in quarrels.
The rest of the aspects mentioned today, are aspects with the Moon. Therefore they are more like moods, than life changing alterations/situations. Since they are two planet Moon patterns they only last a couple of hours on each side of their peak times.
The Virgo Moon comes to a square with Venus in Gemini at 2:31 AM. This has our attention put on being surrounded by the things we love. We feel a strong desire to be around and close to those things during this time. After this aspect peaks we have a void-of-course Moon until 11:37 AM when the Moon moves into the sign of Libra.
The Libra Moon has us wanting to relate to others with an equal exchange of respect and appreciation as we have for ourselves. This is a great time to build better friendships and partnerships. Work on those things over the next couple of days while the Moon travels through Libra.
The next aspect for today is when the Libra Moon comes to a sextile with Mars in Leo at 8:32 PM. Nervousness and excitement are in the air, this is a good time to release some energy that is likely to be surrounding you at this time. Go work out or do something active!
The last aspect is when the Leo Sun comes to a sextile with the Moon in Libra at 9:08 PM. This has us feeling positive and energetic about ourselves. This is a good time to turn your attention to yourself and find better ways to improve your already fabulous life!
The Daily Gemstone & Essential Oil:
The gemstone suggestion for the day is Sunstone. Sunstone helps us connect with the Leo Sun and also gives us a boost of energy too. It brightens the mood and makes you feel happy in your body.
The essential oil suggestion for the day is Lime. Lime awakens the spirit, bringing about a zest for life and positive change.
All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.


Starlene Breiter & Linda Berry

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