First off, hi – my name is Starlene Breiter, or people call me Star for short.

Why Rock Star Astrologer?

Well, there are layers to the meaning of this name I chose for this section of my website, let me explain to you why…

I am a professional astrological consultant that has studied astrology pretty much since I can remember. I have graduated the  Avalon School of Astrology and practice an evidence-based form of astrology created by my astrology guru David Cochrane called Vibrational Astrology.

Am I an actual *Rock Star* you ask?

Well yes – but maybe not in the way you are probably thinking!!

~I am a Reiki practitioner and use gemstones with my healing & Reiki work. I also create beautiful artistic jewelry and candles with gemstones. I like to lovingly refer to gemstones as *Rocks*, my name is *Star* and I am a professional *Astrologer*.

So yeah, I am a *Rock Star Astrologer* in my own right!

You can shop through my Rocks And Reiki website if you like. I make jewelry, handcraft candles & sell Reiki energized crystals through Rocks Ad Reiki. I do consultations in person or through Skype or Google+.

I offer consultations for natal (birth) charts, forecasting, relocation astrology, horary astrology, electional and synastry (compatibility). Your birth chart will tell you about your personality.  Forecasting will explain to you the planetary energies on any given date and how they affect you at that time. Relocation astrology will tell you the energies of a certain place in this world for you personally and is a great way to help you find a place with supportive energies for the lifestyle you want to live.Horary astrology is a form of divination so if you have a question outside the usual things astrology answers, often Horary Astrology can answer it for you. Electional Astrology can help you “elect” a date for things such as when to open a business, get married etc. Synastry will take your chart and another persons chart and compare them together – many people that are in relationships like synastry astrological counseling sessions.

So, what is Vibrational Astrology you ask?

Quite simply put it is and evidence based form of astrology.

With the modern calculations of the computer era we live in, we as astrologers are blessed to be able to use computers to calculate to a very detailed measurements that we have never before in history been able to calculate. This allows us to see the very fine points and different angles between the planets in our solar system – allowing us to interpret what that means to our clients and how they can best use the energy to help them in their own lives. The system of Vibrational Astrology has an evidence based theoretical framework we use to give healing, and therapeutic astrological consultations.

So in layman’s terms – it just works – I have seen it over and over in my own life as well as others.

Therefore, to put it simply — a professional astrological consultant, such as myself – using the Vibrational Astrological model is able to help you understand how to make best use of these energies in a practical and helpful way.

Namaste, Starlene Breiter

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