April 2016

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich 

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Saturday, April 30, 2016 –Uranus9-PetalsMulti-WEB-NIKKI

We have an all day long Aquarius moon … prepare to have a unique and eccentric day! Don’t be afraid of doing things your own way today as Aquarius like to find their own approach.

The first aspect today is a sextile from the moon to Saturn which peaks at 8:46 AM. This makes me think that it is best to get things early today while we feel the motivation to accomplish our tasks. A good morning for a run or for finishing up some chores so you are free to have fun the rest of the weekend!

Next we have the moon in sextile to Uranus which peaks at 7:55 PM. Time to dance! Uranus is very percussionistic; it likes a beat, it likes to tap it’s feet, it likes to listen to music and move along with it. It s a very nice aspect for a Saturday night: active, fun and adventurous while not getting too crazy. So have fun and try to do something a little different tonight!

The last aspect today is a square from the moon to Mercury which is exact at 10:56 PM, after which the moon goes void-of-course. I usually interpret hard aspects between the moon and Mercury is our hearts and minds being at odds with each other. We feel conflict because our rational self wants one thing and our emotional self wants another thing. This is a mild aspect though so if you feel this way don’t take it too seriously, it will pass.

A great essential oil to work with today is heliochrysum which allows us to increase our awareness and cultivate our inner strength.

The recommended gemstone for today is jade which functions is the way of the Vulcan greeting: “May you live long and prosper”.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

VenusFrillyFlower2WEBSITEnikkiFriday April 29, 2016 –

The Capricorn moon comes to a square with Venus in Aries at 3:07 AM. This has us feeling relaxed and enjoyable to begin this Friday for us. Right after this aspect the moon takes a short void-of-course trip until she ingresses into the sign of Aquarius.

The moon moves into Aquarius at 4:47 AM. This is where she will stay until Sunday morning when she travels on into Pisces. The moon in Aquarius has us feeling quirky, fun and electric. Enjoy the Aquarius moon and let yourself explore things that you might not typically do. Aquarius moon is unique and eccentric, so let that side of you shine!

The moon in Aquarius comes to a sextile with Mars in Sagittarius this evening at 7:19 PM. This can have us feeling excited and even a little nervous. Do something fun with yourself under this transit, spend time with friends or find a cool new place to visit. Aquarius moon and Sagittarius Mars make for an excellent time to explore the world around you.

Venus then ingresses into the sign of Taurus at 8:36 PM. Venus rules over Taurus and is happy and content in this sign. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and is patient, solid and refuses to give up on things. You may find yourself desiring to be in a quiet and peaceful environment and attracted to things that are quite Zen. This transit also has us enjoying the sensual side of the world surrounding us. Take some time to spoil yourself during this time, pampering your body is also called for. Whatever you do, make it something that nurtures your soul and brings you closer to a space where you feel loved.

The last aspect for today is when the moon in Aquarius comes to a square with Mercury in Taurus at 11:29 PM. This has us needing to remember that patience are important! Try not to force anything but rather let things flow for yourself during this time.

A great stone to use today is rose quartz which helps us to stay grounded and heartfelt.

An essential oil to work with today is geranium which helps bring our the sweetness and kindness in ourselves and others.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Thursday April 28, 2016 – MercuryDynamicXJapaneseWEBSITENikki

All day long the moon is in Capricorn where we focus on what we can accomplish in the real world so it’s a good day for planning, goals and execution.

The moon conjoins Pluto which is exact at 5:21 AM. Something might be bothering us but it will take some bravery in confronting our emotional landscape, something that the Capricorn moon isn’t very happy about doing. Much easier to focus on getting things done than it is do delve into the unknown. Often we become workaholics under aspects like this because we are trying to avoid our feelings but if we do that then those feelings are still haunting us from the background.

The next aspect is a square from the moon to Uranus which peaks at 12:59 PM. There is some discomfort with the aspect, the tingling feeling that something is not quite right. You may fidget or feel like pacing around. The best way to channel this energy is into some sort of physical work … like go for a run or climb a mountain!

It’s the big day: Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus at 1:00 PM. I know some people dread Mercury Rx and while I am not one of those people I do think that Mercury Rx in Taurus will be even slower and more delayed than usual, if that is possible! But Taurus is known for taking it’s time with things, you know, plodding along, and with Mercury retrograde in this sign things slow down to such a crawl that you cannot tell they are moving at all! If you have strong Taurus in your chart (sun, moon or rising sign) then this will likely affect you more than other people. If you aren’t sure how this will affect you then we can do an astrology reading either live or by email to let you know how this Mercury retrograde cycle will affect your planets and houses. For me (Nikki) it occurs in my 9th house of spirituality and education, which makes me think it is a great time to re-establish my meditation and yoga practice. This is something I do regularly but could definitely refine and refocus. And activities that start we re- are good for retrograde: review, revamp, redefine, rediscover, repeat, remember, reconnect … this list goes on and on! We have until May 22 when Mercury stations direct to re-examine our lives and what is important to us.

The last aspect of the day is a trine from the moon to Mercury which peaks at 4:53 PM. Even though Mercury is basically standing still in the sky our emotions can reach out and interface with our thoughts today. Our thoughts and emotions are on the same page, or close enough that we do not feel any internal conflict in the area, at least for the time being.

An essential oil to try today is rose otto oil which helps us be more patient. We can use this today and throughout the retrograde cycle.

A gemstone to work with today is smoky quartz which helps us feel grounded and solid, rooted in our physical bodies, much like the energy for Mercury in Taurus.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

SaturnWednesday April 27, 2016

Today has a very earthy quality to it! Therefore we might notice ourselves being industrious and grounded. This is a pretty good day to work on the things that you want to accomplish and get them settled for yourself. The first aspect for today ia when the moon in Capricorn makes a trine to the sun in Taurus at 10:53 AM. With this aspect, both of the luminaries are in sync with each other! This means that our inner and outer selves will be connected and working well with each other. This is also a positive energy for connecting with those of the opposite sex.

Next the Capricorn moon comes to a sextile with Neptune in Pisces at 5:56 PM. This makes me think of putting some action to what our beautiful idealistic world would be like. Even though you might not be super motivated during this transit, but you will feel highly creative and intuitive. Use this wave of energy to help you climb to where you want to be in life.

Last the moon in Capricorn comes to a trine with Jupiter in Virgo at 9:45 PM. This has can have us feeling over inflated with our mood. This is a nice energy but it is not always super realistic, so just keep that in mind and enjoy the happy mood!

The essential oil suggested for today is Sandalwood. It will bring about a comfort and sync to the earthy energies of the day.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Tigers Eye, it will help you to feel balanced and grounded.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Tuesday April 26, 2016 –Earth-JupiterTapestryWEBSITEnikki

We begin the day with the adventurous Sagittarius moon making a sextile to Uranus in Aries which peaks at 3:06 AM. This is an exciting aspect and gives us the feeling that we should be taking more risks … are you feeling lucky? With this aspect in play you should be!

The next aspect is a sextile from the moon to Venus, also is Aries which is exact at 11:51 AM. We like to relate to others under this aspect so it would be a good day to meet an old friend for a lunch date. After this aspect peaks the moon goes void-of-course which means that the afternoon is best spent finishing up old tasks or taking care of routine business.

The moon enters Capricorn at 7:54 PM ending the void-of-course phase and giving us a focus on our goals and plans. Moon in Capricorn loves to work so it likes to focus on goals and things that can be accomplished. Emotional issues do not have attached goals though so it is not an area that Capricorn feels comfortable working in very often.

An excellent stone to work with today is rhodochrosite which helps us to bring in new partners who assist us in evolving on a soul level.

The essential oil to try today is grapefruit which helps with clarity, kindness and joy.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Monday April 25, 2016Earth-VenZoomedStarNetwork2WEBSITE

Today is a day that you can accomplish some things if you put your mind to it. The moon in Sagittarius comes to a conjunction with Mars at 1:46 AM. This has us feeling energetic and as if we want to keep doing the tasks at hand. This might be your sleep time, in which case you may stay up later or even awaken early. Do something constructive with yourself if you do.

Later on in the morning the moon in Sagittarius squares to Neptune in Pisces at 7:26 AM. This aspect can have us making poor judgments and being a bit impressionable. If you can delay decision making until a later time, that is better. This aspect is a moon aspect so it is not a long lasting one.

The moon in Sagittarius makes a square to Jupiter in Virgo at 11:42 AM. Under this influence this will have us feeling a bit on the impractical side of things. You might notice yourself being a bit excessive too, just make sure you are not overdoing things and you will be OK.

Lastly the moon comes to a conjunction with Saturn, but on Sagittarius at 3:46 PM. This has us feeling more serious and responsible. Get out the work you were to accomplish this morning, and get to it now!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Mahogany Obsidian. This gemstone brings about a stable, and confident energy to you.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Patchouli. Patchouli will bring about an earthy and healing feeling to the day.

Sunday April 24, 2016 – VenusFrillyFlower2WEBSITEnikki

Lady Luna moves out of her void-of-course phase this morning and into the sign of Sagittarius. That makes the day a lot lighter than the last few and I know a lot of us are ready for that! It has been an intense cycle this time around with the moon being full in Scorpio! Moon in Sagittarius is a great time for us to explore the space that is outside of our normal surroundings. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and the moon is happy in this sign, which lends many of us to feel lighter and happier with our emotions.

Aside from this ingress of the moon into Sagittarius, the day is a free day. We have no Ptolemaic aspects that exact today, although there are many things going on in the sky at all times! Enjoy the free day under the Sagittarius moon!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Clear Quartz, giving you clarity and helping you feel positive.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Lemon. Lemon lifts our spirits and makes us feel happy!

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Saturday April 23, 2016 – UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikki

Today is a much calmer day than yesterday was, for most of us anyway. We are still under the Venus and Uranus conjunction influence so sparks are flying, just under a less emotional strain than they were yesterday!

This morning brings us the moon in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at 7:38 AM. This brings about a desire to emote some of those intense feelings we had yesterday. You might try to do something active with it and focus on a positive outlet for you to work through yesterday’s depth. Remember that Full Moon energies come to fruition 6 months later.

In the evening the moon comes to a opposition with Mercury in Taurus at 5:46 PM. Even though this is a Sunday evening we are gifted with the ability to get the smaller things in our life in order now. Routine work and minor details are seen easily, even by those of us that do not see smaller details usually.

After this, the moon goes into her void-of-course phase until tomorrow morning at 8:46 AM. This is a good time to take to rest and rejuvenate yourself some. Of course it is Saturday night, take the night to nurture you and regain some balance in yourself.

A good stone to work with today is carnelian which helps put us in touch with our inspiration.

An essential oil to try today is grapefruit which is a refreshing feeling which should help counteract the feeling from the void-of-course moon.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Friday April 22, 2016 – MoonOverlappingStars2WEBSITEnikki

Ahhh full moon power! We begin the day with a full moon in Scorpio which is exact at 1:24 AM. Scorpio brings up things from the deep, dark recesses and we learn how to face the shadow under this influence. Full Moon in Scorpio occurs at 2-3 degrees of the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees Scorpio is A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbors’ Cooperation. This is a great symbol as it is easy to imagine the community effort needed for such an undertaking. Some things are too big to do yourself, and you do need the help of others to accomplish the task.

Some questions to ask going into this full moon:

Do I ask for aid when I need it?
Am I willing to help others when they ask?
How am I involved in my neighborhood and community?
Can I turn my tasks into a celebration? (It is a party, after all)

If you wonder where this full moon will fall in your chart that is something I can help you find out using astrology with either an email reading or a live reading. For example, in my chart (Nikki Rich) this full moon occurs in my 2nd house of assets, income, values, self-worth and possessions. The full moon here will highlight this area of my life and there may be things I have to deal with, both good and bad, in order to feel more secure in my finances and investments. Looking at where this falls in your chart will let you know what house you are dealing with this lunar cycle.

We have another big aspect today and it is the conjunction of Venus and Uranus which occurs at 5:00 PM but we should also be able to feel this all day. Think of Venus-Uranus as “love at first sight” feeling, or a whirlwind romance. It can also be dancing with joy for the love of life, clicking your heels together in glee. However it shows up for you it means an exciting and spontaneous day, especially in regards to our love relationships and in how we express ourselves. Let it be joyful and if you are so inclines so something special with a loved one on the spur of the moment!

At 7:14 PM the moon makes a trine aspect to Neptune, helping to soften the energy of the day and engaging our imagination. Neptune is the stuff of dreams and of ideals, and the trine to the moon makes these things seem attainable, even if they may be out of reach for the immediate moment. This is a great aspect for visualization work and manifesting with those dreams and ideals.

The final aspect of the day is a sextile from the moon to Jupiter. Exuberance, joy, celebration, those are the feelings here. Optimism, hope, luck and other positive feelings come up and really it just feels good. The only caution is not to overindulge if you are trying to watch what you consume!

The recommended stone is clear quartz which is powerful and electric, much like the energy of the day. If you want to amp things up this is the stone to use. If you, however, want to calm things down try smoky quartz instead.

An essential oil to use today is jasmine. Jasmine is erotic and romantic, it is best worn in a blend in my opinion but it can also be used in a diffuser. It does help put us in the mood …

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Merc-JupUmbrellaPinWheelWEBSITEThursday April 21, 2016 –

The Libra moon comes to an opposition with Uranus in Aries at 2:13 AM. This can have us up late or early! If you feel a bit at odds with others, just know this is a passing phase and it will pass quickly as the moon transits always do. This might have you also feeling inspired by others, if you do – and you can’t sleep, you might as well get up and use this inspiration by doing something with yourself.

The moon then makes her way into the void-of-course phase and is there until 8:17 PM tonight. This is like the calm before the storm, although it doesn’t have to be a crazy storm, the moon does ingress from balance seeking Libra into intense Scorpio then comes to full later on in the evening. Enjoy the void-of-course phase though, it will be smoother sailing, and enjoying what is, before the intensity comes to a peak tonight. Meditate, take care of your soul and enjoy calm during the day when the moon is void-of-course, and of course if you can – get a nap in!

The moon then makes that ingress into the sign of Scorpio at 8:17 PM. Scorpio is a water sign and the moon is a water planet, but the moon is what is called in its Fall in Scorpio. That basically means it is not happy and not functioning to the peak that it can be at times. Scorpio moon is intense, powerful, concentrated, and can have some of u feeling overwhelmed at times. Since this is the season for the Taurus sun the moon in Scorpio means that it is coming to a full moon too which happens early in the morning tomorrow! Prepare yourselves for the full moon in the early morning ~ more of that in tomorrow’s Astro Tapestry Report.

The gemstone suggested for today is Herkimer Diamond. Herkimer Diamond is a quartz found in Hermiker county New York USA. It is a powerful healer and amplifies the energy around you. It is a nice gemstone for getting clear and focused this morning that will carry you through the day in a clear and focused way.

The essential oil suggested for today is Thyme, it will help to regulate your energy levels and bring harmony to your endocrine system.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Wednesday April 20, 2016 –Sun-Moon-Geo2WEBSITE

The moon is in beautiful and diplomatic Libra today … harmony and balance are important issues, as is communication and relationships … as well as individuality. The dichotomy of Libra is the balance between individuality and relationships.

It’s a rather easy day with only lunar aspects and the first aspect is a sextile from the moon to Mars which peaks at 1:21 AM. The is subtle motivation, and we feel good pursuing our goals (Mars) that lead us to a sense of emotional well being (moon). Exercise is a great example of one of those things.

The next aspect is a sextile from the moon to Saturn at 3:32 PM. This aspect means we feel supported (Saturn) emotionally (moon). We may feel the desire to work towards more stability (Saturn) so we can feel a sense of comfort (moon) with our situation. Focusing on what is truly important (Saturn) will help us meet our true needs (moon).

At 6:52 PM the moon makes a square to Pluto which can be a slightly difficult aspect. We may feel moody (moon) due to suppressed emotions (Pluto). Is there something we are telling yourself that you are okay with when the emotional truth of the matter is that you are letting your head try to convince your heart to come along when the heart is really resistant. Emotional truth is a great phrase to capture the essence of moon-Pluto.

For our final aspect of the day the moon opposes Venus which is exact at 9:54 PM. I find oppositions usually involve other people, and moon-Venus is often the desire to connect to another person although there is a feeling that the other person doesn’t always understand us. This feeling of being opposed in our relationships can be bridged by just spending time with another person instead of yearning to spend time. Basically stop wishing for it and just do it!

An essential oil to work with today is geranium which is like a good friend who can hold your hand and comfort you with anything you have been through, whether you are right or wrong and hurting or healing. Geranium is softly supportive like the angels.

The stone to work with today is jasper which aids us in connecting to the earth and developing consistency in that which we do.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

VenusBabyinWombWEBSITETuesday April 19, 2016 –

The moon ingresses from her long slumber of a void-of-course phase into the sign of Libra this morning at 7:24 AM. Lovely Libra and the moon are comfortable with each other. This should help that semi-disconnected feeling of the past few days lighten. The energies this week, thus far have been deep. Libra moon comes along and lightens the load a bit. Allowing us to once again feel connected with others. Today is a pretty Venusian day with Venus ruling over Libra and Taurus, and the moon ingresses into Libra while the sun ingresses into Taurus.

A couple hours later that is exactly what happens too! The sun moves from the last degrees of hot Aries into the calmer, cooler, more collected energy of Taurus, this happens exactly at 11:29 AM. Sun in Taurus has our minds shift. We shift from the alert and energetic vibe of Aries into the grounded, focused and determined vibe of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, this makes Taurus energy very sturdy. I always think of oak trees when my mind wanders to Taurus. The stable oak that is not getting pushed around. The determined branches that will seek the light and grow into all interesting directions to get to the light. And why does Taurus do this? Because it is determined, just like the oak tree, it is determined to reach the light. The mighty oak that everyone likes, as Taurus is a very likable energy. Being Venus ruled, there is a natural beauty that comes from the Taurus energy.

During this time with the sun in Taurus, you can think of all the things that you are fixed on yourself and strengthen your curvy branches so you can reach the light too. The Taurus sun gives us the determination to do this. This is also the spring in the northern hemisphere. Time to watch all the beauty pop up from mother earth, something that the Taurus energy connects us to. If you think of Aries as the beginning of life, and the thriving that Aries does for us, Taurus brings that energy into our hearts and grounds it into the earth.

In the afternoon Venus in Aries comes to a square with Pluto in Capricorn at 4:51 PM. This brings about compulsive energy towards the things that we love. It is interesting how the moon and then sun come to the limelight in the signs that Venus rules. Venus is really in the spotlight here today, so make sure the things that you get compulsive about today are healthy. Take your intensity this evening and do something creative with yourself, you might be surprised to see what comes out!

Rhodochrosite is the gemstone suggested for today, I can’t think of a better one with all this Venusian energy going on. It is a heart opening stone that brings about a feeling of peace.

Lavender & Lemon are the essential oils for today. Lavender will help to connect us with Spirit and Lemon will invigorate us to keep us motivated.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Pluto18PetalsMulti-Layers2WEBSITEMonday April 18, 2016 –

We begin the day with the finicky Virgo moon making a square to Saturn in Sagittarius at 3:04 AM. This is uncomfortable and worrisome … like have we really made any strides in working towards our goals? Regardless of the true answer to that question this aspect brings a slight pessimistic outlook that can be overcome by planning and patience. And if that doesn’t work these lunar aspects pass quickly so there is not much to worry about here, just give it a little time.

We have a couple of outer planet happenings today and the first of them is Pluto station retrograde at 3:23 AM. What that means is that Pluto appears to stand still in the sky (station) before beginning to move backwards (apparent motion, not actual) in his annual retrograde tour. Pluto will spend over 5 months retrograde, as he does every year. He will start his direct motion again in the end of September. A lot of people ask about the outer planets and whether or not their retrograde motion has as much of an affect as say Mercury retrograde which is more noticeable and more commonly known to people with only a casual acquaintance with astrology. The answer to whether or not Pluto retrograde will affects you personally depends on your own personal natal chart. If Pluto retrograde is hitting a sensitive point on your chart, either a planet or an angle, then yes, it will affect you dramatically. If, on the other hand, you do not have this hitting your chart in an impactful way then no, this will not affect you much at all. An astrologer such as Starlene or I (Nikki Rich) can help you to find out whether this specific Pluto retrograde cycle will be affecting you personally over the next few months through either a live consultation or an email consultation. I can say from personal experience that Pluto transits can be incredibly difficult so that is the first question to ask yourself: have things been unusually difficult or challenging or hard to deal with over the past few months (or longer)? If yes then this is a good thing to look at in order to figure out what is going on and more importantly, how to handle it going forward!

The moon makes a trine to Pluto which peaks at 6:09 AM. This is a like the heavens are giving us a blessing to investigate and pursue solutions to any lingering Pluto problems you may be having. Pluto can be dark and dirty, often including secrets and taboo. But the moon here is giving us permission to dig deep and investigate these areas of our life.

Our next aspect is a trine from the moon to Mercury at 8:29 AM. Under this we feel our head and our heart our in harmony. After this aspect peaks the moon is void-of-course the rest of the day. The void-of-course moon often gives us a sense of aimlessness and lack of motivation. Or you find yourself in the middle of a project and don’t have the energy or the direction needed to get it done. Give yourself a break and see if a change in environment helps you to focus better when you do return to your work. But please keep to routine tasks and work on things that you already started. This is not the time to begin something new.

The other big occurrence today is sweet Venus trine stable Saturn which is exact at 10:38 AM. We should be able to feel this aspect all day long and even yesterday and tomorrow, too. Venus-Saturn asks us to take our relationships and our money seriously. Are we being responsible with our assets? What about in our relationships? Are we treating ourselves and those we deal with in an honorable manner? This is the time for loving commitment and to fix any issues that may be causing problems so you may move forward with more stability. Sometimes, if a relationship is toxic, we are better off going it alone than remaining in an unhealthy situation, and Venus-Saturn prompts us to take that into consideration, too. But in general, this is a time of increasing commitments, serious conversations, and grounded loving.

The stone I am recommending today is rose quartz. If you read this regularly you must realize by now that rose quartz is one of my go to gemstones. It is soft, harmonious, loving, peaceful, and calming energy that assists us in approaching life with gratitude and joy and love. Give it a try and let me know how much you love it! Hopefully you will learn to appreciate rose quartz as much as I do. Today it should assist with both the Pluto station and the Venus-Saturn trine.

The essential oil I am recommending for today is also a standby. Lavender has so may uses I don’t think I could name them all in a hundred words but it helps us be both alert and calm at the same time. It eases tension and helps us approach things more calmly. Any time Pluto is highlighted we can get worked up over things more easily than usual so using something like lavender to offset that tendency is a smart way to use the essential oils to create more balance in your daily experience.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Sunday April 17, 2016 –MarsUnevenFlowerWEBSITEnikki

Mercury in Taurus makes a supportive trine with Pluto in Capricorn early this morning. It exacts at 5:23 AM but we will be feeling the affects of it most of the day time today. This is an easier Pluto aspect because is it a trine but being as Mars (the planet of our energy) is station retrograde today, it can feel kind of slow or internalized instead of external. Mercury Pluto in a trine has us feeling like we should focus our thoughts and minds on something constructive, and even put action to it. Pluto is slow to move, but it is powerful.

Mars then does his little turn around and goes from being station (still) in the sky into the retrograde phase. This makes him look like he is traveling backwards in the sky. But of course he is not, it is an optical illusion caused by the position and speed of the planets. Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius so this might be affecting those poor Sagittarius folk, even more than the rest of us. I jokingly say “poor” because Saturn is also in Sagittarius and it feels like Sag is being picked on a lot lately. Mars retrograde does affect to all of us though. Depending on the house it is in, in your birth chart, it can be affecting love, work, family etc. You can consult with one of us and find out how it personally affects you.

Mars retrograde heats our internal fire, it has us glowing on the inside. Think of the embers in a fire that appear to be cool on the outside but if you move them around they are red hot and glowing on the inside and able to create and inferno of fire at any given moment. It is likely that you too will feel this way during the Mars retrograde phase. Your energy might be slow, but remember slow and steady is what wins the race. I like to look at the Mars retrograde periods as a time to recharge our batteries. Once Mars turns direct in late June, we then are able to once again ignite that fire that has been burning deep down inside.

At 1 PM the moon in Virgo then comes to a square with Mars in Sagittarius. This can have us feeling a little impulsive or emotional. Also because Mars is retrograde the impulsive energy might feel more like anxiety and emotions that are pushed down inside. I always think that if you feel emotional, its good to get them out either by expression of crying, creating art or communicating with one you trust. Just remember not to “live” in difficult emotions.

Next the moon and Neptune make an opposition at 5:34 PM. This has us feeling a big skeptical of others. We might also be questioning our intuition at this time. It might be best to postpone any big decision making at this time for another day, this is not a long aspect so wait until tomorrow morning and this aspect will be gone.

The last aspect of the day is the day of the month when the moon makes a conjunction with Jupiter. Both planets are in Virgo and this aspect happens at 11:04 PM. This is a time when we feel overly optimistic and content with whatever we have on our plates at the time. Well, actually, don’t take that metaphor literally! We might actually be inclined to snacking! Just try to make healthy and moderate and you should be great!

Working with Lemon essential oil will help to bring some energy to us today. With the retrograding Mars, this will help.

A good stone to use today to help increase your focus is carnelian. Carnelian helps us to concentrate on our goals.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Saturday April 16, 2016 – Sun-NeptuneVisionaryLight2WEBSITEnikki

The moon is still in Leo for most of the day so if you have any creative projects to work on then it is a good time to do it. Moon in Leo is also a good time to romance your sweetheart … just saying 🙂

The first aspect today is a harmonious sextile from the emotional moon to exciting Uranus. Time to shake things up! It is fun just waiting to happen! This aspect peaks at 1:26 AM so if you are awake I think you will be enjoying yourself!

After the next aspect, which is a trine from the moon to the sun at 1:48 PM, the moon goes void-of-course. This is the waxing trine between the sun and the moon and it is a subtle but positive effect. Visually we see the moon showing more and more of herself in the sky. She won’t be full for almost a week but she is working up to it! Once the moon is void-of-course the best way to handle that aspect is to complete tasks which were started previously or to stick to routine tasks. Starting something new is not a good idea.

The moon enters Virgo at 7:23 PM. Virgo is a perfectionist, and is somewhat uncomfortable dissecting feelings, since feelings are meant to be felt, not dissected. Even so, the Virgo moon is great at looking at how to improve things in a manner that is both practical and efficient. Not exactly Saturday night party energy but it is a positive way to keep improving self and surroundings.

The essential oil recommendation today is lemon which is crisp, clean and refreshing. Virgo moon likes to keep things clean after all!

A great stone to try working with today is jasper which help[s us to be consistent in our pursuits.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Earth-VenZoomedStarNetworkWEBSITE2nikkiFriday April 15, 2016 –

The moon is in creative and fun Leo all day today. She makes a trine to Mars in Sagittarius early this morning. This is a cheerful and exciting aspect. So this morning should start off on a positive note! After all it is Friday!

Lady Luna comes to a trine with Venus in Aries at 8:44 AM next. This brings in an element of beauty and we might be thinking about how we can redecorate our surroundings to be more ascetically pleasing. This might be a fun weekend project for you to focus on!

In the afternoon the dramatic Leo moon comes to a square with Mercury in Taurus at 3:30 PM. This tends to have us worrying a bit and a little restless. If you feel anxious, just know this too shall pass. We are coming upon some very powerful energies in the next few days, so like a wave ~ ride them out!

Next the moon makes a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius at 4:12 PM. This is a nice energy for the remainder of the day, as it is the last aspect. We can accomplish many things through being patient and persistent today!

An essential oil to use today is geranium which helps us look at the bright side of life, and we can use some help with that today!

The gemstone suggestion today is celestite bringing in a calm and sooth awareness to yourself.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Thursday April 14, 2016 – Sun-MarsVictoryLights222WEBSITEnikki

We begin the day with the moon void-of-course in Cancer. When the moon is void-of-course it is said that “nothing will come of it” so it is considered an ill time to begin new projects. On the other hard it is considered “in domicile” in Cancer, or at home, so this is a good placement to finish off tasks that you started previously and also to work on routine tasks.

The moon enters dramatic Leo at 9:53 AM. One thing Leo is known for is a penchant for acting … many actors have prominent Leo energy in their charts. One of the great things about acting is that it allows us to creatively suspend reality and “play pretend”. Kids do this all the time but as adults we have very little opportunity to pretend and this is something we need more of in our lives! So take a moment today, use your imagination, and pretend!

The big aspect today is a trine from Mercury in Taurus to Jupiter in Virgo which peaks at 11:27 AM but which we should be able to feel all day long. An optimistic but practical outlook, the feeling like yes, I CAN make this happen, or yes, I CAN succeed at my goals if I take these specific steps and work to accomplish what I am setting out to do. Mercury-Jupiter can sometimes be wishful thinking but in these earth signs it becomes much more about the steps to get there than about the wishful thoughts. So take advantage of this! It is a fantastic aspect so enjoy!

The recommended stone for today is citrine which helps us focus on accomplishing our goals. Citrine is also the same golden color as Leo the Lion so the energy will extend to today’s lunar placement, as well.

An essential oil to work with today is juniper which can cleanse our energy and make room for more creativity in our lives.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

VenusBabyinWombWEBSITEnikkiWednesday April 13, 2016 –

We have the moon in comfort loving and family-oriented Cancer today. When I say that Cancer loves comfort it is more about a comfort zone than any physical pleasures, but their sense of being safe and being comfortable in their environment is an important aspect of the Cancer perspective!

The sweet moon has her first aspect at 1:35 AM which is a sextile to Mercury. Under this aspect our emotions and our thoughts are in harmony.

Next we have another sextile aspect, this time from the moon to Jupiter which peaks at 5:13 AM. Call this generosity (Jupiter) of feeling (moon). Sometimes we overindulge under an easy aspect like this but we do not need to do that, just share your feelings instead!

At 10:57 AM our next aspect is an opposition from the moon to Pluto. Often with this aspect there is someone else with whom you feel at odds (an opposition) and you just wish that other person would change (Pluto) in order to make us feel better (moon). If this is the case just let it pass … lunar aspects are quick and do not last too long.

The moon makes a square to Uranus at 4:45 PM which is like a strong desire to skip out of work or school or to rebel in some way … any way! Uranus likes to throw off any feeling of restriction and do things his own way, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little rebellious!

At 11:59 PM the sun and moon make a square it what is called the second quarter moon. With moon phases the first phase is new, then the 2nd quarter appears to be half of the moon in the sky, and then the 3rd quarter is full, followed by the 4th quarter moon which is the other half of the moon being visible in the sky. Under that waxing moon it is time to work on things that are developing in your life, and if there is any resistance it is time to push through and go for that which you desire. After this aspect the moon is void-of-course until 9:53 AM on Thursday morning, but that is really a matter for Thursday.

The recommended stone for today is moonstone which helps us feel more in tune with our intuition.

The essential oil to try today is tangerine which is both refreshing and energizing.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Tuesday April 12, 2015 –Venus-MarsDay-NightSphereWEBSITEnikki

The moon shifts out of a long void-of-course phase and into the sign of Cancer at 4:07 AM. The moon rules over Cancer therefore she is very at home in Cancer. Under the spell of this moon for the next few days, it would be nice to make some healthy home cooked meals. Spend time with those you love, be it family or friends. Also enjoying our own “home” or place in the world is a great idea too.

Mercury in Taurus comes to a sextile whit Neptune in Pisces this morning at 5:40 AM. This makes me think of having a lucid dream. This morning would be a great time to have one, if you can. If you are just your average every day dreamer – then you might pay attention to the ones that you have, especially around this time. Journal them down because they might be little clues to your waking life.

Next Venus in Aries makes a trine To Mars in Sagittarius at 3:16 PM. This has both of the inner planets that make up our love and drive in a harmonious connection, and in the element of fire! This might make for a fun evening to so something with your sweetie, or someone of the opposite sex. Just ask someone in your life to spend time together, don’t just think about it. You will enjoy it, just do whatever. Trines can be a little lazy, so don’t think too much, just have fun the afternoon and evening!

The Moon in Cancer then comes to square Venus in Aries at 7:50 PM. This further propels the desire to have some fun with others, it could be hanging at home with them. Or you might desire to go to a familiar place with them, like the neighborhood eatery and have a delicious dinner.

Lastly the moon makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces at 11:28 PM. This has us feeling idealistic and romantic. Hey maybe you will get a goodnight kiss from your sweetie after all! Enjoy it, even if you are alone, enjoy the sweet embrace of your loved ones or all the beauty that you create around you.

Rose Quartz is the suggest gemstone for today. Helping you feel connected to your heart chakra and the Cancer moon.

Geranium is the essential oil suggested for today, a sweet smelling, calming oil for a sweet day.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

MercuryDynamicXJapaneseWEBSITENikkiMonday April 11, 2016 –

The early morning hours has the moon in Gemini coming to a square with Jupiter in Virgo at 1:44 AM. This may have us feeling a big excessive! Watch those long walks to the fridge tonight or snacks that just beg to be eaten. You will be much happier with yourself tomorrow if you do.

The moon then comes to an opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius at 4:36 AM. This bring to this early Monday morning a seriousness and discipline. If you are one of those types like myself, you might find yourself awake early and getting your work accomplished with ease this morning.

The moon then comes to a sextile with Uranus in Aries at 11:58 AM. This brings in creative vibe to the morning that leads us into the afternoon. You might get some inspirational ideas today, if so, be sure to journal them down.

The last aspect for today, before the moon goes into her void-of-course phase is when the moon comes to a sextile with the sun in Aries. This has us gaining more through the work that we do, so whatever you are doing with yourself today it will continue to grow.

A good stone to work with today is black tourmaline which helps to eliminate negative energies.

An essential oil to try today is is geranium which is comforting in difficult times.

Sunday April 10, 2016 –Venus-MarsFinsandFansWEBSITEnikki

We start the day with the moon entering Gemini at 1:59 AM. Moon in Gemini admittedly has a problem … they get bored very easily! Gemini moon is always looking for something to do whether that is exploring the neighborhood, playing video games, reading a book, or just about anything to keep them entertained! As such it is a good day to plan some activities!

At 11:58 AM the moon and Venus meet in a sextile aspect. This is like two girlfriends meeting for lunch and talking, talking, talking! Moon in Gemini has a lot to say and Venus in Aries is certainly on an adventure so there is no lack in items to discuss. Enjoy the company and have a few laughs!

Our next aspect is an opposition from the moon to Mars which peaks at 4:06 PM. I hope you have been active today because if you have been lazy then you are bound to be feeling full of tension and stress. It is time to go for a run or find something else active to do so you do not end up bickering over nonsense with the people you care about. Anything active will do! And instead of arguing with your partner go out and do something together, instead!

The moon makes a square to Neptune at 7:59 PM. A good night for a movie! Moon-Neptune involves a sense of yearning for something we can’t quite put our finger on, and so indulging in fantasy is a great way to appease this energy! Another good way to use this is through a spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga or chanting. Chanting would be especially great under this Gemini moon!

An essential oil to use today is fennel which helps to clear us if any negative energy and focus on our goals.

A great stone to work with is black spinel which can help ground us under this active moon!

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Saturday April 9, 2016 –Earth-VenZoomedStarNetwork2WEBSITE

The moon in Taurus makes a trine to Jupiter in Virgo early this morning. This has us feeling a bit lazy and like we want to just enjoy a nice lay in bed this morning. Go on, do that if you can!

The moon then comes to a trine with Pluto at 5:49 AM. This has us gifted with some prophetic dreams if this is our dream state. Pay attention to the dreams that happen when you wake up and journal them down!

After this aspect the moon is in her void-of-course phase, but this doesn’t mean the rest of the day will be boring. Like some void-of-course phases feel, because the moon is still in Taurus, and lady luna is exalted in Taurus. She stays in this VOC phase until early tomorrow when she moves into excitable Gemini so enjoy a fun day around the house and with loved ones.

The exciting part of the day is when the sun comes to a conjunction with Uranus in Aries at 5:27 PM. This has us all feeling a bit electrical and alive. Inspiration and excitement can come into play too. Just be sure you remain balanced through the excitement, it will carry you even further if you do. his conjunction happens tomorrow, Saturday but we have been feeling it for a day and will feel it throughout the weekend. Do something inspirational with yourself and channel this into your life. I can look at your chart with your birth information (birthdate, city and time of birth) and tell you where in your life this inspiration should be focused. So catch either of us and let us guide you through the stars!

A great stone to use today is prehnite which helps us better tune in to our intuition.

An essential oil to use today is lemon which is invigorating, refreshing and clean.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Thursday April 7, 2016 –MoonOverlappingStars2WEBSITEnikki

The moon in Aries comes to a trine early in the morning with Saturn in Sagittarius at 4:33 AM. This can be felt all morning and gives us an opportunity to accomplish some things with patience. Fire signs are not generally known to be patient but this trine feels that way. You may feel productive early on and keep steaming through your morning in a steady way.

The moon then comes to a square with Pluto in Capricorn at 6:25 AM. This can bring some intense emotions that may have been hidden deep down inside. This makes me think of one of those morning dreams that touch you deeply. You know the one you have right before you wake up? If you happen to have one, journal it, it is probably something you need to look at. Likewise if this is not your sleeping time, then the thoughts running around inside of you need attention.

Finally the first new moon of the astrological new year. The moon comes to be new in Aries at 7:24 AM. This give us an opportunity to make some new magic for ourselves in our lives. Depending on where this lands in your chart (which is something we can tell you in a consultation). You could be setting some new ground for love, career, family etc. Either way, if you know where 18 Aries or Libra is in your chart of not; take this time to begin new projects.

You will want to be independent during this time and march to your own drum kind of thing. Take some time to set new goals for yourself. Things that require energy are great, because Aries is a fire sign, fitness is a great goal to make for yourself! Sign up for that kickboxing class, how about some Bikram yoga or even dancing? Make it something fun and energetic.

The last aspect for today is electrical and the time of the month that Mr. Uranus comes in and shakes things up. The moon conjuncts with Uranus in Aries at 10:56 AM. Being the Aquarius that I am, I love when this aspect happens. High energy vibrations, stirring the pot of life and inspiration come from this energy. Some of us might feel anxiety, if that is you, you are on the wrong side of this vibration. Try to channel your energy into something that inspires you and that is not your usual go-to. That is boring and Uranus wants you to try something new!

After this aspect the moon goes into void-of-course phase until early tomorrow morning. So as the day winds down from the exciting aspects of the morning we too will also wind down and feel calmer. Enjoy it and strategically make your plans for the new things you are going to work on with this new moon cycle!

Clear Quartz is the suggested gemstone for today, giving clarity and energy to those that need it.

The essential oil suggested for today is Cumin. This will bring about spiritual balance and tranquility to the day.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

MarsUnevenFlowerWEBSITEnikkiWednesday April 6, 2016 –

We have an early ingress with the moon moving into feisty Aries at 2:46 AM. Moon in Aries likes to do it’s own thing in it’s own way, so don’t be afraid of being an individual today!

The moon and Venus conjoin in Aries at 4:00 AM. This is a sensitive aspect where you feel in touch with your emotional needs. In Aries this isn’t as soft as it would be in other signs but it is still a feminine feeling, perhaps bringing out our inner Amazon!

Later in the day the moon makes a happy trine to Mars which peaks at 3:1 PM. We feel like going for a run, or doing something active! Activity is the key when talking about Mars … it means it is time to take action!

The hardest and heaviest aspect of the day is a square from the sun to Pluto. This peaks at 4:13 PM but it is something we will feel all day. This aspect is like a light (the sun) being shined on all of our dark, ugly secrets (Pluto). Often this involves a wound that we have buried that comes to light and should be dealt with. I want to say MUST be dealt with but the nature of Pluto is to bury things that we do not want to really deal with. But let me say it is better to deal with things now, when then come up, instead of pushing them back underground and having to deal with them next time because next time it will be even harder to deal with the darkness.

A good stone to work with today is amethyst which promotes wisdom and healing, both of which will help us to deal with the difficult aspect today.

An essential oil to use today is geranium which helps us look at the bright side of life, and we can use some help with that today!

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Tuesday April 5, 2016 –Sun-Venus5-PetaledAniseSeedWEBSITEnikki

This is a busy day in the heavens today! Full of planets switching signs and a void-of-course moon phase in Pisces. If you have been following the void-of-course phases, this one is in Pisces so it is said to not be much of a difficult one! Thank God because it lasts from 9:09AM until tomorrow early morning.

The moon in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo early at 2:34 AM today which has us seeking out some form of enjoyment. Since this happen in the wee hours of the morning for most of us, that enjoyment could translate into pleasant sleep!

The moon next comes to a square with Saturn at 4:42 AM which give us a serious vibe to the morning. You might awaken early and be ready to get things accomplished.

Lady luna then comes to a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn at 6:33 AM. This can have some intense feelings surface for us, if so and you are ready to let them out. Get them out, stuffing them down will just have us feeling even more closed off in the long run. After this aspect the moon goes into her void-of-course phase and will remain there until tomorrow morning.

The sun in Aries then comes to a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:09 PM. This gives us a firey energy to the day ahead. The trine aspect between these two planets is a harmonious one and gives us some energy to get things accomplished. The sun being the essence of our soul and Saturn being the director of the cosmos make this a good day to take charge and get things accomplished. So don’t wait around for things to happen – make them happen!

Next Venus ingresses into the sign of Aries at 12:30 PM. This is where Venus is in her detriment. In other words, shes not really happy in this sign. Venus is our sweet, loving attraction to beauty and while she is in Aries she is heated up and not always in the best way! Venus in Aries has us not feeling so patient and compassionate, so do your best over the next to not just think of yourself, but think of others during this time too! Venus moves into Taurus on Friday April 29th where she is super happy and comfy so hold on until then!

Lastly Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus at 7:09 PM. Mercury in Taurus makes me think of the person that tinkers with something, pulls it all apart, puts it all back together and has some leftover screws in the end. I have watched many people with Mercury in Taurus in their natal charts do this. The thing about it is, that whatever it is they worked on actually still works! Mercury is pretty happy in Taurus and doesn’t mind taking time to make things work or tinker around until they do. Mercury stays in Taurus for a while this time because the whole retrograde phase he is in Taurus as well. This gives us a great opportunity to go over things that we tinker with and sort them out.

A good stone to work with today is carnelian which helps put us in touch with our inspiration.

An essential oil to try today is grapefruit which is a refreshing feeling which should help counteract the feeling from the void-of-course moon.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Monday April 4, 2016 –Neptune13PetalsMulti-Layers222WebsiteNIKKI

We have an early shift with with moon moving into dreamy Pisces at 1:45 AM. Pisces is known for being easy going and having the ability to flow with changes somewhat more easily that other signs. Adaptable is a good word for Pisces.

Our first aspect of the day is a square from the moon to Mars which peaks at 3:01 PM. This is motivating but often the source of motivation might be because something is irritating us or making us angry. That is okay … if we need to get fed up with something before we are driven enough to address the issue then so be it.

The moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces at 7:42 PM. In some ways this is like a double whammy. The moon in Pisces is already dreamy enough without being overtaken by the fog of Neptune. On the positive side this is spiritual connection and inventive imagination. On the negative side this can be drowning yourself in drink in order to self-medicate from whatever ailment you might be trying to avoid.

A great stone to use today is celestite which improves mental clarity and focus … which we might need on a day like today.

An essential oil to work with today is frankincense which allows us to view our lives from a more spiritual mindset.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Sunday April 3, 2016 –Venus5-PetaledFlowerNIKKIWEBSITE

For most of the day the moon is in the sign of Aquarius with a few hour void-of-course moon in the evening. Get the work you want to accomplish for today, completed early.

The first aspect is when the Aquarius moon comes to a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius at 2:28 AM. This give us an opportunity to put some structure to our emotions and feelings.Even though it is the middle of the night for some of us, this would be a fun time to do something intellectual or philosophical during this time. If you can’t actually get out into the world, then how about picking up a good book and traveling the Universe that way.

The moon then comes to a sextile to Uranus in Aries at 8:56 AM. This has us being creative or even inventive. Uranus can be very inspirational and inventive so don’t sleep the morning away.

In the evening the moon comes to a sextile with Mercury in Aries at 7:16 PM. This has our minds thinking quick and lots of ideas floating around in our hearts. Write them down, as this energy can be inspirational but fleeting and you will want to recall some of the mental activity that goes on this evening.

The moon then goes into her void-of-course phase from 7:16 PM until when she moves into the sign of Pisces tomorrow morning at 1:45AM. While the moon is in her void-of-course phase it is a great time to get some rest, pray and enjoy the status quo. A perfect energy for a Sunday evening.

The gemstone suggestion today is celestite bringing in a calm and sooth awareness to yourself.

Silver Fir is the essential oil suggestion for today, helping you feel connected to the earth energy and animal energy.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

SunStar-likewithTriangles2WEBSITENIKKISaturday April 2, 2016 –

We have a relatively quiet day in store for us. The Aquarius moon keeps things interesting with it’s quirkiness and sense of brilliant insight. Aquarius has an unusual way of looking at the world to day the least …

The moon and Mars make a soft sextile aspect which is exact at 11:14 AM. This aspects helps motivate us in a subtle way. We feel productive and it is a good time to get things done as there is a good flow to work right now, whether on the personal or professional level.

The waning sextile between the sun and the moon happens at 9:58 PM. The moon visually is getting closer and closer to a crescent each night in preparation for the new moon next week. As the moon wanes it is a good time to get rid of things that are no longer useful in our lives, whether these are things, ideas or people. During a harmonious aspect like this sextile it is easier to let go than it is during more stressful aspects.

A great stone to work with today is hematite which supports original thinking and this will resonate with the Aquarius moon today.

An essential oil that will help let go of things we no longer need is grapefruit which allows us to enhance our personal freedom and liberate us from that which is no longer needed.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Friday, April 1, 2016 –Sun-SaturnTapestry3WEBSITEnikki

The moon in Capricorn makes a square to Uranus in Aries at 3:20 AM. This is like taking an insensitive and stuffy moon and lighting it on fire while cackling about how its burning and being a bit irrational! If you have a hard time sleeping this morning, you might as well get up and drink something strong and get your z’s from an alcohol induced buzz because you might feel a bit erratic or eccentric early this morning. I mean you might as well go into work a little tipsy this morning anyway, it is Friday after all!

That stuffy Capricorn moon then comes to a square to Mercury in Aries at 5:13 AM. This combination is like having a heated argument with your own emotions. Since it is early in the morning you will probably be talking to yourself too. Talk loud and wake the neighbors or other people in the house! Yelling “Happy April Fools, you fools!”

The insensitive Capricorn moon then comes to a sextile with mushy Venus in Pisces at 12:39 PM. These two are kinder to each other, but the Venus energy is overpowering the moon energy because Capricorn moon is often thought of as an insensitive jerk and, well, honestly might make Venus cry because shes in this state of watery sensitivity anyhow!

Right after that aspect the moon goes into a short void of course phase. Remember that bottle from early this morning, pick it back up. Finish it off. Why not is it Friday. The moon is void-of-course from 12:39 PM until 9:37 PM when she moves into wack job Aquarius. While lady lunatic is in this void-of-course phase, take your time with everything, because boring is the word for this phase today!

Finally the moon moves into the sign of crazy Aquarius at 9:37 PM. This is where lady lunatic really gets strange. If you are not already under the half buzzed influence from the alcohol we instructed you to consume, then this moon will have you being goofy. Aquarius likes to have fun and is not afraid to make themselves look silly! Go out there and shake what your momma gave ya and enjoy the evening!

The gemstone suggested for today is clear quartz giving clarity!

The essential oil suggestion for today is wild orange, because hey, after all it is April Fools day!

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Happy April Fools Day today my friends! Enjoy the fun Astro Tapestry for today, and hey, since it is April Fools day, view this tapestry with a light heart and giggle, ok?!

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich

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