Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~August 12-18, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich 

Wednesday August 12, 2015 – Venus-EarthFaninaCircle22WEBSITEnikki

We start the day with the the moon in Cancer and she makes a trine to Saturn at 1:44 PM EDT and goes void-of-course. Moon trine Saturn is good for productivity. The void of course moon is a good time to wrap up unfinished business. So if you are awake that’s an option!

The moon feels a bit aimless all day as it is void-of-course for a relatively long time. “They” say that a void-of-course moon is not a good time to start something new. They say that things started under the void-of-course moon won’t go anywhere. So try to use this time to clear up old tasks and finish old business. It is good for research or house cleaning or just plain relaxing.

At 4:52 PM the moon finally enters Leo. Oh lovable, warm Leo. On a good day Leo is kind and compassionate, full of cheerfulness and a sense of humor. Our spirits lift with this ingress.

Lord Mercury opposes Neptune at 9:11 PM which is a harbinger of cloudy thinking. If we look at this from an optimistic perspective there is power to visualize your dreams. Manifestation involves visualization and this aspect can aid in that but the trick today is to be incredibly clear on the vision. And since Mercury-Neptune leads to fuzzy thinking the clarity is what is challenging.

The last aspect today is a moon-Mars conjunction in Leo at 10:00 PM. For me this always means I will be doing a lot of cooking! This isn’t a traditional interpretation but Leo is creative, Mars represents fire, and the moon is comfort so cooking fits with all three of those things: creativity, fire and comfort. Maybe you have a creative outlet of your own that you would like to work on this evening? If so, the planets will help support your endeavor.

Lemon oil is a good choice today. Lemon helps us focus while also lifting our spirits. We can use both with the long void of course moon today! Lemon also helps stimulate our creativity.

A good stone for today is prehnite which helps with visualization.

Thursday August 13, 2015 – Sun-MarsVictoryLights222WEBSITEnikki

Lady moon is in loveable and fiery Leo all day today. She is inching her way to the New Moon tomorrow which peaks at 10:53AM EDT. As she is hanging in Leo today, we should all prepare ourselves for some new interesting things that we want to incorporate into our lives. New moons are always an excellent time to start new projects, work on developing new skills etc.

This new moon has both the sun and moon in the sign of Leo. So we are asked to give a little attention to ourselves and what we want to create in our own lives over the next lunar cycle. Start to implement some of those things into your world and watch them blossom and grow under the warmth of the Leo energy!

You might get yourself prepared to do a little new moon ritual tonight or tomorrow morning. You can set some intentions for yourself, light a candle, meditate or communicate with Spirit in whatever way you do. Whatever you do, make it full of your heart and then thank the Universe for bringing these positive intentions your way. Then take the necessary steps in your life to actually make those things happen. For instance, if your biggest desire is to find happiness in a relationship, don’t keep yourself closed off from others. Taking action in this time, is crucial to manifesting that which you desire.

The last aspect we have today is between the sun in Leo making a trine to Uranus in Aries. This trine peaks at 6:27AM EDT today. This energy can bring some interesting surprises and have us feeling quite original. Although both planets are in a fire sign we are given some ease with this transit being a harmonious trine. So enjoy the calm but strong energy, and if you wake up early, get your day started early by doing something uplifting with yourself.

Hanging onto some Aquamarine would be a great gemstone to help boost the inspiring energy of this transit. Along with some Red Jasper to help balance and intensify that energy of the upcoming new moon in Leo.

Wild Orange is a great essential oil to work with for the day. It will help to keep spirits uplifted and calm but energetic at the same time.

Friday August 14, 2015 – Earth-JupiterTapestryWEBSITEnikki

Happy Friday! Today is a lovely day in the stars! We have a new moon in Leo today. Happy New Moon, everybody!

We start the day with an easy moon trine Uranus aspect at 8:36 am. This starts the day with some excitement, the good kind! We feel upbeat, vibrant and have lots of energy today. This is helpful because often at the time of the new moon we feel low energy so we are blessed with some bounce in our step today.

The new moon is exact at 10:53 AM. New moon in Leo brings out our creative spark. It encourages romance. It gives a flair for the dramatic. Where the new moon falls in your chart is the area that gets refreshed this month. If you have your chart you can see what house the new moon falls. If there are any planets or points in your chart that are being activated by the new moon this is the area for you to focus. Plant seeds at the time of the new moon. Harvest those seeds at the full moon in the same sign, six months from now.

The last aspect today is moon conjunct Venus at 2:25 PM. Venus is very close to where the new moon occurs and so it is tied into the energy of this lunar cycle. This further emphasizes romance and artistic pursuits during this cycle. Looking for new love? Want to start a new creative project? Thinking of redecorating your home? Want to revamp your wardrobe? All of these things would be good areas to focus on during the Leo lunar cycle.

Rose otto oil is a great choice for today. Rose otto enhances contentment and promotes romance.

Sticking with the rose theme rose quartz is a good stone for today. Rose quartz promotes harmony and romance. Great for a date night!

Saturday August 15, 2015 – Jupiter11PetaledFlower222WEBSITEnikki

In the start of the day, the moon is still in the sign of Leo. This doesn’t last long because she moves into the sign of Virgo. This move happens right after a Void of Course phase. The VOC phase is from 12:36AM until she ingresses into Virgo at 3:46AM EDT.

Once Lady moon slides into Virgo she gives some of us that extra kick to organize and clean house! Since this is a weekend day, it might be a good idea to look around your environment and see what things need to be dusted and rearranged. Then take some time to do it. Turn on some music and enjoy making your space plesant and full of nice energy.

The first aspect we are given is when the moon squares Saturn. This energy peaks at 12:36AM EDT and will last throughout the day. This vibration has us feeling disciplined and serious. It would be a great time to get some work done, unless of course this is your sleep time. It would also be an easy time to start to put some form to some of those projects you want to get started on.

At 5:27AM EDT the moon conjoins Jupiter which gives us a great feeling of buoyancy. We just should be careful not to overeat! It would be very easy to have a Saturday barbecue and eat all of the food today! Spend time socializing because the moon touching Jupiter enjoys a good party!

The sun and Venus pair up in a conjunction at 3:22PM EDT. These two planets connected in the sky have us feeling good and loving ourselves. Since Venus is retrograde still, it would be a great time to do some self-love things and or pamper you at this time. Since this pair is in the sign of Leo, creativity and fun are also called for. Celebrate you today and do something good for yourself!

The next aspect we have is when Mercury comes to a trine with Pluto. This is a time where we might feel like expressing some of the things we hold down deep, but not in a cathartic and difficult way. Since this is a trine those things will come out much smoother and easier. Tell those around you how you feel, you may notice their response is different than you expected!

The last aspect of the day is when the moon makes an opposition to Neptune at 9:29PM EDT. This vibration has contemplating our highest ideals within our hearts. This energy is somewhat floaty and can be a little impractical, but it will connect us with our hearts. Take some time under this spell and see how you want to connect with your inner most dreams.

It would be good to work with Amethyst during this time to help you connect and open your heart chakra. Amethyst will allow energy from your spirit to come forward and open up your heart.

A good essential oil for today is grapefruit which uplifts us and gives a sense of freedom. We feel that anything is possible. Again it is a great day for manifestation work and this can help. Dream big!

Sunday August 16, 2015 – Neptune13PetalsMulti-LayersWEBSITEnikki

Today is a quiet day in the stars, quiet and easy. We start with trine from the moon to Pluto at 6:34 AM EDT. This aspect supports deep thinking and attention to details which harmonize with the Virgo moon. It is a good time for problem solving and coming up with practical solutions.

At 8:48 AM the moon and Mercury conjoin. This aspect further emphasizes the problem solving and practical nature of the day. This is a day for solutions! Our emotions and our thoughts blend together today. Our hearts and our heads are aligned.

A good oil for today is pine which helps us work through issues with tenacity.

A good stone for today is amber which helps to turn negative things into positive things. This is the definition of problem solving: negative things get turned into positive things!

VenusBabyinWombWEBSITEnikkiMonday August 17, 2015 – 

Today is a two part day with the moon. In the morning time she is still in Virgo. If you did not take care of the smaller details this weekend while the moon was visiting Virgo. Get grooving this morning!

The moon then shifts into her Void of Course phase from 1:16PM EDT until she moves into the sign of Libra at 4:23PM EDT. The Void of Course Moon is always a great time to do some spiritual work with yourself. If you practice yoga, or spiritual dance or even meditation, do that. You might even find this time a nice one to take a well needed nap!

Next we are given a sextile between the moon and Saturn. This transit peaks at 1:16PM EDT. With this transit we are given an opportunity that makes it fairly easy for us to help others. You may be gifted with some insight into how to restructure yourself. If so give reforming yourself some thought. Don’t forget to take some notes if necessary!

Lady moon the ingresses into the zodiac sign of Libra at 4:23PM EDT today. This placement of the moon is where we want to connect with our partnerships and really enjoy them. We may feel like connecting with loved ones and having some fun too. So enjoy the lighter energies of the Libra moon over the next couple of days. 

Holding onto some Pink Opal would be a great way to explore the energies of the Libra moon. It would also open your heart chakra and allow love to flow through.

Geranium is a great essential oil to use today. Geranium brings a lightness to our heart and connects the heart with the spirit.

Tuesday August 18, 2015 – SaturnMetalOrnamentNikkiWEBSITE

Lovely lady moon is in Libra today. Our first aspect is a trine from the moon to Mars at 4:44 AM EDT. This gives us a smooth energy flow which supports a positive start to the day. We feel motivated. We feel energized. If we can get up and get going we will have momentum on our side, but we must get up and get going!

At 7:30 PM the moon makes a square to Pluto. This is a difficult aspect where we feel frustrated and perhaps a bit angry. If we keep things pent up they may explode so where do we find a balance? Whether we keep things to ourselves or let them out there is an emotional discontent. I would recommend doing some meditation to clear out these negative emotions. Moving meditation like tai chi or yoga would be particularly helpful.

Sweet orange is a good oil to use today. Sweet orange helps with resolve to get things moving and also aids in uplifting our emotional state.

A good stone to work with today is unakite. This stone assists in getting below the surface to find the underlying issues (hello Pluto) as well as prompts us into taking positive action.

Namaste & until tomorrow!

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich