Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~August 19-25

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich 

Wednesday August 19, 2015 – SunStar-likewithTriangles2WEBSITENIKKI

Lady moon spends another day in the zodiac sign of Libra today. She will have us feeling like we want to connect with our partnerships and really enjoy them. We may feel like having some fun too. Enjoy the lighter energies of the Libra moon today and tonight she makes an overnight Void of Course phase so get your things done early.

The first aspect is the moon opposite Uranus; this energy can be somewhat inspirational and exciting. This energy peaks at 9:41 AM EDT and stays with us all day. Expect some high vibrations for the day. If you channel this energy properly, you can feel inspirational and vivid. On the other side of the coin; if you feel agitated or annoyed, go spend that energy doing something active and focus your energy.

Next we get grooving with an aspect between the moon to sextile Venus. This is a harmonious energy that begins peaks at 9:50 AM EDT today. This vibration is peaceful and cheerful; the afternoon and evening should be a nice day for most of us. Enjoy the sweet energies that we are given and if you feel like it, do some self pampering.

Venus makes a harmonious trine to Uranus at 12:44PM EDT. The energy of Venus and Uranus can have us feeling excited about love and the things that we love. You might find some new inspiration for creativity today too. So if you are artistic in any way, this aspect can help some of that come out for you.

The last aspect of the day happens at 6:02PM EDT and is when the sun conjuncts to Jupiter. This has us feeling philosophical and like we are climbing out of any rut we may have found ourselves in. This is a nice energy and it is expansive in nature, so enjoy the connection between these two planets.

At 10:56 PM EDT the moon shifts into her Void of Course phase where she stays until the morning at 5:24AM EDT. This is a great time to get some sleep, rest your mind and do things that are not very active. Enjoy this time period and sleep well!

A gemstone to use today would be Sodalite. Sodalite will help you to connect with your inner muse and be creative.

A great essential oil to use today would be Blue Tansy which would bring out the fun and creative spark that is within you as well.

Mercury2CirclesEntwinedORANUMnikkiThursday August 20, 2015 –

The moon enters Scorpio at 5:24 AM EDT. Scorpio is a water sign and the moon is a watery planet so when the moon is in this placement we can expect to feel deeply emotional. Often we are uncomfortable with the depth of our feelings under the Scorpio moon but the best advice I have is to acknowledge your emotions and let them flow. Know that emotions ebb and flow like the tide and that they shall change as time passes.

At 9:22 AM the moon makes a soft sextile to Jupiter. The bouyancy of this aspects helps to lift us up from the dark of the Scorpio moon, adding a little optimism.

Things get more challenging at the day progresses and at 9:02 PM the moon squares Mars. If we have not dealt with our deeper feelings we will be confronted with them now. Moon-Mars is a common aspect for arguments and for outbursts. A better use of this energy would be some sort of work out that involves impact like kickboxing or martial arts.

The last aspect of the day softens us up again as the moon makes a trine to Neptune at 10:53 PM. This is a sweet aspect that helps open up our mind and welcome dreams and inspiration.

Blue calcite is a great stone to work with today. Blue calcite helps to clear out negative energy and also upens us up to dream states.

An essential oil such as cypress would be wonderful today for a calming effect.

Friday August 21, 2015 – Sun-SaturnTapestry3WEBSITEnikki

The moon is in intense and passionate Scorpio all day today. This placement of the moon allows us to feel our emotions deeply. Do not be afraid to look within and explore what is there. If you feel a bit overpowered or uncomfortable with this, just know… This too shall pass.

The first aspect of the day when the moon is sextile Pluto. This energy peaks at 7:58AM EDT. This aspect has us receiving some enlightening information from the depths of our being. If you are sleeping at this time, you may have some prophetic or profound dreams. This information may be something we have contemplated before but never put much into it – well now we will. If you use this energy correctly and allow those emotions to come out today, you will find some happiness in the release.

Next we have an aspect between the moon squaring Venus. This aspect peaks at 7:13PM EDT. This energy greets us with a desire and feeling to relax and be open hearted. You may feel like having a fun and pleasant time with friends or connecting with loved ones.

The last aspect that makes its way to a peak tonight is with the sun making a square to Saturn. This is not the easiest of aspects, it can be a bit draining. Your energy may not be as high as it generally is. You may also find some challenges with the structure of your plan and life. If you find that things seem to be weird or you need to plan differently. Contemplate it and then take action when the time comes ripe to do so.

Mahogany Obsidian would be a nice gemstone to use today, helping you feel more grounded. Mahogany Obsidian is a great stone for healers and people that help others this way too.

The essential Oil suggestion to work with today is Patchouli. Patchouli will help you to feel stable and centered while you embrace the energies of today.

Saturday August 22, 2015 – MoonOverlappingStars4WEBSITEnikki

The moon is still in Scorpio as we start the day today. She makes a sextile to Mercury at 2:57 AM EDT and this soft aspect supports feelings of harmony.

The next aspect is a conjunction of the moon to Saturn at 2:02 PM. This is a so-called “hard aspect” and we may feel sad or lonely or frustrated. Te best thing to do with this type of aspect is to work on building a solid foundation. This means to get rid of things that don’t belong in your life and focus on the basics. This allows us to feel supported instead of challenged. It is within our own grasp to change our perspective at this time.

At 3:31 PM the moon goes void-of-course after is makes a square to the sun. The sun-moon aspect marks the 2nd quarter moon and if we have a good view of the moon tonight it will show as “half” of the moon. This void-of-course segment is rather short but is best for catching up on old tasks rather than starting new ones.

The moon enters Sagittarius at 4:41 PM. Our mood lightens. We feel a bit of relief. The moon does make a square to Jupiter at 9:30 PM but to me this reads as more of a warning not to overindulge. It is Saturday night after all and we are free of the Scorpio moon so some of us may feel the need to let loose in an attempt to clear the tension. Have fun, but not too much!

Smoky quartz is good for clearing away any negative energy. It also helps us to get rid of what does not belong in our lives.

Bergamot essential oil is a good one for today as it helps to clear our mind and uplift our spirit.

Sunday August 23, 2015 – Sun-NeptuneVisionaryLight2WEBSITEnikki

The moon is in Sagittarius all day today. This has us feeling a lot less stressed out than we could have been feeling the last couple days. The moon left deep and intense Scorpio yesterday but then it made a difficult aspect to Saturn which brought more weight to the lighter moon. Today should feel like the weight of the last few days is lifting.

The sun enters into the sign of Virgo today at 6:37AM EDT. When the sun makes her transition into the earthy sign of Virgo, we are all a bit more discerning and perceptive about things. You may notice that you actually notice a lot more when the sun is in Virgo. Virgo seems to see everything! Ruled by Mercury the energy of Virgo is anything but still, it thinks and is active and flowy. Enjoy the last days of summer too, as when the sun ingresses into Libra in September we will be entering in the season of autumn (in the northern hemisphere at least). My favorite season of all!

In the morning the moon squares Neptune. This energy peaks at 9:08AM EDT and wanes down tomorrow. This energy may leave us feeling a little bit impressionable. Under this transit you may be wearing your rose colored glasses. It is OK to wear them from time to time. Just remember they are on and not to let yourself be confused by others at this time. If you feel confusion – wait, and make your decision another time.

The last aspect the moon makes is a harmonious trine to Mars. This energy peaks at 10:37AM EDT today. This energy has us feeling loads of vigor. We might consider going for a run, or swim or whatever it is that we like to do with ourselves. Just burn some of that energy off this morning. If it is not physical energy you wish to burn off; you may notice yourself feeling quite optimistic and progressive.

You may want to hold onto some Clear Quartz at this time to help you see things clearer.

A good essential oil for today is Roman chamomile which aids us in becoming more peaceful.

Venus-MarsFinsandFansWEBSITEnikkiMonday August 24, 2015 – 

It is a relatively easy day in the stars today. Not a lot of action but sometimes that is a relief, right?

The first aspect of the day is a trine from the moon to Venus at 2:09 AM EDT. This aspect is soft and sweet and we should feel a sense of comfort. It is followed by a trine from the moon to Uranus at 6:35 AM. This is another mild aspect. Both of these aspects together have a hint of adventure but also make us feel supported.

The last aspect today is a square from the moon to Mercury at 6:04 PM after which the moon goes void-of-course. Even though this is a square it should not bother us too much. We may feel a little tension but it shouldn’t be anything to major. This bigger issue to me is the void-of-course moon which gives us a feeling of directionlessness. It’s probably best if we can take advantage of the down time by using it as just that: down time. If we must work try to work on something that needs to be finished up instead of starting something new.

Since Monday is the day of the moon a good stone for today is moonstone which helps us connect to our intuition.

Grapefruit essential oil is a good choice today as it is uplifting and also gentle.

Tuesday August 25, 2015 – Sun-JupiterTreasuretheInnerLight2WEBSITEnikki

The moon slips into Capricorn in the early morning hours today. This is my favorite placement of the moon, because she connects with my own natal moon in Capricorn. The moon in Capricorn has a flavor of difficulty to some. If you understand her correctly and use the energies wisely, you can benefit from her energy greatly!

The beauty that Capricorn moon gives us is an opportunity to become the CEO of our own lives and rock things out. Get to work, and get it done! Capricorn moon is also really helpful for helping to remind you that you should “listen to your body” as your body has many things to say. Generally we go throughout our days and don’t pay much attention to our bodies. Take time while the moon in in Capricorn until Thursday and note any weakness, strong parts, painful parts etc. The vow and begin a regime to heal anything that needs healing.

The first aspect today is trine between the moon and sun. This energy lasts most of the day and peaks at 3:35AM EDT. This vibration has us feeling in harmony with those of the opposite sex, it would be a good time to have some fun with your loved one. Enjoying others in this time is a good idea, as the moon and sun in this aspect make it easy to open up and have fun.

The next energy vibration of the day is when the is moon trine to Jupiter. This energy peaks at 5:45AM EDT. This energy has us feeling lively with our emotions. You could also feel progressive with your ideas and thoughts, so feel free to explore your mind. Jupiter is the planet of fun higher awareness and fortune so you might think about things you want to learn. You may also be drawn to having some fun or going to a little bit of excess at this time, just remember your waistline!

A little later in the afternoon there is a nice vibration between the moon sextile Neptune. This energy peaks at 3:32PM EDT. This vibration has us tapping into our creative side. It would be a great time to do some meditation and even a good time to schedule a reading. During this vibration the veils of intuition are lowered now. This energy has those that can tap in easily, highly sensitive.

Since yesterday the moon has been making her way to a conjunction with Pluto. This conjunction between the moon and Pluto peaks at 11:33PM EDT; and wanes down about tomorrow evening. This vibration is our monthly time to dig within the depths of our emotions and peer what is there. We should be able to do this, so we can examine and release that which no longer serves us. This action makes space for new things to fill that void within us. So do some digging in this time and allow yourself to see what is deep within.

You may want to hang onto your Lapis Lazuli at now to inspire some thoughts and philosophies that you may encounter. Black Tourmaine is also called for today to help you remain grounded and open yourself up with the Capricorn moon and moon conjunct Pluto in the evening.

An essential oil such as cypress would be wonderful today for a calming effect.

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Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich