Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ August 26 – September 1

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich

Wednesday August 26, 2015 – MercuryDynamicXJapaneseWEBSITENikki

Moon in Capricorn makes it’s first aspect to Uranus at 11:26 AM EDT. This is a square aspect and so we may feel a bit impatient this morning. Uranus wants things to be spontaneous and fun so the last thing we want to do at this time is sit through a boring work meeting or even worse a dentist appointment. We would rather play hookie and have an adventure this morning! But since the moon is in Capricorn we will probably have at least some work to do, even if we don’t feel like it.

Shortly after this at 12:07 PM Mercury perfects a sextile to Saturn. Mercury-Saturn aspects help us think clearly. They also help us to focus on what is important. A simple, practical approach is supported by Mercury-Saturn. So if you do find yourself in that business meeting you will be able to think clearly and have some good, solid ideas even if your foot is tapping impatiently under the desk from the earlier aspect today.

The big news today is a conjunction between the sun and Jupiter. While this is exact at 6:02 PM we should feel the effects of this all day. When the sun and Jupiter get together we feel optimistic, we feel lucky, we feel good all around. We may go overboard with things but since this occurs in Virgo I doubt we will go too overboard, as Virgo likes to keep us in line.

All in all it is a good day to have some fun. Enjoy yourself. Splurge just a little (as the Capricorn moon, like Virgo, also thinks splurging is a bit too much).

If you do have to work today a good essential oil is basil which helps us to concentrate.

A good stone to use today to help increase your focus is carnelian. Carnelian helps us to concentrate on our goals.

Thursday August 27, 2015 – Venus5-PetaledFlowerNIKKIWEBSITE

The first aspect the moon makes is a sextile to Saturn. This sextile peaks at 2:02 AM EDT. Today you may want to put some action behind the structure in your life. You may be gifted with some insight into how you can do this restructuring yourself; so give it some thought. Don’t forget to take some notes if necessary!

Lady moon trines Mercury at 3:20 AM EDT and we can communicate our feelings easily. The ability to persuade others to your way of thinking at this time is higher than normal. Just make sure you use your powers of persuasion for the good, or it may come back to get you another time!

Next the moon moves into the sign of Aquarius at 4:03 AM EDT. The moon in Aquarius sometimes jolts us out of our rut and has us trying something different. This is the time that you are not afraid to show the unique side of yourself or display how unusual and unique you are to others.

Following on the heals of the airy moon in Aquarius, Mercury the messenger moves into the sign of Libra this morning at 11:44 AM EDT. The energy of Mercury in Libra has us contemplating and thinking about the relationships in our lives. It has us looking for harmony and balance especially when it comes to our thinking. Like the scales that represent Libra, cooperation and tranquility are among top priority for the mind of Mercury in Libra. You may also notice that idle chit-chat is more in the forefront of the time too, as Libra loves to talk!

Pink Peruvian Opal is a great gemstone to work with today. Bringing forward the windy energies of the Aquarius moon and Libra Mercury and helping one speak from the heart.

A good essential oil for today is rose which also promotes healing and confidence in relationships. Soft, romantic, nurturing and gentle, rose oil will comfort us today.

UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikkiFriday August 28, 2015 –

The moon is in Aquarius all day today. Aquarius moon likes to have a flair for the eccentric, the unusual, the out-of-the-ordinary. The Aquarius moon likes to talk but even more than they like to talk they like to think. Ideas are exciting to the Aquarius moon!

The first aspect peaks at 12:24 PM EDT. This is an opposition from the moon to Mars. This can lead to tension and misunderstandings about our feelings. And when we aren’t understood we may feel angry. The best way to handle this aspect is to be aware of whether or not you might be projecting onto someone else your feelings.

The next aspect we have is an opposition from the moon to Venus which is exact at 6:18 AM. This is similar to the earlier aspect in that we can have trouble with projection. We have trouble admitting how we feel so we may project our feelings onto someone or something else. If we are aware of this energy we will be able to avoid the tendency.

The final aspect today is a sextile from the moon to Uranus. This puts a spring in our step and makes us feel like like having a good laugh.

What we need today is balance so lime essential oil helps to cleanse the aura and feel more properly aligned.

A good stone to work with today is amazonite. Amazonite helps to balance masculine and feminine energy which will help in dealing with the moon oppositions today to both Venus and Mars.

Saturday August 29, 2015 – Neptune13PetalsMulti-Layers222WebsiteNIKKI

The first aspect we are given is when the moon squares Saturn. This energy peaks at 3:03AM EDT and will last throughout the day. This vibration has us feeling disciplined and serious. It would be a great time to get some work done, unless of course this is your sleep time. It would also be an easy time to start to put some form to some of those projects you want to get started on.

After this last aspect the moon makes her way into a Void of Course phase that lasts until 4:51AM EST. Take some time to take some time and do nothing for a while. If you can’t help it and have to work during this time, try to not stress yourself out. Void of Course moons are great times to do reflection, meditation, relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Lady moon then ingresses into the sign of Pisces at 4L51AM EDT. This is where she is at her dreamiest. She loves to connect with the energies of the unknown. We may notice that we want to slip into a dreamlike, or trance like state under the Pisces moon too. Some things to do that are healthy are meditating, praying and sleeping. Some things to be mindful of are slipping into illusions or delusions of drugs or alcohol during this transit.

Next we have an opposition between the moon and Jupiter. This energy peaks at 11:08 AM EDT. The connection between the moon and Jupiter can have us feeling expansive and extravagant. You may enjoy spending this time with loved ones. This is a good energy for some enjoyment, but be wary of being a bit lazy. Be sure get out there and do something enjoyable!

The full moon in Pisces peaks at 2:35PM EDT. This is when the sun and moon are exactly opposite each other in the sky. This is a great time to let your inner mystic out and explore the underworld, after all it is Saturday right? Pisces moon can have us feeling a bit emotional, and wanting to delude ourselves in some way or other. You are given permission to have some fun today. Just don’t go overboard with any sort of thing you may get into, be it emotions or wine and you will be fine!

The next aspect presented to us is with the moon conjunct Neptune. This transit peaks at 6:20PM EDT. This is the sweet and idealistic day of the month. The day where we may not feel like doing a whole lot of physical things. We might just want to sort of float around in our chilled out, or dream-like state. We may also enjoy reading a spiritual or fantasy book. This is a great time to spend simply enjoying the flow of life.

Amethyst would be an excellent gemstone to work with today. Amethyst would help open our hearts to the spirit realm while leaving the “spirits” (alcohol or otherwise) alone. Practice walking along the path of the monk and not the drunk today!

Sandalwood is an excellent essential oil to work with today. It will help you feel grounded and centered while remaining inspired and in alignment with what you know to be true.

Sunday August 30, 2015 – VenusBabyinWombWEBSITEnikki

The moon is in Pisces all day today, her position in Pisces has us feeling can have us feeling a desire for reaching some altered state of reality. The beauty of the Pisces moon is that we can be quite impressionable and spiritual. The downfall of the Pisces moon is leaning on drugs, alcohol or another form of escapism. Pisces energy is not always grounded in the earth and this is the lesson that Pisces energy gives us. If you utilize this energy to help enlighten yourself then you are utilizing the Pisces moon connection well. If you use the energy of this moon to escape the harsh reality of life, then this is where trouble can set in. Instead of leaning on the crutches of life, lean on the spiritual side of yourself today. Pisces moon can also have us feeling a bit susceptible to emotional outbursts, so just be aware of this tendency and curtail any sensitive emotions that might surface today.

The one significant aspect of the day is when the moon makes a sextile to Pluto. This aspect peaks at 1:46AM EDT. This energy has us receiving some enlightening information from the depths of our being. This information may even be something we contemplated before and just never put much thought into it. – Well now we will. If you use this energy correctly and allow those emotions to come out today. You will likely find some happiness in there too.

Working with Lemon essential oil will life our moon and bring some cheerfulness to the mix.

Amethyst is an excellent gemstone to wear or hold today. It will connect you with the energies and magic of the Pisces moon, promoting sobriety and spirituality. 

Mercury2CirclesEntwinedORANUMnikkiMonday August 31, 2015 – 

The day begins with Lady moon trine to Saturn at 2:53AM EDT. This is a good time for getting things completed. Only we might not feel much like doing doing a whole lot as after this aspect peaks the moon makes a Void of Course making us feel a little aimless. Our suggestion to you is to get your work done before the aspect peaks then you can chillax and enjoy the floaty Void of Course phase this morning.

The lingering moon in Pisces moves into her Void of Course phase at 2:52AM EDT for a couple of hours until she moves into the sign of Aries at 4:33AM EDT. When the moon is in her Void of Course phase you might want to do some meditation and enjoy the not so motivating energies of this time. If this is a sleep time for you, you might notice yourself falling deeper into sleep and getting some good rest.

The next aspect is between the moon and Mercury opposing each other. This peaks at 12:05PM EDT. This energy has us putting all the details of our lives in some order. The moon and Mercury is good at filing, organizing and straightening things out. If you notice some interesting dreams or daydreams be sure to journal them down!

The last aspect of the day is when the sun is in an opposition to Neptune, this peaks at 11:38PM EDT. This pair has us contemplating our ideals and what we want to create in this world. It might not be the motivating factor to get things moving, but it is the energy of dreaming those dreams up. So take some time to write down some of those dreams today.

Rainbow moonstone is an excellent gemstone to wear or hold today. It will connect you with the energies and magic of the day.

Ylang-Ylang is a great essential oil to work with today. It will allow your mind to be open and able to listen to your inner voice on a deeper level.

Sun-MarsVictoryLights222WEBSITEnikkiTuesday September 1, 2015 –

Early this morning Venus and Mars are conjunct in the sky together. This brings some energy to the things that we love & feel passionate into the forefront of our lives. We might be feeling a little spicy and fun, so give yourself the opportunity today to do something fun and exciting. The energy feels balancing to the men and women, you may find some passion or even intensity between the sexes today. Since this conjunction happens in the sign of Leo it will have our Leo’s and Aquarius feeling a bit on fire today. Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo so as these planets conjunct with each other they also make aspects to those of us with planets in Aquarius.

Since yesterday the moon has been making her way to a conjunction with Pluto. This conjunction between the moon and Pluto peaks early this morning and wanes down in the evening. This vibration is our monthly time to dig within the depths of our emotions and peer what is there. We should be able to do this, so we can examine and release that which no longer serves us. This action makes space for new things to fill that void within us. So do some digging in this time and allow yourself to see what is deep within.

The moon comes around the make a harmonious trine to both Venus and Mars. This has us feeling cheerful and positive this morning. The intensite of the Venus and Mars conjunction earlier calms down a little from firey passion and excitement to something smoother and more even. Since the moon trines these two hotties (Venus & Mars) in a trine aspect it has us a little smoother in our own energy, but please keep in mind – The moon is still in hot Aries so our tempers can be self centered and spicy, even under the calm trine.

The last aspect we have today is at 12:37PM EDT when lady bumps into Uranus. She then turns into a Void of Course phase and calms down. Calm is not the way I would describe the energy of the Moon and Uranus conjunction though, in fact it is anything but. We may have some unusual inspiration around this time and if we should feel some strong energy motivating us for the day. One issue with Uranus is that the energy is often hard to direct into a productive channel. Uranus prefers to forge it’s own path which complements the Aries moon.

A good stone today is fire agate which puts us in touch with positive Mars energy. Fire agate promotes growth and motivation in a positive direction.

A good oil for today is cinnamon which helps us feel more powerful. Cinnamon also provides beneficial energy and practicality to help with some of the other energies of the day.

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich