Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~August 5-11, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich 

Wednesday August 5, 2015 – 


In the early morning the Aries moon conjoins Uranus at 5:22 AM PDT which starts off the day with a bang. We may have some unusual dreams around this time and if we are awake we should feel some strong energy motivating us for the day. One issue with Uranus is that the energy os often hard to direct into a productive channel. Uranus prefers to forge it’s own path which complements the Aries moon.

The next aspect we have is retrograde Venus square Saturn at 11:08 AM. This aspect often represents challenges in love, and with Venus retrograde we may feel a sense of what we have lost. If you have recently gone through a breakup I would expect you to keenly feel the lack of a partner today. Another way to look at this aspect is as an opportunity to commit more to a partner. Sometimes challenges in a relationship allow us to bond more than before and this aspect can lead to such an opportunity. This aspect is one that we have been feeling all week and will linger the next couple of days as well.

Lady moon trines Mercury at 3:25 PM and we can communicate our feelings easily. Communicate those feelings while you can because the next aspect the moon makes is a square to Mars at 6:07 PM. Moon square Mars can lead to some short tempers. But evening star Venus comes into play and soothes over any anger a few minutes later when the moon trines Venus at 6:22 PM. We feel a bit better and can feel like we have been understood, even if our temper did flare for a short time.

The moon goes void-of-course at 7:29 PM with a trine to Jupiter. The moon in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo has an adventurous and romantic feeling. Positive energy swells and our dreams for future adventures are big in our mind’s eye. A good thing to do under this void-of-course moon would be to research a new travel destination. A destination that is both exotic and adventurous fits the mood.

Lovely Luna enters Taurus at 9:29 PM. The moon is exalted in Taurus and we feel at ease. It’s a good night to relax in a comfy spot or to spend a little time out in nature.

A good stone for today is rose quartz with promotes harmony and healing in relationships. This stone will help soothe the tension of the Venus-Saturn square.

A good essential oil for today is rose which also promotes healing and confidence in relationships. Soft, romantic, nurturing and gentle, rose oil will comfort us during the Venus-Saturn square.

Thursday August 6, 2015 – Earth-VenZoomedStarNetworkWEBSITE2nikki

Today is a powerful day from a planetary perspective! At 4:29 AM EDT Mars makes a trine to Saturn. This is power. This is the ability to get it done. This is executing a plan with skill. A great aspect for business and personal goals. If you want to push yourself a little today in your workout you should feel stronger and be able to go farther. Harness this energy if at all possible. Even with Mars in Cancer (not a strong placement) this aspect still gives us a little extra oomph. Determination, drive, motivation and power are all in place today.

Quicksilver Mercury makes a conjunction with Venus at 10:25 AM EDT. This happens in Leo and it is a great time to work on an ongoing artistic project. With Venus retrograde we may want to edit or revisit something we have done and this is a good chance to get those details right. Another option would be to do an artistic project about the past such as a memoir or photo album. Venus is also about relating and Mercury involves communication. It might be time for you to tell someone you care about something that has been on your mind, either verbally or in writing.

The moon makes a soft sextile to Neptune at 1:02 PM. This is a sweet aspect and might have us feeling a little dreamy, in a good way.

Mercury makes a square to Saturn at 4:19 PM. This aspect brings back the difficult energy from yesterday’s Venus-Saturn square (see yesterday’s Astro Tapestry for more info on this). Since Mercury translates from Venus to Saturn today we again feel the longing and hurt feelings from a difficult relationship. Whether this is heartbreak, loss or frustration, the feelings come up again and now we want to talk about them since Mercury is involved.

At 8:44 PM the moon makes a trine to Pluto which allows us to feel deeply but we should also have relatively stable emotions. Taurus moon is stable and the trine helps to allow us a deep emotional journey without being overwhelmed. Finally at 10:03 PM the sun squares the moon to mark the 4th quarter moon. This last aspect of the day does involve a slight bit of tension but nothing out of the ordinary.

A good stone to work with today is citrine. Citrine is good for both business goals and interpersonal relationships. It should enhance the power of the Mars-Saturn trine and balance any feelings from Mercury aspecting Venus and Saturn today.

A good oil for today is Juniper which allows us to recognize the sacred within our everyday experience. Juniper also increases our strength and vitality while also enhancing sincerity.

Sun-JupiterTreasuretheInnerLight2WEBSITEnikkiFriday August 7, 2015 –

In the early morning hour of 3:08AM EDT Mercury and Jupiter make a conjunction in Leo. This energy brings in a little bit of the Mercury Venus conjunction we mentioned in yesterday report too. The energy of these planets in Leo connecting like this have us feeling like we want to communicate about things on a grand scale. The things we might want to communicate are about things we love and feel quite passionate about because these three planets are also making a sesquiquadrate to the planet of Pluto.

This is a big time of us to be awake and take some action towards making our plans for the things we want to accomplish. Just remember not to think too small, as Jupiter likes to inflate things and bring out the grandiose! This energy will last throughout the day so if you aren’t up at this time, it is ok. Just remember to work on things bigger than what you do right now and when the time is right, get moving on those things!

The morning begins us with a vibration between the moon squaring Venus. This vibration peaks at 8:38AM EDT. This energy greets us with a desire and feeling to relax and be open hearted. If this is your waking time you may feel like having a fun and pleasant time with friends or connecting with loved ones.

Mercury then ingresses into the sign of Virgo at 3:15PM EDT. This movement of Mercury turns our thoughts and intellect into a more analytical state of being. We are more apt to notice the little things and pay close attention to details at this time. Mercury feels quite at home in Virgo because Mercury rules over Virgo (and Gemini) so Mercury is happy here. Mercury will stay in Virgo until the 27th of this month.

The last of the astrological aspects today is with the moon opposition Saturn. This energy peaks at 10:40PM EDT. The moon and Saturn have us feeling a bit more serious and introspective. We may even be contemplating what purpose is behind the fun that we are somewhere inside yearning to go have!

It would be great to sleep with some Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite during this time, to help open our heart chakra. Holding onto some Black Tourmaline would be a great gemstone for balancing your energies as well with the moon and Saturn’s connection in the evening.

An Essential Oil to work with today would be Rose or Geranium. These two oils would help you to connect with your heart energy and speak from the heart.

Saturday August 8, 2015 –Merc-JupUmbrellaPinWheelWEBSITEnikki

We start the day with lady moon still in Taurus where she feels a sense of emotional stability. She bumps into Jupiter at 12:25 AM PDT who tempts her to overindulge, perhaps a midnight snack? Or maybe an extra drink at the bar? If you don’t want to regret your choices remember to make good ones right now. Just a few minutes later, at 12:46 PM lady moon makes a sextile to Mars and goes void-of-course for a little while. We don’t want to go home but we can’t stay here.

At 1:40 AM the moon enters curious Gemini and the mood shifts. She makes a square to Mercury at 3:14 AM. This is a good aspect for problem solving but with the emphasis on the problem part of things! Throughout the day the moon is perfecting to a square with Neptune to our solutions will need to be creative. Just make sure that any solutions are also realistic! This aspect may tend to make us a wee bit unrealistic to be careful that your solutions are do-able!

Feisty Mars enters Leo at 7:32 pm and this is a huge mood changer! Mars has been stuck in Cancer for quite some time now and moving from damp Cancer to warm and fun-loving Leo makes Mars much, much happier! This difference is like coming out of a cold, damp rain and into warm, invigorating sunshine. We should all be able to feel this shift in a positive way.

A good stone today is fire agate which puts us in touch with positive Mars energy. Fire agate promotes growth and motivation in a positive direction.

A good oil for today is cinnamon which helps us feel more powerful. Cinnamon also provides beneficial energy and practicality to help with some of the other energies of the day.

Venus-MarsFinsandFansWEBSITEnikkiSunday August 9, 2015 –

Lady moon is in the sign of Gemini all day today. This gives us a bit of a fun and lighthearted energy to the day. Gemini is thought of as the child like wonder, so explore your world in a child like manner. Get out there, have some fun and play! Try not to get too serious, but rather explore, enjoy and communicate with the world around you.

The morning brings us a sweet energy between the moon sextile the sun. This energy peaks at 7:29AM EDT. This energy is harmonious between the masculine and feminine part to our selves, think of the yin-yang. Then think of how each side is balanced in perfection of the other. You may also notice harmony between male and females or those of the opposite sex.

The last aspect we have a sextile with the moon and Uranus. This is an enlivening, creative and fun vibration. The energy between these two planets peaks at 8:41PM EDT. You may find yourself a bit excited or electrical at this time. If so, do something fun and inspiring with yourself. The creative types thrive under this energy, so enjoy! I think I will take some time this afternoon to paint!

Jasper would be an excellent gemstone to work with today. Allowing you to feel grounded in yourself but not so much that you can not enjoy the lively energy of this time.

Wild Orange would an an awesome compliment to the high energies of the day today. It will also bring some positive feelings to those that are drawn to working with it.

Monday August 10, 2015 – Venus-MarsDay-NightSphereWEBSITEnikki

Ooh la la it’s an easy, breezy day!

The Gemini moon makes a soft sextile to Venus at 12:46 AM PDT giving us sweet dreams tonight. Dreaming of a lover, current or former, would not surprise me, or even dreaming of two at once! Gemini, after all, is the twins.

At 7:45 AM the moon goes void of course with a sextile to Jupiter. Another soft, feel-good aspect and the void of course moon lasts less than a half hour so it is an easy transition into the moon’s home sign.

The moon enters Cancer at 8:08 AM. Cancer is the sign of home and family and with the moon in her home sign we often withdraw into our comfort zones. And a comfort zone, with the moon in Cancer, is a very good thing.

The last aspect of the day is a sextile from the moon to Mercury at 6:10 PM. Our thoughts and feelings flow together easily. Our hearts and minds are on the same page.

A soft, quiet day in the heavens is something we deserve after all of the recent cosmic weather! Enjoy it while you can!

A good stone for today is moonstone which helps to align our feelings with our thoughts.

A good oil for today is ginger which is warm and encouraging.

UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikkiTuesday August 11, 2015 –

The first aspect of the day is a trine from the moon to Neptune at 12:52PM EDT. This is a nice smooth aspect to ease the day. One of the things ruled by Neptune is the movies so it would be a good time to watch a movie and relax.

Jupiter ingresses into Virgo where she will be fore some time. This will have our Virgo people feeling like expanding themselves in many ways. It is considered an auspicious time when Jupiter transits through a zodiac sign you have planets in. The downfall of Jupiter is that it sometimes has the propensity to make us a bit grandiose.

The morning brings us an aspect with the moon opposite Pluto which peaks at 9:16AM EDT. This vibration has us reaching in the depths and seeing what is there. This energy has us feeling like reaching deep down in our souls and digging for what is there. This action has us purging and releasing any pent up energy onto the Universe.

Lastly the moon squares Uranus in the evening hours (10:27 AM EDT). This transition of light is a tense one and we may feel impatient and even a little angry. The best advice I can give for this aspect is to think before you act too quickly because we may do something that we regret if you don’t think things through. You may also notice this might be a difficult night for sleep, if so – get up and try to channel your energy into something inspirational.

Aquamarine would be an excellent gemstone to work with during this day. It would allow you to feel the high vibrations we are going through, while remaining cool, calm and collected.

Lily of the Valley would be a great Essential Oil to work with, keeping you relaxed and calm.

Namaste & until tomorrow!

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich