Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Dec 16-22, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich

Wednesday December 16, 2015 –

What a nice, quiet, peaceful day we have in store!

The moon begins the day in Aquarius and makes a sextile to the sun at 2:17 AM ET, after which the moon goes void-of-course. The sun/moon sextile is harmonious and mild. The void-of-course moon leaves us feeling somewhat aimless. It’s likely going to be hard to get up and get moving this morning. Oh, lying in bed sounds wonderful! The morning is best spent taking care of routine tasks or finishing up old things rather than starting something new.

Lady moon finally wanders into Pisces at 12:45 PM but it will be hard to tell the difference between the void-of-course moon in Aquarius and the moon in Pisces today. Go with the flow is the best advice under this moon. They say that Pisces make some of the best travelers because they are able to go with the flow more than other signs, and it does take flexibility and adaptability to be a good traveler. So whatever adventure comes up under this moon, go with it!

An essential oil that would be beneficial to work with today is rosemary which helps to purify the surrounding energies.

A good stone for today is chrysocolla which helps us to go with the flow.

Thursday December 17, 2015 – Neptune13PetalsMulti-Layers222WebsiteNIKKI

The moon is in Pisces all day today. Lady Luna is very comfortable in the sign of Pisces you might even say she is intuitive or even psychic. She feels emotions easily. The trouble with the Pisces moon can be that if you are not a clear channel then sometimes the messages come in fuzzy. You might be better of staying away from any sort of substance that alters your perception during Pisces moon (that is, if that is your thing). You can reach Spiritual heights during Pisces moon through spiritual practice, meditation and prayer.

The first aspect of the day is when the moon conjuncts to Neptune at 1:20 AM ET. This monthly aspect has us feeling sensitive and emotional. It can also have us feeling a bit like daydreaming and with not a whole lot of motivation to get things done. If that is how you feel, then do yourself a favor and daydream about some of the things you want to make happen in your life. So when the time comes that you have the motivation to work on things you will have ideas right there on paper in front of you.

Next the moon squares Saturn at 5:14 AM ET. This energy lasts all day pretty much and has us feeling like we are disciplined at work and have no issue getting the job done. This is a good time to do some serious thinking too.

A little later in the morning Venus comes to a sextile with Pluto, which is exact at 6:19 AM ET. This has us wanting to be active and get out of our usual routine to do something. You might find yourself being creative at this time too. Do yourself a favor and take the initiative, don’t just sit at home doing nothing. Find your spark and go with it.

Our next aspect is a sextile from the moon to Mercury at 8:24 AM ET. Under this influence we feel our emotions and thoughts align. We might even feel like communicating our emotions to others.

The next aspect is when the moon makes a sextile to Pluto at 1:58 PM ET. This aspect can have us feeling some intense emotions and want to have enlightening discussions with those we love. Pluto brings out things from the deep and the moon is our emotions while a sextile gives us a gentle push towards taking action. So if things come out today, they should flow pretty easy, take notice of those things too. You probably needed to talk about those emotions instead of stuffing them down anyway!

The last aspect of today is when the moon makes a trine to Venus which is exact at 2:40 PM ET. This is a feel-good aspect that helps us be in harmony with our feelings and in our relationships. We feel good. Things are easy for the rest of the day. Have a glass of wine this evening, and enjoy some company or just enjoying your time alone.

Lepidolite is a nice gemstone for the day, allowing you to feel calm, cool and collected. Even during the morning and afternoon when some of those deeper emotions might come out.

A good essential oil to use today is rose which helps us feel calm and stable.

VenusBabyinWombWEBSITEnikkiFriday December 18, 2015 –

We begin the day with the moon in Pisces … easy-going, mystical, compassionate Pisces moon.

Lady moon opposes Jupiter in Virgo at 3:42 AM ET. This aspect is one of yearning and fulfillment … sometimes we try to fill ourselves up with sweets or booze or something else when really what we want out of this aspect is spiritual fulfillment. So if you feel the yearning look to god and the angels this morning.

The sun and moon square each other at 10:14 AM ET. This aspect brings what I call “mild tension” but nothing that is overwhelming. Like we realize we want two opposing things and must choose. I don’t expect the choice today to be major but we are still at odds with ourselves on some minor level.

After that last aspect the moon is void-of-course until she enters Aries at 4:26 PM. The void-of-course moon is a good time to get caught up on things. And once the moon enters Aries we can start something new!

A stone to use today is jade which is associated with both dreams and with fidelity. It can be used to be more faithful to your own dreams.

An essential oil to try today is bergamot which can encourage us gently toward optimism and hope.

Saturday December 19, 2015 –Earth-VenZoomedStarNetwork2WEBSITE

The moon is in independent Aries all day today. This is a good time for us to begin new projects and utilize the energy that we are gifted with today. If you do not use the energy of today you may notice some anxious energy building up, so go and spend your energy wisely! Aries moon is not overly concerned with feelings but at the same time can be rather sensitive, so having an awareness that a gentle approach will help today would be good.

For the first aspect the moon makes a trine to Saturn which peaks at 9:02 AM EST. This is a supportive aspect which allows us to feel grounded and stable. Putting some structure to your emotions, especially if they have been difficult for you lately is a great way to use this energy.

The next aspect to the day is when Mercury comes to a conjunction with Pluto. This can have us reeling with our thoughts and a bit obsessive over the things that are floating in our minds. The process behind this Mercury, Pluto connection is that we need to remember to be subtle and not forceful with our words. Taking the approach of being calm and cool headed during this time is recommended.

The moon squares Pluto at 5:19 PM EST. Emotions may arise that we are not completely comfortable with. If that happens take the time to explore them so we can clear out any negativity we may be feeling instead of keeping those feelings deep inside.

The next planetary aspect today is a square from the moon to Mercury which is exact at 5:41 PM EST. Under this aspect we often feel that our mind and our emotions are in different places and it becomes a challenge to get them on the same page. But this is not an uncommon feeling and it too shall pass.

The moon conjoins Uranus at 8:35 PM EST. The moon-Uranus conjunction is something that makes us feel like being spontaneous. Have plans? Throw them out the window and do something fun instead! If this is your sleeping time, then don’t be surprised if you are not sleeping much tonight.

A good stone to work with today is ruby which aids in enhancing personal vitality and energy levels.

An essential oil to use today is juniper which increases our vitality as well.

Sun-NeptuneVisionaryLight2WEBSITEnikkiSunday December 20, 2015 –

It’s an upbeat day today and we should feel pretty good, overall, if we can keep the ants out of our pants! Let’s just say it will be a struggle to stay patient under the influences today.

The moon in Aries (impatience itself) opposes Mars which is exact at 5:50 AM ET. This aspect makes us feel like going for it, doing it NOW! But if we can harness that feeling we can use the motivation to further our goals.

Our next aspect is almost 12 hours later when the sun and moon trine each other. This is a harmonious feeling and we should have a positive mood reflecting this energy. This aspect perfects at 5:01 PM after which the moon goes void-of-course. Use this time to unwind and relax until the moon enters the next sign, which will not be too long.

The moon enters Taurus at 7:13 PM. The moon loves being in Taurus, it brings peace and harmony to our otherwise tumultuous moods. Stability, calm and patience are the hallmarks of the Taurus moon. But the next aspect offsets this feeling a bit …

The most exciting aspect today is a square from Mercury to Uranus which peaks at 10:07 PM. Even though this peaks late in the day we should feel the energy all day long. Excitement, electricity, toe tapping fun is what this aspect. In fact, this is the type of energy that makes us feel like bored trouble makers if we aren’t careful … we want to be spontaneous and do something exciting! Make room for fun today!

A good stone to work with today is quartz which connects us to the electric energy of the day,

An essential oil I would recommend for today is grapefruit which matches the upbeat energy of the day.

Monday December 21, 2015 –SaturnMetalOrnamentNikkiWEBSITE

The moon remains in peaceful Taurus all day today. Lady luna is comfortable in this position. We feel sensual, rooted and secure with ourselves when the moon is in Taurus. If you can take some time to appreciate beauty in some form, today would be an excellent day to do that. The Taurus moon has us feeling homey and like eating a good meal and spending time with loved ones.

This morning at 7:30 AM the moon makes a sextile to Neptune. This is a good time for daydreaming, watching movies, and wandering aimlessly. So if you have a busy day ahead of you, plan on working on things more this evening than this mornin. You might not feel super focused this morning. This is not the productive Monday morning energy that helps us get grooving in the work arena. Don’t worry though the sun moves into Capricorn this evening and things will start to become more productive soon after!

Today is the winter solstice for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, which means this is the longest night of the entire year. After today, the days start to slowly get longer and the nights get shorter. This is a bit of a metaphor for us to see the lightening of our spirits after a dark and rich slumber. Look for ways that you can lighten your life up a bit! The days will continue to lighten until the summer solstice in June when we have the longest day of the year and the days begin to shorten again. This is a yearly cycle that the earth brings us each year to be more outward as the days are longer and more internal as the nights get longer.
Likewise if you are in the Southern hemisphere, today is the summer solstice which means this is the longest day of the year for you. After today the days slowly start to shorten and you are given some time between now and the winter solstice (in June for the Southern hemisphere) to turn your attention inward more and get into that long and deep soulful slumber.

The next aspect is more mild, it is moon trine Pluto and is exact at 7:53 PM EST. This aids us with motivation and determination, so we can work on being more productive this evening than we may have felt this morning. This leads us to the ingress of the sun into the sign of Capricorn tonight.

The sun enters into the sign of Capricorn at 11:48 PM EST today. Capricorn sun brings with it a more mature and responsible feeling than when the sun was in the sign of Sagittarius this past month. We go from feeling like a freewheeling person that is jovial, philosophical and care free to more business minded and focused. This is a good time for the New Year actually because lots of us make resolutions in the new year and Capricorn energy is not afraid to take on the work required to make things happen. One of the things that is endearing about the energy of Capricorn is that it has us paying respect to those that have come before us, the elders that have paved the pathways for us to walk upon. Capricorn sun has us all feeling a bit like we wold like to put the work into whatever it is we are focused on, but we do want to see a return at the same time. Do not bite off more than you can chew and remember to be patient with yourself at this time. Traditions are also important under the Capricorn energy so if you do not have any new years traditions, why not start some now?

The gemstone that you should work with this month while the sun is in the sign of Capricorn is Black Tourmaline to help you feel grounded and solid. You might also like to hold onto Snowflake Obsidian to bring peace and mental awareness to the inner folds of your life.

An essential oil I would recommend to use today is German chamomile which is known for it’s calming effects.

Neptune13PetalsMulti-LayersWEBSITEnikkiTuesday December 22, 2015 –

Today is a great day to finish up those holiday chores and errands you still have to complete! Nothing too stressful in terms of energy and moon in Taurus most of the day is great for preparing your home and gifts, while the moon in Gemini later in the day is perfect for running those past minute errands!

The moon makes a trine aspect to Mercury at 1:43 AM ET. This is light and hopefully we are sleeping when it perfects but usually it just means that your emotions and our thoughts are aligned harmoniously.

Early morning at 5:36 AM the moon opposes Venus. This makes me think of people getting up early to prepare food or wrap gifts … even if they would rather be sleeping in. But hey, this kind of stuff has to be done! But the moon is still in Taurus at this point so taking care of things that will bring us comfort is a priority.

The moon makes a trine to Jupiter at 9:26 AM after which she goes void-of-course for most of the day. If you haven’t started things yet get them done early or do them after the moon moves into Gemini. The bulk of the day will be for wrapping up loose ends (and presents) and any last minute house cleaning or holiday prep that needs to be done.

The moon enters Gemini at 9:31 PM which means she is no longer void-of-course and it is safe to go out and get those last minute gifts, if you aren’t done shopping yet! Gemini moon is good for both errands as well as socializing. It is good at being quick about things so the time is right … if you have been procrastinating.

A good essential oil today is peppermint which helps to clear your head (and sinuses, if you are feeling under the weather) and also peps you up a bit.

A great stone to work with today is fire agate which helps to motivate us to get all those last minute things completed

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich