Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Feb 13-19, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report  
by Starlene BreiterMercuryDynamicXJapanese2

With Mercury finally moving directly and out of its retrograde and station period – I am finally moving myself to beginning this new journey with the “Astro Vibrational Tapestry Reports”. 

This is a spin of the Astoenergetic Tapestry Reports that Wendy Villanueva and I wrote for an entire year, but this time it is just me writing. I will be writing about the astrological energies and planetary patterns along with gemstone suggestions to work with those on those days. I also am creating beautiful astrological tapestries from the trajectory of the planets that they make in the sky ~ so I hope you enjoy the tapestry pictures too!

Thank you Wendy for being my Astroenergetic Tapestry partner for that year, what a fun ride for us! I hope that I am as successful at this on my own as we were together! <3

You can expect a new Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report for the day ahead sometime in the evening before that day. The reports are written in USA Eastern Time zone. So if you live in another time zone you simply add or subtract the hours to you time zone, so you know when the aspects I speak of are at their peak ~ enjoy reading about the astrological energies that I share. Feel free to comment, share and like the posts ~ I love feedback about your day!

Namaste, Starlene Breiter

Friday February 13, 2015 –

The moon is in Sagittarius all day today, this is a great time for us to open our minds a little and think about things that are not quite in our inner circles. You might want to hold onto some blue topaz today as it will help you to think outside of the box some! The moon in fiery Sagittarius has us thinking expansively and the planetary patterns support this, so today should be an interesting and fun day for us all.

Building from the early evening on the 12th the moon squares with Neptune that peaks at 12:15AM EST. This energy may leave us feeling a little bit impressionable. This energy lasts until a little after 7AM EST. You might want to sleep with some Amethyst to help you open your third eye chakra in your sleep and have prophetic dreams, if this is your awake time, hold or wear Amethyst to open that intuitive side in yourself. You may be wearing your rose colored glasses around if you are not sleeping. It is OK to wear them from time to time. Just remember they are on and not to let yourself be confused by others at this time. If you feel confusion – wait, and make your decision another time.

The next energy is between the moon trine Uranus, it begins about 3AM EST and peaks at 12:54PM EST then wanes down about 10PM EST. This energy can bring some interesting surprises and have us feeling quite original, hanging onto some Aquamarine would be a great gemstone to help boost the inspiring energy of this transit. It may also be a good time to do something uplifting with yourself, so get out there and have some fun with you – after all it is FRIDAY!

As the day progresses the moon trines Jupiter which begins to come into play 9AM EST, peaks at 6:07PM EST and diminished in energy tomorrow about 4AMEST. This energy has us feeling very lively with our emotions and like we want to be progressive with our ideas and thoughts. Red Jasper would be an excellent gemstone to wear or hold during this transit, giving balance and sparking the fun. Enjoy and have some vibrant fun!

The last energy I am going to talk about today does not peak today, but rather it peaks March 3. The reason I am bringing it up now is because the energy of this pattern between Jupiter trine Uranus is beginning now and it will affect us for a while. This pattern of Jupiter and Uranus, also brings the moon into play in what we astrologers call a Grand Trine in the sky! This Grand Trine is a beautiful energy for us to put ourselves out there, our emotions will be inspiration and big – so enjoy the energies of today and go have some FUN!

Time to celebrate!

Saturday February 14, 2015

Earth-VenZoomedStarNetwork222Happy Valentines Day my sweet friends!

For those of you that are celebrating it, enjoy the day with your loved ones. For those of you single – be sure to “date” yourself. Taking care of YOU, is so important and today is a beautiful day to do that!

The morning begins us with a vibration between the moon squaring Venus. This vibration actually begins on the 13th about 8PM EST, peaks at 3:31AM EST and diminishes in energy around 11AM EST today. This energy greets us with a desire and feeling to be relaxed and open hearted. It would be great to sleep with some Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite during this time, to help open our heart chakra. If this is your waking time you may feel like having a fun and pleasant time with friends or connecting with loved ones.

A little later on in the morning there is a sweet energy between the moon sextile the sun this peaks at 9:10AM EST but begins to affect us about 5AM EST and diminishes in energy around 3PM EST. This energy has harmony between the masculine and feminine part to our selves. Think of the yin-yang and how each side is balanced in perfection of the other. You may want to hold onto some Rainbow Moonstone & Black Tourmaline at this time, some pieces even have both mixed in together – that would be ideal, bringing in the magic of the sun and moon together. You may also notice tranquility between male and females or those of the opposite sex.

The next vibration this morning begins to take affect on us about 7PM on Friday evening, it peaks at 10:15AM EST today and wanes down about 4:30PM EST. This vibration is between the moon square Mars. These planet connect with each other in such a way that could have us feeling a bit impatient or impulsive. You might want to hold onto some Red Coal or Red Jasper during this time, so that you remind yourself that you are cool, calm and collected. This will help you to channel your energy properly. Just remember to practice kindness coupled with patience on different levels during this vibration.

After this last aspect mother moon slips into her Void of Course Phase. This is a great time to take some time to yourself, do some self reflection and spiritual practices you may practice such as yoga or meditation. Holding onto some high vibration stone such as Apophyllite or even Clear Quartz at this time would be a great idea to help open your higher chakras and allow the veil between you and spirit to be thinner.

The Void of Course phase does not last long as the moon moves into the sign of Capricorn at 5:54PM EST. When the moon is in Capricorn, we feel a bit more grounded and ready to take steps in our lives to make things work better for us. This is a great energy for embracing some real love in your life – since it is Valentines and all. Expect honest and sincerity this evening. You may want to hold onto some Black Onyx for stability and even some Rose Quartz or Rhodonite to help inspire that loving feeling of Valentines Day!

Remember most of all ~ love yourself!

Sunday February 15, 2015 Uranus9-PetalsMulti-Layered222

The first energy of today is a vibration between the moon sextile Neptune. This energy is a short but powerful energy, it begins to affect us a little before 1AM EST, it peaks at 5:05AM EST and wanes down about 9AM EST. This vibration has us tapping into our creative side. You may want to get out the Sodalite to help inspire your creativity, or sleep with it for intuitive dreams, if this is your sleeping time. It would be a great opportunity to do some meditation and even an auspicious time to schedule a reading. During this vibration the veils of intuition are lowered at this time. This energy has those that can tap in easily, highly sensitive.

The next pattern we have is when the moon squares Uranus this starts to affect us about 10AM EST, peaks at 5:13PM EST and wanes down about 11:30PM EST. Since Uranus and Pluto area also closely squared still, this pattern brings in a little Pluto energy into the mix too. This energy may have some of us feeling a bit wired or compulsive about our emotions. You might notice you have a hard time sleeping or waking up early if this is your sleep time. Holding on to some Blue Lace Agate over this time may be useful for you during the connection the moon and Uranus make, couples with some Black Tourmaline to help keep the balance. If you can’t sleep and feel a little anxious or excitable – try doing something that completely inspires you and just go with the flow of this time.

Since Saturday about 2PM EST the moon has been making her way to a conjunction with Pluto. This conjunction between the moon and Pluto peaks at 6:09PM EST and wanes down about 9PM Monday. This vibration is our monthly time to dig within the depths of our emotions and peer what is there. We should be able to do this, so we can examine and release that which no longer serves us. Black Onyx and Clear Quartz are both great gemstones to help dig into those dark corners and shine your light into them to release and let go. This action makes space for new things to fill that void within us, so do some digging in this time and allow yourself to see what is deep within.

Some days are more productive than others, this is a vibrational one!

Sun-MarsVictoryLights222websiteMonday February 16, 2015 ~ 

We start the morning off with a vibration between the moon sextile Venus, this is a harmonious wave. This wave begins a little after 6AM EST, peaks at 10:53AM EST and wanes in energy about 3:30PM EST today. This vibration is peaceful and cheerful; the morning and afternoon should be a nice day for most of us. You may want to wear your Rose Quartz or hold onto some Rhodochrosite to bask in the loving vibration we are given today. Enjoy the sweet energies that we are given and if you feel like it, do some self pampering.

Next we have a vibration with the moon sextile Mars – which has them dancing in the sky This vibration begins shortly before 11AM, climaxes at 3:17PM EST; and diminishes in energy a little before 8PM EST. This energy can have us feeling quite energetic and or full of nervous energy. You may want to hold onto some Black Onyx to help balance your energy along with some Red Jasper to keep the energy going strong. This can be exciting if you channel it well, or have you more focused on the nervous side if not. Things you can to do get through this shorter vibration: are channeling your energy into something positive, working out or doing something creative with yourself.

Right after this last aspect, the moon slips into a short Void of Course phase, it lasts from 3:17PM EST until 7:13PM EST when mother moon moves into the sign of Aquarius. This would be an excellent time for a nap, if you can manage one! You may feel like holding onto some Clear Quartz at this time to allow yourself to just sort of “be” and in that “being” embrace the energy of the moment. If you are working during these hours, try to not push yourself too hard and just go with the flow. As always a spiritual practice such as meditation, reiki or yoga is advised under a Void of Course moon, if you can do so!

The moon then moves into the sign of Aquarius at 7:13PM EST. This is a great time for you to get inspired into something that you love. Aquamarine is a great gemstone to work with at this time and over the next few days as the moon moves into her New Moon phase on Wednesday. You can also start to take some notes on things you are going to be intention setting for yourself under Wednesday’s New Moon too! (More about the New Moon in Aquarius in tomorrow’s Astro Tapestry Report)

Enjoy the loving sparks of the day and prepare yourself to live within the cycles of the moon – so get your thinking caps on today and start writing down the things you want to manifest this lunar cycle!

Tuesday February 17, 2015 Sun-JupiterTreasuretheInnerLight2website

The moon is in Aquarius all day today, you should notice your mood being vibrant and airy. The Aquarius moon is where she is at her quirkiest and rebellious so let that inner rebel shine! A great gemstone to hold onto today, that resonates with the Aquarius moon is Garnet, it will help you remain grounded yet still open enough to enjoy yourself!

Since late Sunday evening the moon has been getting closer to Mercury to form a conjunction which peaks at midnight tonight (Tuesday/Wednesday EST) and wanes down about 1:30AM on Wednesday. This vibration in the tapestry of energy will give some movement towards ideas that we may have in our hearts and spirit. You may want to work with some Jasper in this time, which will bring out new ideas, and ground you just enough to take action on them but not so much you feel heavy. You may notice you get excited about sharing some of those ideas or communicating them with others at this time. Just remember to write them down and take some action on them.

Next we are given a sextile between the moon and Saturn. This energy begins to effect us about 9PM EST on Tuesday evening, peaks at 2:16AM EST and wanes down in the morning about 6AM. The moon and Saturn sextile, is a shorter energy and we are given an opportunity that makes it fairly easy for us to help others. It would be great to work with Moonstone and Tigers Eye at this time helping us to put some action behind the structure we feel within our own worlds. You may be gifted with some insight into how you can do this restructuring yourself so give it some thought and take some notes if necessary!

About the same time the moon and Saturn sextile, Mercury and Saturn start a sextile as well, which brings some communicating of your real self, that aspect peaks on Thursday, so more about it to come in future Astro Tapestry Reports.

In the evening there is a vibration between the moon sextile Uranus that begins about 1:30PM EST, peaks at 5:29PM EST and loses its strength about 9:30PM EST. This vibration has us feeling original and inventive. You might want to grab ahold of some Selenite or Clear Quartz at this time to help channel the high vibration of these two planets. If you are creative then now is a great time to do something with that creativity.

Last we have an opposition between the moon and Jupiter, this energy begins to effect us about 8:30AM EST, peaks at 8:59PM EST and wanes down about 9:30AM EST on Wednesday. The connection between the moon and Jupiter can have us feeling expansive and extravagant. You might want to hold onto some Botswana Agate or another form of Agate during this time, so you are ready to have some fun, but not go crazy at the same time! You may enjoy spending this time with loved ones. This is a good energy for some enjoyment, but be wary of being a bit lazy, get out there and do something enjoyable!

Begin to prepare yourself for the New Moon in Aquarius tomorrow evening, gathering your ideas on things you want to manifest in your life.  There is a web of energy that is expressed today, so try to do something active with it, you will likely feel naturally drawn to doing so anyway.

Wednesday February 18, 2015 Neptune13PetalsMulti-LayersWebsite

The sun is in his last moments of airy Aquarius for this year. Soon to shift into the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a water sign that is mutable and ruled by Neptune, the moon also makes her transition from Aquarius into Pisces today too.

The New Moon happens at 6:47PM EST today, this is when the moon and sun are conjunct in the sky. At this time or as close to this time as you can make it. You may want to hold onto some Moonstone at this time to connect with the energies of the moon deeper. It would be a great time for you to start to do some intention setting with yourself and really figure out what your ideal life would be like if you were to wake every morning and live that ideal life.

The moon then shifts into the sign of Pisces right after its new moon energy, at 6:47PM EST. This is a great time to grab a hold of some Amethyst and help you to open that third eye chakra. The moon in Pisces is a watery and compassionate place for the moon to be, so enjoy its energy over the next few days.

Right after that the sun slips into the sign of Pisces, slipping us into a bit of a dreamy state. We may feel the desire to embrace the spiritual world this month or even get curious about spiritual topics that we are not always into. My suggestion for you is to work on those manifesting skills, connect with the higher vibration stones like ApophylliteStilbite and even Quartz to help you open that intuitive and psychic side of yourself that is in everyone!

Enjoy the airy turn watery energies of the day and the shift from thinking to feeling as the luminaries slip into the sign of Pisces!

Thursday February 19, 2015  –Venus5-PetaledFlowerWebsite

Lady moon hangs out in the zodiac sign of Pisces all day today. When the moon is in Pisces, she is at her dreamiest and she loves to connect with spirit and the supernatural, this would be a great day for a reading or astrological consultation. You may also want to hold onto or wear some Amethyst throughout the day to connect you with the energies of the Pisces moon, or even some Turquoise to help bring you closer to spirit. During the Pisces moon we may notice that we want to slip into a dreamlike, or trance like state. Some things to do that are healthy are meditating, praying and sleeping. Some things to be mindful of are slipping into illusions or delusions of drugs or alcohol at this time.

Until this evening we have 5 planets in the sign of Pisces, (sun, moon, Venus, Mars & Neptune) then only 4 planets are left in Pisces after Mars shifts into Aries at 7:11PM EST. This is a great day for manifesting and dreaming up what your perfect, idealistic life would be like if you were to imagine it. Then, start to take some steps towards making that actually happen for you! You might also like to hold onto Labradorite today as that is a wonderful stone to help in the manifesting process!

The first vibration we are given is when the moon squares Saturn. This energy begins to affect us on Wednesday evening about 7:30PM EST, it peaks at 1:49AM EST and diminishes in energy a little after 8AM EST today. This vibration has us feeling disciplined and serious, it would be a great time to get some work done, unless of course this is your sleep time. You may want to hold onto some Tigers Eye during this time if you do plan on doing some work, or Fluorite if you want to focus your attention on something. It would also be an easy time to start to put some form to some of those projects you want to get started on.

The next energy presented to us is with the moon conjunct Neptune. This started to begin its vibration for us on Wednesday morning about 5AM, it peaks at 5:48AM today and wanes down about 7AM on Friday. This is the sweet and idealistic day of the month. The day where we may not feel like doing a whole lot of physical things. We might just want to sort of float around in our chilled out, or dream-like state or enjoy reading a spiritual or fantasy book. Working with or wearing some Lapis Lazuli to tap into your third eye chakra or even some Amethyst to help soothe and calm your energy, is advised on this day. This is a great time to spend simply enjoying the flow of life.

The next wave we are given is when Mercury is sextile Saturn. This energy begins to affect us back on February 13, it peaks today at 8:06AM EST and wanes down about 5PM EST February 22 (Sunday). This is a longer energy that helps us to make some plans for the future. Wearing some Howlite or working with some Black Tourmaline during this time would be a great idea to help us think up those plans then get started on them. This is also a good energy of having good judgment so trust in your plans for the future and get grooving!

Mars then slips into the sign of Aries at 7:11PM EST. Mars rules over Aries, which means that it is very at home with the Aries energy. Until March 31, Mars will be in its sign of Aries, allowing us the opportunity to get really busy with our own personal energies. You may want to hold on to some Agate while Mars is in Aries, to help your energy be strong, steady and smooth. This is a great time to start new projects, things that you have been thinking about, but not began yet. It is also a good time for initiating new things. Just remind yourself not to bite off more than you can chew and be sure you have the tenacity to see the projects through to the finish line.

The final aspect of the day when the moon is sextile Pluto. This energy begins to hit us about 2PM EST, peaks at 6:02PM EST and wanes down a littler after 10PM EST tonight. This aspect has us receiving some enlightening information from the depths of our being. Holding onto some Scolecite would be really helpful at this time, allowing you to see the bigger picture as to what you have been holding down or inside your psyche. This information may even be something we contemplated before but never put much into it – well now we will. If you utilize this energy properly and allow those emotions to come out this evening then we will find some happiness in there too.

Today is an astrologically busy day. Enjoy the energies of the stellium of planets in Pisces and brave Mars as he shifts into Aries this evening, paving the way for the Chinese New year to begin!

Namaste & Until Tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologer ~ Starlene Breiter