Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Feb 17-23, 2016

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich

Monday, February 29, 2016 –Sun-Venus5-PetaledAniseSeedWEBSITEnikki

The moon in Scorpio comes to a square this morning to Mercury in Aquarius, this aspect exacts at 2:30 AM. The intense and somewhat deep emotional side of ourselves yearns to be expressed. If this is your sleeping time, this could manifest in the form of dream that you really need to journal when you wake up.

In the afternoon the moon in Scorpio conjuncts with Mars which perfects at 2:55 PM. This has us feeling the motivation to keep on task for the things we are trying to accomplish. Mars has the energy and drive to do the job and the moon puts us in the mood to get the job done.

After the above mentioned aspect the moon goes into her void-of-course phase at 2:55 PM. This is short lived thought and just mars the time in the day that you might take off and chill out a little. When the moon ingresses into the sign of Libra at 6:56 PM.

Once the ingress of the moon into the sign if Sagittarius happens we all feel a shift in the energies of our being. This may come as a bit of a surprise to some as the last couple days have been intense, it should feel calmer though. Sagittarius moon has us wanting to expand our minds and reach what is just out of our natural reach. What is in that subconscious anyway? That is a question the Sagittarius moon asks of us.

The last aspect we have for today is a sextile with Venus in Aquarius to Saturn in Sagittarius, this aspect exacts at 8:07 PM. This has us yearning for success all day long. Venus is asking for a unique form of accomplishment while Saturn is bringing that to the table in a philosophical way. This is a nice aspect that will be hanging out all day long and the beginning of tomorrow too.

A good stone for today is amber which helps to turn negative things into positive things. This is the definition of problem solving: negative things get turned into positive things!

The essential oil I would suggest today is patchouli which will help to align you and bring you into balance with your spirit.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Sunday, February 28, 2016 Saturn

We have a deep, dark Scorpio moon today that should have us feeling a sense of mystery and chemistry. There is a certain sensuality and sexuality to the sign of Scorpio and lets all feel at least a little sexy today! It is a busy day … let’s go!

The first aspect today is a trine from the sun to the moon which is exact at 12:51 AM … this is the waning moon in the lunar cycle. At this point in the cycle, from a visual perspective, the moon appears still to be somewhat full in appearance but it is getting smaller every day. That is called the waning moon when it gets smaller and smaller until it disappears and then we have a new moon and it starts growing again.

The moon makes a trine to imaginative Neptune which peaks at 1:40 AM. This is a dreamy aspect that allows us to feel cozy and get some real rest. Ah … to sleep and to dream in peace.

The most powerful aspect of the day occurs at 10:47 AM which is a conjunction between the sun and Neptune. We should feel a sense of inspiration all day long from this aspect. Neptune is a lot of things: inspiration, dreams, idealism, hopes, spirituality but there can be a darker side to Neptune as well: escapism, avoidance, drugs, running away. Since Neptune is being met by the sun I expect the bright side of things to show but if you are struggling with some of these darker issues then today is the day to recognize the struggle so you can work on overcoming these things long term. Look at this aspect as shining the light on both the good and bad side of Neptune in your life.

The moon makes a square to Venus at 11:16 AM which has us feeling the need to connect with others. If you would rather be alone this is a good aspect under which to work on some of your own creative projects. Venus rules art so if you are drawn to create something artistic this is a great time to do it.

Our next aspect is a sextile from the moon to Pluto which peaks at 4:39 PM. This allows us to feel at ease with are deeper emotions. Moon-Pluto aspects are one that make me think of counseling so if there is something you would like to talk through with a friend this would be a good time to do it.

The last aspect of the day is a sextile from the moon to Jupiter at 9:42 PM. Good times, good moods, generosity of spirit is what this aspect brings to the table. It is a nice note on which to end the day.

A good stone to work with today is sodalite which helps to eliminate any confusion. Neptune sometimes brings a feeling of confusion and the sodalite should help to offset this feeling and help us achieve a higher lever of clarity throughout the day,

An essential oil I would recommend using today is frankincense which allows us to address our concerns on a spiritual level.

All times are in Eastern US Time. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016 Sun-NeptuneVisionaryLight2WEBSITEnikki

The moon finally moves out of her very long void-of-course phase this morning at 6:26 AM and into the sign of Virgo. She was void-of-course since a little more than 24 hours before. When the moon is in that phase we often feel tired, bored and really not sure about which direction to move in. If you felt like that yesterday, today should be a shift for you!

Virgo moon is an interesting placement for the moon. This is where we will see the smaller details of everything, and want to be helpful to fix them. The Virgo moon often puts us in the moon to clean, organize or fix things that need to be tended to. Virgo is a very helpful energy and wants things to be in order. I often joke about having a lot of Virgo friends, sitting proper, nice and in alignment from tallest to smallest on a shelf. That is a good analogy of Virgo moon too. It puts us in the mood to straighten things up and gives us the eye to do it!

Aside from the shift of the moon there are no major aspects today. Therefore today is a “Free Day”! Enjoy it and enjoy the energies of the Virgo moon!

Moss Agate is a gemstone that you might like to work with today. It has a grounding energy but not so heavy as some other grounding rocks that you don’t want to do anything but sit there. It has to motivation to keep moving and the wisdom of the forest within it.

Maracuja Oil also known as Passion fruit seed oil is the oil suggested for today. This oil helps you to feel stress release, and brings about an awareness for the things you feel passionate about.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikkiFriday, February 26, 2016

We have an all day Libra moon today which is nice for being easy-breezy and light as air. All air signs have that “airy” quality that allows us to rise above it, whatever it might be!

The moon makes a supportive sextile to Saturn which peaks at 1:29 AM. This bodes well for a good night’s rest. We feel comfortable and supported and safe under this aspect. We know what our foundation in life is based on and this helps us feel stable.

A little while later, however, some buried emotions might surface as the moon squares Pluto at 3:40 AM. These emotions come up because they should be dealt with although they are often the uncomfortable kind that we would rather repress. If we do not deal with them we will process them in other ways. Dreams, for example, is one way to process hidden emotions.

The moon makes a helpful trine to Mercury which peaks at 4:38 AM … we feel aligned again. Our emotions and our thoughts are on the same page. We can think objectively about our feelings and know that we are feeling and thinking in an honest fashion.

Next we have the moon opposing Uranus which is exact at 6:18 AM after which the moon goes void-of-course. If you are up before this aspect perfects you may feel like you have some ants in your pants! Maybe a little bit of chaos this morning as you get ready … spilling the coffee and having to change an outfit at the last minute before you head out the door. That is the type of energy this aspect brings. After the moon goes void-of-course we are left with the lingering feeling of aimlessness. It is hard to get motivated but it is a good opportunity to finish up lingering tasks and take care of those routine things in your to do list that never seem to go away!

Our final aspect of the day is also the most exciting! Mercury makes a sextile to electric Uranus which peaks at 6:02 PM but this is the type of aspect that we should feel all day long. Mercury and Uranus share an affinity that is high energy with an eagerness to communicate and a penchant for the unusual. So there may be some surprises today!

A good stone to work with today is copper which is a great conductor of electricity and should help us to channel the energy we have today in the direction we desire.

An essential oil to try today is geranium which is sweet and supportive and will help to calm us a little bit if we start to feel wired with today’s energy.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Thursday February 25, 2016 –VenusBabyinWombWEBSITEnikki

Mercury and Saturn make a sextile in the early morning hours today that should be felt throughout the day. This has us feeling confident with good judgement. It can also have us wanting to speak our truth. If you have something to say, today is a good time to say it in a steady and honest manner.

In the afternoon the Libra moon comes to a trine with Venus in Aquarius at 3:17 PM. This is the vibration of feeling sweet and beautiful. Artistic talent and expression of it in the physical world might be of interest to you today.

A good essential oil for today is geranium which is gentle and balancing.

The gemstone suggested for today is clear quartz to give clarity and inspiration.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Venus-MarsDay-NightSphereWEBSITEnikkiWednesday, February 24, 2016 –

We start the day with the moon in Virgo which has a discerning quality to it. The best critics usually have a strong Virgo influence in their charts. There is an art to giving a good critique, and Virgo usually excels at this!

The emotional moon makes a soft sextile to fiery Mars which peaks at 9:22 AM. We should feel motivated all morning with the fires of Mars giving us some fuel to tackle whatever might be on our plate. After this aspect peaks the moon goes void-of-course so try to get things done early. The void-of-course moon kind of makes us feel lazy and aimless and uninspired.

The moon enters Libra at 5:41 PM. Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus so is often associated with art and diplomacy. Libra is known to be somewhat indecisive but the truth is Libra has an opinion, but they are always willing to compromise and that willingness to compromise is what gives them the reputation for being indecisive.

A good essential oil for the energy today is lemon. Lemon helps us feel like getting moving and there is a clean, fresh feeling with it. Lemon will help to combat that void-of-course moon feeling!

A great stone to try to work with today is citrine which is known as a success stone. You can work with citrine to help accomplish your goals and to draw more success energy to you in general.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Tuesday February 23, 2016 –SaturnMetalOrnamentNikkiWEBSITE

The moon and Neptune are opposite each other early this morning. This can have us being pulled into a dream world and getting some well deserved sleep! You may fee like slowly getting up this morning, and not rush into your regular world so quickly.

The afternoon brings us a square from the moon to Saturn that exacts at 1:02 PM. This has us putting some more structure and energy to our world. Oh yeah, that thing called – W-O-R-K? I guess we should get to it, since it is Tuesday afternoon and all!

A little later in the day the moon comes to a trine with Pluto at 3:17 PM. This is a nice feeling to further along our internal drive with the moon and Saturn square. This is a smoother and calmer energy since it is a trine, but expect to be motivated, especially by things you feel passionate about.

This evening the moon and Jupiter conjunct in the sign of Virgo at 9:44 PM. This has those with Virgo energies in their chart a bit more alive! Even those without the Virgo energy will enjoy the positive vibe and fun atmosphere of the evening. You might feel like going out of the house and doing something you do not usually do.

A good stone to work with today is carnelian which helps put us in touch with our inspiration.

An essential oil to try today is grapefruit which is a refreshing feeling that will invigorate.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

MoonOverlappingStars4WEBSITEnikkiMonday, February 22, 2016

The moon enters Virgo at 6:24 AM. Virgo is precise, sometimes critical, but with the ultimate goal of perfection.

The Full Moon in Virgo happens at 1:20 PM at 3-4 degrees of Virgo. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “Black and White Children Play Happily Together”. This symbol is one of harmonious integration. How can you better integrate you own life? Where do you find harmony? How do you play? What in your life brings happiness? These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself under the full moon in Virgo.

An essential oil to use today is peppermint which has a clarifying quality that is refreshing and tends to pep us up!

A good stone to work with today is Snowflake Obsidian which is black and white like the Sabian symbol for today. Snowflake Obsidian helps us to recognize patterns in our lives that are unnecessary so we can rid ourselves of things that are no longer needed.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Sunday February 21, 2016 – Venus5-PetaledFlowerNIKKIWEBSITE

The moon remains in lovely Leo for the whole day today, she does go into a void-of-course phase in the evening so if you have things to do, get them early today and then take the evening to chillax some. There are only a couple of aspects today and they involve the moon in Leo so put some energy into your step before the evenings rest.

The first aspect is this morning when the moon comes to a trine with Uranus, it perfects at 7:06 AM. In trine aspects the planets are said to support one another so our emotions and inspiration are supported with one another under this aspect. You might find yourself becoming inspiring or being inspired by something unusual this morning.

Lady luna then makes a square to Mars at 8:17 PM. Squares are said to bring some tension between the planets. This aspect can have us feeling impulsive and a little bit emotional with our actions. Think before you do is something that this transits makes me think of. Mars can sometimes come across brash, even though I think its just that he wants to do his own thing that makes him appear that way.

Right after this aspect comes the void-of-course moon. This is a time to rest, relax and stop pushing forward. It is Sunday evening so we all need some time to do that anyhow, don’t we? Tomorrow morning the moon moves into the sign of Virgo, so get some rest tonight, it will be an excellent night for it.

A gemstone for today would be alexandrite, that brings about transformation, inspiration and energy. Helping us cope with the highs and lows of life. Life is anything but still, alexandrite helps us go with the flow and see the magic within life itself.

A good essential oil for today is geranium which is gentle and balancing.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Saturday February 20, 2016 –Sun-NeptuneVisionaryLight2WEBSITEnikki

The moon is in courageous Leo today. Leo is known for bravery but also for bravado. Try to come down on the brave side of that fence and leave any bravado behind.

It’s an easy day in terms of aspects today. First we have the moon opposite Venus which peaks at 4:45 AM. This aspects gives us the urge to connect with a partner, whether this is a romantic partner, a good friend, or a favorite family member it doesn’t matter, as long as we do connect.

The next and last aspect is an opposition from the moon to Mercury which is exact at 2:28 PM. In this we have the need to share ideas, to explain our point of view, and to bridge the gap that sometimes divides us by talking over things.

A good stone to work with today is carnelian which helps put us in touch with our inspiration and also resonates with the Leo moon.

An essential oil to try today is grapefruit which is a refreshing feeling that helps us feel a sense of calm optimism.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Friday February 19, 2016 – SunStar-likewithTriangles2WEBSITENIKKI

The sun enters into the last sign of the zodiac of Pisces early this morning at 12:34 AM. While sun in Pisces has us feeling compassionate and tranquil there is a difficult side to it too. Since Pisces is a mutable water sign this has our fiery fixed sun feeling a bit like escaping. This escaping can be done in a healthy manner through meditation or spiritual practice but it can also mean trying to escape reality itself. A healthy dose of reality is a good thing, but Pisces sun would rather we just kind of float on by. Pisces sun is a bit difficult for some people because of the sensitivity it bring us towards others, it can be exhausting to always been concerned with so many feelings at once. The best thing you can do if you start to feel ungrounded under the Pisces sun this month, is to anchor yourself into the earth. Try to enjoy the peacefulness that you encounter, without getting swept away in the emotions of yourself or others.

A little later in the morning the moon comes to a sextile with Jupiter that exacts at 3:48AM. This is a cheerful and cooperative sort of energy. When you awaken this morning, you should be feeling happy and have a positive outlook on the future.

Lady luna is a busy girl this morning as she then comes to a trine with Mars at 9:26 AM. This has us feeling excited and in harmony with our emotions and our energies. Doing something you really enjoy doing, that is active – is a great way to spend this time.

After the moon Mars trine perfects, the moon slips into her void-of-course phase for about 12 hours. In classical astrology it has been thought that during the void-of-course phase when the moon is in the sign of Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius and Taurus, the moon “performs somewhat”. So this particular void-of-course moon might not feel as boring as some of them do. You might like to take off or rest while the moon is in the void-of-course phase, but then again you might not notice it much too! Let us know how this void-of-course phase is for you!

Finally our lovely lady luna shifts gears at 9:17 PM and enters into the sign of Leo tonight. When the moon is in Leo we all feel a little more dramatic and a desire for attention, applauded or recognized. Leo moon is a nice time to express yourself, be romantic or take in a show with lots of drama. The moon will be in Leo until Monday, so enjoy a fun weekend if you can!

An essential oil to use today is tangerine which helps to bring cheer and harmony.

A good stone to work with today is citrine which facilitates prosperity consciousness.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Neptune13PetalsMulti-LayersWEBSITEnikkiThursday February 18, 2016 –

The moon is in sensitive Cancer today which is a comfortable placement for the moon. The moon represents our feelings and our emotions and Cancer is in tune with those aspects of ourselves.

The moon makes a trine to Neptune which peaks at 6:49 AM. This is a soft, spiritual aspect that probably has us wanting to sleep in longer and dream more deeply. Neptune is the stuff of dreams, of ideals, of hopes.

The moon opposes Pluto at 8:34 PM which is usually a time where we are confronted with emotions that may not be so comfortable. Oppositions usually involve other people so often this means the emotions of someone else cause us to feel awkward or bring out our own emotions in a way that makes us uncomfortable.

Our final aspect has the moon making a square to Uranus at 10:42 PM. I would expect some restlessness and trouble sleeping. This is kind of a classic insomnia aspect so do what you can to help unwind.

A good stone to work with today is smoky quartz which is a grounding influence. Even though the aspects today are subtle they all involve the outer planets and that can leave us feeling unsettled so focusing on something that helps to ground us would be appropriate to counteract that influence.

An essential oil to consider using today is lavender. I know that lavender is an acquired scent for some people but it is considered the mother of all essential oils since it has so many uses. One us that will come in handy today is that it does assist us in feeling calm and focused.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Wednesday February 17, 2016 –UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikki

The moon in Gemini and sun in Aquarius are in a harmonious trine this morning, which is exact at 11:37 AM. Gemini and Aquarius are both air planets and energetically sort of like different branches of the same tree. They intellectualize things being air signs, so our emotions (the moon) and our being (the sun) are in a nice rapport with one another. This might be a nice day to have pleasant conversations with those of the opposite sex, because of this trine.

Right after this aspect the moon makes a short void-of-course phase. So this would be good for an afternoon siesta, or time to meditate! It doesn’t last long though, as the moon moves into Cancer soon after…

Lady luna takes a shift into the sign she rules, Cancer. This ingress happens at 2:24 PM. When the moon is in her sign of Cancer things feel comfortable. We feel very nurtured or like nurturing things while the moon is in Cancer, someone we love, or even ourselves. Lady luna is concerned with home, family, food, children, mothers and expressing emotions under the spell of Cancer. So do something nice for yourself, have family over, soed time caring for yourself or others or enjoy your living space while the moon is in Cancer until Friday night.

Moonstone would be an excellent gemstone to work with today, giving some gentle energy towards emotions and bringing out the loving Cancer moon in the afternoon!

Lily of the Valley is a wonderful essential oil to use today, it brings happiness and a sweet disposition to the environment.

All times are in Eastern US Time.

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich