Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Feb 27-March 5, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter

MoonOverlappingStars2WEBSITEFriday February 27, 2015 – 

Mother moon moves into her home zodiac sign of Cancer at 7:30AM EST after a long Void of Course phase. When the moon is in Cancer, you can expect to feel nurturing and connected to your family. It would be nice to hold on to Moonstone during the time of the Cancer moon, which lasts until March 1. Often one wants to enjoy time with loved ones during this time of the moon moving through the sign of Cancer, enjoy feeling your emotions, connecting with the feminine and spending time in wherever you call “home”.

The next vibration we are given is with the moon square to Mars. This vibration starts about 11:30AM EST, peaks at 7:41PM EST and wanes down about 4AM EST tomorrow. The moon and Mars connect with each other in such a way that could have us feeling a bit impatient or impulsive. Keep your patience near during this time. Smoky Quartz would be a great gem to work with today, helping you remain calm and still keep your energy going. Kindly remind yourself that in this time you may need to practice kindness coupled with patience on different levels.

The moon and Neptune trine in the sky a little later on. This en
ergy begins to take affect a little after 11:30AM EST, peaks at 9:59PM EST and wanes down about 8:30AM, tomorrow. During this time, you may simply feel sweet, positive and idealistic. A great gemstone to work with during this energy is
 Amethyst, allowing the sensitive feelings of this transit to come into play. This is a great time for you to do some meditation and really ask yourself, what would the ideal life be for me? Take some mental notes if you do this exercise so you can start to implement those ideas later on down the road when the planets align for you to do so.

Saturday February 28, 2015 – VenusTrianglesandaFlask22WEBSITE

The morning begins us with a vibration between the moon squaring Venus. This vibration actually begins on the 27th a little before 5PM EST, peaks at 1:27AM EST and diminishes in energy a little after 10AM EST today. This energy greets us with a desire and feeling to be relaxed and open hearted. It would be great to sleep with some Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite during this time, to help open our heart chakra. If this is your waking time you may feel like having a fun and pleasant time with friends or connecting with loved ones.

Early in the morning we are given a vibration between the moon trine the sun. This energy begins to take affect a little after 2:30PM EST on Friday evening, peaks at 1:54AM EST and wanes down a little after 1PM EST today. This vibration has us feeling in harmony with those of the opposite sex, it would be a good time to have some fun with your loved one. You may also want to hold onto some Rhodochrosite during this time to help keep the balance of the masculine and feminine energies with you.

The next pattern we have is when the moon squares Uranus this starts to affect us about 4AM EST, peaks at 11:50AM EST and wanes down about 7:42PM EST. .You might notice you have a hard time sleeping or waking up early if this is your sleep time. Holding on to some Blue Lace Agate over this time may be useful for you during the connection the moon and Uranus make, couples with some Black Tourmaline to help keep the balance. If you can’t sleep and feel a little anxious or excitable – try doing something that completely inspires you and just go with the flow of this time.

The moon then is opposite Pluto in the evening. This energy begins to affect us on Friday night at 9:15PM EST, peaks at 12:53PM EST and wanes down about 4:40PM EST on Sunday. This energy pattern has us reaching in the depths and seeing what is there. This energy has us feeling like reaching deep down in our souls and digging for what is there. This action has us purging and releasing any pent up energy onto the Universe.

Sounds deep, doesn’t it?

Well, it is – and the energy pattern happens about once a month. If you get with the rhythms of the planets, you may notice this energy happening when it happens and allow yourself time to release, reform and build up your energy for the next cycle. This energy stays with us all day. Feel free to release and let go of those deep unhealthy cycles within your spirit today, holding on to them will only keep the cycles going.

Sunday March 1, 2015 – Mercury-Jupiter3Fans22WEBSITE

The day starts off with the moon in sweet, homey and comfortable Cancer then shifts in the evening into energetic, fun and vibrant Leo. There is a positive energy shift today that happens, so don’t be surprised when your day feels like it is in two parts! You may want to hold onto some Moonstone in the morning/day time then switch to some Alexandrite in the evening, this will help the motion of energies around you be smoother while serving you use those energies better.

Since the early morning time (about 1AM EST) on Friday Feb 27th, there has been a vibration building between Mercury sextile Uranus. This vibration peaks this morning at 10:55AM EST and wanes down a little after 5PM EST on Tuesday March 3. This vibe is nice for helping inspire thought and finding support for your ideas. You might want to work with some Celestite during this time to help to open your third eye up a little bit to tap into that inner inspiration. During this time you may find it easy to communicate and be lively too.

For the last week we have been experiencing an energy pattern with Mercury opposite Jupiter. This energy pattern began Sunday, February 22 about 11PM EST, peaks today at 4:15PM EST and wanes down about 11PM on Saturday, March 7. During this time we may look to be the center of many peoples attention through our communication. It would be good to wear or hold onto some Larimar at this time to help us communicate to others from the heart. You may also keep in mind that it is good to remember other people have different views than you (sometimes) and cautions us to be practical, not overly extravagant. Just remember thoughts and ideas can be communicated deeper through the energy of compassion and love and not ego – so much better.

The moon then shifts into the sign of Leo at 6:34PM EST where she stays until Wednesday morning. Take time during the Leo moon to put some energy into bettering yourself and doing things that make you feel good, inside and out. Under the Leo moon you may want to hold onto some Peridot to help you connect with the energy of the Lion ~ rarrww!

Monday March 2, 2015 – MarsUnevenFlowerWEBSITE

The moon spends her day in Leo today, the energy of moon in Leo has us feeling exuberant and lively. Enjoy the day as its vibration is fun and spirited. The moon in Leo can sometimes have our feelings a little exaggerated though, so curtail any extra craziness that might have you feeling uncomfortable later. Hanging onto some Peridot at this time to connect with vibrant energies of the Leo Moon.

The early morning greets us with a vibration between the moon trine Saturn. This vibration begins to affect us about 5:30PM EST Sunday, peaks at 4:10AM EST and diminishes in energy around 3PM EST today. This vibe reminds us that practice and perseverance is how we get through things. Onyx and Basalt are great gemstones to work with in helping you keep the stamina of this energy flowing nicely. We may accomplish many things today through remembering to have that sweet patience with ourselves and projects.

Traveling along the morning the moon makes a harmonious trine to Mars. This energy begins to affect us about 11:30PM EST Sunday, peaks at 10:53AM EST today and wanes down about 10:20PM EST this evening. This energy brings some fiery energy to the day. You may want to work with some Carnelian or another Agate at this time to help you channel your own personal energy. This pattern in the tapestry of energy has us feeling loads of vigor, we might consider going for a run, or swim or whatever it is that we like to do with ourselves to burn some of that energy off this morning. If it is not physical energy you wish to burn off you may notice yourself feeling quite optimistic and progressive.

These two early aspects (mentioned above) with the moon trine Saturn and Mars, gives us the ability to bring some concrete action to what we want to manifest on an emotional level for ourselves. The evening and following two aspects with the moon trine to Venus and Uranus in the evening have that vibe of the lunar energy turn more progressive and loving. It is a bit calmer than the morning energy which is full of vibrancy, but we may notice a stream of vibrant yet sweeter energy traveling through us in the evening too.

Mother moon makes a trine to Venus this evening. This energy begins to affect us about 7:40AM EST, peaks at 7:36PM EST today and wanes down about 7:30AM EST on Tuesday. This energy has us feeling beauty within and without, so do something with yourself that makes you feel beautiful. You may want to hold onto some Rhodonite at this time, as this will help you feel the power of the moon and Venus connecting and inspire some energy to come from the heart. Things you might do under this pattern of energy that the moon is creating today are redecorate or make your surroundings beautiful.

The next energy is between the moon trine Uranus. This energy begins to affect us about 1PM EST and peaks at 11:46PM EST tonight, then wanes down about 10:30AM EST Tuesday morning. This energy can bring some interesting surprises and have us feeling quite original, hanging onto some Aquamarine would be a great gemstone to help boost the inspiring energy of this transit. It may also be a good time to do something uplifting with yourself.

The last energy wave we are given today is with the moon conjunct Jupiter. This energy begins to affect us about 4PM EST on Sunday afternoon, peaks at 11:52PM EST today and wanes down in energy a little before 8AM on Wednesday morning. This energy wave has us feeling quite open and expansive with our emotions, it may not be hard to tell someone how you feel in a grand way at this time. You may want to hold onto or wear some Citrine or Rutilated Quartz at this time, to open and expand your consciousness and allow room to channel this energy in a healing manner. For those of getting into this energy, expect to feel optimistic and fun.

Tuesday March 3, 2015 – Sun-Venus5-PetaledAniseSeed222

Early in the morning the moon and Mercury are opposing each other. This energy begins to affect us Monday a little before 10AM EST. It peaks at 3:48AM EST, and wanes down a little before 10PM EST today. This energy has us putting all the details of our lives in some order. The moon and Mercury is good at filing, organizing and straightening things out. If you need some help in straightening out your life, then wear some Fluorite to help you put your focus on. If you notice some interesting dreams (and this is your sleeping time) be sure to journal them down when you wake up!

The moon swiftly moves into her Void of Course Phase after this aspect. This is where she stays, until tomorrow morning at 6:58AM. This is always a great time to do some spiritual work on yourself. If you practice yoga, or spiritual dance or even meditation. This is a great time to do that, and a good day for naps too! Holding onto Clear Quartz under the Void of Course moon is perfect for one wanting to just have clarity. Just remember, as you seek the clarity to be in a space of calm, like the sea.

Jupiter makes it’s exact trine to Uranus today. This energy started to affect us back in the last days of January and peaks at 7:25AM EST. This energy will wane down about the 21st of July. It lasts so long because of the retrograde phase that Jupiter is in right now. This energy lasts so long because both Jupiter and Uranus are outer, slow moving planets. You can think of this as more like a season of life, thank a particular event for yourself. Remember that as this energy takes place over the next few months.

So this vibration of Jupiter trine Uranus gives us highly inspired and fortuitous insights. During this time-period you may notice you are fully aware and awakened at times by flashes of insight or intuition. Iolite would be a great gemstone to wear or hold during this time. As Iolite helps to open your third eye chakra and balance those insights that are coming at you. The energy of Jupiter trine Uranus will bring some vibrancy to your thoughts. You may want to put them out there – and this could be a great time to do that.

Wednesday March 4, 2015 – VenusFrillyFlower2WEBSITE

The moon moves out of her long Void of Course phase this morning at 6:58AM EST. She slides into the sign of Virgo having us cleaning, clearing and enjoying our space. This is an excellent day for preparing yourself for the full moon tomorrow. Holding onto some Moss Agate today will help us connect with the energies of the earthy Virgo moon. Moss Agate helps you to reconnect with your roots and center your energy.

Venus makes a trine to Jupiter today at 10:14AM EST. This energy started to affect us Saturday morning and wanes down in the morning time on Sunday March 8. The energy of Venus and Jupiter is fun, friendly and social. During this time you may feel expansive and good. You may want to hold onto some Rhodochrosite under this transit. Rhodochrosite will help you remain centered and grounded, yet still enjoying the mood. It is a great idea to remember under this spell of Venus trine Jupiter not to bite off more than you can chew.

In the afternoon Venus is conjunct Uranus, which peaks today at 1:46PM EST. This energy began to affect us in mid February and will last until mid March. This transit is a longer one, it inspires us to bring and create new love in our lives. Blue Kyanite is a an excellent gemstone to work with during this time. It inspires creativity and brings out positive energy from the heart.

The next vibration we are given is when the moon squares Saturn. This energy begins to affect us around 9AM EST, it peaks at 4:46PM EST and diminishes in energy about 1AM EST tomorrow. This vibration has us feeling disciplined and serious, it would be a great time to get some work done. You may want to hold onto some Tigers Eye during this time if you do plan on doing some work. Fluorite is also good if you want to focus your attention on something. It would also be an easy time to start to put some form to some of those projects you want to get started on.

The moon makes a square to Neptune next, this energy peaks at 10:14PM EST. This vibration has contemplating our highest ideals within our hearts. This energy is somewhat floaty and can be a little impractical, but it will connect us with our hearts. It would be good to work with Amethyst during this time to help you connect and open your heart chakra. Amethyst will allow energy from your spirit to come forward and open up your heart.

Today’s last energy is created by Venus square to Pluto, this energy started to affect us on Sunday March 1. This energy peaks at 10:17PM EST and wanes down on the morning of Sunday March 8. During this time we may notice a desire to be a little judgemental or harder on ourselves or others. Try to curtail any stresses you have with others and know that over time, this too shall pass. Working with Brecciated Jasper at this time will help remind you to be loving and gentle with yourself.

Thursday March 5, 2015 – MoonOverlappingStars3333WEBSITE

The Full Moon in Virgo is among us, reaching its peak today at 1:05PM EST. This Virgo full moon brings with it an ability to let the emotional side of ourselves out a little bit. The full moon means that the sun and moon are opposing one another in the sky. The sun is always in the opposite sign as the moon, therefore the sun is in Pisces (this time around). When the sun is in feeling and emotionally sensitive Pisces; and the moon is in detailed orientated Virgo, we can expect to feel a sort of tug of war. The tug of war is between how sensitive we are to inner feelings and how we articulate and open we are with those feelings. Virgo/Pisces energy is quite sensitive, both emotionally and intellectually. 

Allow yourself some space to delve into your awareness both in spirit and in the physical realm, today. You may want to work with some Amethyst or Moss Agate to help connect you with the energies of full moon. Actual cleaning, clearing and letting go of things that no longer fit in your world is called for. The cleaning and clearing can also apply in a metaphor sort of way. Ask yourself, what things do I need to clean out of the inside of me? Then make some affirmations at this time to start working on that.

Right after the full moon, the moon makes a trine to Pluto. This dance of theirs begins to take affect about 2:30AM today. The moon trine Pluto energy peaks at 1:36PM EST and wanes down a little after midnight EST tomorrow. The dance between the two planets, this time is sweet and can have us feeling a bit on the romantic side. You may want to hold onto some Rose Quartz at this time. Let those emotions out, if you have them there – don’t bury them inside.

The last aspect today is when the sun makes a sextile to Pluto. This energy began to affect us on Tuesday afternoon. The sun makes the exact sextile to Pluto at 7:19PM EST and wanes down in the afternoon on Sunday March 8. During this transit it is as if someone is shinning a flashlight at what is burried down inside of us. This light brings to the surface some interesting and creative changes that you want to make in your life. Feeding along with the full moon today, this is a nice energy to pick up things that you may have been slacking on a bit. You may want to Snowflake Obsidian at this time to help you peer inside of your soul.

Some curious questions for yourself today. What things can you do that you probably once did but stopped for whatever reason? Do you need to pick some of those healthy habits back up again? How can you take even just a small step towards bettering your life?

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologer ~ Starlene Breiter