Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ March 20-26, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter

Sun-JupiterTreasuretheInnerLight2websiteMonday March 23, 2015 –

Mother moon hangs out in Taurus all day today, in the sign that she is exalted in, which means she feels nice and at home here. This is a great time to do something good for your body, get out in nature, work with your hands or build something cool.
Taurus energy is very down to earth and reminds me of the gemstone Tigers Eye. This is a great gemstone for also inviting prosperity into your life, so wear some or keep some close today!

The next aspect of today is when the moon squares Jupiter. This energy peaks at 4:16AM EST and lasts most of the day. This energy has us feeling a little excessive with our emotions and possibly a little impractical. Remember to not make promises at this time that you cannot keep or over extend yourself.
It may be helpful for you to hold on to or wear some Moss Agate to help you keep the balance. Have fun but not go overboard with anything in this time.

Next the moon makes a trine to Pluto. This dance of theirs peaks at 8:17AM EST and wanes down later in the day. The dance between the two planets, this time is sweet and can have us feeling a bit on the romantic side.
You may want to hold onto some Rose Quartz at this time. Let those emotions out, if you have them there – don’t bury them inside.

The moon moves next into a sextile with Mercury. This energy peaks at 10:25AM EST and diminishes in energy this evening. During this time you may notice yourself thinking quickly and having lots of ideas floating through your mind. If this is your sleeping time, you may notice dreams being interesting, journal them down when you wake up.
Sodalite would be an excellent gemstone to work with during this time. It will help you to calm your thinking and balance your ideas.

The moon then slips into her Void of Course phase after this last mentioned transit. Lets all take a deep sign of relief and just chill the rest of the day until mother moon slips into the sign of Gemini at 9:23AM EST. This is a great time for spiritual practice, calmness, meditation, yoga or the like!

Tuesday March 24, 2015 – MoonOverlappingStars4WEBSITE

We end the long Void of Course moon at 9:23AM EST. Being that I work for myself, and when I am in “the mood” to work. (Thank God that is often with my Capricorn moon & Taurus ascendant.) I do notice that even when I don’t pay attention to these Void of course phases, and yea I write this stuff but often forget about it. Something usually comes up and I wind up doing anything BUT work. I relax and seem to love naps instead! I know this is my own anecdotal experience but I think that most of us feel like that but are restricted by schedules. Try to plan around the Void of Course phases a little and even if you have to work, be patient with yourself at that time. Squeezing in a nap or good book is not a bad idea either.

The moon then slips into the zodiac sign of Gemini – to snap us out of this almost 24 hours Void of course phase! When the moon is in Gemini, we feel light and airy and maybe not completely focused. That is not so bad for those of us that multi-task easily! Enjoy the lighter energies of the Gemini moon while it lasts until Friday.

This morning we have an energy that has been building up over the last few days between our two sweet planets Venus and Neptune. The sextile aspect they make in the sky started to affect us a few days ago, peaks early this morning then wanes down towards the end of the week. This energy is helping us be more creative, romantic and sweet ourselves. It would be a great time to take your loved one out for a date or work on some self-love. 
Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz are awesome gemstones to work with for this time period. Both of those gemstones are helpful in opening the heart chakra and bringing out the loving feelings in your spirit.

We get grooving in the afternoon with a sweet energy between the moon sextile the sun. This energy peaks at 4:10PM EST. This energy has a harmony between the masculine and feminine part to our selves. Think of the yin-yang and how each side is balanced in perfection of the other. This may be a nice time for you to hold on to some Sodalite or sleep with it under your pillow. You may also notice harmony between male and females or those of the opposite sex.
Rainbow Moonstone would be a great gemstone to help you work with the energies of this transit. Try hanging on to it today.

The next of the astrological energies today is with the moon opposition Saturn. This energy started to affect us early in the day, it peaks at 5:53PM EST and wanes down tomorrow morning. The moon and Saturn have us feeling a bit more serious and introspective. We may even be contemplating what purpose is behind the fun that we are somewhere inside yearning to go have!
Holding onto some Black Tourmaline would be a great gemstone for balancing your energies with this transit.

In the afternoon the moon squares Neptune. This energy peaks at 11:58PM EST and wanes down tomorrow. This energy may leave us feeling a little bit impressionable. Under this transit you may be wearing your rose colored glasses around. It is OK to wear them from time to time. Just remember they are on and not to let yourself be confused by others at this time. If you feel confusion – wait, and make your decision another time.
You may want to hold onto some Clear Quartz at this time to help you see things clearer.

Wednesday March 25, 2015 –

SaturnMetalOrnamentWEBSITEThe moon is in the zodiac sign of Gemini all day today. When the moon is in Gemini, she gives us energy to our emotions and feelings come out a little quicker. Gemini can make our moods a little nervous and excitable. Try to do some things to spend the nervous energy. If you tend to do well under the Gemini moon, then you may notice a pep in your step and some chit-chat going on – have fun!
Hanging onto some Jasper today would help keep the balance and all the energies of the day in harmony with you.

The first energy in the pattern in the tapestry that the planets present us with today, is the moon sextile Jupiter. This energy peaks at 8:17AM EST. Jupiter and the moon has us feeling cheerful and expansive. Try to reach outside of the box and see what other inspiring things you can tap into during this time.
Botswana Agate or any type of Agate would be great to hold on to or wear during this time.

The next vibration we have a connection the moon sextile Uranus. This is an enlivening, creative and fun vibration. The energy between these two planets peaks at 1:29PM EST. You may find yourself a bit excited or electrical at this time. If so, do something fun and inspiring with yourself. The creative types thrive under this energy, so enjoy! I think I will take some time this afternoon to paint!
Holding onto some Rutilated Quartz will help you channel this energy nicely. Angelite would be great for helping calm one’s nerves if they are frayed.

Later on in the afternoon we have a trine with the sun and Saturn. This peaks at 3:25PM EST. The energy of the sun and Saturn trine is great for studying, or learning something. Saturn is the essence of the teacher, the wise old sage and the sun is the essence of what we are. In a trine these two planets create some harmony for us to use some discipline on ourselves. 
Working with some Tree Agate during this transit is a great idea. Tree Agate reminds me of stability and growth at the same time.

The next energy we are handed today is with mother moon, square Mercury. This a vibration peaks at 11:05PM EST. This energy may have us feeling a little bit restless or worried. The best suggestion here is to remind yourself that worry is not something you should hold onto. If some things do pop into your mind today, telling you that you should care for things in your life. Get those things taken care of, and know that worrying about them is only going to make things more stressful for you. 
Amazonite gemstone is a great stone to help calm and sooth your energies if you feel a bit wound up.

Thursday March 26, 2015 – Venus-EarthFaninaCircle22WEBSITE

The moon finishes her journey in the sign of Gemini today then she goes on a little Void of Course Trip from 8:35AM EST until 3:45PM EST. Finally she shifts into the sign of Cancer, where she rules. Cancer moon is a time to do domestic things around the house. It is also nice to enjoy your family or friends. Often one wants to enjoy time with loved ones during this time of the moon moving through the sign of Cancer. Enjoy feeling your emotions and connecting with the feminine. This will be a good time to spend your energy wherever you call “home”.
It would be nice to hold on to Moonstone during the time of the Cancer moon, which lasts until Sunday March 29. Moonstone helps you connect with the inner divine.

Next the moon makes a sextile with Mars. This energy peaks at 8:35AM EST and lasts the end of the day. This vibration can have us feeling quite energetic and or full of nervous energy. This energy can be exciting if you channel it well, or have you more focused on the nervous side if not. Things you can to do get through this shorter vibration: are focusing your energy into something positive. Doing some working out or something creative with yourself.
It would be great to hold onto some Sunstone or Carnelian at this time to help channel this energy properly.

Friday March 27, 2015 – Earth-NeptunePinWheel13Spokes2222WEBSITE

The whole day the moon in sweet, homey and comfortable Cancer. Usually under the Cancer moon one wants to enjoy time with loved ones. Also, enjoy feeling your emotions and connecting with the feminine. Try to spend some time in wherever you call “home”.

The first vibration we are handed on this day is when the moon squares the sun. This vibration peaks at 3:43AM EST. This may have us feeling a little impatient. If so just kind of remind yourself to go with the flow of life and not struggle too much. Struggling against the flow of the energies creates tension, and who wants that in their life?
Holding on to some Snowflake Obsidian would be great for helping keep the balance in energy with this transit.

The moon and Neptune trine in the sky a little later on. This energy peaks at 7:34AM EST and wanes down early tomorrow. During this time, you may simply feel sweet, positive and idealistic. 
This is a great time for you to do some meditation and really ask yourself, what would the ideal life be for me? 
Take some mental notes if you do this exercise. That way you can start to implement those ideas later on down the road. When the planets align for you to do so.
A great gemstone to work with during this energy is Amethyst. Amethyst will allow the sensitive feelings of this transit to come into play.

We get the afternoon grooving with a vibration between the moon sextile Venus. This is a harmonious wave that begins peaks at 3:29PM EST today. This vibration is peaceful and cheerful; the afternoon and evening should be a nice day for most of us. Enjoy the sweet energies that we are given and if you feel like it, do some self pampering.
You may want to wear your Rose Quartz or hold onto some Rhodochrosite to bask in the loving vibration we are given today.

The moon then is opposite Pluto in the evening. This energy peaks at 9:14PM EST and lasts throughout the day. This energy pattern has us reaching in the depths and seeing what is there. This energy has us feeling like reaching deep down in our souls and digging for what is there. This action has us purging and releasing any pent up energy onto the Universe.

Sounds deep, doesn’t it?

Well, it is – and the energy pattern happens about once a month. If you get with the rhythms of the planets. You may notice this energy happening when it happens. If you do, allow yourself time to release, reform and build up your energy for the next cycle. This energy stays with us all day. Feel free to release and let go of those deep unhealthy cycles within your spirit today. As holding on to them will only keep the cycles going.

The next pattern we have is when the moon squares Uranus at 10:09PM. This energy lasts for most of the day today. You might notice you have a hard time sleeping or waking up early if this is your sleep time. If you can’t sleep and feel a little anxious or excitable. Try doing something that completely inspires you and just go with the flow of this time.
Holding on to some Blue Lace Agate over this time may be useful for you. Blue Lace Agate will help you channel the inspirational energy of this time.

The last aspect we have for today is when Venus makes a Square aspect to Jupiter. This aspect is a longer one that started on Tuesday and peaks today at 10:11PM EST then wanes down in the last day of March. When these two planets link up in a square you may notice your feelings are a bit on the sensitive side. You could also notice yourself taking things a bit personally too. Try to just ride this wave and not let others push your emotional buttons.
Holding onto some Rhodochrosite during this period is a great way to stay strong in the heart, mind and spirit.

Saturday March 28, 2015 – MercuryDynamicXJapanese2

Mother moon remains in her home zodiac sign of Cancer today, so do the “domestic Goddess” stuff around the house. Or crawling into your shell and “be-ing” is something that you may find appealing to do today. Snuggling with your furry faces is another good Cancer moon thing to do!
Try hanging onto some Moonstone during this transit and know the the moon will be shifting gears early in the morning tomorrow. So you may have a chilled out day today and a party to go to tonight!

In the evening the moon is trine to Mercury. This energy peaks at 5:55PM EST. This connection between the moon and Mercury has us reaching for answers and making decisions. You may find that you can easily speak what is inside of your heart during this transit.
Pyrite or Hematite would be two great gemstones to help. They will both guide with any decision making processes you are dealing with during this transit.

The next vibration we have today, is with the moon square to Mars. This vibration peaks at 9:58PM EST. The moon and Mars connect with each other in such a way that could have us feeling a bit impatient or impulsive. Keep your patience near during this time. Kindly remind yourself that in this time you may need to practice kindness. Which can couple with patience on different levels.
Smoky Quartz would be a great gem to work with today, helping you remain calm and still keep your energy going.

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologer ~ Starlene Breiter


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