Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ March 27- April 5, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter

Friday March 27, 2015 – Earth-NeptunePinWheel13Spokes2222WEBSITE

The whole day the moon in sweet, homey and comfortable Cancer. Usually under the Cancer moon one wants to enjoy time with loved ones. Also, enjoy feeling your emotions and connecting with the feminine. Try to spend some time in wherever you call “home”.

The first vibration we are handed on this day is when the moon squares the sun. This vibration peaks at 3:43AM EST. This may have us feeling a little impatient. If so just kind of remind yourself to go with the flow of life and not struggle too much. Struggling against the flow of the energies creates tension, and who wants that in their life?
Holding on to some Snowflake Obsidian would be great for helping keep the balance in energy with this transit.

The moon and Neptune trine in the sky a little later on. This energy peaks at 7:34AM EST and wanes down early tomorrow. During this time, you may simply feel sweet, positive and idealistic.
This is a great time for you to do some meditation and really ask yourself, what would the ideal life be for me?
Take some mental notes if you do this exercise. That way you can start to implement those ideas later on down the road. When the planets align for you to do so.
A great gemstone to work with during this energy is Amethyst. Amethyst will allow the sensitive feelings of this transit to come into play.

We get the afternoon grooving with a vibration between the moon sextile Venus. This is a harmonious wave that begins peaks at 3:29PM EST today. This vibration is peaceful and cheerful; the afternoon and evening should be a nice day for most of us. Enjoy the sweet energies that we are given and if you feel like it, do some self pampering.
You may want to wear your Rose Quartz or hold onto some Rhodochrosite to bask in the loving vibration we are given today.

The moon then is opposite Pluto in the evening. This energy peaks at 9:14PM EST and lasts throughout the day. This energy pattern has us reaching in the depths and seeing what is there. This energy has us feeling like reaching deep down in our souls and digging for what is there. This action has us purging and releasing any pent up energy onto the Universe.

Sounds deep, doesn’t it?

Well, it is – and the energy pattern happens about once a month. If you get with the rhythms of the planets. You may notice this energy happening when it happens. If you do, allow yourself time to release, reform and build up your energy for the next cycle. This energy stays with us all day. Feel free to release and let go of those deep unhealthy cycles within your spirit today. As holding on to them will only keep the cycles going.

The next pattern we have is when the moon squares Uranus at 10:09PM. This energy lasts for most of the day today. You might notice you have a hard time sleeping or waking up early if this is your sleep time. If you can’t sleep and feel a little anxious or excitable. Try doing something that completely inspires you and just go with the flow of this time.
Holding on to some Blue Lace Agate over this time may be useful for you. Blue Lace Agate will help you channel the inspirational energy of this time.

The last aspect we have for today is when Venus makes a Square aspect to Jupiter. This aspect is a longer one that started on Tuesday and peaks today at 10:11PM EST then wanes down in the last day of March. When these two planets link up in a square you may notice your feelings are a bit on the sensitive side. You could also notice yourself taking things a bit personally too. Try to just ride this wave and not let others push your emotional buttons.
Holding onto some Rhodochrosite during this period is a great way to stay strong in the heart, mind and spirit.

Saturday March 28, 2015 – MercuryDynamicXJapanese2

Mother moon remains in her home zodiac sign of Cancer today, so do the “domestic Goddess” stuff around the house. Or crawling into your shell and “be-ing” is something that you may find appealing to do today. Snuggling with your furry faces is another good Cancer moon thing to do!
Try hanging onto some Moonstone during this transit and know the the moon will be shifting gears early in the morning tomorrow. So you may have a chilled out day today and a party to go to tonight!

In the evening the moon is trine to Mercury. This energy peaks at 5:55PM EST. This connection between the moon and Mercury has us reaching for answers and making decisions. You may find that you can easily speak what is inside of your heart during this transit.
Pyrite or Hematite would be two great gemstones to help. They will both guide with any decision making processes you are dealing with during this transit.

The next vibration we have today, is with the moon square to Mars. This vibration peaks at 9:58PM EST. The moon and Mars connect with each other in such a way that could have us feeling a bit impatient or impulsive. Keep your patience near during this time. Kindly remind yourself that in this time you may need to practice kindness. Which can couple with patience on different levels.
Smoky Quartz would be a great gem to work with today, helping you remain calm and still keep your energy going.



Monday March 30, 2015 – Merc-JupUmbrellaPinWheelWEBSITE

Mercury moves into Aries tonight at 9:44PM EST, where quick silver hangs until April 14. This is opening the doors for new thoughts to proceed. I do love each of the zodiac signs for each of their reasons. Yet when a planet is in the end of the sign (whatever sign) it seems to sort of lag on for a bit. So this swift motion of our mental communication, thought and intellect is nice.

Mercury in Pisces (the sign it is leaving today) sort of gets us a bit foggy and kind of with an indirect mind. The fire energy of Aries will help you clear that fog and get you to make up your mind, quickly. Maybe too quickly. The trick about Aries energy is that you want to remember not to act too fast, remind yourself to actually think before making a move.

Mercury governs over our minds, what we think about and how we express our thoughts. Together the fiery and initiating energy of Aries along with the mental energy of Mercury. We are quick with our thoughts and possibly even a little brash at times.

There is a charm to the energy of Mercury in Aries. Kind of like a certain way that we may contemplate our words, even if just quickly. The charm may be fleeting though and we would be wise to simply remember to communicate and express with careful words. Enjoy working on new things and bringing to yourself fresh ideas, as Mercury in Aries is all about that!

It may be helpful to work with blue Kyanite during this transit of Mercury in Aries. Blue Kyanite helps us express ourselves eloquently and honestly. Honesty is not usually the issue with Mercury in Aries as much as toning the words with loving and kindness.

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologer ~ Starlene Breiter


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