Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Nov 11-17, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich

Wednesday November 11, 2015 – UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikki

The first aspect of the day is when the moon makes a sextile to Pluto at 1”58 AM EDT. This aspect can have us feeling some intense emotions and want to have enlightening discussions with those we love. Pluto brings out things from the deep and the moon is our emotions while a sextile gives us a gentle push towards taking action. So if things come out tonight, they should flow pretty easy, take notice of those things too. You probably needed to talk about those emotions instead of stuffing them down anyway!

This aspect is activating the Mercury Sextile to Pluto that we talked about in yesterdays Astro Tapestry report. This drives home the tendency to be a little obsessive or compulsive towards our thoughts and feelings. So just be aware of that, if you catch yourself doing that, take some time to chill out.

The moon makes a conjunction to Mercury at 4:49 AM EDT which finally connected the Moon, Mercury Pluto vibration and has us wanting to communicate. This energy lasts pretty much most of the day so think and focus your thoughts on good things, not those crazy thoughts that might pop up. (Yes, we all get them!)

Later in the morning the moon makes a sextile to Jupiter, while all of the energies I talked about above, this makes everything even more amplifies. It is not necessarily a bad thing, because this a sextile and not a hard aspect but again with Pluto things come out from the deep sometimes, and sometimes those things are not always pleasant.

The new moon in Scorpio makes a culmination at 12:47 PM EDT. This would be an excellent time to peer into your soul and examine things that you want to bring into your life over the next 6 months of time too. Important things, things that speak to your soul and you know are part of your life path. You might also do a new moon ritual today where you work on viewing and changing some of those deep ingrained habits that might not be serving you so well. Likewise if you have some really good things you are contemplating and going through, now is the time to put that deep focusing ability of Scorpio into effect!

A great gemstone to work with today is Mahogany Obsidian, because it helps to balance your energies and allows a gentle release of those deep things.

Patchouli would be a great essential oil to work with. It will help you get that deep digging going on but at the same time keep you calm and peaceful.

Bergamot essential oil is a good one for today as it helps to clear our mind and uplift our spirit.

MercuryDynamicXJapaneseWEBSITENikkiThursday November 12 2015 –

We begin the day with the moon in Scorpio but she goes void-of-course after the first aspect of the day which is moon sextile Mars at 9:54 AM EST. This aspect can help make the morning productive, whether you have work to do or a workout. Either way you can try to get it done before the moon goes void-of-course in order to take advantage o the boost that Mars gives.

The void-of-course moon is incredibly short in duration. The moon enters Sagittarius at 10:14 AM. Moon in Sagittarius wants adventure and loves to travel, whether that is in the real world or in the realm of imagination. Sagittarius also likes to be independent. It is not an overly emotional placement for the moon,

Mars enters Libra at 4:41 PM. Mars in Libra is like dressing up warrior to go to have high tea. It is an odd fit. Mars is aggressive and Libra wants to compromise. Mars in Libra does motivate us to take care of our relationships, which is a positive thing, it’s just that Mars doesn’t always understand the meaning of tact!

The moon makes a sextile to Venus at 7:27 PM. This is sweet and helps us feel at ease. A nice dinner (Venus) … ethnic food perhaps (moon in Sagittarius). But this influence is calm and relaxing.

Things get more serious at the moon conjoins Saturn which peaks at 8:47 PM. We may feel a little lonely under this influence, or like our emotions are hard. This too shall pass.

Our final aspect today is the moon square Neptune at 11:48 PM. This aspect engages our imagination but take care you don’t fool yourself into believing something that isn’t true. Neptune is the master of illusion so we can see what we want to see instead of what is true under this influence. We can also use this energy to access a more spiritual perspective.

A good stone to use today is clear quartz which is a stone of empowerment.

A good essential oil to use today is frankincense which allows our consciousness to access higher realms.

Friday November 13, 2015 –Neptune13PetalsMulti-Layers222WEBSITE

The whole day the moon is in Sagittarius today. This gives us a desire to get out into the world either physically or even through our imagination like by reading a good book! Sagittarius wants to expand things that it touches so have some fun today!

The first aspect we have is when Venus is sextile to Saturn at 12:12 PM EDT. This brings some good fortune to things that are career orientated. It can also help you to feel successful at things you do. Saturn gives the structure and tenacity to move things along while Venus makes it pleasant and the sextile between them puts some action behind things. So get grooving!

Mercury then comes to a sextile to Jupiter at 1:18 PM EDT. These two planets find harmony an a nice connection with one another. You might feel like gabbing about philosophical things and find yourself in a really good mood. Enjoy this energy as it is nice!

The next aspect is when the moon comes to a trine with Uranus at 7:22 PM EDT. This can mean some little or even big surprise is on its way to you. This is a nice energy and can be highly inspirational for letting your emotions out, so have fun and if you didn’t get some sort of surprise. Then maybe you should have some fun surprising someone else!

The final aspect for today is when the moon makes a square to Jupiter at 10:10 PM EDT. This aspect can have us feeling a little overly inflated with our emotions and feelings. Try to keep them in check and not go overboard with anything that pops up. Just keep the balance under this transit!

The moon then moves into another long void-of-course phase right after that last aspect at 10:10 PM EDT and stays there untl tomorrow evening at 7:21 PM EDT. Fortunately the moon has what we call “Face” in Sagittarius, therefore the void moon in Sagittarius is not quite as challenging as when it is in some other signs. You might take some time to do things for yourself and contemplate the bigger things in the universe.

A great stone to work with today is rhodochrosite which will help you with the Venus Saturn sextile in the morning and help you navigate through bringing your heart into the structure you are creating for yourself.

Pluto18PetalsMulti-Layers2WEBSITESaturday November 14, 2015 –

We begin the day with the moon void-of-course in Sagittarius. The void-of-course moon is a long one today. It is best to finish up old projects or for relaxing in general. If you feel a little aimless that is just the void-of-course moon.

The moon enters Capricorn at 7:21 PM EST. Moon in Capricorn would rather work than deal with emotional issues so if there is something you need to get done you can tackle that new project now!

The moon makes a square to Mars which peaks at 9:50PM. This aspect gives us motivation but we also may bot feel completely at peace. Sometimes we can feel a little angry under this aspect to take stock of your feelings and channel your energy into something productive instead.

A good stone to work with today is lapis lazuli which aids us in recognizing the truth.

An essential oil I would recommend to use today is German chamomile which is known for it’s calming effects.

Sunday November 15, 2015 –MercuryDynamicXJapaneseWEBSITENikki

The moon remains in Capricorn all day today, this helps us get what we need to get accomplished, done! If there is some work that you have been neglecting or project you have been contemplating then today is a good day to get it started. Under the Capricorn moon we are generally geared more towards working and busying ourselves. So this should be a productive Sunday for most of us!

In the morning the moon makes a sextile to Neptune at 8:25 AM EDT. This aspect lulls us into our dreams and helps us merge into a state of peacefulness. This would be an excellent time to meditate or do something creative. You might even notice yourself being more intuitive during this time too.

The moon makes a square to Venus which is exact at 9:32 AM. This influence makes us feel relaxed and somewhat emotional. These emotions can be a little overwhelming so if you fee that way, just know that this too shall pass. It is good to sense your emotions though as they help you intuitively navigate through the day.

In the evening at 8:38 PM EDT the moon conjoins Pluto and the calming energy of the morning has grown into discontent. Moon-Pluto is an aspect that urges us to confront our darkest feelings and this is not an easy process. We are uncomfortable with facing our shadow side but this is what happens under this aspect.

Lepidolite is a nice gemstone for the day, allowing you to feel calm, cool and collected. Even during the evening when some of those deeper emotions might come out.

A good essential oil to use today is rose which helps us feel calm and stable.

Sun-MarsVictoryLights222WEBSITEnikkiMonday November 16, 2015 –

The moon in in Capricorn today. With the moon in Capricorn we feel like things other than our emotions should take priority. Things like work, goals, productivity. Capricorn is goal oriented and a hard worker, but not so much a feeling sign.

The moon makes a square to Uranus at 3:10 AM EST. This aspect may make us feel a little restless.

The moon next makes a trine aspect to Jupiter which peaks at 6:45 AM. This aspect allows us to feel optimistic an buoyant. A great feeling to wake up to!

Our next aspect is a sextile from the moon to Mercury at 2:59 PM. Under this influence we feel our emotions and thoughts align.

The final aspect of the day is sun sextile moon at 3:53 PM after which the moon goes void-of-course. The sun-moon sextile is generally harmonious. And the void-of-course moon after the aspect is best used to finish up old projects and routine tasks.

A good stone to use today is citrine which allows us to focus on our goals.

A good essential oil to use today is basil which allows us to stay motivated.

Tuesday November 17, 2015 –Uranus9-PetalsMulti-WEB-NIKKI

The day starts off with the moon in Capricorn in her void-of-course phase that has lasted from the afternoon before. She swiftly moves into the sign of Aquarius though at 2:24 AM EDT. Her movement into Aquarius has us feeling a little quirky or even off the beaten path a little bit. Enjoy your uniqueness and don’t be afraid to let your inner uniqueness show!

The moon makes a trine to Mars at 7:23 AM EDT this morning. This has us feeling a little excited and motivated too. Sometimes Mars transits can be challenging because its such a hot planet but this harmonious trine to the moon supports the busy fast energy and heat of Mars! Go out and do something fun this morning, like take an exercise class or something.

At 9:53 AM EDT the sun conjuncts with Mercury. This has us discussing things about ourselves to whoever will listen. It also has us viewing the small details of everything around you. Just make sure to not be critical with it, and fix the things you can but let go of the concern to the things you can’t fix – or better yet put it on your to-do list.

The next aspect we have today is when the moon comes to a sextile with Saturn. This aspect happens at 1:11 PM EDT. This aspect has us feeling confident and like we can give some good advise. It would be a good time to get a reading from us if you have some questions! This aspect is supportive for those that want to help others in need too. So if you can do something helpful for someone now would be the time to do it! Random acts of kindness are always nice under a moon Saturn sextile.

A few hours later the moon makes a trine to Venus which is exact at 8:59 PM. This is a feel-good aspect that helps us be in harmony with our feelings and in our relationships. We feel good. Things are easy for the rest of the evening. Have a glass of wine and enjoy some company or just enjoying your time alone.

A good stone to work with today is pyrite which enhances our assertiveness and positive thinking.

A good essential oil to use today is bergamot which supports us by allowing us to be emotionally optimistic.

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich