Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Nov 25-Dec 1, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Week of November 25-Dec 1, 2015
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich

Wednesday November 25, 2015 –UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikki

The first part of the day the moon is in Taurus still. The moon is void-of-course but in Classical Astrology the moon is exalted in Taurus so its not such a boring void-of-course moon phase. In fact you may not really notice this void-of-course phase that much at all, except you might be a twinge lazy. Then again that is Taurus moon for you void-of-course or not!

Mercury makes a square to Neptune this morning at 2:18 AM EDT. This can make for some interesting dreams, if this is your dream time. Mercury being the mind and Neptune being that which is not really always seen is a recipe for some dreams you should write down when you wake up!

Mercury then makes itself around to perfecting a sextile to Mars at 11:32 AM EDT. This brings with it a quick wit and fun sense of humor. You might feel like bantering with others and simply enjoying the positive vibes this aspect gives off.

The moon then moves from its void-of-course phase since last night into the sign of Gemini at 12:15 PM EDT. Today is where she eventually makes her full moon peak which is at 5:44 PM EDT. When lady luna is in Gemini she feels excitable and fun and wants to communicate and know everything. So if you notice yourself being curious about the world, that is why.

When she is full in Gemini you might want to think about things in your immediate world and how you might better them a little bit. This can be a process for you, you do not need to do everything at once (like Gemini sometimes likes to do). Rather makes some plans and set some intentions to help work on your life in general and your physical body. You will be glad you did and over the next 6 months work on these intentions you set for yourself.

Our final aspect today is the moon square Neptune at 11:50 PM. This aspect engages our imagination but take care you don’t fool yourself into believing something that isn’t true. Neptune is the master of illusion so we can see what we want to see instead of what is true under this influence. We can also use this energy to access a more spiritual perspective.

A good stone to use today is clear quartz which is a stone of clarity and observation.

A good essential oil to use today is frankincense which allows our consciousness to access higher realms.

Thursday November 26 2015 –Sun-SaturnTapestry3WEBSITEnikki

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US! And to everyone else, too! Thanksgiving is about being grateful which always enhances our spiritual connection to the light within.

There are a lot of small lunar aspects today but they are so mild compared to the biggest aspect we have that I am going to skip them all and spend some time pondering our big aspect of the day.

Two outer planets meet in what is reminiscent of a battle of the titans. Saturn squares Neptune which is exact at 7:15 AM EST. Even though this aspect is exact today it is something that we will certainly feel strongly all day and had even been feeling all month. This is the collective anxiety we have been feeling. This is disillusionment. This is depression, even. Under this aspect we discover that things are not as they seem. We feel deceived, and maybe cheated. We thought we understood the situation but we were wrong and now Saturn is letting us know that things are not what we thought they were. This can have a strong affect on our personal lives, depending on what houses in our natal charts these planets are transiting, and what planets they are touching.

First, let’s talk about Thanksgiving. This will be a somewhat difficult day to have warm fuzzy family get-togethers. This aspect is more along the lines of discomfort and revealing things that maybe not everyone in the family is okay with. Mom and Dad announce their impending divorce during dinner would be an example of this … something that people thought was solid is now gone, and we are left wondering if it was really there at all. Try to make the best of it. Offer people a foundation of love and trust. Give them an ear if they need to talk. Today is a better day to be a listener than a talker so play the role and you will do better, overall, for having been there for someone else and not spending the day talking about our collective discontent.

So what is good about this? Saturn and Neptune, together, create a spiritual foundation for our lives. When things seem bleak is when we need God and the angels the most. Payer, visualization, meditation, healing work are all highly recommended today. Try to be a spiritual, healing presence among your family and friends. Be the light when all else seems dim. If this seems tough to do then ask God and the angels to help you be a light in the world today. Becoming stronger spiritually helps us deal better with the disappointments that sometimes come with reality.

Another way to use this energy wisely is to develop a plan (Saturn) for reaching your dreams (Neptune). We have to be realistic (Saturn) but in order to dream at all we need to be idealistic (Neptune) as well. So be a realistic idealist today. What are your dreams? How will you get there? Plan and then execute with patience.

A good stone to use today is amethyst which aids with wisdom and healing, both of which will be desperately needed today.

An essential oil to use today is geranium which is a lot like getting a comforting hug from a loving mother. It just makes us feel supported and loved, no matter what else is going on.

Venus-MarsFinsandFansWEBSITEnikkiFriday November 27, 2015 –

After the Thanksgiving festivities yesterday (for those us us that celebrate it), mother moon went into a void-of-course phase at 10:35 PM EDT. I have to say, if the moon ever needed to go into void-of-course phase then after feasting on Thanksgiving food is a great time to do so! She leaves her void-of-course phase to move into the sign of Cancer at 2L27 PM EDT.

The moon in the sign of Cancer makes us feel kind of homey and like we want to just be around things of comfort. I know many shops in the US at least do “Black Friday” sales on this day and things get hectic but you can save a lot of money too. But I can see many people deciding to skip out on physically shopping and opt for looking through the internet instead.

There are no aspects with the moon today, so it is another one of those rarer “free days” where we might just want to follow what lady luna is telling us. Cancer is the nurturer so why not nurture yourself a little in the afternoon today and skip the madness of the rest of the world and their shopping. There is always tomorrow!

A great gemstone to work with today is rhodonite. It will help us feel balanced in our heart and also like nurturing our spirit while that balance is so strong.

A good essential oil for today is jasmine which aids in relaxation.

Saturday November 28, 2015 –Merc-JupUmbrellaPinWheelWEBSITEnikki

It is a pretty quiet day today. The moon is in Cancer which makes us want to stay home and nest, maybe bake some homemade cookies or some other comfort food.

The moon makes a trine to Neptune which is exact at 2:38 AM EST. A good aspect for dreaming and sleeping peacefully.

Next the moon makes a square to Mars at 6:33 AM which is a motivational aspect. Get up early and start cooking! Or shopping. Or working out. Or working on that project. Whatever it is that you are motivated to do.

Our next aspect of the day is an opposition from the moon to Pluto which peaks at 2:49 PM. This aspect also enhances our inner motivation so ask yourself what do you really want? And then go for it!

The final aspect today is a square from the moon to Uranus which is exact at 7:57 PM. This aspect helps to shake us out of our routine and helps us be spontaneous. So do something different tonight! Anything that involves a beat would be good like dancing or going to play or hear music.

A good essential oil to use today is basil which taps into our motivations and helps us to reach our goals.

A stone to consider working with today is desert rose selenite which helps us tap into clarity on the level of the angelic plane. It helps us bring a higher consciousness into our daily lives and assists in gaining improved clarity.

Sun-Venus5-PetaledAniseSeedWEBSITEnikkiSunday November 29, 2015 –

The moon is busy early in the morning today and you might find yourself either dreaming actively or feeling like you are traveling to a far away place in your dreams. She is in the sign of Cancer until the evening so you might notice emotions coming up. Some people tell me they feel very emotional under a Caner moon. I can understand how that could be, Cancer is a water sign and very sensitive.

At 3:04 AM EDT the moon makes a sextile to Jupiter which peaks at 3:04 AM EDT. This does uplift our spirits a bit and spending time with close friends or family would be the ideal way to utilize this aspect. If you are sleeping, you might notice your dreams being of your loved ones.

The moon makes a square to Venus which is exact at 7:46 AM EDT. This influence makes us feel relaxed and somewhat emotional. These emotions can be a little overwhelming so if you fee that way, just know that this too shall pass. It is good to sense your emotions though as they help you intuitively navigate through the day.

Right after the last mentioned aspect the moon does go into a void-of-course phase but since it is in the sign of Cancer, where she Rules, has Mix-triplicity and face.. Then this should make this void-of-course moon super nice and relaxing. You won’t feel like pushing against the grain of things like you sometimes do during a void-of-course moon. Rather you will go with the flow.

The Sun makes a square to Neptune today at 9:49 AM EDT. That means under this time, you might want to postpone some decision making. This lasts pretty much all day today and tomorrow too. So if you have to make an important decision you might hold off until Tuesday. Sometimes Neptune can make things cloudy for us, or have us wearing those dang rose-colored glasses.

The moon ingresses into the sign of Leo at 7:47 PM EDT. This is where the moon likes to be adorned. Sometimes Leo moon makes us want to show our stuff, other times it can have us feeling more like a wall flower. Usually the Leo moon is vibration and fun, so enjoy the spark Leo moon makes.

Lastly the sun conjunctions with Saturn at 7:16 PM EDT. This has us doing some wise pondering and serious thinking about our lives. If you are not really sure what your next move is, this could be an excellent time for an astrological consultation. It can help you map out where to go from here.

Blue calcite is a great stone to work with today. Blue calcite helps to clear out negative energy and also opens us up to dream states.

Patchouli would be a great essential oil to work with. It will help you get that deep digging going on but at the same time keep you calm and peaceful.

Monday November 30, 2015 SaturnMetalOrnamentNikkiWEBSITE

Today is a quiet day from an astrological perspective with only a couple of minor lunar aspects. The moon is in Leo today which gives us a sense of warmth and playfulness.

For the first aspect the moon makes a trine to Saturn which peaks at 9:48 AM EST. This is a supportive aspect which allows us to feel grounded and stable.

Next the sun and moon trine at 10:54 AM which is another harmonious aspect. We flow today, and we feel in sync.

The final aspect today is a sextile from the moon to Mars which is exact at 3:47 PM. This helps us feel motivated and energized. Use this to your advantage, if possible.

All in all it is a supportive day where you have the potential to accomplish a lot. We don’t get too many days like this so please enjoy it! And get it done, whatever it is!

A good essential oil to use today is patchouli which helps us to feel invigorated.

An excellent stone to work with today is citrine which aids in bringing success.

Sun-NeptuneVisionaryLight2WEBSITEnikkiTuesday December 1, 2015 –

The moon is still hanging in Leo for the rest of the day. Theatrics and excitement are part of the Leo energy. Leo likes to play so go and do something playful with yourself!

The moon makes a trine to Mercury this morning at 2:40 AM EDT. This means that we might want to be a little playful with our communication style and if you are up and about you might be feeling like connecting with someone and just talking.

At 3:28 AM EDT the moon makes a trine to Uranus. This supports the above mentioned aspect with the moon and Mercury because Uranus and Mercury are “cousins” of one another. So this aspect has you thinking outside of the box and also enjoying communication with others.

The following aspect ties into the last two when Mercury makes a trine to Uranus at 9 AM EDT. This has you wanting to talk to people that are outside of your usual circle. These sorts of communications can be supportive and fun.

The moon makes a sextile to Venus at 10:09 PM EDT. This is a sweet aspect and helps us feel at ease. A nice dinner or spending time with loved ones. This influence is calm and relaxing.

A good essential oil for today is sweet orange and the uplifting citrus notes help to lighten our hearts and spirits.

A good stone to work with today is labradorite which assists us in overcoming resistance to advance to the next cycle of growth. It is also helps us to recognize and achieve our destiny.

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter and Nikki Rich