Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ Nov 4-10, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich

Wednesday November 4, 2015 –

It is a rare quiet day in the stars! With all the activity we have been having lately this is a bit of a relief!

The moon begins the day in Leo and is void-of-course. What this means is that we are likely to feel rather unmotivated and somewhat indulgent. Petulant, even, if we let ourselves get that far. Today is best spent finishing up old tasks and relaxing. If you want to do some research about an upcoming decision go ahead but hold off on making that decision until the moon is no longer void-of-course.

At 9:22 PM EST the moon enters discerning Virgo. We may even feel critical towards ourselves for wasting the day but come on, Virgo moon, give yourself a break! Make a to do list to tackle tomorrow and feel satisfied with that. Moon in Virgo can be exacting in expectations.

I told you it was an easy day today! Simple. Enjoy it. Eat bon bons while lying on the sofa … at least untilt the moon goes into Virgo!

A good essential oil to work with today is chamomile, either Roman or German. Chamomile helps us to relax and feel comforted.

A good stone to work with today is gold which allows us to recognize beauty in a spiritual connection.

Thursday November 5, 2015 – Earth-VenZoomedStarNetwork2WEBSITE

The moon is in service orientated Virgo all day today. This is a bit of a breath of fresh air after it being void-of-course all day yesterday. You might want to do some clearing or cleansing of your space today. That would bring a different mood and energy to you and your space.

Early in the morning the moon squares Saturn at 6:36 AM EDT. This energy lasts all morning long and has us feeling like we are disciplined at work and have no issue getting the job done. This is a good time to do some serious thinking too.

The next aspect peaks at 8:12 AM and it is a sextile from the moon to Mercury. This aspect helps our thoughts and feelings flow together harmoniously. It also helps to give us a sense of humor today.

The moon and Neptune make an opposition to one another at 11:36 PM EDT. This is a dreamy aspect that is exacerbated by Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is Pisces gives us a feeling of floating far away in our own dreamland. We may try to avoid reality under this aspect but the best way to handle it is to use your imagination to help come up with creative solutions.

Lastly the sun comes to a sextile to Pluto at 11:01 PM EDT tonight. This has us digging things from the deep and then coming up with some creative solutions to the issues we find there. Sextiles are active aspects, giving a little boost of energy to both the planets involved. Typically Pluto is very deep, and it still is here, but instead of just spewing out the ick that we find it searches for solutions in a tenacious manner. Utilize this energy to the best of your ability today!

A good essential oil to use today is frankincense which helps us gain a spiritual perspective.

A nice stone to work with today is citrine which helps attract success.

Friday November 6, 2015 –Mercury-Jupiter3Fans22WEBSITEnikki

The moon is in Virgo today. Virgo moon is precise and discerning, and is always trying to figure out a way to improve. Whether it is improving themselves, others, or just making things more efficient in general. Virgo, deep down, only wants to help.

The first aspect today is a trine from the moon to Pluto at 12:27 AM EST which puts us in touch with the shadow side of ourselves, in a good way. We become more aware of our hidden motivations and sense the deeper mystery that is all around us.

The sun and moon make a harmonious sextile at 12:35 AM. This aspect is one that is general “feel-good”. Our hearts and minds flow together easily.

Mercury makes a trine to Neptune which is exact at 8:39 AM. This is the strongest aspect of the day and engages our imagination as well as our spiritual side. This is a great aspect under which to do powerful manifestation work so if there is something you have been yearning for it is time to put that yearning to work! This is also a great aspect to work with your angels and guides and also to do more general meditation.

The last aspect of the day is moon conjunct Jupiter at 9:04 AM. Big feelings is the keyword set that comes to mind. With the moon in Virgo it might not be as easy to handle our big feelings but if we do grounding work it should make things more comfortable for us. Virgo is an Earth sign, after all.

A good essential oil to work with today is sandalwood which helps to ground us.

A good stone to work with today is smoky quartz which also helps with stability.

Venus-MarsFinsandFansWEBSITEnikkiSaturday November 7, 2015 –

The day begins with the moon still in discerning Virgo for the start of the day. So we might start the morning feeling like putting ourselves together perfectly, for a Friday that is a good start!

The moon conjuncts Mars at 3:24 PM EDT, which gives us a boost to our energy. You might feel a little restless if this is your time of sleep. If you are restless do something constructive with yourself. Doing something that will help you channel some of the energy you have, is spropros. If this is your time of doing things active, and not sleep – how about going for a walk or run?

The moon still in Virgo meets Venus at 7:47 PM EDT. The celestial ladies are together and this is a nice blending of energy if we can keep our inner critic out of it. Under an influence like this, in Virgo, we look in the mirror and see what is wrong. Please look at the whole package instead and appreciate what you see there. Self-criticism is not useful unless it leads to self-betterment. If you see something you do not like you can take steps to improve things!

Right after the moon and Venus conjon the moon slides into her void-of-course phase. Fortunatly (because we have had a lot of void-of-course moon phases lately) is that she only stays here until she ingresses into the sign of Libra at 10:14 AM EDT. During this void-of-course phase you might take a little down time and even rest or relax a little. This is helpful especially if you had a restless night. If you happen to be working at this time, don’t stress yourself out and just go with the flow.

The moon ingresses into the sign of Libra at 10:14 AM EDT. This placement of the moon has us focused on balance and partnerships in our lives. Libra moon seeks out harmony and is sometimes a bit indecisive. If you find yourself unsure of which direction to take, then chose something. Any path you take is better than not taking one at all!

The last aspect we have today is when the moon comes to a sextile with Saturn. This aspect happens at 8:11 PM EDT. This asect has us feeling confident and like we can give some good advise. It would be a good time to get a reading from us if you have some questions! This aspect is supportive for those that want to help others in need too. So if you can do something helpful for someone now would be the time to do it! Random acts of kindness are always nice under a moon Saturn sextile.

The need for balance today while the moon connects with both Mars and then Venus early in the day would make carnelian agate a great gemstone to work with. In the evening you might seek out some black onyx to help keep balance and structure to your life.

A great essential oil to use today would be Blue Tansy, allowing you to bring some joy to the busy and productive lunar energy.

Sunday November 8, 2015 – Sun-Venus5-PetaledAniseSeedWEBSITEnikki

We start the day with the moon in Libra. Libra moon is light and airy. Libra is interested in compromise and diplomacy through tact.

Venus joins the moon in Libra at 10:31 AM EST. Venus is at home in Libra as she is the ruler of this sign. It is a really nice change for her since being in Virgo. She feels pretty again, and peaceful, and like she can indulge in the things she loves!

The moon makes a square to Pluto which peaks at 1:40 PM. Under this influence we may feel uncomfortable with the deeper emotions that surface. Sometimes we can obsess over our problems so keep that in mind and try not to let that happen to you today.

At 9:42 PM the moon opposes Uranus and them goes void-of-course. Moon opposite Uranus makes us feel uncomfortable and a little on edge, like we had too much caffeine and can’t really calm down. The void-of-course moon that follows is best for wrapping things up and then relaxing for the rest of the evening.

An essential oil I would recommend using today is lavender which is calming. We can use something calming since today is a rather disconcerting day.

A good stone to work with today is amethyst which enhances wisdom and healing.

SaturnMetalOrnamentNikkiWEBSITEMonday November 9, 2015 –

For most of the day, the moon is in balanced Libra. Fairness and partnerships are on the front burner. It might be hard to make some solid decisions today because the moon is in her long void-of-course phase today, but that changes this evening when the moon switches signs into Scorpio tonight .

The moon ingresses into Scorpio tonight at 11:02 PM EDT. Scorpio moon is anything but light! Not that Scorpio can’t be “in the light” it can be, and often is. It’s just that Scorpio is known to bring things up from the depths of your soul. Sometimes that is challenging! You might have some intense emotions come up with the Scorpio moon is out, and especially while it is leading up to be a new moon tomorrow.

This would be an excellent time to peer into your soul and examine things that you want to bring into your life over the next 6 months of time too. Important things, things that speak to your soul and you know are part of your life path. You might also prepare for a new moon ritual tomorrow where you work on viewing and changing some of those deep ingrained habits that might not be serving you so well. Likewise if you have some really good things you are contemplating and going through, now is the time to put that deep focusing ability of Scorpio into effect!

If you notice some rocky emotions this evening the best advise I can give you is to ride the wave. If you cry, let it out, if you feel angry, tell your pillow, if you need some support from those you feel close to, ask for it. The beauty of the Scorpio moon is that it allows us to get to those emotions, release them like a cleansing of the soul and move forward. Getting stuck and stewing in the buried emotions is not fun or healthy.

Aside form our intense Scorpio moon and the preparing for the Scorpio new moon tomorrow, there are no major aspects today. So this is another sort of free day, but you should keep active as well.

Cleansed Malachite is an excellent gemstone for you to hold onto, wear or keep around you today. I say cleansed because you should energetically cleanse it before working with it, as it does hold onto negative energy. So smudge it, reiki it, run it under clear water for a few seconds, or even put it on some selenite for an hour before you work with it. It will pull any negativity out of you or the atmosphere. Just remember to cleanse it again in the evening or as often as it feels like it needs it.

A good essential oil for today is basil which helps us to focus and get our work completed, whether that be real world work or self-work. It simultaneously uplifts us while allowing us to concentrate on the task at hand.

Tuesday November 10, 2015 –Earth-JupiterTapestryWEBSITEnikki

The moon is in Scorpio today. Deep. Mysterious. Charismatic. Magnetic. Those things are Scorpio but with the moon there it means our emotions become those things: deep emotions, mysterious emotions, charismatic emotions (obsessive, anyone?), magnetic emotions. We would do well to keep our heads above the Scorpionic water, if we can manage to do that.

Mercury makes a sextile to Pluto at 7:14 AM EST. This supports the Scorpio moon, we think deep thoughts. We desire to solve mysteries. Our thoughts obsess. This is a supportive aspect so it should be good but any time Pluto is involved there is always the possibility of uncovering something deeper from the shadows.

The moon makes a trine aspect to Neptune which is exact at 1:06 PM. This engages our imagination and also allows us to access a more spiritual perspective. Can we look at things through the eyes of god?

Our next aspect is a sextile from the sun to Jupiter which perfects at 9:17 PM. This aspect brings light and buoyancy into our hearts. We feel good. Our mood lifts. We want to make big plans. Take advantage of these harmonious aspects!

An essential oil to use today is tangerine which helps to bring cheer and harmony.

A good stone to work with today is citrine which facilitates prosperity consciousness.

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich