Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ October 21-27, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 – VenusTrianglesandaFlask22WEBSITE

Today the moon is in Aquarius all day today. This has us feeling a bit on the detached side of our emotions, kind of like we can see what others are feeling and seeing without getting too involved in it ourselves. Aquarius moon is also quite quirky and can be creative and fun too. So do something fun or creative with yourself today if you can!

The only aspect that the moon makes ia trine to Mercury at 6:11 PM EDT. This has us wanting to come to come sort of decision and make those decisions happen. IT is also a good time ro persuade others to see things your way too.

A good stone to use today is morganite which infuses us with joy and love and peacefulness.

A good essential oil for today is sweet orange which is uplifting and helps keep us cheerful.


Thursday October 22, 2015 – UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikki

Today is a relatively easy day, with one small hitch. The moon is in Aquarius all day long which gives us a feeling of emotional detachment. We are logical creatures instead of emotional creatures today, kind of like Spock.

The first aspect is moon sextile Uranus at 5:09 AM EDT which should have us waking up energized and feeling upbeat. Uranus puts a bounce in our step and helps us tap our foot to the beat so if you feel like dancing, go for it! Uranus wants us to be free to express ourselves!

The other aspect today is Mercury square Pluto. We just had this same aspect on September 24, when Mercury was retrograde. Since Mercury is direct this time we should be able to reach a resolution to a deeply held problem that came up on that day. Mercury-Pluto aspects inherently involve deep thinking and so aid in problem solving in general. Sometimes the lightbulb goes on and we have an “aha” moment where we realize there is a different way to think about an issue we are dealing with. Today, under this aspect, we have that ability, so use it well!

A good stone to use today is morganite which infuses us with joy and love and peacefulness.

An essential oil I would recommend today is pine which helps us to approach things practically.

Friday October 23, 2015 – Sun-MarsVictoryLights222WEBSITEnikki

The sun enters Scorpio today at 1:47PM EDT. It is Scorpio season folks and you know what that means! Deep emotions come to the surface, giving us all an opportunity to do some introspection and see what lays beyond the veil of ourselves. I personally do not think that is is any coincidence that Halloween and Samhain are under the time when the sun is in the sign of Scorpio. I have yet to meet someone that is a Scorpio that isn’t psychic or intuitive!

Now, and leading up to Halloween and even after Halloween is an excellent time to get a reading from either of us (Starlene or Nikki) because the veil between the spirit realm and reality is thin. So be sure to stop by us on Oranum or our websites and get a reading if you are interested in what this upcoming time has in store for you. Aside from us both being Rock Star Astrologers, we both read tarot really well too, and are both Reiki Master Teachers!

The moon also moves into the sign of Pisces early in the morning today at 1:18PM EDT. This has us feeling emotional, sensitive and floaty. Pisces moon is not known for its drive and action so if you feel like doing something artistic and enjoyable today, then go for it.

Early in the morning Venus makes a trine to Pluto, it peaks at 3:43 AM EDT but it will stay with us for a while, days even. This is a time that we might become or feel a bit obsessive about the things we love. Try to remember that, yes its great to love and feel emotions about those things. Just do not make them turn into something obsessive and or difficult for yourself. Too much of that will have you getting worried or concerned too much and for probably no real reason at all.

Later in the morning the moon squares Saturn at 6:34AM EDT. This energy lasts all morning long and has us feeling like we are disciplined at work and have no issue getting the job done. This is a good time to do some serious thinking too.

In the afternoon the moon conjuncts to Neptune at 1:17PM EDT. This monthly aspect has us feeling sensitive and emotional. It can also have us feeling a bit like daydreaming and with not a whole lot of motivation to get things done. If that is how you feel, then do yourself a favor and daydream about some of the things you want to make happen in your life. So when the time comes that you have the motivation to work on things you will have ideas right there on paper in front of you.

Lastly the moon makes a sextile to Pluto at 11:07PM EDT tonight. This aspect can have us feeling some intense emotions and want to have enlightening discussions with those we love. Pluto brings out things from the deep and the moon is our emotions while a sextile gives us a gentle push towards taking action. So if things come out tonight, they should flow pretty easy, take notice of those things too. You probably needed to talk about those emotions instead of stuffing them down anyway!

A good essential oil for today is Frankincense which elevates us and connects us to spiritual energy while also grounding and comforting us. This helps soothe the tense energies of the day and transform them into something higher.

A good stone to work with today is pyrite which helps inspire creativity.

VenusBabyinWombWEBSITESaturday October 24, 2015 –

The moon is in Pisces all day long today and this is a nice, easy going placement. Moon in Pisces is dreamy and imaginative. Pisces likes to go with the flow and this is a lesson we can all learn from Pisces.

Our first aspect is an opposition from the moon to Venus which is exact at 12:29 AM EDT. Under this aspect love and relationships is important to us, and we yearn for having that interpersonal connection.

The next aspect is moon opposite Jupiter which perfects at 2:41 AM. We want something more, something bigger, under this aspect. It encourages us to dream big and then to go for it!

Our final aspect today is moon opposite Mars at 7:18 AM. Sometimes under this aspect we seem to project our anger onto others and can find ourselves in a bit of a tiff.

After that last aspect the moon is void-of-course all day. Another long void-of-course moon means it is best to finish up old projects and take care of routine business. It is said that if you start something new under a void-of-course moon that nothing will come of it … so it’s best to hold off and start new projects when the moon isn’t void-of-course.

A good essential oil for today is sweet orange which is uplifting and helps keep us cheerful.

A nice stone to work with today is aventurine which helps us remain optimistic.

Sunday October 25, 2015 – Sun-JupiterTreasuretheInnerLight2WEBSITEnikki

The moon starts the day in Pisces and is void-of-course until it enters Aries at 2:22 AM EDT. Phew, I don’t know about you guys, but these longer void-of-course moon phases are tiring! If you have been feeling a bit low on energy as of the last day or so (the moon went void yesterday at 7:18 AM EDT) then this is probably why.

Don’t fear though the Aries moon is here to save the day! The beauty of Aries moon is that it does not stay stagnant and lament over ever little thing. Aries moon wants some excitement and brings energy to our emotions so enjoy today being a bit more peppy than the last day or few. Make sure you utilize the energy of the day too, even though it is a Sunday. Because on Monday morning the moon goes into another long void-of-course phase until early Tuesday morning and life may feel a tad boring and blah once again. It’s OK though, Monday is giving us time to prepare for Tuesday when the moon is full in Taurus.

At 7:47 AM the moon trines Saturn. This is a nice, supportive feeling. We can set goals and accomplish them. We embrace the big picture and can prioritize our tasks. This aspect makes the moon practical, if that can be said for something as emotional as the moon. Use this morning to your advantage! If you have things you must do today try to get them done early.

In the afternoon at 4:03 PM EDT Venus conjuncts with Jupiter in the sign of Virgo. This is a great time for us to do something creative with ourselves. You might even think outside of the usual box when it comes to creativity with this transit and do something new. If you are choosing to simply enjoy the energy of Venus and Jupiter then you might just be in a really good mood. Venus is our love and heart and Jupiter makes us expand grow, so if creativity is not your thing today, then spend it with some people that make you feel loved and happy.

Next Mercury the messenger is opposite of Uranus the planet of surprises and living in the moment, this happens at 6:59 PM EDT. Both of these planets are planets that connect us with the mental plane so we might notice that we feel a little distracted or scattered all over the place this evening. That is OK though because sometimes it is fun to just let your mind run all over the place with itself. Surprising and fun things do pop up when that happens, so err on the side of being ok with being a little bit scattered and you will be just fine.

It would be excellent to work with aquamarine or celestite today, helping you tune into your heart and expression of yourself. Either or both will work fine. If you do feel a little bit scattered, then some black tourmaline will help you remain grounded.

A good oil for today is cinnamon which helps us feel more powerful. Cinnamon also provides beneficial energy and practicality to help with some of the other energies of the day.

Monday October 26, 2015 –Jup-SatCircleofScrolls2WEBSITEnikki

Aries moon today gives us a sense of independence and adventure. Moon in Aries is willing to take risks and not afraid of going it alone if need be.

Our first aspect today is moon conjunct Uranus which amplifies our need for independence. We want to do our own thing and we are not willing to wait on others in order to go for it. This aspect peaks at 6:57 AM EDT.

The moon opposes Mercury at 8:25 AM. Under this influence we feel that our feelings and our thoughts are not aligned and it is an effort to get them on the same page.

After that last aspect the moon is void-of-course all day. Another long void-of-course moon means it is best to finish up old projects and take care of routine business. It is said that if you start something new under a void-of-course moon that nothing will come of it … so it’s best to hold off and start new projects when the moon isn’t void-of-course.

Tomorrow morning is the peak of the full moon in Taurus, at 8:10AM EDT, so you might want to collect some things for a full moon ritual in the morning. Some good intentions for Taurus full moon would be things to do with feeling love from the heart and clearing the path for some new avenues of prosperity in your life. More about the Full Moon in tomorrows Astro Tapestry Report.

A good stone to work with today is moonstone which helps to tap into our intuition. Monday is the day of the moon so moonstone is a good choice on any Monday.

Rosemary essential oil is a good choice to use today as it helps to restore our balance and centers us.

Tuesday October 27 2015 – Sun-SaturnTapestry3WEBSITEnikki

The moon shifts from her almost day long void-of-course phase and into the sign of Taurus early in the morning at 2:07 AM EDT. Lady Luna is very grounded and earthy under the Taurus full moon, she enjoys a nice meal, some cuddles or creature comforts. Take some time today bask in gratitude with yourself today, even if all you have to be grateful for is awakening another day. When we are under the Taurus moon we do well to appreciate the things we have, and in that attract more that we appreciate into our lives.

The moon becomes full at 8:05 AM EDT in the sign of Taurus. This gives us the opportunity to do some energy clearing to give yourself space for new things in your life that you wish to manifest. You might want to sage the house or physically clean your surroundings, set some intentions for the next cycle of the moon that will come to fruition over the next 6 lunar full moons.

In the afternoon the moon makes a sextile to Neptune at 1:31 PM EDT. This aspect lulls us into our dreams and helps us merge into a state of peacefulness. This would be an excellent time to meditate or do something creative. You might even notice yourself being more intuitive during this time too.

Our last aspect of the day is a trine from the moon to Pluto and it happens at 11:16 PM EDT. Under this aspect we feel comfortable with our deeper emotions and are brave enough to confront our shadow side.

Wild Orange is a great essential oil to work with today, it brings about awareness and a healthy pep in your step.

Aragonite is the suggested gemstone for today, this helps to fuse your connection with the universe and your spirit together. We all have cycles where we feel a bit detached, and aragonite can help you regain that feeling of attachment to your spirit again.

Namaste & until tomorrow!
Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Nikki Rich and Starlene Breiter