Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ October 7-13, 2015

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich 
Wednesday Oct 7, 2015 – Neptune13PetalsMulti-Layers222WebsiteNIKKI

We still feel the lingering affects of the Mars-Neptune square yesterday, As we try to sort out what is reality from what is fantasy we feel a little confused (Neptune) about how to proceed (Mars), but things become clearer as the day progresses.

It is a relatively easy day in terms of aspects. The moon is in Leo all day and moon in Leo has a childlike quality where we want to have fun and be able to laugh. The first aspect is a sextile from the son to the moon at 7:40 AM EDT which is a soft and supportive aspect. We feel generally harmonious. The other aspect today is a trine from the moon to Uranus at 5:10 PM. This adds a fun and upbeat feeling to the day. We have a bounce in our step and can be surprised in a good way.

After that last aspect the moon is void-of-course for the rest of the day. This void-of-course moon lasts for almost a full day so it is time to get to work on your old, lingering projects and to take care of the routine things that never seem to go away,. If you just don’t feel like doing those boring things (which you very well may not) then the other way to use the void-of-course moon is to rest, recuperate and relax.

A good essential oil to use today is lavender which helps calm us from the tension of yesterday and relax. If you have a headache lavender is known to help alleviate that as well.

A good stone to use today is amethyst which brings healing and wisdom to any situation.

SunStar-likewithTriangles2WEBSITENIKKIThursday October 8, 2015 –

Both the moon and Venus make an ingress into Virgo today which shifts the mood quite a bit. Virgo is known to be particular … Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac. Virgo is practical and pays attention to details, and when we talk about Venus this Virgo-ness is a bit hard on love but it’s not bad for art and money, and Venus is related to all of these things. So keep in mind when dealing with your relationships that we may tend to be overly critical toward our loved ones under this influence and try to temper what we say with kindness. I imagine Venus in Virgo as an art critic who cannot find anything they really love, but can easily find flaws in the art they observe. Venus makes her entrance into Virgo at 1:29 PM EDT.

The moon makes her ingress into Virgo a little later, at 3:50 PM, after a lengthy void-of-course wander through Leo which has lasted almost a full day. Once the moon moves into Virgo we may feel like we have wasted our time and kick ourselves for not having gotten our tasks completed earlier in the day but hey, under void-of-course moon it is difficult to find the motivation. Virgo is much more organized though and may ask you to make a to do list so the entire day is not wasted. Practical Virgo.

A few minutes after the moon enters Virgo she meets up with Venus there at 4:01 PM … the ladies are together and this is a nice blending of energy if we can keep our inner critic out of it. Under and influence like this, in Virgo, we look in the mirror and see what is wrong. Please look at the whole package instead and appreciate what you see there. Self-criticism is not useful unless it leads to self-betterment. If you see something you do not like you can take steps to improve things!

Our final aspect of the day is a square from the moon to Saturn. Under this influence we feel a little blocked and so pushing through those blocks is recommended. Picking your battles is also recommended. By that I mean don’t spend time beating your head against the wall over something that doesn’t even matter very much to you, that is a waste of time! Instead, only square off in matters that are truly important.

Overall today is a bit of an off day. Make the most of it, stay positive, and try to have fun. If you aren’t having fun then just clean something! (Sorry, that is a joke about Virgo and their deep love of cleaning! No offense, Virgos!)

A good stone to use today is citrine which helps to motivate us to success … and we may need help with motivation today.

An essential oil I would recommend using today is sage as it helps to clear out any negativity and bring clean energy into your space. Sage oil can be used like a smudge stick but without the smoke!

Friday October 9, 2015 –MoonOverlappingStars3333WEBSITE
The day we have all been patiently and impatiently waiting for – when Mercury turns direct! This happens at 10:57AM EDT and means that the little technical difficulties and miscommunications that we have all been dealing with for the last couple of weeks will start to iron out. Phew!

Before that happens the moon and Neptune make an opposition to one another at 6:53M EDT. This is a dreamy aspect that is exacerbated by Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is Pisces gives us a feeling of floating far away in our own dreamland. We may try to avoid reality under this aspect but the best way to handle it is to use your imagination to help come up with creative solutions.

The moon conjuncts Mars at 10:05AM EDT, which gives us a boost to our energy. Do something constructive with yourself and get out there to spend some of the energy you have, how about going for a walk or run?

In the evening the moon makes a conjunction to Jupiter at 5:24PM EDT. This has us a little inflated with our emotions, being that both planets are in the sign of Virgo at this time, take your time to do some Virgoan things such as cleaning, editing and looking at the minute things around you.

The lady moon also makes a supportive trine to Pluto which peaks at 6:12 PM. This is an aspect that allows us to feel on a deep level and we can explore our feelings safely. Sometimes when we stop and take stock of our feelings we are surprised at what we find and this would be a good time to investigate our deep feelings.

A good essential oil to use today is frankincense which helps us gain a spiritual perspective.

A nice stone to work with today is citrine which helps attract success.

Saturday October 10, 2015 – VenusBabyinWombWEBSITEnikki
Lady Moon spends the all day void-of-course in Virgo. This is a particularly long void-of-course moon lasting from yesterday early evening until early morning tomorrow, over 34 hours! The best way to use this energy is to complete that to do list, especially things that you previously started or things that are routine tasks. I know that it is very lame for me to tell you to spend the day housecleaning and finishing up less than fun tasks but that is what the astrology says is the best use of energy today. Clean out a closet. Drop off your donations. Do your laundry, Fix that rickety gate on your fence. Check, check, check.

There is only one aspect today and it is a relatively strong: Venus square Saturn peaks at 8:31 PM EDT. This is an aspect for lonely hearts and separation. It is one of longing and wishing for a partner. It seems like we might always be alone. Or if we have a partner, we wonder why we still feel alone even though we are with someone. On the bright side this is an aspect that promotes commitment in relationships so there is the opportunity for relationships to grow stronger but it is usually through a challenging ordeal that our bond grows. If the relationship is not working this is an aspect that will reveal the flaws in order to free you up to find something that will work. It is a day to take a hard look at what you want in relationships, what your priorities are, whether you have given away too much or taken on too much responsibilities in your partnership or in the partnership that you desire. Saturn aspects involve our commitments and it is important to consciously consider that to which we have committed to or that which we would like to commit. If you are living in a fantasy land in terms of your relationships this might be a tough day for you but if you have build a solid and firm relationship this day presents an opportunity to affirm your commitment even more strongly.

The stone I would recommend working with today is rose quartz. Rose quartz is a gentle, harmonious, loving energy that promotes peace and healing within the heart chakra. The the Venus-Saturn aspect today we need the loving support that rose quartz can provide. Wear it, carry it with you, or meditate with it today.

An essential oil I would suggest for today is neroli also known as orange blossom. This oil also helps promote feelings of love and harmony, It also helps to support us in times of sorrow so if you feel lonely it is an especially good choice for the energy today.

Sunday October 11, 2015 – UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikki

After a day and a half long void-of-course moon phase in the sign of Virgo. Lady Luna finally makes her ingress into the sign of Libra at 4:45 AM EDT. This is much like a big giant sigh of relief to many of us that have been feeling a little like things have stood still for the last day and a half! In a way, since the moon does govern our emotions, it was a bit like a stalemate, between yourself and yourself – really. Boredom may have come to mind, but hopefully you took some of our previous advise and chose to use the void-of-course moon phase constructively!

So into the sign of Libra Lady Luna hangs out until Tuesday. She also goes into another long void-of-course phase on Monday from 8:06 PM EDT until Wednesday at 5:38 PM EDT. So my suggestion to you is to align yourself with doing things that need some attention during the day on Sunday and before the moon moves into her void-of-course phase Monday evening.

There is a lot to be done in this time too, as tomorrow the moon is new in the sign of Libra!

The Libra moon has us very intrigued by our personal relationships. Under this beautiful new moon to come tomorrow, you might want to do a little new moon ritual with yourself. Something that involves bringing more love and positive relationships into your life. You might gather a few tools such as some sage to clear the air, a candle or even a rose quartz mala and say a prayer or something as an incantation to invoke the Libra new moon.

As you do any or none of these things, at least set some intention for yourself to love yourself deeper than you have ever before. So when the new moon peaks tomorrow you can be prepared. As the next 6 months unfold and we reach the Aries new moon, those self-loving things will become daily practice. Just set your intention to begin today, and move along every day thereafter towards your goal. Notice the axle of Libra being partnerships and the opposite side of Aries being solidarity and going your own path. One must truly love oneself so much that there is no more love to give to yourself, and then it extends outward. This is the way to a healthy relationship!

The moon makes a conjunction to Mercury at 7:12 AM EDT. This can have us expressing our emotions quickly, possibly without giving it much thought. Just remember to keep some sort of filter from your mind to your mouth in this time. If you are channeling this energy in a positive light, you might come up with some good ideas, seemingly out of the blue. Do yourself a favor and write them down if you do!

In the evening we have the exacting of a Jupiter Pluto trine at 7:51 PM EDT. This trine has been making its way to this exact connection over the last bit of time. In this energy we can expect to feel some sort of drive towards spiritual or philosophical ideas. You might find yourself curled up with a psychology or even astrological book this evening. Take some time to think about these subjects, you will probably be driven to do so anyway. Understanding the intricate workings of the Universe as much as we possibly can, and taking time to contemplate expanding your mind is a great plan for this evening.

Just before the clock strikes midnight at 11:49 PM EDT the sun makes an opposition to Uranus. This can have us feeling a little electrified. Try to remember to have tact when dealing with other people and your own personal views.

Rhodochrosite would be an excellent gemstone to connect with the Libra moon and energy helping prepare you for tomorrow’s new moon. You might also like to work with some selenite to help clear any energy around you.

Bergamot essential oil is a good one for today as it helps to clear our mind and uplift our spirit.

Monday October 12, 2015 –Pluto18PetalsMulti-Layers2WEBSITE

The moon is in Libra all day long leading up to a new moon in the sign of the scales later today. Moon in Libra is at heart a diplomat and wants to be fair to all parties involved. Libra is an air sign and as such tends to rationalize emotions even though Libra is ruled by that lovely lady Venus.

The first aspect today is a square from the moon to Pluto at 7:19 AM EDT. Under this aspect we feel driven to explore our deeper feelings and uncomfortable with what we find. This is confronting the “shadow”, from a Jungian perspective.

The moon opposes Uranus at 6:20 PM. The is another tense aspect where we feel that someone or something outside of ourselves are throwing us off our game. The best way to handle this type of energy is to be confident in your ability to bounce back and make adjustments as needed. Adjustments are always needed, and it is how we handle them that are key.

The new moon occurs at 8:06 PM at 19/20 degrees of Libra. The Sabian symbol for this new moon is A rabbi performing his duties: the ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one’s fellow man. Libra is all about relationships and this Sabian symbol does invoke the idea that we are all capable of and responsible for the spiritual development of ourselves and of those around us. Taking a moment to relish what is holy in our lives and to be grateful for our blessings and our challenges, both, helps us view our lives as sacred and as a part of something larger and more meaningful.

After the new moon the moon goes void-of-course for the rest of the day (and well into tomorrow). The void-of-course moon is one where we can finish up old things and recuperate. Since this falls right after the new moon in Libra I would use this and an opportunity to reconnect with our own inner balance. Libra is all about balance and we can spend some time thinking about where we lack balance and take steps to correct any imbalance we find.

An essential oil that I would recommend for today is patchouli. Patchouli oil helps to ground us and allows us to take things in stride with grace.

A good stone to work with today is carnelian which helps to keep us grounded and focused on the present rather than the past. Carnelian helps us to live in the now.

Earth-VenZoomedStarNetwork2WEBSITETuesday October 13, 2015 –

Mercury makes a sextile to Saturn this morning at 5:54 AM EDT. This is a nice way to begin a Tuesday because it gives us a bit of form to the thoughts that have been floating around in our heads as of late. Mercury is great with ideas and thoughts, but not always so good at making them happen. In an active aspect such as a sextile to Saturn this helps us do some planning ahead and in that we have some decent good judgement. Saturn is known for getting our heads on straight or causing havoc until we do. Since this is a sextile to the mind (Mercury) it should be a good and constructive morning! This is a nice reprieve that we get from all these void-of-course moon stretches lately! (Another long void-of-course moon is coming up tomorrow that lasts all day Thursday into Friday!) So set up a plan for yourself this week, during this time and stick to it.

The moon does finally get out of the recent void-of-course moon that has been going on since last night. Lady Luna moves into the sign of Scorpio at 5:36PM EDT. Even though the moon is a planet that carries with it the element of water and so does Scorpio. The moon is not necessarily happy in this placement and I will tell you why. The moon is our emotions, good, bad and otherwise. Scorpio digs deep, even into those hidden places that we don’t always want discovered! So sometimes this can drag out some of those deep emotions, fits of anger and rage (if that is what is buried deep inside) or if you are in a good heart space. It can bring out some deep conversations and opportunity for growth and perception. You chose, that is how astrology works. The energy is present, you can work with it or against it, your decision.

Snowflake Obsidian would be an excellent gemstone to work with today to help bring some stability and awareness to the things you need to get accomplished. If you couple it with some Fluorite even better, as that will help focus you even more.

A good essential oil for today is Frankincense which elevates us and connects us to spiritual energy while also grounding and comforting us. This helps soothe the tense energies of the day and transform them into something higher.

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich