Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ September 16-22

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich 

Wednesday Sept 16, 2015 – Sun-NeptuneVisionaryLight2WEBSITEnikki

Early, early morning, at 12:22 AM EDT the lovely moon makes a soft sextile to Mars and goes void-of-course. This void-of-course moon is rather long, over 11 hours. So most of the morning we will feel quite aimless. The void-of course moon often brings a feeling that something is missing, and that you can’t quite put your finger on what that is. It is not advisable to start new things under the void-of-course moon. Rather it is better to wrap up old tasks that were started previously, and to do routine things like housework under a void-of-course moon.

The moon finally enters Scorpio at 11:43 AM. It felt like a long morning but now we have a shift. The moon in Scorpio is not considered a great placement so that feeling of discomfort might continue but now it is a deeper, more emotional discomfort. I would consider this moon a good time to get things done in your business, something that you can focus on outside yourself. Scorpio moon wants to go deep into things so doing some sort of investigation and getting to the bottom of things so if you can do that with your books, or a research project, or a mysterious problem that needs to be solved. Scorpio loves solving mysteries so this is a great use of this energy.

A good stone to work with today is apatite which helps to clear out any confusion we may feel from that void-of-course moon. Apatite is also good for focus and assists in achieving goals.

A great essential oil to use today is peppermint which stimulates us to get some things done instead of letting the lazy void-of-course moon take away our motivation. Peppermint will also help under the Scorpio moon as it peps us up and allows us to concentrate in a positive way.

SaturnMetalOrnamentNikkiWEBSITEThursday September 17, 2015 –

The moon remains in deep and sensitive Scorpio all day today. Today is probably not going to be the simplest of days for us to go through and we might notice some twists and turns as the day progresses. Often we are uncomfortable with the depth of our feelings under the Scorpio moon but the best advice I have is to acknowledge your emotions and let them flow. Know that emotions ebb and flow like the tide and that they shall change as time passes.

The first aspect for today is with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. This opposition has been going on for a while now and will peak in energy this morning at 2:54AM EDT. The two opposing forces here are having us feel a bit inflated and over the top of our ideals and the life we want to create. It would be good to keep yourself grounded as this energy is passing us, because with Jupiter in analytical Virgo and Neptune in feeling Pisces you might notice yourself dreaming some big things that you have difficult substantiating later. Of course it is wonderful to dream and figure out our ideal life, just remember to remain grounded and centered in the actions that follow.

A little later in the morning at 3:47AM EDT the moon in Scorpio swings around and connect with Neptune in a trine to one another. This is a sweet aspect that helps open up our mind and welcome dreams and inspiration. So if this is your dream time, you might want to take some notes in the morning when you awaken.

At 3:48 AM the moon makes a soft sextile to Jupiter. The buoyancy of this aspects helps to lift us up from the dark of the Scorpio moon, adding a little optimism.

The next aspect of the day when the moon is sextile Pluto. This energy peaks at 1:51 PM EDT. This aspect has us receiving some enlightening information from some deep parts of yourself. This information may be something you have contemplated before but never put much into it – well now you will. If you use this energy correctly and allow those emotions to come out today, you will find some happiness in the release.

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Libra at 2:09 PM EDT. This has the air signs, Libra especially, Aquarius and Gemini a little bit twisted and backwards with their communication. All of us will be affected by the Mercury retrograde phase, but this year its been in all the air signs so it will be influencing those airy people the most! Be prepared to find communication a little funky and life a little bit quirky for the next few weeks. If you don’t let Mercury retrograde things bother you, such a miss communication, little errors and things just seeming to go wrong for a bit – you should come through this unscathed.

Next we have an aspect between the moon squaring Venus. This aspect peaks at 9:35 PM EDT. This energy greets us with a desire and feeling to relax and be open hearted. You may feel like having a fun and pleasant time with friends or connecting with loved ones.

Saturn also moves into the sign of Sagittarius today at 10:49PM EDT. This means that all you Sagittarius and fire signs (Aries & Leo) out there will be wondering what the heck is going on, and trying to sort out what is going on in your life. Saturn brings with it lots of lessons. So try to look for the lessons, instead of wallowing in the trouble. Saturn also has a way of stripping you down and taking the frivolous out of your life, so if some of that happens, remember to release it with joy. Holding on to that which is not so important is when Saturn strikes and gives you the biggest lessons.

Smoky quartz is good for clearing away any negative energy. It also helps us to get rid of what does not belong in our lives.

An essential oil such as cypress would be wonderful today for a calming effect.

Friday September 18, 2015 –


We start the day with the moon in Scorpio and at 2:46 PM EDT the sun in Virgo and the Scorpio moon perfect in a supportive sextile. This is a nice aspect that represent harmony between our masculine and feminine energies.

A short time later the moon makes a square aspect to feisty Mars which is exact at 3:49 PM. A moon-Mars square often gives us feelings of anger but we can channel this energy into activities that makes us feel alive and vibrant. Something physical helps to alleviate the tension that this aspect brings so make sure you get a little exercise today! After this aspect the moon goes void-of-course which means we no longer feel as driven or as motivated as we did earlier today. That means get your workout in early and you can use the afternoon to relax or take care of finishing up old projects.

After a long void-of-course phase the moon finally enters Sagittarius at 11:31 PM. Usually the moon in Sagittarius lightens us up but a few moments after entering the sign our sweet moon runs into Saturn which feels like we ran into a brick wall. Moon conjunct Saturn is exact at 11:40 PM and is resonates with the ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius last night. If you are a Sagittarius sun, moon or Ascendant or otherwise have strong Sagittarian energy you will be feeling this shift of Saturn strongly. Saturn spends about two years in a sign and even though he was in Sagittarius already (before going retrograde into Scorpio) this time he is here to stay for the long haul.

A good stone to work with today is black tourmaline which aids is releasing any negative energy.

An essential oil I would recommend to help with grounding is sandalwood. Sandalwood oil is supportive and gentle while also being balancing and strong.

Earth-NeptunePinWheel13Spokes2222WEBSITESaturday September 18, 2015

The moon is in Sagittarius all day today. This has us feeling a little less stressed out than we probably have been feeling the last few days. Today should feel like the weight of the last few days is lifting. It is a great time to go out and have some fun.

In the afternoon the moon squares Neptune. This energy peaks at 2:53 PM EDT and wanes down tomorrow. This energy may leave us feeling a little bit impressionable. Under this transit you may be wearing your rose colored glasses. It is OK to wear them from time to time. Just remember they are on and not to let yourself be confused by others at this time. If you feel confusion – wait, and make your decision another time.

The moon then makes a square to Jupiter at 4:03 PM but to me this reads as more of a warning not to overindulge. It is Saturday after all and we are free of the Scorpio moon so some of us may feel the need to let loose in an attempt to clear the tension. Have fun, but not too much!

A gemstone to use today would be Sodalite. Sodalite will help you to connect with your inner muse and be creative.

A great essential oil to use today would be Blue Tansy which would bring out the fun and creative spark that is within you as well.

Sunday September 20, 2015 – Merc-JupUmbrellaPinWheelWEBSITEnikki

Lady moon is in Sagittarius today which gives her an adventurous feeling. Sagittarius loves to travel, whether that is actual travel or more on the philosophical level. The first aspect she has is a sextile to Mercury at 5:29 AM EDT which is a soft, supportive aspect that allows our thoughts and feelings to flow easily. That is followed by a trine from the moon to lovely Venus which is another supportive and harmonious aspect and it perfects at 10:05 AM. The last aspect is a trine from the moon to Uranus which is exact at 12:42 PM. This is also supportive and gives us a bounce in our step!

Overall it is an easy day from an astrological perspective. We should generally feel good and have a sense of humor and harmony, both.

Grapefruit essential oil is a nice choice today as it mirrors the astrology. Grapefruit is refreshing and uplifting.

A nice stone to work with today is turquoise which promotes higher understanding and compassion.

Monday September 21, 2015 – Venus-MarsFinsandFansWEBSITEnikki

The moon is still in Sagittarius for the first few hours of the day, before she shift gears into the sign of Capricorn. This will have us feeling a bit of energy then more of our focus will turn into work things. Capricorn is the energy in the zodiac that isn’t afraid to do things and get the job done, as the Capricorn moon is about climbing the hill of success.

Lady moon aspects Mars in a harmonious trine. This energy peaks at 4:12 AM EDT today. This energy has us feeling loads of vigor. We might consider going for a run, or swim or whatever it is that we like to do with ourselves. Just burn some of that energy off this morning. If it is not physical energy you wish to burn off; you may notice yourself feeling quite optimistic and progressive.

At 4:59 AM the moon goes void-of-course after is makes a square to the sun. The sun-moon aspect marks the 2nd quarter moon and if we have a good view of the moon tonight it will show as “half” of the moon. This void-of-course segment is rather short but is best for catching up on old tasks rather than starting new ones.

The moon moves into the sign of Capricorn at 8:33 AM EDT which makes this a good energy for a Monday morning. Get your work done, and busy yourself taking care of business over the next couple days. Capricorn moon is also really helpful for helping to remind you that you should “listen to your body” as your body has many things to say. Generally we go throughout our days and don’t pay much attention to our bodies. Take time while the moon in in Capricorn until Thursday and note any weakness, strong parts, painful parts etc. The vow and begin a regime to heal anything that needs healing.

In the evening there is a nice vibration between the moon sextile Neptune. This energy peaks at 10:51 PM EDT. This vibration has us tapping into our creative side. It would be a great time to do some meditation and even a good time to schedule a reading. During this vibration the veils of intuition are lowered now. This energy has those that can tap in easily, highly sensitive.

Black Tourmaline is also called for today to help you remain grounded and open yourself up with the Capricorn moon.

A great essential oil to use today would be Blue Tansy, allowing you to bring some joy to the busy and productive Capricorn moon energy.

Tuesday September 22, 2015 –Jupiter11PetaledFlower222WEBSITEnikki

Lovely Luna is in Capricorn all day long today. She isn’t very comfortable here. Capricorn wants to focus on goals and Luna is more about feelings. It reminds me of when a woman wants to tell her partner about a problem she is having and the male partner immediately wants to solve the problem instead of just listening and sitting with her for awhile. The woman is not very happy about how her partner has acted in this but the partner doesn’t understand why she is upset since he was so clever to come up with a good solution for her. This is the moon in Capricorn.

We begin with moon trine Jupiter which is exact at 12:57 AM EDT. This early morning aspect could have us up late for a midnight snack, or since Jupiter is in Virgo, we may find ourselves cleaning the house if we can’t sleep. Overall it is a nice, soft aspect but since both planets are in signs where they aren’t very comfortable there is a hint of dissonance.

At 8:04 AM the moon conjoins Pluto and the dissonance has grown into discontent. Moon-Pluto is an aspect that urges us to confront our darkest feelings and this is not an easy process. We are uncomfortable with facing our shadow side but this is what happens under this aspect.

The next aspect is a square from the moon the Mercury which is exact at 10:56 AM. Under this aspect we feel a disconnect between our head and our heart. We try to make logical sense of our emotions but of course emotions are not rational.

Our last aspect of the day is a square from the moon to Uranus which peaks at 7:13 PM. We feel uneasy under this aspect, like things are not very stable. After this aspect the moon is void-of-course which means we are left feeling somewhat directionless for the rest of the day.

All in all it is a mildly uncomfortable day from an astrological perspective. A hint of discontent in the background, and the feeling that things are unsettled, but we can deal with these minor aspects and still make today a productive and prosperous day if we push through the resistance.

A good stone to use today is smoky quartz which helps to ground us and release any negativity.

An essential oil that I would recommend to use today is clary sage which assists us in harmonizing and balancing our energies.

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich