Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ September 23-29

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich 

Mercury-Jupiter3Fans22WEBSITEnikkiWednesday Sept 23, 2015 –

Venus makes a trine to Uranus today, right as the clock strikes midnight EDT and lasts until the end of the month. This is a nice aspect to bring some surprises in the world of love. Venus holds with it the things we love and want to hold dear and near to us. While Uranus has us wanting to live right in this very moment.
No not that moment just past, this one.
No this one.
No right now.
Well, maybe you get the idea.
Either way this harmonious trine with Venus has us feeling love for the moment we are in. You might also notice some things you love changing up a bit too. Usually this should be done with grace but since Mercury is still retrograde – who knows! I do know that this is a lovely time to practice being “in the now”.
Yeah, not that now, but this one… You get my drift!

Next we have the ingress of the Sun into the sign of Libra this happens at 4:21AM EDT. The sun in Libra has us wanting balance and harmony in our life. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus so those Venusian things are amplified this month too. Libra seeks to bring harmony and peace to the equation, and will often be a pacifist to keep the calm. The beauty of the Libran energy is that it can see both sides of the argument in any situation. Libra can then weigh in on the options. The trouble with Libra energy is that because it can do this, it can sometimes be hard to come to a conclusion. So if you feel like you need to get to a solid rock conclusion with something under the Libra sun, do yourself a favor. See all the available options; then step out of that indifference of seeing the whole picture and simply chose.

The moon, shes taking a nap through all this, because she just doesn’t know what to do here either. It was easier to nap! Actually, that is not so far from the truth too! She went Void of Course yesterday at 7:13PM EDT and finally awakes from her slumber at 1:51PM EDT today. She was taking that much needed beauty rest while the other planets were making their ingresses and aspects to each other. This might be a great time for you too, to reflect the planets and take a break yourself. Naps, meditations, prayer, all of those things are great under the Void of Course moon!

Lovely lady luna moves into the sign of Aquarius today at 1:51PM EDT. This is where she can let her quirky flag fly! Bringing the sun and moon back into air signs today, should have us all feeling a little lighter and peppier in our steps. The Capricorn moon, that I so dearly love (because that is my natal placement of the moon) I even agree, its not the easiest place for her to be. So this brings us a much lighter moon and feeling less weighty with responsibility.

Since the moon and sun are both in early degrees of air signs they make a harmonious trine to one another today too. this trine happens at 2:34AM EDT. This vibration has us feeling in harmony with those of the opposite sex, it would be a good time to have some fun with your loved one. Enjoying others in this time is a good idea, as the moon and sun in this aspect make it easy to open up and have fun.

Pink Peruvian Opal is a great gemstone to work with today. Bringing forward the windy energies of the Aquarius moon and Libra sun and helping one speak from the heart.

A good essential oil for today is rose which also promotes healing and confidence in relationships. Soft, romantic, nurturing and gentle, rose oil will comfort us today.

Thursday September 24, 2015 –VenusFrillyFlower2WEBSITEnikki

The moon spends the day in Aquarius today. Moon in Aquarius tends to rationalize feelings which is something of an oxymoron. But Aquarius moon also has a taste for unusual approaches and eccentricities in general … Aquarius tends to be quite a character!

Our first aspect today is a trine from the moon to Mercury which peaks at 12:08 PM EDT. We may actually succeed at getting our thoughts and feelings aligned with this aspect, for a short time at least.

The next and strongest aspect of the day is a square from Mercury to Pluto which is exact at 6:26 PM. Mercury-Pluto asks us to investigate things on a deeper level and come up with new solutions. At the most basic level this is a problem solving aspect so try to use it to sort out some of your more tenacious issues right now.

The moon makes a sextile to Uranus at 10:04 PM. This soft aspect gives us a little boost and perks us up, in a good way. We enjoy surprises and spontaneity under this influence, and a good sense of humor, so try to do something that lightens you up!

Mars makes his ingress into Virgo at 10:18 PM. This is a big energy shift. Mars is actually rather happy in Virgo because there is so much to do and Mars likes to be active. Mars in Virgo can take care of all of those details! Mars in Virgo wants to take steps to improve our health. Mars in Virgo is about precision and perfectionism in our actions, about doing things right. Virgo is stereotyped as the clean freak of the zodiac and Mars in this sign does give you the energy for that deep cleaning. Mars stays in Virgo until mid-November and help help create more healthy routines both at work and at home and with our bodies so take advantage of this placement while it lasts!

A good essential oil to use today is juniper which allows for cleansing and purification on all levels.

A suggested stone to use is amber which helps to balance emotions and clear the mind.

Friday September 25, 2015 – Pluto18PetalsMulti-Layers2WEBSITE

The moon goes Void of Course at 12:02 AM EDT after making an opposition to Venus. Which culminates at 12:02AM EDT. This has begun to affect us yesterday and wanes down tomrorrow evening. We may be feeling like being a little excessive at this time. We might like to over indulge ourselves in something. Use caution and enjoy a little indulgence while still having fun. Just remember not to go overboard with it too! There is nothing wrong with a treat of some kind here or there. Just remind yourself it’s a treat and should be treated as such!

The moon is Void Of Course for another long stretch today, until she ingresses into the sign of Pisces at 3:43 PM EDT. Do some meditation and relaxation exercises if you can at this time. Take some time to be good to you, if you feel bored or tired, tap a nap!

Pluto turns direct at 2:57AM EDT. Since Pluto is one of the outer planets the retrograde phases are not as often heard of; as the retrograde phase is for Mercury. But Pluto will have some weight to it on the days it actually is station, which is today. You might notice some big things on the news happening today. Sometimes unrest in certain areas of the world and on a personal level some obsessive compulsive behavior too.

The moon in Pisces is at 3:43PM EDT. This is where she is at her dreamiest. She loves to connect with the energies of the unknown. We may notice that we want to slip into a dreamlike, or trance like state under the Pisces moon too. Some things to do that are healthy are meditating, praying and sleeping. Some things to be mindful of are slipping into illusions or delusions of drugs or alcohol during this transit.

The moon and Mars are in an opposition at 4:40 PM EDT. This can be a tense one and we may feel impatient and even a little angry. The best advice I can give for this aspect is to think before you act rashly because we may do something that we regret if you don’t think things through.

The moon makes a square to Saturn at 4:40 PM EDT. As the square to Saturn grows we feel a growing tension. There may be an argument with an authority figure today, or even with the authority within ourselves. Try to ease tension in a healthy manner and not fight with yourself.

Mars then squares Saturn at 9:12PM EDT. This has us feeling very dutiful and like we have to comply to things that we might not want to. The best way to handle this energy is to just get it done and over with so you can move on. Know also that whatever you do in this time will create some structure for yourself so be grateful for that.

Rhodonite would be an excellent gemstone to work with during this time. Rhodonite will allow you to enjoy the sweetness of life, while still remaining grounded.

A good essential oil for today is peppermint which helps stimulate us into a place of clarity and helps us feel refreshed on an emotional level.

Saturday September 26, 2015 – Saturn

The moon is in Pisces all day today and it is an easy-going, go-with-the flow type of day all around! Pisces moon does tend to just flow with things, take things as they come, and make adjustments easily to changes. Pisces moon has the reputation of being a dreamer, and if you ask me that is a good thing! You can use the energy of today to get in touch with your own dreams.

Our first aspect is a moon-Neptune conjunction which perfects at 4:11 AM EDT. This aspect further enhances the dream state that resonates with Pisces. It might be hard to get out of bed today since we would rather go back to sleep and to dream.

The moon opposes Jupiter at 7:39 AM. Now our dreams might involve another person … daydreams, night dreams, any kind of dreams. This aspect also enlarges our feelings so if there is something unresolved in your emotional life it will seem like a much bigger deal under this influence than it might at other times.

The moon goes void-of-course after the last aspect which occurs at 12:32 PM. Moon sextile Pluto is a soft aspect that puts us in harmony with our deeper feelings. We feel comfortable with our shifting emotions, even as they change.

This void-of-course moon is a long one, over 24 hours, so use this time to relax, recoup, and finish up lingering projects. We have a full moon solar eclipse tomorrow so this is something like the calm before the storm!

A good essential oil to use today is lavender which helps to sooth any frayed emotions and encourage us to relax in general.

A stone that I would recommend working with today is amethyst. Amethyst brings wisdom and healing in any situation and helps to aid our dreams.


Sunday September 27, 2015 – MoonOverlappingStars4WEBSITEnikki

The moon is in Pisces for the first half of the day, keeping us in a floaty and calm space. She then travels into the sign of Aries at 3:29PM EDT where she is on fire and full of energy. Aries moon gives a pioneering energy to us, having us not afraid to step out of our boundaries and onto our own paths.

This afternoon the moon greets Saturn with a harmonious trine. This energy lasts most of the day today and peaks at 4:35PM EDT. This vibration reminds us that practice and perseverance is how we get through things. We may accomplish many things today. This will happen through remembering to have that sweet patience with ourselves and projects.

The last aspect for today is when the moon is opposite of the sun, thus creating the full moon,. We are fortunate today as this full moon brings with it an eclipse too. The eclipse is created when the north node conjuncts the sun and south node conjuncts with the moon. This is the eclipse. During this time of the eclipse, we are given an opportunity to have our emotions kind of blinked out and opened back up to a new realm. Sort of like a portal we go through. If we understand it, then this can be a very healthy time for growth. If you fear it and don’t understand it, then you might find yourself a bit emotional and feeling left in the dark. Nikki and I can both share with you how this energy is going to affect you by looking at your own chart. So yes, today would be an excellent day for a consultation!

A good essential oil to use today is juniper which allows for cleansing and purification on all levels.

A suggested stone to use is amber which helps to balance emotions and clear the mind.

Monday September 28, 2015 –  Sun-Moon-Geo2WEBSITE

We are still recovering from yesterday’s full moon lunar eclipse in Aries. We may even feel a bit of a cosmic hangover. But the moon in Aries doesn’t like to let little things like a hangover hold them back from moving forward and doing their thing so it’s onward and upward today! Aries has a fighting spirit.

We begin with moon opposite Mercury which peaks at 6:32 AM EDT this morning. Our feelings and our thoughts are opposed to each other. Often this aspect involves projecting our feelings onto another but in a mild way.

Lady moon then squares Pluto at 11:56 AM. This brings up deep feelings, perhaps things that we have been avoiding. If you feel uneasy under this aspect the best thing to do is to take a deep breath and know that feelings are temporary and this too shall pass.

Our final aspect of the day is moon conjunct Uranus at 9:30 PM. This can be unsettling. Uranus is about electricity and spontaneity but sweet moon isn’t very comfortable with jolts and surprises.

ll in all it’s a slightly unsettling day in the stars but nothing like what we have felt over the past few days so I think we can breathe a sign of relief.

A good essential oil to use today is lavender which helps to soothe and calm us in times of stress.

A good stone to work with today is smoky quartz which helps to grounds us and stabilize us.

Venus-MarsFinsandFansWEBSITEnikkiTuesday September 29, 2015 –

The day begins with Lady moon trine to Saturn. This is a good time for getting things completed. Only we might not feel much like doing doing a whole lot as after this aspect peaks the moon makes a Void of Course. This can have feel a little aimless. Our suggestion to you is to get your work completed early today, or wait until the afternoon time when you feel more energy.

The moon moved out of her Void of Course phase in the afternoon at 2:57 PM EDT, when she moves into the sign of Taurus. This is where the moon feels her sturdiest, most sensual and well rooted. The thing with the Taurus moon is that she is so sturdy she doesn’t want to move very much. So that might have you feeling a little stuck. Resisting change is something Taurus moon is famous for. So if change is not on the forefront of the day, then allow yourself the space to simply enjoy what is around you.

The last aspect the moon makes is a harmonious trine to Mars. This energy peaks at 7:51 PM EDT today. This energy has us feeling loads of vigor. We might consider going for a run, or swim or whatever it is that we like to do with ourselves. Just burn some of that energy off. If it is not physical energy you wish to burn off. Then you may notice yourself feeling quite optimistic and progressive.

You may want to hold onto some Clear Quartz at this time to help you see things clearer.

A good essential oil for today is Roman chamomile which aids us in becoming more peaceful.

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich