Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ~ September 30 – October 6

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich ~ Sept 30 – Oct 6, 2015

Wednesday Sept 30, 2015 –Jup-SatCircleofScrolls2WEBSITEnikki

We spend the day with the moon in Taurus. This is a comfortable placement and we should have an overall feeling of contentment today. Finally!

We start with a soft sextile from the moon to Neptune at 3:14 AM EDT. This aspect lulls us into our dreams and helps us merge into a state of peacefulness. This aspect blends well with the next one which is a trine from the moon to Jupiter which peaks at 8:15 AM. We feel buoyant, we feel elated, we feel generous. These are feelings that we wish he could hold onto, but of course, feelings are by nature changeable, just like the moon.

The sun and Mercury conjoin at 10:38 AM. This is the midpoint of Mercury retrograde and often considered a “turning point” of the retrograde cycle. The second half of Mercury retrograde is usually considered easier than the first half. And when sun and Mercury conjoin it is considered a good time for clear thinking and bright ideas. Like a light bulb going on!

Our last aspect of the day is a trine from the moon to Pluto. Under this aspect we feel comfortable with our deeper emotions and are brave enough to confront our shadow side.

All in all a relatively harmonious day from an astrological perspective. There are bigger issues brewing in the background so if you feel some tension we can look at some of the long term transits and formations … but there is always something going on in the background!

An essential oil I would recommend for today is bergamot which is uplifting and encouraging to match the mood of the day.

A good stone to work with today is clear quartz crystal which is a powerful amplifier and helps to clarify one’s vision.


Thursday October 1, 2015

Lady luna remains in the sign of Taurus for the first half of the day, this is where she feels strong and confident. At 6:44AM EDT the moon makes a square to Venus. This energy greets us with a desire and feeling to relax and be open hearted this morning. You may feel like having a fun and pleasant time with friends or connecting with loved ones.

The day progresses and the moon moves into the sign of Gemini at 4:03PM EDT. The moon in Gemini is curious and wants to explore the surroundings and ask questions. Gemini is known for getting bored easily so hopefully you have some fun things coming up today to keep this moon occupied!

There is some tension a little later in the evening when the moon makes an opposition to Saturn at 5:53 PM EDT. This can have us feeling a little dry or cold emotionally. Likewise it can also be a bit of a motivating force, if you need to accomplish tasks that are mundane and need a twinge of seriousness, this opposition can work in your favor.

Before the clock strikes 12 AM EDT, the moon makes a square aspect to feisty Mars which is exact at 11:30 PM. A moon-Mars square often gives us feelings of anger but we can channel this energy into activities that makes us feel alive and vibrant. Something physical helps to alleviate the tension that this aspect brings so maybe take a late night exercise class or at least burn off some energy early in the evening if you can!

A good stone to work with today is black tourmaline which aids is releasing any negative energy.

An essential oil I would recommend to help with grounding is sandalwood. Sandalwood oil is supportive and gentle while also being balancing and strong.

VenusBabyinWombWEBSITEnikkiFriday October 2, 2015

Lady moon is in Gemini today where she is curious and gets bored easily! A trouble maker, if you ask me, but only because she is looking for something to keep her entertained!

The first aspect today is a trine from the moon to Mercury which peaks at 1:08 AM EDT. This aspect creates harmony between our thoughts and our emotions.

The next aspect, moon square Neptune at 4:58 AM, brings us to doubt how we feel. It can lead us to wonder things like “Are my feelings real?” or “Do I still feel the same way?” This is subtle and luckily it does not last too long.

The sun and moon are trine today which is another source of harmony in the skies. This aspect peaks at 7:16 AM and gives an overall good feeling to the day. The moon is waning so it is a good time to release things that no longer serve you. Under this aspect it is easier to let go than at other times. So if you have something or someone to get rid of or let go of now is an excellent time.

The last aspect of the day is a square from the moon to Jupiter. Sometimes under this aspect we tend to overeat or have that extra drink so be careful if you are watching your waistline!

A good essential oil to use today is grapefruit because it is a little sassy and makes us feel better.

A good stone to work with today is lepidolite which helps promote balance and a sense of calm.

Saturday October 3, 2015 – Earth-VenZoomedStarNetworkWEBSITE2nikki

We start the early morning off with the moon making a soft but active sextile to Uranus. This aspect is active because sextiles mean some sort of positive energy flow. The moon being the governor of our moods and Uranus having us want to live in the moment. We can expect to feel spontaneous and fun this morning. If you happen to have some extra energy to burn off, then go and do that too. It is Saturday, after all!

Today is another two part day with the moon still in Gemini until the evening time. While in Gemini she is curious and busy, so enjoy that energy in the morning time especially. She goes into her Void of Course phase after 1:18PM ED when she makes a sextile to Venus.

This moon to Venus sextile is a harmonious energy that peaks at 1:18 PM EDT today. This vibration is peaceful and cheerful; the morning and afternoon should be a nice day for most of us. Enjoy the sweet energies that we are given and if you feel like it, do some self pampering.

Once Lady Luna moves into her Void of Course phase you can expect to feel more chilled out. It would be a great time for a nap, or meditation. Enjoy the calmness if you can while she is in her VOC phase because she switches gears and moves into the sign of Cancer tonight at 8:22 PM EDT. The moon is very at home in Cancer, with Cancer being the sign that she rules over. That does not mean the next few days won’t be without their emotions, because Cancer is very emotional. Think of the moon as our moods and emotions and the color of Cancer moon being very interchangeable moods and emotions. So if you need to cry a little or feel a little – let it out. The best thing I can suggest is to go with the flow and ride whatever wave is pushed in your direction.

A good essential oil for today is geranium which is gentle and balancing.

A great stone to work with today is angelite which promotes a sense of inner peace.

Sunday October 4, 2015 – Mercury2CirclesEntwinedORANUMnikki

It’s a busy day in the stars today but all of the aspects are mild so don’t let all the action today make you feel overwhelmed! The moon is in Cancer today which means we want to feel nurtured and take care of our homes and family. It is the perfect moon placement for a lazy Sunday spent nesting with our loved ones and making comfort foods like homemade soup.

The first aspect today is a square from the moon to Mercury which is exact at 2:28 AM EDT. Under this aspect we often feel that our mind and our emotions are in different places and it becomes a challenge to get them on the same page. But this is not an uncommon feeling and it too shall pass.

At 7:00 AM the moon makes a sextile to Mars which usually means that it feels good to take action, to be active, and we can harness our motivation to get moving and get something accomplished. Since the moon is in Cancer and Mars is in Virgo your accomplishments may involve some humble housecleaning or cooking but it still feels good to get to work on these projects.

At 10:08 AM the moon makes a trine to Neptune. This makes me think of a moment to acknowledge what is sacred and special in our lives. We feel in tune with something higher and are called to reach for what is divine in our lives.

The moon is at it’s 4th quarter stage today, the square from the sun to the moon is exact at 5:06 PM. The last quarter of the moon phase is best used for releasing things or people in our lives that no longer serve us. There is some small tension today because of the square aspect and this represents the reluctance we feel to letting go.

Our next aspect is a sextile from the moon to Jupiter which peaks at 5:41 PM. This does uplift our spirits a bit and spending time with close friends or family would be the ideal way to utilize this aspect.

We end the day with an opposition between the moon and Pluto which is exact at 8:14 PM. This aspect can be a little uncomfortable if we are not prepared to deal with hidden feelings. Sometimes we feel a power imbalance between us and another person under this aspect as well. The best thing to do is explore those deep feelings if they happen to surface, because if they are not dealt with they will come back another time.

An essential oil I would recommend working with today is geranium. Geranium oil is a lot like a mother is that is wants to cuddle you and make you feel warm, safe and secure.

A stone I would suggest working with today is chrysocolla which helps us get in touch with goddess energy and balance our feminine side.

Monday October 5, 2015 – UranusSpiralCircle2WEBSITEnikki

The moon is in lovely and sensitive Cancer all the day. The caveat to this day is that the moon makes a Void-of-course phase after she squares to Uranus at 7:04AM EDT. The square to Uranus has us feeling a bit like we want to shed our emotions quickly and maybe even without filters. So if you are feeling a little bit of a struggle with your emotions this morning, just know this too shall pass. Likewise you might not be on the emotional side this morning. If this is you, then you might want to channel this energy into some focused force. Try training your body or something that requires you to be in the moment.

Or, Bungee Jumping maybe?
Just kind of kidding about the bungee jumping . You never know when it comes to spontaneous Uranus!

After this somewhat intense aspect you might feel a little relaxed as the moon is in her void of course phase. This VOC moon happens from 7:04AM until tomorrow at 4:31AM EDT when she moves into the sign of Leo. In classical astrology; it is thought that the void of course phase moon in the sign of Cancer is not as intense and or boring as void of course moons in other signs. Still if you feel the need to just chill out and take some time for yourself why not, do it.

Jasper would be an excellent gemstone to work with today. Allowing you to feel grounded in yourself but not so much that you can not enjoy the lively energy of this time.

A good oil for today is cinnamon which helps us feel more powerful. Cinnamon also provides beneficial energy and practicality to help with some of the other energies of the day.

Tuesday October 6, 2015 – Uranus9-PetalsMulti-WEB-NIKKI

We have a pretty heavy duty day in the stars today. Lots of action and some of it is pretty challenging so I hope you feel up to the challenge!

The moon starts the day in Cancer and is void-of-course until it enters Leo at 4:31 AM EDT. The moon in Leo likes to joke around and have fun. She is warm and laughs easily. Leo moon is something of the eternal child so hopefully you can get in touch with your own inner child under this influence.

At 7:24 AM the moon trine Saturn. This is a nice, supportive feeling. We can set goals and accomplish them. We embrace the big picture and can prioritize our tasks. This aspect makes the moon practical, if that can be said for something as emotional as the moon. This is quickly followed by a sextile from the moon to Mercury which brings clear thinking and focus to our tasks. So far so good, today. Use this morning to your advantage! If you have things you must do today try to get them done early.

The sun squares Pluto today which peaks at 10:14 AM. This is like facing our shadow side, except the confrontation happens in the real world, under the light of day. If you have destructive daily habits then this is an aspect under which just how destructive those habits can be is made clear. We feel an inner angst, and a longing, knowing that things could be better … we just don’t know how to make them better! The discontent from this aspect can be palpable. If you are having a tough day I would urge caution because this can also be explosive and you might regret getting in that fight come tomorrow.

Mercury makes a sextile to Saturn at 6:58 PM. This is a good aspect for practical solutions. Things can be simpler and there is an answer … Mercury and Saturn together can figure it out.

Today’s final aspect is probably the hardest as well. Mars opposes Neptune at 10:53 PM. This can show up in a lot of different ways. Ideally we achieve (Mars) our dreams (Neptune) but with the opposition it is much more likely that we project our fantasies onto others which leads to misunderstandings about which motives different people in a situation. Another thing to avoid is chasing (Mars) a pipedream (Neptune). I am a believer that we can achieve much more than we give ourselves credit for but be careful today because this aspect can make us aware that we have been wearing rose-colored glasses which could lead to a feeling of disenfranchisement. Really just be careful, drive safely, pay attention, and take deep breaths as needed. There is also a strong spiritual sense to this aspect to you can use this to enhance your meditation practice and work through any blocks you have been feeling on a spiritual level.

A great stone to work with today is fire agate which helps us identity and harness our own inner fire.

An essential oil to try today is frankincense which helps us connect to the divine.

Your Rock Star Astrologers ~ Starlene Breiter & Nikki Rich