Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – April 14-20, 2014

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Astroenergetic Tapestry Report ~ by Wendy 1977414_737187982979622_299846309_nVillanueva and Starlene Breiter

Monday April 14. 3014 – In the morning we might wake up super early or have dreams that are very vibrant. We may be feeling lots of energies in the morning, lots of us have been feeling energy bursts and it will be intense this morning.

Allow whatever feelings that are inside to come out, which will help to catapult us to talking about some of the things that we might have been suppressing for some time and we finally feel like we are getting those feelings to come out. So it could be that the afternoon takes us to unexpected places when sharing with other people or even deep within our own thoughts. We may get a lot important insight that we need to pay attention to.

Many of us are absorbing this energy and are allowing it to spiral us into a new direction, this sort of movement is not always the easiest. Change is difficult for many of us, but if we recognize it for what it is, and we allow it to pass through us – learning as we go, then we can move into the next phase of our place here and now.

Later on in the night we it might be kind of tricky to settle down our mind, because we might be just too busy thinking going through what we have been going through. We might practice that we should allow ourselves to calm our minds and remind ourselves that we are in the here and now.

At 7:47Pm EST Pluto in Capricorn moves into retrograde motion. Pluto is a very slow moving planet and therefore is energy is very slow moving as well. During this phase of your experience you may feel and sense a restructuring of what you are holding deep inside of you – a release if you will. It is almost like a spiritual cleansing that will slowly unfold under this time of Pluto Retrograde which lasts quite a while.

The full moon is tomorrow (Tuesday morning at 3:42AM) so those of you that are planning on setting intentions could do it tonight or tomorrow. Those of us that collect crystals it would be a good night to put your crystals out in the moonlight – just make sure you bring them in before it is later in the morning, some crystals fade and some crystals get drained.

Gemstone Suggestions:

Moonstone is great for working with the full moon energy and would be a great gemstone to even sleep with. Also any high vibration quartz such as Lemurian Seed Crystals, Herkimer Diamonds or the like would be great crystals to work with your intention setting this evening.

Essential Oil Suggestions:
Lavender, as it helps with clear, calm communication and gives a good energy for the evening in particular.

Until tomorrow!
Wendy & Starlene

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report ~ by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene BreiterJupiter Saturn

Tuesday April 15, 2014 – The first thing, early in the morning, at 3:42AM EST the moon is full in Libra. This brings balance and harmony in relationships. What we do in this time period will carry us through the next 6 months till the Full Moon in Aries, then to complete the cycle in a year when the Moon is Full in Libra once again.

Over the early morning time, there is a lunar eclipse, which helps us to release old patterns that we are holding onto for whatever reason – allowing us to let go of that which is not serving us and allow that which is more on our path to come into our lives.

We may wake up early in the morning, wanting to talk and get things out but we are not quite sure how to say what is on our mind, or it might seem hard to express ourselves in the morning. The moon is Void of Course from 3:42AM EST until 12:20PM EST which will have us feeling more like we are coasting than in full gear. Try to ride the waves that come at you and not let too much intensity that could be flying around from other aspects hit you too hard. Remind yourself, this too shall pass.

This is a great time to set some intentions for the upcoming time. You can set big ones, but even smaller intentions such as for the next 2 weeks until the moon is New – asking the Universe what things you want to bring into your life in regards to relationships and what things are you willing to release in your life to help you reach and fulfill those intentions? This is a great time to do that, either by lighting a candle, saying a prayer, meditating – however it is that you connect with the Divine, do it. Ask for guidance, and once do, know that the Universe is conspiring with you to make that happen!

The Morning Gemstone Suggestions:

Labradorite is a great gemstone to work with this morning as it is the gemstone of magic and it will help you to feel more magic in your life and with your intention setting. Also moonstone is a nice gemstone to work with for allowing you to connect with the feminine energy of the moon.

The Morning Essential Oil Suggestions:

Lemon would be very useful because it is very invigorating, brings us joy and helps us focus and be more aware. Any citrus essential oil would be helpful for this morning.

For the next week Uranus and Jupiter are making a square at 13 degrees sort of waiting for the other planets to come into play to make that exact grand cross that happens on April 23. This energy brings us more of those surprises, sometimes earth shaking (literally and figuratively) things that happen in an instant and can be on quite a grand scale. We also have to remember that Pluto, is also in this pattern in the sky with Uranus and Jupiter and Pluto helps things come from deep within our inner being, that also includes the earth.

In the afternoon we might it will be easier to be deep in touch with our emotions as the moon moved into Scorpio at 12:20PM which allows us to feel deep emotions and inner energy to come out in a smoother and calmer way. The moon being in Scorpio at this time is helping us to deal with the deep roots of things that need to be attended to – so that we can move and transition ourselves into the next realm of our lives.

The Evening Gemstone Suggestions:

Galena, which is actually a natural form of lead – because of this, you should make sure you wash your hands after handling it and do not ingest it at all. It is a wonderful gemstone to help assimilate the jolts of energy and downloads of energies that many of us are getting at this time.

Pyrite is also a great gemstone to work with as a shield to help you to be protected against any negative energy.

The Evening Essential Oil Suggestions:

Thyme would be a great essential oil to work with, in regards to letting go – like we talking about with the lunar eclipse. Thyme is very helpful at cleansing for the emotional body and helps us to move forward. The other essential oil we suggest is Basil, which is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating – so if you are feeling restless or tired, Basil would be a great compliment to that feeling.

earthjupiteruranus2.jpgAstroenergetic Tapestry Report ~ by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene Breiter

Wednesday April 16, 2014 – We might wake up from dreams that were very exciting to us, almost as if we are inspired by our dreams. It would be good to wake up and journal them. The moon goes through many cycles this morning, almost putting us through an emotional type of roller coaster, this morning we may feel ups and downs quickly – just remind yourself to breathe and know all the energies we are feeling are spiraling us into a new dimension.

When Mercury is opposite Mars at 7:15AM EST in the early morning we might have more of a difficult time expressing ourselves or we may feel somewhat brash. If we are just aware of this possible flow of the energy then we can try to be a little softer with our words.

Later on in the morning we have more healing energy and are more mutual understanding. It might also be that we feel more receptive to other people’s feelings so if we are just patient with our communication in the earlier part of the morning, then the later part of the morning things will feel a little calmer.

Today Jupiter joins Pluto and Uranus in the 13th degree in Cancer, which creates a T-square between the three planets. So this is creating the energy of wanting to grow and expand so – on one side we feel progressive and almost compulsive so to do things as well as a need to grow and expand. These three planets are in aspect to one another in this way – pretty much just waiting for Mars to come into the 13th degree of Libra to complete the grand cross we have been talking about.

Essential Oil Suggestions for Morning:
Ginger is a great oil to work with this morning to be fully present and take responsibility in our lives. It helps us to feel empowered and ready to take on our lives. It is also a great oil to combine with Orange which helps us to activate ourselves and feel more abundant.

Gemstone suggestions for the Morning:
Rhodochrosite will help to balance any sort of anxiety emotion that we might be feeling during this time of lots of high emotions taking place. Another gemstone suggestion is pink kunzite, it is a wonderful stone to help with opening the heart chakra and it vibrates on a very high level.

Around noon we may be feeling some tension between our need to let go of something from the past so that we may begin growing and expanding our already known progressive ideas and how we need to structure and restructure things in our lives. This will lend some aid towards the realizing that we can become the future we are within ourselves by embodying it within ourselves then allowing us to step into that space accordingly.

The rest of the day will have intensity to it but it will also be very insightful. By allowing ourselves to feel emotional and let our emotions happen is a very important lesson that we are given at this time. The best advice is to allow the energies of this whole transformative process to happen and not fight against it or hold our emotions down.

Essential Oil Suggestions for Afternoon & Evening:
Cypress is a great oil to work with when there are adjustments to be done with the energetic flow of things. There is a positive side to cypress which will help us to have and emotional catharsis that will be very healing and help us to flow and move on and move with the natural rhythm of life. Another oil to work with us Geranium which is a nice oil for an emotional healer and helps us to grow and be taken care of.

Gemstone suggestions for the Afternoon & Evening:
Black Tourmaline is a wonderful stone to work with during the later part of the day which allows us to feel grounded and centered as well as light enough not to feel weighted down.

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report ~ by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva 10176110_738678556163898_1306353560_n

Thursday April 17, 2014 – The moon is Void of Course at 3:09AM EST until 5:44PM EST when it moves from the sign of Scorpio to Sagittarius. This day may feel like we are not super connect with our emotions, so this day will have a much different energy to it than yesterday. The moon in VOC in Scorpio is one where emotions are deeper and more internal than external.After a very eventful Wednesday – with all the tensions that have been building up in the sky, this morning can be quite useful for allowing you to go more with the flow of things and digesting things that have been happening over the last few days.Although emotionally we might feel a little more detached because of the energies of the moon being in its stage of Void of Course, we still have the energy of the T-square we talked about in yesterdays Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – so it can feel somewhat like we are shifting and adjusting ouur perspective from the last few days but it is more of an internal shift, rather than an external one.In the early afternoon we will have a period of self examination and possible transformation. So use this time to look upon yourself and journal about the things that you might want to improve in your life. Gemstone Suggestions for morning & afternoon:
Quartz and Black Obsidian are great gemstone suggestions to work with. We suggest that you work with them together because the black obsidian helps to pull us into a deep and passionalte place, that is very grounding and connected with the earth and this energy is sometimes to difficult for some people to handle without the use of another gemstone to help balance the depth and somewhat heavy energy of black obsidian. That is where quartz comes in to somewhat lighten the load. Together the two will help to cleanse your energy and bring you peace of mind or calmness.Essential Oil Suggestions for morning & afternoon:
Peppermint is a great essential oil to work with as it helps to bring us joy and invigorate the body, mind and spirit. Lavender is also a great essential oil to work with that helps us to calm us, but also help us to be in touch with our true feelings, opinions, thoughts and the ability to communicate honestly.After the moon moves into Sagittarius at 5:44PM EST we will start to feel the energy shift to a more jovial mood it will bring a burst of optimism and like we can generously share with others. It will be like a breath of fresh air – that we have just been waiting for today. We may feel philosophical or like we are emotionally looking through our lives and what has been going on over this recent time period.The evening time at 9:19PM EST Venus will trine Jupiter which allows the energy of excitement and energy towards spending time with our family or loved ones. It can also bring out our creative spirit and we might feel like doing something creative this evening during this harmonious energy that we are given. It is almost like we are given a revival before the energies of tomorrow start working on us – so enjoy it!Essential Oil Suggestions for evening:
Roman chamomile will help us to have meaning in our lives, connecting us to our true lives purpose. It brings us close to what we need to be doing and where we need to be at to do those things. It can also help with insomnia.

Gemstone Suggestions for evening:
Charoite is a great gemstone that will help with any sort of transmutation of any negative energy that is around you. It is helpful at cleansing your auric body. It will help us to learn the things that we need to learn  and by using these powerful astrological energies that are among us – this gemstone is a good assistant to guide you understanding and deepening your understanding of things on a subtle level.

Until tomorrow!
Wendy & Starlene

sun-uranus.jpgAstroenergetic Tapestry Report ~ by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva

Friday April 18, 2014 – The moon is in Sagittarius all day which will lend towards an optimistic sort of energy throughout the day.

In the early morning time we do have some energy going on that will help us want to take initiative and we want to be busy. We might find ourselves getting up early and doing something we enjoy. It may be that we are feeling a little dreamy like and we want to connect with our ideals and bring to the world the things that we want to happen.

If we do sleep in, we might have healing dreams that are very important to us. If we have these healing dreams journaling them would be a great way for us to remember them and understand them. We could get very important messages or insight out of them.

In a sense we start off the day on one foot on our inspired ideals of how things would be like; and another foot on what we are supposed to be doing right now. So we feel we are ready to take off and move into that space where we are able to take off and bring our ideals to a new space and make them happen.

Gemstone suggestion for the Morning:
Mahogany Obsidian is a great energy stone and also a great grounding stone this would compliment the very powerful T square that is culminating over the next week into a grand cross when Mars makes it to complete the grand cross.

Essential Oil suggestion for the Morning:
Frankincense would be nice to work with, which allows us to let go of lower vibration and negativity that doesn’t helps us. It allows us to feel our inner truth.

In the evening it will have a more restless element to it. We might be spending the evening in a way that we did not expect to spend it. It could bring some surprises or disruption – it could go either way. Either way it gives us an opportunity for growth and emotional healing.

As the evening goes on we may feel a little lighter, like the tenseness of the day has sort of melted away a little bit. Spending time with friends or loves ones is good as well as meditating or doing something creative may help you to channel this inspirational energy into something good.

Essential Oil suggestion for the Evening:
Spruce is a great essential oil to work with as it is very stabilizing and grounding. It helps us not to burn out, so if we decide to be very active, it helps us to disperse our energy and not use it all at once. The other suggestion is Lavender which will help us to speak our truth in a calm and stable way.

Gemstone suggestion for the Evening:
Aragonite is a great gemstone that will remind us that we are all connected with one another – that we are all one. It goes in alignment with all that has been going on, giving us opportunity to simply be real with others and ourselves throughout this time.

Until tomorrow!
Wendy & Starlene
Astroenergetic Tapestry Report ~ by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanuevasun pluto2
Saturday April 19, 2014 – Early in the morning if we are not sleeping, we might feel somewhat restless. Communication might be a little bit weird so if you are up and awake early in the morning, take note of this energy and remember that it will pass in time.
Later on in the morning we will feel like we can communicate with other people better and that our emotions are easier to express than they were before. We will feel as if our emotions are easily translated into words later on this morning so it will be as if our words are more refined and we feel comfortable expressing our more delicate sides to ourselves this energy will carry us through the afternoon.
Gemstone Suggestion for this Morning:
Dravite or Brown Tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone to work with this morning as it is grounding and centering but allows us to still fully communicate ourselves. A complimentary gemstone to use this morning is sodalite which would be great for someone that wants to express them in an artistic or creative way. Essential Oil Suggestion for the Morning:
Birch helps us feel supported and for us to feel strong like we are able to stand strong within ourselves. It helps us to have courage as well. Another great essential oil to work with on this morning is Rosemary inspires soul searching and helps us to expand our lives. Orange or any other type of citrus would be a great one to compliment the others – allowing us to bring joy, focus and optimism into the equation.Later on in the evening time, we will feel like our hearts and minds are on the same page, sort of as if we are in tune on both sides of ourselves. The moon moves into Capricorn at 9:28PM EST this brings an earthier element to our emotions and allows us to feel a lot more stable.Shortly after the moon moves into earthy Capricorn, the Sun will move into Taurus. This happens just before midnight at 11:57PM. The moon and Sun both being in an earth sign allows us to feel a little more connected to the earth and grounded as well – the Sun’s movement might take until the following day to really feel the energies of Taurus, but in time it will. This brings us forward allowing us to feel more in tune with the earth and the earth’s energies.Essential Oil Suggestion for the Evening:
The first essential oil suggestion for the evening is Patchouli which will help us unite our body, mind and spirit allowing us to feel more grounded and connected as the energy of patchouli is very earthy. Another great essential oil to work with this evening is Palmarosa which will be helpful for the rest of the month. It is helpful for emotional growth and maturity. It helps us overcome any sort of victim mentality, or emotional barriers – allowing us to let go of things that no longer serve us and weigh us down.

Gemstone Suggestion for this Evening:    
Tiger eye is really good to help you sort things out in a constructive way and for balance and prosperity so it may be a wonderful stone for you to work with in the evening with all the earthy energies coming into play.

Until tomorrow!
Wendy & Starlene
Astroenergetic Tapestry Report ~ by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva photo 2
Sunday April 20, 2014 – The first thing is that the moon is in Capricorn all day long. This lends the day towards having our emotions be a bit more grounded than they were before. The sun is sort of offline, because it has just transitioned from the fiery energy of Aries to the more earthy realm of Taurus, so it will have some shifting and moving energies to the day.The exact Jupiter Uranus square happens at 3:29AM EST this aspect has been going on for a while but it is just exact at this time. We might notice that we have some prophetic or inspiring dreams or that we wake up fairly early and have a bit if energy.A little later in the morning time we would feel a harmonious energy and we might even want to start to journal our dreams and desires. We may have an idea on how our dreams and ideals are made possible when we are able to connect them and move into the space of making them happen.

Gemstone suggestion for the Morning:
Howlite is a great stone to work with to allow tranquility and calmness to take place in your heart, so if there are any stressing going on, you can work with howlite to help soothe them over. Also, working with a gemstone from the zeolite family such as apophyllite, stillbite, scolectite or the like. They will help o connect uus with our dreams and give some energy towards understanding our dreams.

Essential Oil for the Morning:
Myrrh and Frankincense are great to work with together or one at a time this time, as Myrrh is very nurturing to the soul and our relationship to the mother or mother earth. Frankincense connects us with our inner truth and our inner truth of the soul.

Later on in the day we will feel some energies of shifting and things starting to pick up speed as the moon connects with Pluto later on in the day and the intensity will pick up. We may feel like pressures of things from deep within are coming out, like a purging of some sort. If you feel intense emotions, try releasing them in the best way possible and finding outlets that will allow you to vent in a healthy and good way.

This is spiraling us into a new place in our lives, and is a great opportunity to allow us find gratitude for the things that have been difficult for us over the last few months. So in some way, all the stresses that we are dealing with are constructive and helpful in the long run.

Essential Oil for the Afternoon/Evening:
Bergamot reduced any low self esteem or self limiting thoughts that we might have. It will help to alleviate despair and any negative belief system that might be weighing us down, allowing us to feel love for ourselves. Juniper Berry would also be a good essential oil to work with as it allows us to face and see the darker sides to ourselves and face it without feeling negative about it.

Gemstone suggestion for the Afternoon/Evening:
Pietersite is helpful this evening because it is of the element of the storm and it will help us to travel through all of the very powerful energies that are going on now and deal with them in a way that is very healing and helpful instead of chaotic and difficult. Rose Quartz is another gemstone that you might want to use for the evening because it helps us to remember to love ourselves unconditionally and in a loving, kind way.

Until tomorrow!
Wendy & Starlene

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