Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – April 28 – May 4, 2014

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The Astroenergetic Tapestry Report for the week of April 28 – May 4,2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report  10300311_10152327806037973_5736496623694093265_n
by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva
Monday April 28, 2014 – The morning might feel a little like a space in-between different episodes. The moon moves to the sign of Taurus at 10:23, joining the Sun and bringing a more stable earthiness to our life rhythm and our emotions, this will probably feel very welcome after an eventful and possible tense past week.
Today would be a good time to find an occupation to bring us close to nature, we could do some gardening, take a walk in nature, or allow our bare feet to feel the grass to come in tune with the natural flow and the blooming spring.
Essential oil for the morning/afternoon:
Myrrh nurtures our soul’s relationship to Mother Earth, it helps us feel taken care of and safe.Gemstone suggestion for the morning/afternoon:
Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful help to remain grounded and centered while being able to observe with clarity what goes on around us, instead of participating in any sort of negative or challenging behavior.The day’s energy will have a sense of building up to its culmination with the Solar eclipse tonight, which might bring an element of surprise or information we may not have foreseen but which would give us some very useful newly found clarity sometime in the days around it. This isn’t necessarily a time for hasty decisions or ultimatums we may not be able to go back on later, but more of a time for attentive observation to gather more pieces to the puzzle while doing conscious work on remaining grounded and centered within our mindful awareness.
Later tonight will be a nice time to feel in touch with our sense of vision, inspiration and ideals, and the Moon in Taurus will be helpful in sensing the natural timing for everything to develop and grow, in the right or opportune moment – Kairos.
Essential oil suggestion for the evening/night:
Clary sage helps us to harness the courage we need to see the truth as it is and to recognize any limiting belief systems holding us back. It encourages us to remain open to new ideas and different perspectives.
Gemstone suggestion for the evening/night:
Aragonite reminds us that we are all connected to one another and that we all play our share as part of a bigger whole. It invites us be honest with others and with ourselves throughout this time. Black Tourmaline is still an excellent ally to remain connected to our core throughout this month.
Until tomorrow ~

Starlene & Wendy

PlutoTuesday April 29th, 2014.

This New Moon will probably start to be felt with more clarity after the Solar Eclipse at 2:40 am. From Tuesday on we will find opportune time to start setting plans into action or to plant seeds for the future, even in a literal sense. The morning might bring us a good opportunity to verbalize and express our emotions and recently found insights. We will be able to understand where our emotions come from and why, even though they may be quite profound or large.
Today will give us another excellent moment to journal our thoughts and to keep coherent track of our progress, particularly after the stormy winds of the last couple of weeks.

Essential oil suggestions for the morning:
Lavender and Wild Orange, to encourage honest and open communication from the heart and to inspire optimism and abundance.

Gemstone suggestion for the morning:
Carnelian agate allows our communication to be clear and concise. It is soothing and calming to frustrations too.

The afternoon might be a nice time to reach out and to share some of our time with others in some sort of joint effort or to communicate clearly about practical issues and arrangements we’ve been thinking about for some time. There may be a certain intensity to our communication so it is useful to remember to also listen in turn. When we find ourselves in deep serious conversation a moment of shared laughter can help lighten and brighten up the moment giving us fuel to continue, and helping us remain connected.

If we stay up later tonight we might enjoy moments of fruitful introspection and we could easily find our way back to ourselves by physically doing something practical yet enjoyable, or relaxing through our senses, for example with a warm aromatic bath, a massage, music or chanting.

Essential oil suggestion for the afternoon/evening:
Myrtle aids us gain flexibility, adaptability and resilience, it allows things to flow naturally and us with them.

Gemstone suggestion for the afternoon:
Rhodocrosite will be a helpful ally to work with in the morning if we feel heavier or tumultuous emotions, it lightens our heart and makes us feel more connected.

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report  venus mars2

by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Wednesday April 30, 2014 – Early in the morning at 4:32AM EST Mercury and Jupiter connect with each other. You might find yourself either awake early and feeling inspired to write or wanting to communicate with others – or staying up late with that same sort of energy. If you are sleeping, you may notice that your dreams wander into different places, places you may never have gone before. Take note of those dreams and journal them down, as they could serve some purpose to you in the future about ways you can expand and grow.

After an eventful day yesterday there is a harmonious energy between the moon and Venus at 11:53AM EST, this has us feeling comfortable and in a calm and collected state of being. This energy takes us into the afternoon where the moon goes into its Void of Course stage right after this aspect which is with us from 11:53AM until 4:56PM when the moon moves into the zodiac sign of Gemini.

What a Void of Course Moon is, is when the moon makes its final major aspect to another planet – until the moon moves into the next sign. Sometimes that is just minutes and sometimes it is a day or so. So just before this Void of Course Moon. To explain the vibe of the Void of course phase ~ it is generally a time when you would want to be sort of low key, to not overly stress any certain thing or be too pushy, especially emotionally. You likely won’t feel like being too pushy and this sort of hum-drum feeling could be the theme of the time that the moon is Void of Course. Naturally there are many energies out at any given time, and it affects us all – depending on our own natal charts, but this is a general energy you might notice a lull in your mood during Void of Course Moon – if so just ride the wave, until the next one passes.
The energy of the moon moving into Gemini is a bit lighter and brings with it an element of curiosity, playfulness and fun – so your afternoon and evening may have a lighter tone to it then earlier in the day.

The Gemstone suggestion for the Day:
Moonstone is a nice gemstone to work with for allowing you to connect with the feminine energy of the moon and in connection with the aspect the moon is making with Venus as well as yesterdays New Moon this would compliment both of those energies quite well.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the Day:
Thyme would be a great essential oil to work with, in regards to letting go – like we talking about with the solar eclipse. Thyme is very helpful at cleansing for the emotional body and helps us to move forward.

Until tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report mars green.jpg

by Starlene & Wendy

Thursday May 1, 2014 – The moon is in Gemini all day giving a light and curious energy to the day, if you have any planets in later Gemini then you might notice that this affects you more than others. Enjoy the light, airy energy of the day as at 7:32PM EST the moon does go into ite Void of Course stage and stays there all day tomorrow too. To read more about the Void of course stage of the moon, we invite you to read yesterdays AstroTapestry report!

In the morning we might be feeling like we are taking a deep look at what we want to bring into this world, digging deep within our souls and asking ourselves – where is it that we can put our energy to make things happen in a healing way for ourselves.

In the early afternoon at 12:55PM the Sun connects with Mars in a way that is somewhat confusing, we might be feeling a little anxious or as if we are having bursts of energy that come on strong and end just as quickly as they came on. It would be good to just remember that this is a phase of energy and if you are feeling like you are struggling with this, then just knowing it will pass in a short time, should be helpful for you.

The Gemstone suggestion for the Morning:
Amethyst will help us to go within and look at our inner ideals and what we want to bring forward into this world then make it happen. If you are feeling that anxious feeling we mentioned then maybe working with Black Onyx will help to ease tensions and allow you to feel more peaceful.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the Morning:
Tangerine would be helpful, as it brings lots of cheer and joyfulness into our lives. It invites us to tap into our creative side and bring more spontaneity into our lives. Also working with Patchouli is an excellent essential oil to work with to help keep you grounded especially if you feel somewhat anxious.

Later on in the afternoon at 2:02PM EST we may feel a burst of energy, that is more of a positive note than the one mentioned for the morning. It will be as if our emotions and our energy are in sync, take this time to get things accomplished and work on stuff we need to get done as tomorrow is a day full of a Void of Course Moon which may have us feeling a bit of a lull in our energies.

In the evening time at 6:22PM EST there is a connection between the moon and Pluto that may have us feeling some sort of emotional upheaval and have us feeling a bit insecure. Know that this energy is present so that we can examine those feelings and one and for all release and let them go.

There is another aspect this evening before the moon goes into its Void of Course phase that happens between the moon and Uranus at 7:32PM EST – this energy is creative, individualistic and original – so if you feel like you want to do something creative and inspiring then now is a great time to do that.

The Gemstone suggestion for the Afternoon/Evening:
Working with Red Jasper will help to channel the tense energies that are possible in the early afternoon and allow you to work with them in such a way that you feel grounded and accomplished, instead of out of sorts. Also in the evening it is suggested that you work with Rose Quartz to help with any sort of intense emotions that might come to light, just knowing that loving yourself is important.

The Essential Oil suggestion for the Afternoon/Evening:
Wild Orange is a great oil to work with in the early afternoon, allowing you to focus your energy and actually feel positive about it, it is also helpful at inspiring creativity. In the evening it may be helpful to work with Rose, which will allow you to be in your heart center and feel loving, kind and serene in your heart and with yourself.

Until tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 01a43d546464009c4d78021037818ce5e1852ffaa2

by Starlene & Wendy

Friday May 2, 2014 – The moon is in Gemini all day today, but also Void of Course, that means it makes no major aspects to the other planets today. Emotionally we might feel a little disconnected or disjointed today – that isn’t necessarily a negative feeling, but more like a somber get-this-day finished sort of feeling. Early in the morning on Saturday the moon moves into Cancer and that energy will shift (more about that in tomorrow’s AstroTapesty report) So our suggestion for you, for today is to just stand on the sidelines of life as if you are watching a game or a movie, and let it all happen. It is days like today that remind us that life is perfectly orchestrated and in tune with the Universe and we should just trust the process.

In the morning at 8:02AM EST there is a an minor aspect that happens between the moon and Saturn where we might feel somewhat disconnected from our emotions. This makes us think of a need or desire to examine repressed emotions. It may not be the time to make decisions or do something about those repressed emotions, but take note of them and as this energy passes and we move into the weekend – we will be given opportunity to work on those repressed emotions or come to a deeper understanding of them.

The Gemstone Suggestion for the morning is:
Jasper is a great gemstone for helping you feel grounded and centered within your being. It is associated with Gemini, and since the moon is in Gemini even under a Void of Course Moon, Jasper will help you to articulate yourself the best way you can.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the morning is:
Basil treats the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion like fatigue, low energy and a sense of inability to cope with the stress of life. It brings the rejuvenation of vital forces, restores the body to the normal rhythms of sleep and activity.

In the evening at 8:56 PM Mercury is across from Saturn, this brings a realness to our words and communication. It might be that we feel a strong desire to either hold back our words or bluntly blurt them out. Try to err on the side of being loving if you feel like speaking out brashly and hold your tongue at this time, as this aspect will pass rather quickly, and when you have a clear mind you will be able to express yourself in a real, honest and loving manner – rather than being so blunt.

At 9:21PM EST Venus starts its new cycle in the zodiac and slips into the sign of Aries. This brings some passion and initiation energy to the things that we love. We might notice over the next several weeks that we want to start a new romance or even rekindle an old one, just remember Aries is great at starting things, not so great at keeping them going long term. This energy is just starting to flow at this time and over the next couple of days it will become more apparent to you, so stay tuned and open for new things you feel loving and creative about.

The Gemstone Suggestion for the Evening is:
Green Onyx is very healing and soothing to the emotions and with other people. It also helps us feel a sense of community to others, so if there is some tension “in the air” concerning other people –this would be a great gemstone to help soothe those tensions.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the Evening is:
Frankincense, it helps us create new perspective based on life and truth. It is a huge cleanser of negativity in life and helps foster spiritual awakening, it brings us closer to Divinity in our lives.

Until tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy
Jupiter SaturnAstroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Starlene & Wendy Saturday May 3, 2014 – After a WHOLE day where the moon was in its Void of course  phase, it finally switches signs at 2:13AM EST. This is helping switch the mood into something new, where we feel more connected to our emotions and family. Today would be a great day to spend at home, tending to things around the house or with family.In the early morning hours of 2:43AM EST we are given an aspect between the moon and Venus that has us feeling relaxed and enjoyable. Many of us may be asleep at this time, and that is OK, we should have a nice nights rest and wake up refreshed in the morning, if we are not up and spending time with our loved ones that is!

The Gemstone Suggestion for the Morning is:
Rose Quartz it will help you feel connected to the healing energy of the morning and allow some space for us to do some inner work on our hearts.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the Morning is:
Geranium  is a great calming and soothing Essential Oil that will blend well with the morning energies bringing a calm and soothing feeling inside and out.

At 4:25PM EST The moon and Neptune dance together for a while, creating an inner desire to see what is inside of ourselves and the idealistic life that we want to live. If you are not already living it, then now is a great time to do some manifesting and creative visualization! This could also be a romantic time for some of us, so if you have a date on Saturday night, expect some dreamy, sweet romance to come into play.

The sun and Pluto make a favorable connection to one another at 8:37PM EST, this connection goes along with the energies we spoke about in the afternoon between the moon and Neptune, but its allowing us to dig even deeper into our emotions and examine them to see how we can bring those higher lofty ideals into play in our lives. This is a good time to start to think about making progressive changes in your life and the days unfolding will give us energy and the desire to map that out – so take notes on what you are feeling and thinking about tonight as they will be important in the progression of your life.

In the later evening at 11:16PM EST the moon and Mars tango and create some energy within us, we might find ourselves wanting to stay up late and not go to bed. We also might notice that we feel a little impulsive or have some emotional outbursts, for good or for bad. Either way that it plays out for you – just know its playing out and ride that wave!

The Gemstone Suggestion for the Afternoon/Evening is:
Amethyst would be good in the afternoon when working with the Moon/Neptune energies, helping to inspire us to reach inside our hearts to see where they may lead us. In the later evening working with mahogany obsidian will help us to bring out that which is buried deeply within in a calm and soothing way.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the Afternoon/Evening is:
Peppermint is a great essential oil to work with as it helps to bring us joy and invigorate the body, mind and spirit. Lavender is also a great essential oil to work with that helps us to calm us, but also help us to be in touch with our true feelings, opinions, thoughts and the ability to communicate honestly.

Until tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report by Starlene & Wendy

Sunday May 4th, 2014MerJup2The night time might bring us some kind of recurring dreams that may even have a sense of obsession or compulsion to them, if we wake up very early we might feel like we are stranded with the emotions caused by our dreams and like it’s almost hard to shake it off. There is also an element of understanding and integrating those emotions into our conscious being and how they manifest as part of our lives. The Moon will aspect several of the planets involved in the past Grand Square and there may be emotions coming up throughout the morning relating the new direction we are paving under our feet. The morning’s energies might include a lot of restlessness and a certain push in some surprising or new direction which in turn helps us grow and expand but which could also cause bigger expression of feelings.

The essential oil suggestion for the morning is Cypress, this oil helps us let go of the past by moving with the natural ebb and flow of life.

The gemstone suggestion for the morning is Black Tourmaline, protecting us from negativity, helping us remain grounded and inviting us to find the happy and joyful side of our day.

The afternoon will roll on with the tidal moods of the waxing Cancer Moon, it will be a good time to spend with family or take care of our homes or most important circle/haven. It’s also an excellent time to nurture ourselves and others. Towards the evening we might grow more inclined to exploring our feelings and memories on our own and would likely enjoy a more meditative or introspective activity on our own, it could be a good opportunity to relax and understand how we feel about the thoughts and communication we have been having in the past couple of days.

The essential oil suggestions for the afternoon/evening are Lavender, to help us relax and be honest and open with ourselves and others, and also Roman Chamomile, an excellent aid to reconnect with our individual soul’s purpose and to restore our confidence to do what we came here to do.

The gemstone suggestion for the afternoon is Chrysanthemum stone, it helps us to recognize and move forward on that which is important to us as part of our development, so we are content with our progress in life until that moment.