Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – April 7-13, 2014

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1535385_738153256216428_856387990_nAstroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva

Monday April 7, 2014 – We might be more focused on our families and homes and those we feel closest to, because the moon is in Cancer. This will bring us to an area that we feel comfortable with and we might feel like we need to find a sort of emotional release in our emotions pertaining to our family or homes as this has been an area many of us have been working through lately. This is good as this energy will spiral us into a more healed state of being and give us more of an appreciation for what we have and where we are.

Mercury moves into the sign of Aries today at 11:35AM EST. This allows us to have a more straightforward sort of way to communicate with others. We will feel more direct in our articulation during this time, and Mercury is in Aries until April 23 when it moves into Taurus. Today we might not be full on ready to invoke that fiery Mercury in Aries energies, but over the next day that will start to take on more inertia.

Morning Gemstone Suggestions:
Red Jasper would be a great stone to work with at this time, allowing us to have calmer emotions and not flair our energies too much. Sometimes Aries energy can be very boisterous and this gemstone will help calm any frayed edges.

Morning Essential Oil Suggestions:
Cedar oil would be a great gemstone for the morning; it helps to bring people together and straightens the community. It helps us form social bonds and to make a very healthy energy between receiving and giving.

For the mid afternoon we will be feeling like we want to accomplish some things but it may take us some patience to get things done. Its ok, as the moon goes Void of course (VOC) at 2:14PM EST so we may feel a lull in our energy sort of like we want to just drift and go through the day.

We could be feeling somewhat tense as well, because there are many planetary patterns out there affecting us, not just the lunar movements. As we build up towards this grand cross later on in the month we will be given jolts of energy at times so keeping centered is suggested.

In the evening we might be feeling like putting a little more structure to our lives, and invoking some of the things that we have been working on in our own interpersonal relationships.

Evening Gemstone Suggestions:
Black Tourmaline, it is a great stone for helping you just feel happy! It is also a wonderful stone to help you to feel like you are grounded and centered as well, so no matter what you are feeling in the later part of the day black tourmaline would be a great fit.

Evening Essential Oil Suggestions:
Spearmint inspires clarity of thought and gives us the ability to express ourselves better. It helps us gain clarity of our personal expression and opinions and helps us speak in front of others. It also helps speed up our metabolism so if we feel like we are getting to tired or wound down during the day, it will help give us a natural pick me up.

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report jupiter3.jpg
by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva

Tuesday April 8, 2014 – This morning the moon slips into Leo early in the morning at 5:50AM EST where it is for the next couple of days. The moon in Leo gives us a sense of appreciation for our own individual personality and how we appreciate ourselves and others as individuals in the world. This moon helps us feel more connected to our family and our home.

The morning will have a very harmonious energy with communication of our emotions; it can also be very inspiring.  We might be quick on our toes to communicate with others, in a graceful and fun way. It also could be that you are experiencing some sort of tension because of the energies that are building up towards the Grand Cross that is happening later in the month. If you do feel those tensions – then take two steps back and remind yourself that you do not need to partake in any of the tense emotions that others may be dealing with, and be that positive light for others if you can.

Morning Gemstone Suggestions:

Carnelian agate is the gemstone suggestion for the morning – allowing communication to be clear and concise and it will smooth over anyone dealing with any of the rough edges out there too. It is soothing and calming to frustrations too.

Later on in the evening it could be that we feel a lot of energy like we want to get some stuff done. If we been feeling low on energy or frustrated, angry or anxious over the last few weeks with Mars in retrograde, today we may find some triggers that allow us to express those things in a healthy and harmonious way. One thing to remember when others are acting out in a way that seems like it is directed towards us, that this is Mars retrograde and their frustration or anger is not about you but rather about what is their inner issues coming out and not really anything to do with us – so take a step back and see it for what it is, that makes it a lot easier to deal with than to hop on the frustration train with everyone else!

The best thing you can do with this powerful energy and inner drive is to motivate yourself to work on things that you want to accomplish rather than get sucked into negativity yourself. It is a great evening for releasing any toxic emotions or stresses that you are dealing with yourself, remembering that forgiveness and releasing the hurt is how you heal. We might want to focus ourselves on something active to release some of these tensions such as exercise or doing some form of energy work such as chi gong where we really focus our energies in a specific way.

Evening Gemstone Suggestions:

Green Onyx is very healing and soothing to the emotions and with other people. It also helps us feel a sense of community to others, so if there is some tension “in the air” concerning other people –this would be a great gemstone to help soothe those tensions.

Essential Oil Suggestions:

Tangerine brings lots of cheer and joyfulness into our lives. It helps us feel better and lighter when we feel overburdened with responsibility in some way. It invites us to tap into our creative side and bring more spontaneity into our lives. Tangerine is also very refreshing so it enhances the energy of the moon in Leo.

Until tomorrow ~~~ Starlene & Wendy

photo 24Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Wendy Villanueva and  Starlene Breiter

Wednesday April 9, 2014 – The morning will be very energetic and there will be a lot of energy in the air, we will want to grow and expand from and become more than what we have been until now. There could be many insights, looking for a very creative outlet for these energies to flow through you is suggested for this morning.
We might feel some emotional upheavals come to us, we may feel like our security is not as secure as we feel it is. If we are feeling insecure in some way then we should take note of that and then later on in the day when we are not feeling so vulnerable to ask ourselves why is it that we are feeling this insecurity?

Essential Oil Suggestions for the Morning:
Roman Chamomile would be great to work with this morning, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and calm. It helps one to see the work that we do and what is more trivial work and more important work and allows us to let go of that which is less trivial and get to what is truly important. Roman Chamomile was used by the Ancient Romans to clear the mind and empower them with courage.

The Gemstone suggestion for the Morning:
Aquamarine will help us to have clarity and allow us to feel calm like the sea on a nice clear day. This gemstone will help us to work with the higher energies that are present in the early day on Wednesday.

For the evening we are going to be feeling like our energies and our emotions are more in synch. We are going to be feeling like communication with other people. It might be felt in a sort of nervous and excited way, which is not necessarily bad – or it might be that we are feeling this energy as a nervous and stressful way. Depending on where you are on your path of understanding the energies going on around you will dictate on how easy this aspect is for you, those of us that have been doing “the work” to clear our spirits, surroundings and life up will likely have an easier time than those of us stuck in the same old, same old. So if you haven’t started taking steps towards uplifting yourself and working on yourself; – now is the time to do so. – There is no more time for kidding yourself, it’s time to get grooving.

The evening will be a very good time to work on a creative project that we personally enjoy, something that will be a very individual form of self expression and pour our energies into that creative project. It will be a very good day to share time with family or friends and have a playful time in the evening.

The Gemstones Suggestions for the Evening are:
Rhodochrosite helps to soothe any negative feelings or anxiety that might pop up. It is very calming, especially when worn next to the skin or held. Also Malachite is a good stone to work with, as it absorbs negative energies. I do want to note that if you use Malachite, you should cleanse it afterwards, if it is polished then running it under clear water works and allowing it to release all that is has picked up. Make sure you do not ingest malachite in any way, as it is poisonous to ingest but perfectly fine to handle with care when polished.

Essential Oil Suggestions for the Evening:
Patchouli is a great essential oil to work with during the evening because it supports us to be more present in our bodies so we are not so in our heads, it helps us to be in the here and the now. It is also a wonderful oil to work with when doing yoga or meditation because it connects us with mind, body and spirit together. It is very grounding and stabilizing.

Until Tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report sun pluto
by Wendy Villanueva and  Starlene Breiter

Thursday April 10, 2014 – In the morning we might feel a little out of sorts, not quite as focused as normally. The moon is Void of Course since 2:26AM EST and stays in the VOC stage until the evening when the moon moves into Virgo at 6:08PM EST. The Void of course is sort of like driving a car and we stopped pushing the gas pedal and are just drifting with the leftover inertia and not really shifting gears yet or accelerating again. So it is like a sort of left over energy.

It would be a good day to let the day just happen, do not stress over things that pop up, and just sort of play the witness of your life. Starting new things and working on a deep emotional connection is not always easy during VOC moons. So wait until the evening time for shifting your gears and being more productive.

The Morning Essential Oil Suggestion:
Peppermint is an excellent essential oil to work with today, it brings a sense of joy and invigorating energy between body, mind and spirit. It helps us get more in touch or in tune with the flow of life allowing us to feel like we are gliding through life easily with no trouble.

The Morning Gemstone Suggestion:
Moss Agate helps us to be more grounded and centered even when we don’t feel super inspired, it connects us with the earth.

*For those feeling the tension of the energies that are current in the air still from the connection and building of the Grand Cross later in the month – we might want to work with Fluorite in this day, which will allow us to focus our energies, just make you focus them on something productive and healing, and not something negative and disruptive.

In the evening we may feel more productive and like we can focus ourselves better. The moon moving into Virgo at 6:08AM and we might feel an urge to get our affairs in better order, giving us structure to review and refine our plans to the days ahead more easily. If you have any leftover work to accomplish, you might use this evening to do so.

The Evening Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lemongrass is suggested for the evening because it is a powerful cleanser oil energy and uplifts the mood. It will cleanse the ambiance of any space so if you want to cleanse any stagnant energy and uplift your mood then lemongrass is a great oil to utilize.

The Evening Gemstone Suggestion:
Black Onyx will help to cleanse your environment and energy along with Malachite, using either or both of these gemstones together will help to allow us to cleanse and prepare our energy in and around us for the days and weeks ahead.

Until Tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy


Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
by  Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva0120896709d5bcd35721b560d27c2cb9e2f0c2e6aa

Friday 11th April, 2014 – It does look like a beautifully healing day to come in touch with activities and people that give us a sense of well-being and of the vision we have for our lives. We might find great joy in paying attention to the small details that make a difference, the little things that separate a job done well enough from a job with excellence.  We will be figuring out how we can bring about the platonic idea we      can see in our minds into our tangible reality by perfecting the task at hand starting off from the resources   we have available to ourselves in the present moment. The energy during the morning will attract us to  ascetic beauty, making us want to express ourselves in a sensitive and creative way. We will be motivated       to embrace our romantic and idealistic views and to attract them into our lives.

The morning essential oil suggestion:
Melissa (Lemonbalm) awakens our souls to truth and light. It reminds us of who we truly are and what   we came here to do. It helps us overcome any obstacles that hold us from reaching our highest potential. It gives strength and vitality, a spark of energy and enthusiasm and it brings us joy of living. Melissa is antibacterial, antidepressant, antihistamine, it has been used for nervous disorders, allergies, anxiety, asthma and cold sores.

The morning gemstone suggestion: Danburite lets the “Sunshine” in, helps us feel stimulated and keeps us in touch with our inner sense of identity while being an active part of the world around us, it will be useful to filter in the positive energies to us, while we find ourselves between so many different kinds of strong energies at the moment.


The evening energy will follow suit to the morning’s, it will being depth to our emotions still with a beautiful energy which makes us feel our ideal and vision for romance and beauty. It could be a very sweet and romantic night to connect with others, despite the growing tension in the background that will climax towards the end of the month. It will be a friendly time to connect heart to heart with others and to make some good memories. It will be a great time to go out on a date or have a romantic time with our partner. It could also be an excellent time to be artistically creative, to express our inner passions in a beautifully prodcvie way, for example painting.

The afternoon/evening essential oil suggestion:  Rose is a healer for the heart, it opens us to warmth, charity, compassion and wholeness. Rose has been used for headaches and nervous tension, poor circulation, fever, ulcers, wounds, wrinkles and it can help to prevent scarring.

The afternoon gemstone suggestion:  Celestite helps us to have good mental activity and to feel connected to our creativity, it creates a flowing balance between outside forces and our inner energies, between the outer and inner yin and yang energies, it is a great gemstone to use when we are in a creative mood. Rose quartz would be wonderful to work with if we are in a romantic mood and when we want to connect and share with others.

Until tomorrow ~ Wendy & Starlene


014f7820fd9d59f0a9027226e006c2f3ca16bebe3fAstroenergetic Tapestry Report by  Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva

Saturday 12th, 2014

In the morning we find an easy time to get organized and to generally take care of things, in a way we might find time to put to practice what we need to do to bring our ideals into our daily reality.

Moon goes VOC 1:12pm giving a more easygoing and relaxed tone to the day, not so much about getting anything done but having an easy time to be honest and real with ourselves about the way we feel. After the busy days during the week we get a slower paced day seeming like the calm before the storm as the longer influencing energies continue on to their culmination point between the 20th and 23rd of April.

Essential oil suggestions for the day:
Blue Tansy supports us in acting in what we know is right, so we don’t procrastinate so much. It invites us to manifest our inspiration through action.

Basil treats the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion like fatigue, low energy and a sense of inability to cope with the stress of life. It brings the rejuvenation of vital forces, restores the body to the normal rhythms of sleep and activity. It can help with migraines, especially those coming from liver and gallbladder problems. It also works very well in unison with Blue Tansy.

Gemstone suggestions for the day:
Calcite is filled of good positive energy, it is good to wear it or carry it with us to amplify our energy field, or it can also be placed on a chakra to magnify the energetic characteristics particular to that area.


Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
by  Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva 01a43d546464009c4d78021037818ce5e1852ffaa2

Sunday 13th, 2014
The Moon will be in Libra from 4:33am. A harmonious day to enjoy with those important to us and to share with others. We will feel open to share, to negotiate, to exchange thoughts and ideas and to enjoy beautiful moments together. It’s a good time to reach out and connect with others.
Morning gemstone suggestion:
Rhodonite would be a wonderful aid to open up our heat chakra when connecting with others, to remain balanced.
The afternoon and evening will also be beautiful to express ourselves creatively, to write in our journal, paint or do something we really enjoy and that brings beauty around us. It will also be a wonderful time to share our vision and ideals about well being and beauty with others. There might be a moment when we need to discriminate and choose, and the feeling might be a good pointer to watch for insight.
Evening gemstone suggestion:
Chrysanthemum stone helps us to understand and move forward on thast which is important to us as part of our development, so we are content with our progress until that moment and comfortable on our path.
Essential oil suggestions:
We could start off the day with Wild Orange in the morning for some invigorating energy, optimism and sense of opening abundance, throughout the day it could be combined with Lavender for a calming yet cheery and joyful effect. Lavender aids us to communicate honestly and from the heart, so it will be a good companion also into the evening time.


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