Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – August 25 – 31, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday August 25, 2015 – Pluto4

The first wave of energy that hits us is a pretty fun and exciting one, it peaks at 5:38AM EST so if you are not sleeping tonight or you awaken early – this is why. This energy is between Venus and Uranus and is harmoniously giving some surprises to what we love and what inspires us, this would actually be a great time for you to do something creative with yourself.

Later on in the morning at 10:31PM EST the moon is in its New Moon Phase, this is when the moon and Sun and conjunct in the sky and the sun casts its shadow on the moon, making it appear black. A great thing to do under a New Moon is to set some intentions on things that you would like to make happen for yourself over the next 2 weeks until it is full and also in regards to goals about helping others and how you might bring some of that into your life, as the New Moon is in Virgo. It is always good to give back to the world and this moon is a great time to ask yourself, how may I serve?

This afternoon is the climax between Mars and Saturn when they conjoin in the sky at 3:30PM EST. This energy has been building up for some time and it finally comes to a head. Mars is the planet of energy and matching it with Saturn gives it some REAL and INTENSE energy. If you are focused on what you should be working on – great. If not, you may find some turbulence and things feel rough, work through those things, they are lessons for you to look at, examine and learn from.

The evening gives us a wave of energy between the moon and Neptune at 6:15PM EST that will have us start to put some form to those thoughts about how we can give back, so make some plans and lay the foundation for the next 2 weeks while the moon gains its light into the Full moon on September 8.

Gemstone suggestion:
Connecting with the energies of the Moon in Virgo this morning, you might want to work with Moonstone or Selenite to bring about a calm awareness to your feelings. It would be great to work with Blue Lace Agate, allowing you to express yourself fully and appreciate the ideas and blessings that you want to follow in your hear, especially towards the evening.

Essential Oil Suggestion for Today:
Blue Tansy supports our inspired action, so we may live in alignment with what we know to be true. Roman Chamomile would be great to work with this evening, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track.

Venus Mars222Tuesday August 26, 2015 –

The morning time (USA EST) has us feeling once again like reaching those deep emotions and pulling them out for examination. This is not such a challenging time to do this, as it is at other times, so do some soul searching and see what you come up with. It would be a great idea if this is your regular sleeping time, to write some of those dreams down that you might have had last night.

The afternoon time (peaking at 2:22PM EST) has a connection with Venus and Saturn that has us seeking out real beauty in our lives. This energy is not interested in pretentious people or things that are phony and fake – but rather with the energies of what is natural and real. So seek out what is real in your life, examine it and find the beauty in all of life – even that which some consider “ugly”, because if you look there is beauty in everything.

There are some quicker moving, but harmonious connections that the moon makes to both Saturn (peaking at 5:20PM EST) and Mars (peaking at 6:38PM EST) this afternoon, first those emotions that we felt earlier in the day, the reaching within, those are becoming more clear and structured and as the wave of this vibration keeps on moving through us Mars brings us the desire to actually take some action on it. The patterns these vibrations make are not difficult ones; rather they are harmonious and should be easily digested and made a move upon.

The evening has us feeling like speaking those emotions that we were digging up from the morning time and sharing them with our loves ones. This energy peaks about (10:29PM EST) and would be a really good time to share your thoughts and ideas with others at this time. If this is your normal resting time, you may notice yourself feeling chattier then like sleeping! Go on, enjoy ~ tomorrow is Wednesday so why not?!

Essential oil suggestions:
Rosemary helps us observe and learn from our findings, sharpening our insight and also allowing us to flow with change. If you need help clearing your thoughts and relaxing to get some sleep you can take a Lavender bath or rub it on the bottom of your feet, wrists and temples.

Gemstone suggestions:
We recommend working with Labradorite and Moonstone to tune into the energy of magick and manifesting creative new beginnings for you. The two of these gemstones together are very powerful and will help with any intention setting you might be getting into!

Wednesday August 27, 2014 –111Jupoiter Saturn

The morning has a tension with Venus and Mars (peaking at 11:46AM EST). It is between our feminine side and our masculine side. This doesn’t need to be bad tension it could come out in passion and enjoyment or even a desire to put your energy into some creative project.

Today is one of those long Void of Course moon days, giving us that time to do some of our spiritual practices and just “be”. Taking the time to do things like yoga, tai-chi, meditate or Reiki is a really good idea for the void of course phase.

The makes a long awaited shift into Libra this afternoon at 5:54PM EST which will lighten the mood and have use feeling a bit more like connecting with our partners and friends. Enjoy the next few days with loved ones and other partnerships in your life.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Clear quartz is a great stone to use under the Void of Course moon phase, it will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us. You may also like to work with Black Tourmaline which will have you in a happy mood while you are grounded and centered at the same time.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lemon essential oil will connect us with a sense of being alive, well and awake in our day. If you are feeling a little blah, then dab some lemon (or another citrus you have on hand) on your pulse points and watch your mood be uplifted.

Thursday August 28, 2014 – Thursday August 28

The moon hangs out in diplomatic Libra all day; you may notice yourself not being 100% sure about choices you need to make in the emotional realms. Libra wants to please others, so it’s always a quandary as to what that might be!

The early morning time there is a connection between the moon and Neptune (peaking at 6:17AM EST) which has us dreaming or daydreaming if we are awake about matters of the soul. What dreams are in your minds and what dreams do you want to make real?

In the afternoon there is a dance between the moon and Jupiter (peaking 12:44PM EST) it has us feeling an expansion in our energies so we are more excited and optimistic about our futures.

While the afternoon energy patterns between the moon and Pluto connect us with some of those deeper secrets and desires we have hidden inside of us. This wave hits us strongest at 4:03PM EST but it will last several hours before and after. We might notice a desire to purge some of the things that we have buried within our soul. This can be very cleansing, healing and good for the spirit.

Essential oil suggestions:
Peppermint will be a lovely invigorating aid this morning to make us feel refreshed. Ylang-Ylang helps us get in touch with our sense of wonder about life, with our own innocence and inner child open to the freshness and joy in life.

Gemstone suggestions:
Citrine imparts joy, enthusiasm and attracts prosperity; it activates creativity and gives us a boost to our self-esteem. It is a great ally when tackling all kinds of projects. While Amethyst will help us uncover that which is hidden.

Friday August 29, 2014 –  sun pluto

The early morning hours there is a vibration between the moon and Uranus (peaking at 1:30AM EST) which has us feeling a tad electrified! We might not feel like sleeping all that much, if it is your sleeping time – that is. So if you are awake and not so “sleepytimes”, use this energy to focus on something inspirational or fun.

Later in the morning there is an energy wave between the Sun and Neptune (peaking at 10:33AM EST) that has us feeling quiet visionary and maybe even a tad out of touch with what is real. Feel free to enjoy your imagination but don’t let it get out of hand! This is also a good time to ask yourself, what is it that you deeply yearn for inside? It might not be the right vibe to take action, but the searching inside the mist might just help you sort that out.

Noon time EST has an energy vibration between the moon and Venus which will have us feeling and admiring beauty in our lives. This is a good time to do something nice or beautiful for ourselves or loved ones, go buy some flowers to enjoy, get a haircut or do your nails – do something that will enhance your outer world in a way that is pleasing to you which will in turn  boost your spirit.

The remainder of the day the moon is hanging in her Void of Course phase. Allow yourself to go with the flow – don’t push doing anything too hard and this is a great time to do some sort of spiritual practice like meditation, yoga, tai chi etc. You also might like to do something loving and kind for others during this time such as donating your time and energy to some worthy cause or visiting an elderly home and spending time with those less fortunate then you.

Gemstone suggestion:
Connect with some Aquamarine today to enhance some of the Vibration we talked about for the morning time. This will help to bring out the inspirational energies within you. If you are looking to just have a chill night at home you might want to have some Rutilated Quartz on hand, it will bring a nice smooth energy vibration to you.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
You might want to hang on to some Blue Tansy, it helps to support our inspired action, so we may live in alignment with what we know to be true to ourselves. Lime brings courage and joy to our hearts, it’s very invigorating, refreshing and it also encourages emotional honesty.

Saturday August 30, 2014- Saturday August 30

The moon swiftly slides into the sign of Scorpio at 4:53AM EST today, which if you know Scorpio – then you know it is one of the most intense signs. It has a lot of power to uncover truths and get to the bottom of things, so expect this weekend to be quite like that!

Aside from the intensity of the Scorpio moon the whole day has a rather nice vibration to it, you may have some dreams in the early morning that are like visitation dreams of past over loved ones. Or dreams that just feel you were taken to another realm.

The remainder of the day has a harmonious tone to it so enjoy the positive energy flow, especially between those of the opposite sex. Go have a date night or fun with your sweetie to bring this energy to light.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Roman Chamomile would be great to work with this evening, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Rose Quartz is a very healing gemstone that opens our hearts to unconditional acceptance and love for ourselves and others. It will help us have a sweet time with our loved one or a nice time with ourselves this evening.

Sunday August 31, 2014 – 1926785_772856156079471_8580207178667374932_n

The moon is in intense Scorpio all day today, enjoy those deep emotions but don’t let them get you too wrapped up in them at the same time!

The early morning time (peaking at midnight EST) there is a connection with the moon and Jupiter that has us feeling a little impractical or exaggerated. You may want to kind of keep your emotions in check this morning and not let them get too out of hand, especially if they are of the heightened variety.

Then at 2:09AM EST the moon and Pluto connect in a way that if you catch yourself feeling like you might just be making “a mountain out of a molehill” – then wait till later in the day (or sleep on it) before really digging in too deep. You may see whatever it is in a different light later on.

The afternoon has us feeling quite a bit more structured with our emotions. This wave of energy is between the moon and Saturn and it peaks at 3:09PM EST. This vibration will bring about a better view point of our emotions than the possible intensity of earlier in the day.

The evening time, there is a connection with the moon and Mars that (peaking at 9:51PM EST) where we may feel a little hotter under the collar or driven to accomplish something, just tread lightly or go spend your energy up doing something active at this time.

Gemstone Suggestion:
If you are feeling a little off balance, and not in tune with the planet, try hanging on to some tektite. Tektite is a meteorite that fell from the heavens and it will help you tune into the fact that you are always in the perfect place at the perfect time in this Universe. If that seems like too much for you right now – grab a hold of some Black Tourmaline, it’s a great go-to today for balancing your energies and grounding you to allow for even expression of them.

Essential oil suggestions:
Vetiver assists us to remain rooted in life, grounded and not scattering our energy too much, it is also very helpful when we are working on our self-awareness. Melissa or Lemonbalm motivates us to reach our highest potential; it also brings enthusiasm, light and joy for life.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy