Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – August 4 – 10, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 
Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

aetr1.jpgMonday August 4, 2014 – The moon is still in watery Scorpio today, exposing all the emotions that are deep within our spirit. Scorpio moon has us feeling everything to the deepest degree, passions, jealousy, anger, joy, betrayal etc. Each of those emotions are equally intense and powerful under the Scorpio moon. The trick with this energy is to expose it, feel it, release it and move on -without harboring any of the emotions, or burying them deep down inside. Find healthy ways to express and release so you do not obsess and bury them until the next go around.

In the early morning hours, peaking at 6:29AM EST the moon and Saturn join up in the sky, giving us the opportunity to really get real with our emotions. Looking at ourselves today, from a perspective that is honest, authentic, sincere and true is the energy that we are given. Seeing that this joining of the two planets is under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, we may notice ourselves turning inward to those deep emotions and brooding or stewing over them. The trick with this is to not allow them to consume you all the while allowing yourself to process and not deny yourself the expression of the emotions. Can you do that? It seems like a difficult task, so take little bites and digest what you can, as you can.

The afternoon has a sweet connection between the moon and Venus (peaking at 1:43PM EST), this energy is allowing the deeper energies of the morning time to come out a little more palatable. So if this morning has you feeling a little intense or raw then the energies of the afternoon will have you feeling a bit calmer and less excessive. There is a sincere and stable energy with this moon & Venus connection this afternoon that will bring about a very real beauty to what is in our hearts. So do yourself a favor and look within, stop sugar coating things and get really, honestly, lovingly real with yourself.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Apache Tear comes to mind for today, it brings about emotional stability and balance to the heart. Some of the lore that goes with Apache Tear is that whoever keeps it in their possession, will never cry again as the formation of the tears are crystallized tears from the Apache women that wept over their husbands bodies that died in the war. So if you are feeling emotional, this is a great one to hold onto. Rhodochrosite is also a great gemstone to help you balance and peer into your heart, so keep a piece of that near today too.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Wild Orange will support our sense of optimism and growing abundance, bringing us invigoration and refreshment. Rosemary helps us observe and learn from our findings, sharpening our insight and also allowing us to flow with change. Try taking an essential oil bath or rub it on the bottom of your feet, wrists and temples.


Tuesday August 5, 2014 – The morning time awakes us with the moon moving into the sign of Sagittarius, this is a bit relief for those of us that have been feeling the depth of the emotions over the last few days while the moon was in Scorpio. The Sagittarius moon has us feeling lighter, jovial and more optimistic. This is the time to laugh and have fun so enjoy the energies of the day.

The remainder of the day gives us an energy that is expanding our emotions and inside feelings in a sweet and lovely way. While discovering the depths of your emotions over the last few days, if you have discovered some sweet spots then today will be the day that you may want to share those sweet spots with others. So enjoy sharing your heart, spirit and the sugary sweetness of life!

Essential oil suggestions:

Vetiver assists us to remain rooted in life, grounded and not scattering our energy too much, it is also very helpful when we are working on our self-awareness. Melissa or Lemonbalm motivates us to reach our highest potential, it also brings enthusiasm, light and joy for life.

Gemstone suggestions:

Clear quartz will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us.

photo 2Wednesday August 6, 2014 – The moon greets us in the sign of Sagittarius and will remain there for the whole day. The caveat to the fun and outgoing Sagittarius moon today is that she moves into her Void of Course phase early at 10:52AM EST, thus making way for us to feel that lull in our mood until the following morning at 9:36AM EST, so this go around she hangs in the Void of Course phase for almost an entire day.

Void of Course moon can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days or usually somewhere in between, it begins when the moon stops making major aspects to the other planets. This phase is an interesting one, where we may feel that lull in energy or like clearing up some clutter in our life. This time is also a great time to do some spiritual disciplines like yoga or tai-chi – think about quieting yourself and going within your heart to seek out what you find. If you are not into deep spiritual practices, it is also a great time to chill out and take a nap!

The early morning hours have us feeling like expressing ourselves in a deep and honest way. There is a harmonious aspect between the moon and Mercury (peaking at 1:33AM EST) that has us ready to tell our stories and honestly doing so. So if this is your regular sleeping time – you might find yourself up and chit chatting, and if this is your regular awake time – try to take some time for expression.

Later on in the morning (peaking at 6:35AM EST) we are gifted with a sweet energy between the sun and moon. This energy has us feeling at peace with both masculine and feminine sides to ourselves. This would be an ideal time for you connect with someone of the opposite sex and enjoy their energy, but be sure to read the next energy pattern to make sure that you want to dig deep!

Yet an hour later, (peaking at 7:43AM EST) we are given an energy that has us wanting to do a little soul digging and communicating about things that we find deep within. Sometimes this can be an awkward energy process, but if you feel compelled to share your findings with others – it can lend towards a healing state of being.

The last energy we are presented with in the morning is the moon connecting with Uranus (peaking at 10:52AM EST) in a pleasant manner. This energy brings with it some excitement, busy and fun vitality to our morning. So enjoy this energy and flow with it as that is the last major connection that the moon makes before slipping into her Void of Course phase, which lasts until tomorrow morning.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Rose Quartz is a very healing gemstone that opens our hearts to unconditional acceptance and love for ourselves and others. It helps us let go of emotions that no longer serve us. Clear quartz will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us. Look for it, reach for it and know it is there.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Wild Orange would connect us with a sense of abundance, optimism and joy in our lives while Lavender to help you speak from the heart and clearly from the throat chakra.

Thursday August 7, 2014 – The morning time gives us an opportunity to put some energy behind venus mars2the idealistic side of ourselves. This is a good day for you to reach into what is in your higher mind and start to take some action on it – so if you have been clearing out the old stuff, making way for the new… Now is the time for you to start to dig into that new and really bring to the table what you are seeking.

The moon shifts from its long Void of Course phase in Sagittarius into the sign of Capricorn this morning at 9:38Am EST. This energy brings with it the desire for putting forward some structure into life and making it work for you in a constructive and efficient manner.

The evening time gives us an energy between the moon and Neptune (peaking at 8:43PM EST) which has us tapping into our intuitive nature and feeling like doing something inspirational and creative. If you paint, sing, or emote things in the form of creativity, this would be a good time to get the paint brushes & music out and get grooving!

We finish the astrological day up with the moon and Mars connecting with each other (peaking at 9:15PM EST). This energy has us motivate and excited about the things we have been discovering about ourselves lately. If you have been following the AstroTapestry reports like this one, and doing your own internal and external work then you will likely have some good feelings this evening over the things that you want to make happen for you. We say go for it, as you only do live once and expression to the highest manner is what makes one feel truly alive.

Essential Oil Suggestion for Today:
Clary sage helps us to harness the courage we need to see the truth as it is and to recognize any limiting belief systems holding us back. It encourages us to remain open to new ideas and different perspectives.

Gemstone Suggestion for Today:
Green Jade and Jasper. Green Jade helps us enhance the harmonious healing energies of the day and to foster nurturing and friendship. Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly.

sun pluto2Friday August 8 , 2014 – We greet the morning with a harmonious aspect between Venus and Saturn which has us attracted to real beauty and uninterested in anything that is too sugar coated or phony. The morning energy is very sincere, realistic and stable – so enjoy that good feeling of the morning time today.

The afternoon has the Sun and Mercury connected and us feeling like we are ready to share our ideas and thoughts with the world around us. Take some time this afternoon to at least contemplate some of the thoughts that are traveling around in your mind – if you can’t write them down or share them with others, take mental inventory of them so you can share them later.

Later in the afternoon Mercury and Uranus connect in a fun and inspirational manner, the energy will shift and you will want to communicate and share those things that have been traveling around in that mind of yours. This afternoon, leading up to the evening (in EST time) we will feel social and like connecting with friends or loved ones, so enjoy the afternoon leading into the evening!

We are gifted in the evening time the energy we are gifted with is between the sun and Uranus and it allows us to feel like the life of the party and as if we are totally having spontaneous fun. So if something pops up for you to engross yourself in, then go for it – let loose, have some fun and enjoy this unscripted vibe!

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Rose Oil is a beautiful essential oil to work with today because it connects us with our heart chakra and opening it right up. Roman Chamomile would be great to work with today, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track.

The Gemstone Suggestion:
Selenite will help connect you with high energies and align your spirit. In the evening we might like to hold on to Fluorite as it will help the high vibration of the energies to be channeled in a smooth and fun way.

Saturday August 9, 2014 – The morning time greets us with energy between the moon and Venus which may bring some loving and sweet emotions and have us feeling like we want to open up our sunneptune.jpghearts and speak through them. Go ahead – now is a beautiful time to do so.

Later on in the morning the moon slips from the earthy sign of Capricorn into the airy sign of Aquarius, where lady moon will have her Full Moon tomorrow in Aquarius tomorrow. This is a great day for gathering the tools and preparing for some intention setting that you would like to do under the full moon tomorrow. Some of the intentions that you might like to set are to bring a flair of creativity into your life. So if you have been in any sort of rut, how you can break out of it, this is the way out. The Aquarius energy is very unique, so a beautiful thing to remember is that everyone is special, and loved for your own unique self.

Almost to the middle of the day (Easter USA time) we have a connection between the sun and Saturn that might have us feeling like getting ourselves more structured in life and making plans to get things straightened around, particularly in our financial and business worlds. If this isn’t time for you to be working, you may feel like contemplating your work and asking yourself if you are truly happy with what you are doing.

The evening gifts us with an energy between the moon and Jupiter (peaks at 6:42PM EST) which has our emotions inflated and feeling jovial as well as optimistic. This would be a beautiful time to go out, find some fun and really engross yourself in that fun.

To wind up our astrological day today, the moon and Mars connect in evening (peaking at 10:51PM EST) this has us feeling a little impulsive and going over some emotional thinking in our minds. If you feel emotional and you want to express it, then this would be a great time to focus your energies on some creative project you have going on and not just dumping all those emotions into drama or stress. Do something dramatic with them in a creative way!

The Gemstone Suggestion for today:
Moonstone and Sunstone will help invigorate and inspire you to reach for your goals. Working with both of these together is especially healing and heart opening. Ylang-Ylang tunes us into a childlike innocent sense of wonder for the world and life.

Essential oil suggestions:
Frankincense helps us create new perspectives based on light and truth. Geranium might also be a nice Essential Oil to work with, bringing in the lighter energies of the world and allowing us to float along the thoughts today.

Sunday August 100120896709d5bcd35721b560d27c2cb9e2f0c2e6aa, 2014 – The morning time has a connection between the moon and Uranus (peaking at 11:31AM EST) which us feeling quite inventive and original. If you can tap into that inspirational side of yourself and have some fun this morning – do that, because the moon wants to let out the fun from inside your heart and Uranus has you feeling quick spunky!

A contracting energy between the moon and Saturn happens an hour later (peaking at 12:51PM EST) which has is feeling a bit more serious, so if you feel like using the early morning time to be that inventive and fun, unique self or at least thinking about what you could do to invent something good in your life. Then this afternoon has you feeling more disciplines and constructive to make that unique and inventive thing happen for you.

As the afternoon progresses (peaking at 2:09PM EST), we have the sun and moon at opposites sides of the sky (from the earth’s perspective anyway) this is what we call the FULL MOON! It is when the moon is as it’s fullest and when all the emotions and feelings we have are in full throttle. This is a beautiful time for us to do some intention setting and set yourself up for the next two weeks. Some of the things you might do is light a candle, say a prayer, make some decisions about what you would like to see manifest in your life over the next few weeks (until the moon is new) and even over the next few months to year. Set those long term goals too!

Since the moon is in Aquarius this time around for the Full Moon, you may notice yourself feeling a little rebellious, and eccentric. Let the rebel flag wave around today, as that allows us to all think a little out of the box and stir the pot of life!

In the evening time the moon is directly across the sky with Mercury, this peaks at 6:12PM EST. The wave of energy that we are given with this energy is that of opening our minds, hearts and souls to the world and allowing ourselves to express and share it with others.

Gemstone Suggestion for today:
Moonstone and Sunstone will help invigorate and inspire you to reach for your goals and connect with the full moon. Aquamarine is also a great gemstone to hold on to today for creative inspiration and connecting with the Aquarian energy of the day!

Essential Oil Suggestion for Today:
Lime brings courage and joy to our hearts, it’s very invigorating, refreshing and it also encourages emotional honesty. Blue Tansy supports our inspired action, so we may live in alignment with what we know