Astroenergetic Tapestry Report February 1-9, 2014

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Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Wendy Villanueva & Starlene Breiter

Feb 1, 2014 – If you find yourself up late tonight (Midnight time USA EST) you might notice yourself chitter-chattering about subjects dear to you such as your childhood memories, or memories in general. The moon and Mercury dance in the beginning of Pisces creating this talkative energy for us. 

As the day progresses and the moon crosses over Neptune in the early morning hours – now would be a great time to set some sort of special intention for yourself. Intentions regarding your ideals, such as where you envision yourself in the future is great – since this is the moon over Neptune we are talking about your highest ideal. And that might simply be you asking yourself, what are those ideals? Then during the moon over Neptune next month under the sign of Aries, you might put some energy behind them!

Later that day the moon makes a soft aspect to Venus still fully engaged with Pluto and Jupiter, shining a soft light to those new patterns we have been intending to create and helping us find comfort from our ideals.

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Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 2-2-14
—– by  Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva


Astroenergetic Tapestry Report

Feb 2- 2014 – Venus slow in her forward motion receives some light from the Sun, making us look forward to a sense of well being. The sun illuminates what we love with this soft aspect to Venus, so do something loving for YOU.

In the afternoon, The Moon connects with Mars and Saturn too, perhaps – we can find comfort, peace and a sense positive energy from tuning into the present moment.

What energy can we consciously bring to the present situation today for us to get closer to our goals?

As the evening passes and the moon transits into Aries late in the evening, we will have the momentum to start the week off energetically and start the new lunar cycle over again.

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Wendy Villanueva & Starlene Breiter

Feb 3, 2014 – In the late hours of Sunday evening the moon slipped into Aries ~ giving Monday morning and most of us a little boost to our energy. This is a nice welcome to a new week and lunar cycle. Start to plant some seeds in the next couple days and see where and when they sprout over the next lunar month.

Mid-day, Uranus and the moon conjoin in the sky, possibly bringing up emotions or things from the past that might not have been foresee – Uranus is good for surprises! This would be a great time to release some tension by practicing living “in the moment” – possibly with laughter, and just smiling over things that happens, instead of allowing yourself to get frustrated with anything that might pop up. If nothing seems to be surprising or disturbing to you – then enjoy being in the happy space of now.

***Remember we are also in the shadow of a Mercury retrograde and funky, but sometimes funny things do happen! So practice laughing it off and being happy in this moment.

In the early to later evening, the Moon, Venus Jupiter & Pluto are in a fairly close connection, which what us astrologers call a T-square. This gives us the opportunity to look for inspired, solutions to the things that we have been obsessing over the last week or so. It is almost as if things are starting to come to a head with that – and you are given this time to either look for the inspiration to heal or get sucked into the wild and craziness that Uranus and Pluto can sometimes do to us – your choice.

Not to fret, this does get a little lighter and tomorrow will allow us to express some of those things – so if you can, tap into your spiritual side and ask the universe how you can best use this energy to help you, instead of hinder you.

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Feb 4, 2014 – The moon governs over our emotions and what we bring from the past into the present moment. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, the moon and sun are in a soft aspect to each other, likely leading to a pleasant mood – or if sleeping, calm sleep.

If you can’t seem to fall asleep and you are still having some of that “mind reeling” leftover from last week’s Jupiter/Pluto/Venus energy – employ some positive mantras or affirmations to counteract any negative things that could be tumbling around in your mind.

If you are to stay up late, or you are an early riser – you might find that communication is a theme for the morning. The moon makes a connection with Mercury – expressing the energies of our feelings in a positive and good way is the message for this morning.

By afternoon and peeking in mid afternoon the moon and Saturn are kind of having a little miss-communication with themselves. This might be a good time for you to take a break (if possible) from any long standing projects you have been working on. You can come back to them in the evening, once this energy passes. Sometimes, I know when I stop and take a break – especially during periods of energy that doesn’t seem to flow right – when I come back I have a fresh eye for it.

The moon and Mars have been building all day to an exact opposition in the sky that actually happen in the evening time. This gives us energy to work on some of those projects and mantras, or positive things we have been either working on or thinking about working on and bring them into our lives.

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Feb 5, 2014The moon has been void of course (VOC) since yesterday evening about 6:14PM EST – this is a good time to give ourselves a little bit of a break emotionally. It stays VOC until the early morning hours of today at 4:47AM, when it slips into the sign of Taurus.

Taurus moon makes me think of a Greek Goddess laying on a hammock, soaking up some sun, or moonlight — being fed grapes by some attractive servant that adores and swoons over her, while she is contemplating her next adventure.

Sometimes under the Taurus moon, we can be a little slow to move on an idea or plan but once Taurus gets rolling – there is no stopping you! This is particularly true if you have planets in Taurus too, as the moon will cross over them over the next few days if you do.

A little later in the morning at the moon makes a soft aspect to Mercury the planet of communication, you might want to enjoy this easy going Mercury energy as it is slowing down – soon to come to a station and then turn retrograde tomorrow. So if you can use this time to wrap up any loose ends that you know of that are flying around, and dealing with communications, such as emails, phone calls, checking on the little things like fluids in your car – this might make for a little bit of an easier transition for when Mercury does turn retrograde on Thursday for 3 weeks.

Early in the afternoon the moon connects in a soft aspect to Neptune – making us possibly a little dreamy and pondering over what we wish to draw into our lives.

Please note — these two mentioned lunar aspects do not last long, so enjoy the afternoon as it could bring some interesting thoughts or desires to the surface.

Now would be a great time to journal some of those thoughts down, to act upon later, so get those journals and notebooks out and start writing!

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Thursday, Feb 6, 2014 – The big news in the sky today is Mercury turning Retrograde in the sky at 4:43PM EST.

For those of you that do not know what a retrograde is, all it simply means is that from our perspective on earth – the planet (in topic, right now its Mercury) actually appears to be moving backwards. It is of course not! All planets (except the moon and sun) do this retrograde (Rx) thing, so its not unusual or strange – but it is a good time to get our ducks in a row (if at all possible) and prepare ourselves for a possibly bumpy ride.

Astrologically, Mercury governs over communication – therefore it is a mercurywise decision under a Mercury retrograde phase to double check things you do, such as confirming appointments, dates, emails, and any other way that you might communicate. It is also a good time to kind of sit on the sidelines and watch as some of the silliness that occurs and practice patience.

Mercury does its turn around right as it is in the beginning of Pisces and winds back up in Aquarius on Wednesday next week (February 12) where it will continue its trek backwards until it returns to a Direct moving motion on February 28.

When a planet is goes into retrograde – just before it actually goes into Rx, it actually appears stopped in the sky. This is what us astrologers call a Station. At this period of time Mercury’s energy is heightened and has be related to taking your sunglasses off on a sunny day and it taking some time for your eyes to adjust, then when they do – you start to see things from a different light. Sometimes these are epiphanies that can help us resolve some of the problems and find solutions to them during this time. So keep your eyes open and be ready for it to turn back into its Station then Direct motion on February 28th when we again are blinded a little by the light, and it takes us a little time for our eyes to adjust. – Most of all I think it is important to remember that the blessing in the Mercury retrograde phase is that it brings things to the surface that were there all along, but not really visible to you for a certain reason – and Mercury brings them to light – so look for the light in the situations at hand.

Some things you might want to try to avoid – and of course sometimes we can not help but to do these things during a Mercury retrograde phase, are signing documents. If you have to sign documents, read them over, then RE-read them over again. Try to stay away from purchases of things such as a computer – or other communication device (I had to buy a computer under a Mercury Rx phase and return it twice to get it working properly). So sometimes you just have to do what you have to do —- and things happen, the best suggestion we can give you is to just “smile and wave” and know that this too shall pass.

Sometimes communication with people from the past happen under a Mercury Rx period, but it has been the observation of many that those sorts of communications are not necessarily going to last forever – maybe until you work out some of the stuff from the past. So be aware of that.

We have had some very uneventful Mercury Rx periods and some very crazy ones – knowing your own chart and the planets that land in early Pisces and late Aquarius is a really good start for looking at what Mercury might be playing with under this Mercury retrograde phase. It seems to be that Mercury in all its wondrous glory is often just the trickster and will do things like make the fridge stop working, only to find out that it somehow got unplugged – or take email messages on a trip around the world to never arrive at its proposed destination. – but typically Mercury Rx periods are not life-changing major, tragic events – more like annoying little nuances that you just need to learn to take in stride.

So this is a GREAT time to practice, follow up – patience and most of all laughter at the sometimes weird things that happen during this time period.

Till tomorrow —-

Starlene & Wendy!

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Feb 7, 2014 – The moon hops over into Gemini early in the afternoon, lifting the (often) more relaxed & chilled out vibe that the Taurus moon gave us, the last few days – and giving us all a little jolt of air.

Gemini moon holds the energy of being the first zodiacal air element sign, which is about curiosity, learning and exploring the world around you. So if this weekend just happens to be one of those weekend that you feel like going out and exploring – then go for it.

The caveat of this particular Gemini Moon is that generally speaking it invokes a sense of wanting to communicate, explore and be the
“busy bee” – is that it’s ruler of Gemini (Mercury) is in retrograde right now. So the energy of Mercury in retrograde may have us being a bit more reflective and introspective than exploitative. Whichever you wish to go with – go with that. Aside from being the first air sign, Gemini is also a mutable sign that is very much a go-with-the-flow sort of type of energy.

In the evening the moon first makes an aspect to Mercury furthering that tension of either communicating what is inside, or exploring what is inside – or if you are naturally an introvert – you might find yourself extroverted under this energy. Allowing the expression, however it is to be, more internal or external, to flow.

A little later on in the evening the Moon connects with Neptune allowing one to explore some of those idealistic dreams that might be stewing around in that mind. This is a good evening to journal those ideals and desires, but wait till next month to make a move on them. Starting new projects while Mercury is in Retrograde is best avoided if possible – but it doesn’t stop you from dreaming and beginning the thought process!

Till tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Feb 8, 2014 – Continuing the whole day under the moon of the Twins, Gemini – we continue to feel photo 2some energy to explore and ponder our surroundings. There can be a desire to even learn something new this weekend, so if you have books around you that you want to read – pick them up. Or check out the nearest library too.

In the morning the energy is that of a little bit of electricity – you might feel excited, or you might feel a little overly nervous. Try to channel that energy into something that is creative for you, something inspiring as it will help you to utilize it in a good way, instead of allowing anxiousness to come about – Enjoy it because the afternoon and evening brings a different sort of feel to the day.

The mid afternoon brings us some deeper feelings, some things that we might have stuffed down wants to surface – but we are fighting against letting that happen.

Remind yourself, that if you feel the need to express an emotion, whether happy or sad – do it, get it out, do not let it simmer deep down. Get it out and move on.

The evening time gives us less of that feeling to hold down emotions and more of the feeling of wanting to understand and find the love within those emotions. It might feel a little weird or awkward doing some soul searching about the love or feelings that you feel towards things, at this time. – BUT – sometimes the best solutions to things you are dealing with when your heart feels weird or awkward, is when your heart feels weird or awkward! I think that is because we are stretched out of our norm and almost pushed to look at things in a different light – which is good.

Our suggestions for you in the evening time is to lean towards that fun energy of the Gemini moon, and not so much towards the OCD energy that it can lend you. It does a body good to remember in times of awkwardness that we all go through this, and its ok, and we can feel good anyway.

Till tomorrow —-

Wendy & Starlene

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
—– by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

photo 1 (2)Feb 9, 2014 – The moon continues its last leg through Gemini, and this morning is a good morning to do a little work on the self. Early on the energy of the morning is very pleasant, it might even be a good morning to wake up early and get stuff accomplished that you personally have been working on.

Come afternoon time we might feel a little bit disorganized or not quite structured properly. There could be a little miscommunications between the how you feel the world is working for you and your interrelation in it. This would be a good time to take a break and allow yourself that Sunday afternoon relaxation time – kick up your heels and read that book you just got!

Come late afternoon our energy is more pronounced – the energy of the evening may be that of doing some activity, or you wanting to stay busy — but don’t stay up all night! (Tomorrow is Monday!) Doing some activity is a great idea, grab a friend and go for a walk, get some laundry done – as long as you are not overly exerting yourself because the moon does go Void of Course in the evening that lasts until early morning, so don’t put too much energy into the evening!

Our suggestion for you, would be to get things done early in the day, not worry if some feelings of disorganization comes in the mix in the afternoon and in the evening, enjoy the boost of energy without overstretching yourself.

——- Till Next week!
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