Astroenergetic Tapestry Report June 16-22, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene Breiter

Monday June 16, 201401426f0da32373e1139ede22bbc5e9fcd2ad69b5a4

Monday starts our week off with some airy dynamic energy, though perhaps with our minds in one place and our feelings in another one. The morning‘s progress brightens up and we feel energetic and ready for action. During the afternoon we may find ourselves having some conversation that brings some kind of surprising element or shakes up our ground a little, it may feel important but almost uncomfortable and keeping in mind that humor sometimes breaks down barriers and releases tension could be really useful. An element of surprise with the perfect timing is what causes spontaneous shared laughter that clears the air and lightens to mood. The later part of the afternoon gives us a more introspective mood peaking at 5:47pm, it will be an excellent time to touch base with ourselves and to also work with the energy of Mercury in retrograde now spending his last day in the sign of Cancer before it moves back to airy Gemini. This evening could be a good opportunity to journal, meditate or simply be present with our emotions and what we have been learning about them lately, and with whatever memories are stirred in our minds as pointers to our inner truth.

Essential oil suggestions: We could get a sweet dose of optimism in the morning by using some Wild Orange essential oil to feel invigorated and open to life. During the evening time we could work with Lavender and Frankincense, to foster honest communication while staying connected with ourselves and our truth.

Gemstone suggestions: Jasper will be very helpful to feel balanced and to be more aware of your words as you weave and express them onto the world. Carnelian agate allows our communication to be clear and concise. It is soothing and calming to frustrations.

JupiterTuesday June 17th, 2014

Our dreams are likely to be pleasant, beautiful and expanding overnight. Venus and Jupiter engage in a very harmonious aspect amplifying a sense of generosity and wellbeing for us. Mercury slips back into airy curious Gemini at 6:04am, giving a more mental and less emotional focus to our thoughts; today might be a transition between signs kind of day when our spoken words hardly do justice to what we had in mind to say. Around noon we might find an extra burst of energy, with an inclination to spend it in some form of communication. While the Moon is still in Aquarius we may have a more mental understanding of our message and feelings, until she makes a very quick shift in gears going Void of Course at 2:07pm and shifting right into the limitless waters of Pisces at 2:26pm, when we may be more comfortable experiencing and sharing a sense of unanimous emotional energy with the world around us without needing so many logical explanations.
Venus and Jupiter radiate their light on us for the whole day, and the Pisces Moon helps us feel connected and at peace with our place in the world. Did you get any unexpected messages about love or impulsive shows of affection today? Perhaps a flash from the past that warmed up your heart and drew a silent smile on your lips?

Essential oil suggestions: Rosemary could be a helpful ally while sailing the shifting energies of the first part of the day, so we keep our minds and perspectives open while receiving new information and while we adjust. Ylang Ylang connects us the the deep and pure innocence of our hearts and allows us to access our natural intuition and sense of wonder, it is very nurturing and healing.

Gemstone suggestions: You may like to work with Apopholite which will help you to connect with your inner most desires and allow them to be expressed through the heart chakra. It is very opening to the chakra system and healing to the spirit. Rose Quartz is helpful in releasing emotions and opening the heart chakra. It helps soften our hearts and spirits and allows love to enter where it hasn’t been before.


Wednesday June 18, 2014Neptune

Inspiring and almost visionary dreams are likely to visit us overnight and the harmonious aspect between Venus and Jupiter culminates early in the morning at 5:16am, opening us up for a lot of healing energy through our dreams and through the messages from our subconscious, which may be much clearer and more dependable than our mental inner dialogue right now. The message and treasure we find on this quest will give us a sense of renewed determination for our goals and mission.
The afternoon might give us a burst of energy and passion for us to pour in their direction, though the Moon and Mercury may not be giving us much focus, we can still advance one step at a time and invest our energy in the right direction. During the evening time we might surprisingly find ourselves enjoying an honest yet pleasant heart to heart conversation, appreciating sincerity and openness. Today there is a sense of expansion in the air, of being able to enjoy the richness and beautiful wonder of life, of knowing that everything is possible.

Essential oil suggestions: Wild Orange would connect us with a sense of abundance, optimism and joy in our lives, while Clary Sage would assist us to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives, also refining our ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities. We could relax with Lavender this evening and also benefit from its support for our honest communication.

Gemstone suggestions: Kyanite is a beautiful gemstone to work with when connecting with your spirit, balancing your chakras and bringing messages from deep within or the spirit world; it is also very cleansing. Carnelian agate allows our communication to be clear and concise, it is soothing and calming to frustrations.


Thursday June 19th, 201410300311_10152327806037973_5736496623694093265_n

The morning receives us with the Moon joining Venus and Jupiter on a harmonious and pleasant note, we are likely to feel open and receptive under this very healing and nurturing energy. We enjoy our home, our food and a sense of unity, togetherness and belonging. During the early afternoon we may feel more energized and focused on conveying our ideas or message, and being able to understand our emotions while explaining them too. While Mercury is in retrograde it may feel like the themes aren’t really new but in reviewing them we may find bits and crumbles that we previously had missed.
The Moon goes for a short Void of Course since 3:05pm until 5:26pm when it comes back to fiery Aries to start the cycle again. This energy shift imbues us with more assertiveness and will for action.
The evening time might have us considering what we have learned in the past few days and putting the pieces together as to the theme for us during this Mercury retrograde, as Mercury falls back and conjuncts the Sun at 6:50pm. Journaling, meditating or organizing your thoughts in some way may be helpful and also being ready for possible further insights during our sleeping dreams.

Essential oil suggestions: Myrrh is a lovely nurturing oil that helps us feel connected and receptive to the natural rhythms and to Mother Earth. It aids us to connect to the trust and confidence in the inherent goodness of life so we may feel safe and at home. We could also use some Sandalwood during the evening time to help us let go of unnecessary attachments and to also reach beyond our current limits and belief systems.

Gemstone suggestions: Rose Quartz is a very healing gemstone that opens our hearts to unconditional acceptance and love for ourselves and others. It helps us let go of emotions that no longer serve us. Clear quartz will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us. Look for it, reach for it and know it is there, even in the tiniest way.


Friday June 20, 2014Pluto


We are likely to feel in touch with our drive to get things done with help of the Aries Moon this morning, and probably as ready to get started with our weekend too. We do have both drive and focus for our action, though communication might prove less straightforward and this could cause some friction. There may be a sense of some tension or electricity in the air with the growing dynamic aspect between Mars and Uranus which will be exact this coming Tuesday, with the Moon in Aries coming by Uranus this evening, we could keep in mind that everyone’s tempers may be a little shorter than usual. This evening might give us emotional clues as to the type of theme that could surface for us on Tuesday. The day will likely be very upbeat until later in the evening time so it could be challenging to wind down to get some sleep. Remember to take deep conscious breaths and to touch back with yourself on occasion throughout your day.


Essential Oil suggestions: Cypress helps us set any stagnant energies within us into motion and inspires flexibility, it helps us tune into the natural flow of life and its changeability. Lavender will be a wonderful aid to feel more centered and calm when we feel stressed out or frustrated, it also encourages honest communication.


Gemstone suggestions: Black Tourmaline is a great aid to ground and center ourselves and to let go of negative energy or emotions. Fluorite will help the high or abrupt energies to be channeled more smoothly and directed more constructively. If you feel very restless during the evening you could hold on to something like Rhodochrosite or Lepidolite to calm frayed nerves or over-excitement.



Saturday June 21, 2014Saturn


We may have restless dreams overnight or simply feel like we are too wakeful to settle down to sleep, this may not be all that bad for Midsummer Night’s Eve after all. The mood could very well suit the ancient tradition of building a huge bonfire by a lake or bigger body of water and staying up by it until dawn in greeting of the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The morning greets us with the Summer Solstice as the Sun moves into the watery realms of Cancer at 6:51am, we may feel this as a transition day from a more mental approach to feeling our way through life this coming month. Still under the Aries Moon we may really enjoy shared moments with others during the afternoon in a very generous mood, we may enjoy talking about love, art and beauty. The Moon goes Void of Course at 6:24pm, giving us a chance to unwind and relax for the rest of the day, she moves on to Taurus at 11:03pm helping us feel more grounded and stable.


Essential oil suggestions: Vetiver helps us be more down to earth and rooted in life so we don’t scatter our energy too thinly, it helps us be brave and aware of how we deeply feel and why. Rosemary and Lavender are a nice combination to work with, Rosemary will help us through moments of transition or change and Lavender will add relaxation and verbal expression which is connected to the heart and soul.


Gemstone suggestions: Aragonite reminds us that we are all connected to one another and that we all play our share as part of a bigger whole. It invites us be honest with others and with ourselves. Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly.



Sunday June 22, 20141186062_10202680040235226_859719522039661007_n


We have a more peaceful sleep overnight under a Taurus Moon, very helpful to get our minds and hearts back together and regroup. Today will be a good day to spend in nurturing, both for ourselves and our families, and to enjoy something familiar we that we find comforting, to also enjoy the nourishing company of people special to us. It could be that you feel an underlying sense of anxiousness with Mars coming closer to its exact opposition to Uranus, but the Taurus Moon will help bring stability and grounding to your day. The evening time offers some nice energy to feel easily focused on our goals for the coming week.


Essential oil suggestions: Basil is a wonderful aid to use when we need replenishment or renewal, it helps us restore our bodies to its natural cycles of activity, rest and sleep. Myrrh and Frankincense are a wonderful combination to work with and focus on nurturing and pointing our compass to our inner truth.


Gemstone suggestions: It would be good to work with Citrine in the day time, giving us some good energy and allowing some healing of our energy to take place. In the afternoon and evening we might like to work with Rhodonite, which will help us tap into our hearts and find understanding.