Astroenergetic Tapestry Report June 2-8, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday June 2, 2014017a935305de5089e893391e85b502a885929be7ce

The morning gifts us with a beautiful aspect between Venus and the Moon now in Leo, we are tuned into the natural unfolding of nature and can easily express our emotions about it, life may feel abundant, joyful and fun. We have an optimistic kind of energy to get us started on the right footing for our week.
Tonight may also be a pleasant evening when we enjoy expressing ourselves creatively or sharing with our families or loved ones.

Essential oil suggestion:

Lime brings courage and joy to our hearts, it’s very invigorating, refreshing and it also encourages emotional honesty. Tangerine encourages a more spontaneous and abundant expression for our creativity.

Gemstone suggestion:

Citrine imparts joy, enthusiasm and attracts prosperity, it activates creativity and gives us a boost to our self-esteem. It is a great ally when tackling all kinds of projects.

MerJup3Tuesday June 3, 2014

We might wake up early from restless dreams or wake up with a sense of movement and electricity in the air, almost like we are trying to grasp a meaning or sense of mission that seems to elude us, or a thought in the back of our minds that we are missing a piece to the puzzle to be able to get the whole picture. It’s bound to be a dynamic morning, still generous and buoyant under a Leo Moon and the light, curious Gemini Sun.

Closer to noon we might get in a more introspective mood, wanting to process our thoughts and feelings more clearly, letting go of the extra fluff or useless bits that confuse us on our goals, and finding ourselves interested in focusing on the authentic, real and important ones. Perhaps we will get a clear picture of the history of events that have lead us to this point in our liver and why, we may also tend to communicate more clearly and to the point. The Moon is void of course since 10:41am so the day may glide by on the same lines.

During the evening time we receive a beautiful good night wish from Venus and Neptune, giving wings to our dreams and ideals and making us feel like we can almost physically sense them. It’s a good time to indulge in beautiful scents, sounds or music, tastes, etc. This could also influence our sleep, giving us healing messages and passionate dreams filled with life.

Essential oil suggestion:

Petitgrain helps us figure out tendencies that we subconsciously repeat as patterns even from generation to generation, it encourages healthy relationships and connections between individuals, and to honor our own center of truth. Patchouli helps us remain present and aware of our human body, helping us feel grounded yet fluid within the present moment.

Gemstone suggestion:

Amethyst will help us go within and look at our inner ideals and what we want to bring forward into this world then make it happen. If we need assistance to feel grounded and tuned in to our source, we can also work with Black Tourmaline.
For the evening Labradorite is a great gemstone to work with as it is the gemstone of magic and it will help you to feel more magic in your life.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy

Wednesday June 4, 20141186062_10202680040235226_859719522039661007_n

The morning might have us get started with one foot still left behind in our dreams and another one trying to move forward to get things going in our waking life. Our communication could feel a little awkward yet to the point. It may feel out of sorts at first until the Moon slips into earthy Virgo at 10:20am to bring us some direction and productivity again. We could have some difficult yet important communications today, saying what we mean and meaning what we say will go a long way for us. This Virgo moon could be an excellent time to do finishing touches to projects or ideas, travel plans or paperwork, and an excellent time to back up our important information before Mercury turns retrograde this coming Saturday.

The evening will close off on a dreamier note, an excellent time for meditation or to use any preferred tool for declutering our minds of non-useful thoughts and so make space for a more expansive vision of growth.

Essential oil suggestion:

Peppermint would be refreshing and invigorating during the morning time. In the evening time we could work with Sandalwood as we realign our minds and hearts to the Universe.

Gemstone suggestion:

Carnelian agate allows our communication to be clear and concise. It is soothing and calming to frustrations. For the evening time, Kyanite is a beautiful gemstone to work with when connecting with your spirit, balancing your chakras and bringing messages from deep within or the spirit world; it is also very cleansing.

Thursday June 5, 2014 – 0120896709d5bcd35721b560d27c2cb9e2f0c2e6aa

The moon hangs out in Virgo all day, so yay for “almost summer cleaning!” With the sun in *busy-bee* Gemini and the moon in *lets-get-stuff-done* Virgo, you are bound to feel a twinge of a busy bee energy today!

In the wee early hours of the morning (with the peak being 1:37AM EST) we may notice a very cozy, almost dreamy like feeling in the air. The moon and Neptune dance a tango and give an element of feeling an idealistic life is among you. If you are not feeling like you are right where you want to be, then this is a great time to ask for (possibly in your dreams) what would that idealistic life be like for me?

A little later on in the early morning hours (the peak being 3:24PM EST) the moon and Venus make a sweet aspect which lends towards a cozy nights sleep for some of us ~ those of us that are not sleeping at this time – might feel like doing something you love or something creative. Allow yourself to express yourself in whatever creative or fun way you want to, and if you are or are not sleeping you might have some dreams or day-dreams that are creative, colorful or loving.

Towards mid-day (the peak being 12:24PM EST) the Moon and Pluto softly connect too and we may notice that we are feeling quite compelled to work on some of those idealistic things that you have been cooking up in your heart lately, if you feel like moving on something then utilize this energy to do so. As soon when Mercury is Retrograde in a couple of days – you won’t want to do anything new for a little while.

In the afternoon (the being 4:49PM EST) the Sun and Moon Square, and you may notice that the energy starts to shift towards being needing more patience – so do that, be patient. Do not try to rush things too fast, even though earlier in the day you may have been feeling like getting things done – let the rest of the day unfold easily and naturally in front of you. You might feel a little restless so if you want, keep busy but doing something that is interesting to your spirit, not just something mundane like what you do all the time.

You may notice a little later (the peak being 5:46PM EST) in the evening, the Moon and Uranus make an awkward energy towards one another and that may have you or others feeling some inspiring moments or abrupt changes in energy, leaning more on th feeling strange side. If you have been feeling “normal” all day – you might get a boost in the evening. Some of this might be interpreted by some of us as anxious energy, if so – go take an exercise class, dance or beat on some drums to get that energy out – in fact that is a good idea for any of us tonight.

The last aspect of the day (the peak being 10:42PM EST) and one that is going to help prepare us for the upcoming shift of Mercury going retrograde, in less than two days. Is with the Moon and Saturn and one that we might want to ask out selves, spirit guides, God or whomever you connect with on a Spiritual level – How can I help others in this world? Being in this physical body that we all own (for now at least) is not just about us, it is about the rest of the physical world too. So think about this and ask Spirit to give you direction in your dreams or daydreams and to help bring yourself a state of real awareness, stripped down from the facades that we sometimes disguise ourselves as.

The Gemstone Suggestion:
You might feel like sleeping with Selenite on Wednesday night, or holding onto it during the morning time, it will help connect you with high energies and align your spirit. In the evening we might like to hold on to Fluorite and or Black Tourmaline, Fluorite will help the high or abrupt energies to be channeled smoother and black tourmaline will help to allow you to feel grounded, peaceful and centered.

The Essential Oil Suggestion:
Roman Chamomile would be great to work with today, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and calm. It helps one to see the work that we do and what is more trivial work and more important work and allows us to let go of that which is less trivial and get to what is truly important.

mars green.jpgFriday June 6, 2014 

The morning time the Moon and Jupiter snuggle together, (this peaks at 5:13AM EST) We are full of boisterous energy that is big, fun and possibly even grandiose. You might feel a cheerful energy that is contagious; after all it IS Friday so why not enjoy the nice morning among us.

After the peak of the last aspect the Moon goes directly into its Void of Course phase until the evening. The moon is still in Virgo, so this is a good time to wrap things up, check fluids on our cars, and make sure we do maintenance like things as we prepare for tomorrow when Mercury makes its retrograde debut.

A little later on in the morning the Sun and Uranus cozy up together (the peak is at 7:20AM EST). This energy will be inspirational and give us energy and add to the fun feeling that Jupiter and the moon was bringing us just a few hours earlier. So get your inspiration on and see where it might lead you – and most of all enjoy this energy as it will be fun, light and boisterous.

In the evening at 10:01PM EST the Moon moves into the zodiac sign of Libra, this will end the day with a desire to connect with others and be comfortable in your space. It will lend us towards feeling more balanced and connected to our loves ones.

The Gemstone Suggestion:
Scolecite would be a great gemstone to work with in the morning due to the high energy that you will be dealing with. If you feel ungrounded you might grab a hold of some yellow Calcite that will help you to channel those energies a little better for you. In the evening time when the moon moves into Libra, Rhodonite would be a great gemstone for you to work with in connecting with others.

The Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lemon essential oil is powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser that can be used to help balance the energies and invigorate the senses of the day. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse the air and uplift mood.

Saturday June 7, 2014 Sun-MercuryDenseFlowerinBall21

The moon hangs out in Libra all day – this is a good thing because; Libra is the scales and balance of the zodiac. Well we might need to tap into that balanced energy today, so thanks stars for aligning in this way, now to the fun part.

The early morning we might notice that our dreams are super active. There is an aspect between Mercury and the Moon which peaks at 4:10AM so it we might be sleeping through it but awaken to remembering lively dreams. They would be great to journal when you get up, or take note of the dreams you have this whole night, they may just be fun dreams – or they may have some meaningful down the road.

Dun, dun, dun!!!!!
The day the whole world is waiting for! Mercury goes retrograde today, at 7:56AM EST – although you have probably felt that for a few days already as it was station in the sky for a little bit. Don’t worry though Mercury in retrograde is actually a good time for us – I can hear some of you saying, What? But really, the Mercurial things that come up in this time really are things that were just below the surface already, just waiting to pop up and show you. So do yourself some favors – try not to let communication weirdo snafus bother you, yes that does happen. This includes email, phone, texting, actual conversations

A little later in the morning, Venus has an offbeat vibration with Mars, it peaks at 8:10AM EST. This vibration is giving us some tension in our energies and love. This might be expressed as a feeling of some remembrance of a past love that was not good or old wounds to surface regarding love. This is good, let it happen, thank it for surfacing – then let it go.

The afternoon (shortly after noon time EST) brings us some awkward feelings of what we would love to seek out in our lives to live in the best way that we want to live – it might feel a little discouraging right now, if you sense that, do yourself a favor and examine the reasons why. What actions might you even take to bring yourself to that space of living a blissful life too? You might not feel like doing them yet – but take note!

The evening has a nice high energy to it. Our moods will be fast paced and even possibly aggressive if you tend to lean that way. This would be a good evening to take an exercise class, go running or do something to get you moving. The aspect between the moon and Mars, that is creating this energy peaks at 7:31PM EST.

In the evening time about 10:52PM EST we may notice a feeling of searching deep within us. This is another time in the month where we seek out to metaphorically clean out the closet of our spirit and let all the junk go. So do some of that inner work and purge anything that is deep down, even though purging is not the easiest type of work – it feels good to do so!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Green Jade and Jasper. Green Jade helps us enhance the harmonious healing energies of the day and to foster nurturing and friendship. Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Cypress and Wintergreen. Cypress is a powerful oil to create a smooth emotional flow and catharsis, it helps us to be flexible and to move on from the past by joining the natural flow of life. Wintergreen can helps us let go of the need to know, the need to be right and of control. It reminds us that we don’t need to shoulder all of life’s burdens on our own, but we may release and let go and allow for the natural order of life by a Higher Power to take care and nourish us and our lives.

Sunday June 8, 2014 collage2

The early morning time (peaking at 4:13AM EST) we have very highly inspired feelings and emotions. This would be a great time for you to do psychic, intuitive or ritual work as you would feel it in your soul and be guided by your inspiration. You might even have a difficult time sleeping, (if this is your sleeping hours). If you are awake, look for things to do that bring you into a good mood and that are fast paced and upbeat, the energy is high for this time of the day.

A little later on down in the morning time (peaking 7:44AM EST) we have a harmonious, almost lazy feeling with our emotions and our ego. We might feel like lazing in bed a little, or hanging out on a lawn chair on the beach somewhere. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you might just want to sip some tea or coffee on the porch and enjoy the calm energy and sun if it is up in your area. This time of the day, you feel like doing something a little less with your body (other than relaxing) and simply enjoying the peacefulness of the energy that is present for us this morning.

The afternoon time (peaking at 3:47PM EST) has us on our toes with our emotions and we are not afraid to make them big, interesting and fun. Some of us will notice some are making “mountains out of molehills” (in hindsight) with their emotions. – Or, if the energy is running smoothly for you, you would notice a great feeling of nice, emotional security. Just remember to not let your heart get over inflated, as when the energy passes, you want to make sure what you felt is real!

A tad more than an hour later (peaking at 4:53PM EST) the energy present feels like someone has tossed a wrench into your plans and it has you questioning your structure of plans or long term goals you have been setting up. This is actually a good thing, because it allows us to examine our ideas more fully – instead of not seeing things for how they really are. So don’t let any minor frustration or weirdness make it strange for you – examine it instead and ask yourself, why do I feel this way? Then resolve to act accordingly and change plans if necessary in the future.

In the evening (peaking at 9:40PM EST) Venus and Pluto make a sweet aspect to each other. This energy allows us to have cathartic releases of our spirit, emotions and entire being. These releases are done in such a loving and beautiful way that it is actually soulfully healing. If you feel emotions coming up, release them, express them, love them, bless them and if you need to let them go permanently then maybe doing a little ritual where you write them down on paper and burn them (outside) and give the ashes to mother earth. This ritual is a beautiful way to express your inner depths and desires and is wonderfully healing when done with love instead of any sort of frustration about it. If you are more an artist type, pick up your art and release the energies that way – whatever way works best for you, now is a great time to do it. Masterpieces of deep, beautiful art make us think of this particular aspect – so go make art!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Pink Tourmaline would be a great gemstone to work with on this day, either wearing it or keeping it close to your heart. It helps us open our hearts up in a loving way and express it in whatever way we need to. If you are feeling creative too, you might want to include some Blue Agate too.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Rose Oil is a beautiful essential oil to work with today because it connects us with our heart chakra, with the day ending in such a beautiful energy as the Venus Pluto trine, this would be a great day to open your heart and speak from it.

Until tomorrow,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Starlene & Wendy