Astroenergetic Tapestry Report- June 23-29, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday June 23, 2014JupSat-Helio

We might find ourselves on some kind of quest or important mission in our dreams tonight, they could be somehow adventurous and also pretty tangible and appealing to our senses.
The morning greets us with the mood, energy and focus to efficiently do our share of what needs to be done without much interference from others, we feel comfortable doing our own thing and not necessarily in the mood for socializing or talking all that much. Venus moves into the airy sign of Gemini today at 8:33am, shifting the energy from the more physically sensual to finding pleasure in the mentally rapturous and whatever satisfies our spontaneous curiosity. We might find ourselves involved in random conversations about unexpected subjects that draw a playful smile on our faces. This will be a useful approach to keep in mind for the next couple of days, allow your exchanges to have a playful tune to them instead of a confrontative one, or break the tension you find with the twist of an opportune sense of comedy of the moment, while still respecting the impulse to be real and honest with yourself and others.
The evening time will bring a buoyant energy to share pleasant moments with those closest to us and to feel more optimistic.

Essential oil suggestions: Roman Chamomile restores helps us be confident about who we really are, what we came to do in this life and to focus on what our soul finds fulfilling. Spearmint is a wonderful aid to remain clear about our thoughts and feelings and to confidently translate them into words even when we feel nervous or insecure about sharing them.

Gemstone suggestions: Clear Quartz brings us clarity and allows the energy we are gifted with to come forward and be present for us. In this way it can be programmed to enhance what you choose to have present in your awareness. Rhodochrosite will help you feel calm an relaxed while also pointing you in the proper direction for your life.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy

Tuesday June 24, 2014Uranus

The Moon is Void of Course overnight and Venus connects with the Mars-Uranus opposition fostering the perfect setting for us to experience spontaneously passionate or tangibly lively dreams, or a vibrant and lively night with some difficulties sleeping.
Luna moves on to airy and curious Gemini at 7:05am and makes contact with Venus peaking at 9:26am, giving our morning an air of spontaneous and lively interactions and conversations with others, we do feel like keeping them light and with Mercury in retrograde, misunderstandings can take them to surprising random directions. Make use of the lightness of Gemini if you find yourself moving in a conflictive direction, confrontations these next couple of days may be surprisingly explosive and tempers may be much shorter than usual; be also mindful while driving or when performing risky activities, when Mars and Uranus play at tug-of-war we may find a higher degree of accident proneness around us.
The evening has our moods tuned into our inspiration and vision for a moment, perhaps with an air of impatience, and definitely feeling interested in sharing and expressing our ideas in some way. Talk about it, write it in your journal or allow yourself to go on an exploratory daydream of possibilities.

Essential oil suggestions: Lavender would be a lovely ally to work with throughout the day, to help us be clear and honest in our communication and sail smoothly through the changing tides of it. Vetiver will assist us to remain grounded and connected to life, to our thoughts and emotions and to also remain aware even during stressful moments, Thyme is a powerful cleanser of negativity in our emotional body, helping us let go and inviting us to be patient and more tolerant of others.

Gemstone suggestions: I would suggest aquamarine for cooling temperatures and bringing in the energy of water with the sun in Cancer. It will help soothe any heated energies with the Uranus-Mars connection too. If you also need to work on feeling more grounded snowflake obsidian will allow you to see the higher awareness of the Spirit, yet keep you grounded more in the evening time.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy

Wednesday June 25, 2014Saturn1

We are likely to have a somewhat restless sleep, or some difficulties convincing our chatty minds to be silenced for us to get some proper rest. The Mars-Uranus opposition will be exact at 4:26am, the same anxious, jumpy and accident prone energy we have been feeling build up over several days. It’s a good idea to remember to pay attention and stay aware today, to keep our eyes and ears open and our feet on the ground, we may also find random bits of inspiration that illuminate our understanding like sudden lightening and help us appreciate things on a new and refreshing way. The afternoon will give us a burst of energy and some restlessness, yet we can use it productively by focusing on solutions and keeping our conversations light when possible.
The evening time will have our minds and energy shift focus to more tangible goals and how to direct our creative inspiration into a functional structure or plan to really get there, this focus will be with us for the next couple of days.

Essential oil suggestions: Vetiver and Spruce will be our best friends today whenever we need stability, balance, moderation and to keep our feet on the ground, while facing our emotions and the events in our lives. We could relax with Roman Chamomile during the evening time, to also anchor ourselves in our sense of purpose and to help us focus in the right direction and in meaningful activities to get there.

Gemstone suggestions: Carnelian agate allows our communication to be clear and concise. It is soothing and calming to frustrations. We could also still work with Aquamarine today, bringing in some cooling and soothing energy when needed. In the afternoon we might like to hold on to Fluorite and or Black Tourmaline, Fluorite will help the high or abrupt energies to be channeled smoother and black tourmaline will help to allow you to feel grounded, peaceful and centered.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy

Thursday June 26, 2014659

We may have thoughtful dreams overnight, or the kind of dreams and sleep that bring some kind of understanding and food for thinking. The Moon is Void of Course since 7:56am and until 5:05pm when it moves onto it’s domicile placement in Cancer. The day will probably have a good share of energy to it though not so much focus, we are also on the dark of the Moon getting ready for the New Moon early tomorrow morning at 4:08am, so it is a good idea to shed those old thought and feeling patterns we have been noticing to be on the way for our growth. The evening has also an air of introspection, of wanting to pay attention to the voice within and pass inventory of our energy, our personal resources, thoughts and feelings this past month, and kindly let go of that old skin in gratitude. We could take a moment to journal or write letters even if we don’t send them, but to just allow ourselves to express things, and to notice what comes up for us by doing so.
We could finish off our day with a relaxing activity to help us feel refreshed and renewed in the morning and ready for the focus and energy of the New Moon.

Essential oil suggestions: Lemongrass is a refreshing oil that encourages us to let go of what we no longer need, it is a powerful cleanser of the air and of negative energy. Sage is a deeply purifying oil to cleanse energy, the space around us and also the body. It helps us detoxify and to also become more open to the Divine and spiritual guidance.

Gemstone suggestions: Kyanite is a very cleansing gemstone not only for us and our space but also for other rocks around it. It is a beautiful gemstone to work with when connecting with your spirit, balancing your chakras and bringing messages from deep within yourself or from the spirit world. Brecciated Jasper is a power stone that balances the lower chakras and helps us feel inspired and activated while centering us to our foundation to feel stable and at peace. This power stone would be a lovely meditation tool today.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy

Friday June 27, 2014Neptune

Our dreams overnight might take on a much sweeter and inspiring tone, not lacking in depth of emotion, perhaps even with a hint of sweet nostalgia. The New Moon greets us at 4:08am, allowing us to welcome a new mindset with the starting day this morning. She also makes a harmonious trine with Neptune, exact at 7:53am, putting us in sync with our deepest dreams and ideals for our lives. Do take advantage of this beautiful New Moon in Cancer to nurture your dreams and yourself, to engage in positively creative daydreaming and envisioning your inner growth as an external reality. With both Sun and Moon in Cancer, the best way to find our way throughout the day is to feel it out, keeping in mind there may be some degree of gossamer fog in front of our eyes because of Neptune’s influence. The evening encourages our sense of purpose and resolve for growth. It’s a beautiful evening to share with people close to us.

Essential oil suggestions: Ylang Ylang will help us be connected to our innocence and sense of wonder about life, it brings joy and opens our hearts and intuition. Frankincense helps us create new perspectives based on light and truth.

Gemstone suggestions: Aquamarine tunes in with the watery energy of the Cancer Moon and Sun, bringing in some cooling and soothing energy when needed. Moonstone is also very calming, aiding to balance and heal our emotional body, it enhances our intuition and our more feminine non-linear thinking.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy

Saturday June 28, 20141977414_737187982979622_299846309_n

The Moon is brighter after the renewing of the Moon and we have the opportunity to imbue our thoughts and focus with optimism and a certain creative genius for our dreams. We may have somewhat restless dreams overnight, but they could also gift us with a new idea to add to our possible options. We might be contemplating how to add a touch of personal electricity, buoyancy and creativity to an already shaped structure to make it more appropriate to our needs. This is a beautiful day to dance or enjoy music and a sense of rhythm, of nourishing our bodies and souls by immersing ourselves in life itself, it could also call for a spontaneous meeting of someone new and interesting into our lives.
The evening time could be a nice time to connect and share with people close or important to us, sharing memories yet very importantly, also sharing our dreams.

Essential oil suggestions: Wild Orange inspires abundance and a very positive mood, bringing joy, spontaneity and fun into our lives. Myrrh resonates deeply with the Cancerian energy of nurturing and feeling safe and home in our bodies and on Earth.

Gemstone suggestions: It would be good to work with Citrine in the day time, giving us a lot of positive energy and optimism to get things done. In the afternoon and evening we might like to work with Rhodonite, which will help us tap into our hearts and find understanding.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy