Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – June 9-15, 2014

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Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

sun neptuneMonday – June 9, 2014 

The early morning hours has us in a Void of Course Moon until it moves into the sign of Scorpio at 6:38AM EST. When it makes the shift, it is opening the floodgates to what is deep inside of you to come forward and be expressed. If you have been reading our Astro Tapestry Reports regularly you will notice that last nights cathartic release of emotions – today turn into the expressing of them and letting them out even more fully. So enjoy whatever emotions, feelings and energies pop up for you for the next few days – if they are rough, love them, bless them, thank them for the lesson they have taught you and let them go.

In the afternoon peaking at 12:04PM EST, Mercury and the Moon make a harmonious energy with one another – allowing the energies of our emotions and our communication to be more open, flowing and freely expressed through the heart. This is a little blessing considering that Mercury is in retrograde right now, so enjoy.

At 3:31PM EST Neptune goes into its Retrograde phase, which is a kind of revision of how we process information we get from our dreams, imagination, subconscious minds and ideals. We might find some comfort from the memory of a dreams and desires and memories we have come in from the past.

This retrograde is much different than the Mercury retrograde phase, as it is a much slower moving planet and its more like a continual growth and season in our live, than a quick few weeks of lots of stuff going on with Mercury in retrograde. So as the time passes and Neptune is in this season of retrograde, just try to think of those ideal you held a long time ago – it might be time for a reexamining of them and seeing where they take you on your journey next!

Lastly the energy for the evening at 8:21PM EST is where the Moon and Neptune kiss and say, hey, lets let those thoughts, desires and wants from the past to come forward into our lives. This would be a really nice time to do some energy work on manifesting and creating the inspiring dreams you really want to live.

The Essential Oil Suggestion:
Vetiver helps us get rooted in life, connecting with the way we think and feel, it’s very useful when working on our self-awareness and when needing help to move through emotional catharsis, so it will be good for the morning time. While Sandalwood, helps us realign our priorities according to the greater good, and to reach out beyond the limits of our current belief systems which would be excellent to work with for the evening time.

The Gemstone Suggestion:
Rose Quartz is helpful in releasing emotions and opening the heart chakra. It helps soften our hearts and spirit and allow love to enter in where it was not before. You may also like to work with Apopyllite which will help you to connect with your inner most desires and allow them to be expressed through the heart chakra. It is very opening to the chakra system and healing to the spirit.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Jupiter Saturn

The moon is a busy girl today as she tracks through the zodiac sign of Scorpio for the day. Scorpio moon has us thinking deep thoughts and allowing energy to bring up hidden feelings or sensations that are buried deep down. It is good to take a look deep within and do releasing exercises at this time, even having some cathartic releases are good. They allow us to get stuff out.

In the early morning hours (peaking at 5:43AM EST) The moon and Pluto connect, giving way towards waking up having had dreams that were likely very deep and could be coming from a past life memory or a memory of earlier in this lifetime – if you have such dreams; journal them down to reflect upon later.

A little later in the morning time (peaking at 8:49PM EST) the moon and Venus are dancing together and bringing in an energy of us feeling connected to our heart chakra and opening our moods a little more powerfully and lovingly. If this energy feels more like you are at odds with what you love and how you feel – then doing some exercises like yoga, meditation or Reiki to specifically open the heart chakra and explore what is in there without a critical eye.

In the afternoon (peaking at 2:30PM EST) we will feel a strong emotion towards becoming really serious and real with our emotions. Almost to the point where we want to be businesslike and not let the emotions out, or not admit they are there. We would guide you by saying, if you feel like being open and honest with your emotions – do so in a loving and honest way. If you feel like being quieter, then be quiet, and allow yourself the space to express your real emotions at another time, but take note and maybe even journal some of them down for you to look back on.

In the evening (peaking at 10:21PM EST) the moon and Jupiter make a harmonious connection with one another, this helps lighten your mood and get you out of the more serious and somber mood of the afternoon. You know being serious is not bad at all – it allows us to explore things in a systematic and complete way. This Jupiter Moon connection of the evening has us feeling like just being fun an free though – so enjoy, be fun, free and enjoy the energies of the evening!

After that last aspect to the moon, she goes into its Void of Course phase until tomorrow morning when she slips into Sagittarius at 11:23AM EST. So enjoy the fun Jupiter energy and allow yourself to just go with the flow the rest of the evening.

The Gemstone Suggestion:
It would be good to work with Citrine in the day time, giving us some good energy, and allowing us to peak down within our spirits, and allowing some healing of our energy to take place. In the afternoon and evening we might like to work with Rhodonite, which will help us tap into our hearts in a real and honest way, allowing us to feel what is inside and if nothing else understand it.

The Essential Oil Suggestion
Palmarosa is a wonderful oil to aid us in our emotional growth, letting go of past hold backs and allowing us to move on by consciously acknowledging those emotions and then releasing them. Lavender will be a nice oil to relax with later during the day and also to aid us if we feel our communication has begun having blunders during the Mercury retrograde.

Wednesday June 11, 2014 photo 2

The moon is in Sagittarius from 11:23AM EST, this helps our moods feel a bit more jovial and for us to more easily shrug off feelings that we might normally not be so easy to shrug off. When the moon is in Sagittarius, do yourself a favor and laugh a lot, while philosophizing about the Universe and enjoy this time.

Today we are in this web of energy that not only has our communication things off because of the Mercury Retrograde phase that is currently going on until July 1 – but also because Saturn (also in Retograde) joins in with Mercury giving us a realness to our communication style, which we just might have a difficult time expressing even more. So our suggestion to you is to do some inner work, clearing out the old thoughts, patterns and seeing where those old thoughts and patterns have taken you and if they still belong to you or not. If they do not belong to you, take note and when the Full Moon comes on Friday – do yourself a little releasing ritual and let them go. In doing this you are literally clearing the energy for new thoughts and energy patterns to come into your life.

The entire day has us feeling like there is something bigger in the picture that we are not quite getting. It may have us doing some researching into our own highest ideals to see what is in there. What is it we want to be known for in this world, once we have left it? What legacy do you want to leave behind you? These are some of the ponderings that might be going through your mind at this time.

You may also notice it feels like someone has pulled the breaks on something within the love department. This isn’t necessarily the end of the relationship or curiosity though; rather take it as a step back to look at the situation in the love department as it truly is. Is it real love, or is it love of something imagined? This energy will increase and peak until Friday so just hand tight, and don’t let it stress you too much if you feel stressed about relationships right now.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Carnelian agate allows our communication to be clear and concise. It is soothing and calming to frustrations. Kyanite is a beautiful gemstone to work with when connecting with your spirit, balancing your chakras and bringing messages from deep within or the spirit world; it is also very cleansing.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Spearmint aids us regain clarity of thought and to be more confident on our speech, particularly during Mercury retrograde it could be very helpful to translate our inner clarity into words. Lavender helps us feel calmer as we communicate even if we sometimes feel insecure about it; it encourages emotional honesty and is also very soothing.

Thursday, June 12, 2014 venus mars2

The Moon hangs out in Sagittarius all day, still giving us that optimistic feeling that we are connecting with something bigger than ourselves and in some ways we are. – Tune in!

We are being gifted some insight in the early morning hours, or prophetic dreams. This energy comes from a web between Neptune, Pluto and the Moon. If you wake up early in the morning (Eastern USA time) then you should write your dreams down. Likewise if you are up at that time, because it is your day time or you just wake up. Do some day-dreaming about the life you want to live, not the one you live (unless of course you are living the life of your desires) – seriously dig deep and ask yourself how you can live the “ideal” life for you?

In the waking hours (peaking at 7:56AM EST) the moon and Pluto connect and we are given and energy that helps push us forward into some mode of action. It gives us lots of energy and might be a good idea for us to go work-out and let some of that energy be expressed in a healthy way.

The afternoon hands us an energy (peaking at 1:59PM EST) between the moon and Uranus, which lends a restlessness to the air. It also gives us random flashes of insight and inspiration, almost philosophically, like an epiphany or new idea on some new horizon is being opened up for us to explore.

Venus is a busy little chick the next few days and later this afternoon (peaking at 4:24PM EST) she is connecting with the moon in a way that will have us feeling a tad bit awkward and not quite sure about the things we love and feel in our heart. These aspects that come along quickly and often, allow us to practice being in our heart and allowing us to see the love in every situation, so look for the love – it is there.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Patchouli will be good in the morning to support the connection between our bodies, minds and spirits and to also flow with the present moment. Roman Chamomile is very gentle and calming, it also helps us find purpose and meaning in our lives and to keep our compasses pointing to the direction of what we were born to do.

Gemstone Suggestions:
Clear quartz will give us clarity in the morning, allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us. Look for it, reach for it and know it is there, even in the tiniest way, such as seeing the blessing in waking in the morning. In the afternoon Rhodochrosite is an awesome gemstone that will help you to feel calm, cool and collected and allow you to also start to feel like you are being pointed into the proper direction in life, so hold onto some of that!

Friday June 13, 2014 photo 24w

The first thing in the early morning hours is the peak of The Venus and Saturn opposition in the sky. This energy has been leading up for the last couple of days and has us feeling like we should be really honest and real with what we love. No sugar coating needed right now, in fact, we will likely see right through anything pretentious, so get real – with your heart, and even if you do not express that with others right now, express it to yourself and when the time is right – express it to others too. This energy pattern stays with us for a few days, so enjoy the loving feelings of Venus intertwined with real and honest Saturn.

The Full Moon peaks right after midnight also (this happens at 12:11AM EST) This is a great time (all of today) to release, clean and reorganized ourselves in this world. Sagittarius full moon is giving us blessings of joy and excitement, and is asking you – are you feeling that optimism, or do you feel more weighted down? If you feel more weighted down – then now is the time to release that which weighs us down so we can learn to spread our wings and fly again.

The moon moves along from Sagittarius to Capricorn this afternoon at 1:04PM EST, this will shift the energy and moods of many of us from that of being very fun loving and exciting to being more business-like and ready to get things done.

This is an excellent day to get your home in order and beautify it to make it feel good. You know how your home always feels its best when things are in order, so use today or the weekend to do some of that. By tossing out some of the things we no longer need with the New Moon energy, then it shifting into Capricorn where we want things orderly and the influence of Mercury in Retrograde – spring or early summer cleaning is in order!

By the afternoon (peaking at 3:56PM EST) we will be feeling like communicating some of our desires to have more structure in our lives. We might even want to be more mentally connected to our moods and emotions at this time, so expression of some kind this evening is called for, be that expression of our emotions or our hearts desire – go and express you.

The Gemstone Suggestion:
Amethyst will help us to feel the energy of the full moon, allowing us to realize our dreams and then start to take action to make them happen. Later on in the day Black Onyx would be a great gemstone for helping the person that wants to get grooving on their work and utilize the energy of the Capricorn Moon.

Sunday June 15th, 2014 MerJup2

Our night time will continue entertaining us with a very active dream life, this time we could participate in almost epic dreams of a more grandiose and splendorous type, or the kind that we easily find very close to our hearts desire. The Moon will be Void of Course since 2:35am EST.

We might wake up and get our morning started on a very dreamy note, the kind of morning when we feel spacey and not really getting things done the way we are used to, we’ll probably have energy though not all that much focus. It’s a good morning to take it slow and easy and to notice the places our mind and daydreams wander to as we go through our day.

The Moon will move on to the more airy sign of Aquarius at 1:27pm EST, making us want to communicate our ideas more yet perhaps finding it complicated to do so, in any case it will be easier to focus on our thought patterns. If we have felt like we still have a lot of energy but not much of an idea of what to do with it, the feeling will get easier after the Moon moves to Aquarius and gives us some direction, some shared “out of the box” thinking with a good friend could also prove to be insightful and helpful.

Essential oil suggestions:  
Patchouli could be a wonderful aid to feel more present within our bodies and our time-space reality of the moment. Lemon could be some additional aid to feel more focused, refreshed and invigorated. We could relax with some Lavender or Basil to feel relaxed and renewed, getting ready for a new week.

Gemstone Suggestions:
Apophyllite is a beautiful gemstone to sleep with tonight, or work with in the morning. It helps bring out that dreamy note of energy and allows us to wafer in the waves of it all, so keep some close to your heart. Once the moon slips into Aquarius, the energy of Garnet and/or Aquamarine to help you connect with that moon. If you happen to be an Aquarius, then Garnet for the January babies and Aquamarine for the February babies. If you are neither, just working with either will help you transition from the Cappy moon into the lighter energies of airy Aquarius!

The Essential Oil suggestion:
Peppermint will invigorate and freshen our minds and bodies if we feel we need a little push to slide through the day. Later on in the day, Vetiver helps us to become more rooted in life, aiding us to remain connected with what we deeply feel and think so we may become more self-aware and supporting us to find the roots of our deeper emotions.

Saturday June 14, 20141535385_738153256216428_856387990_n

Overnight we enjoy of the more grounded part of the Full Moon since it’s been in Capricorn and also of a harmonious aspect it makes with Neptune, giving our dreams a touch of tangible reality, maybe even some lucid dreaming.

The stand-off energies between Mars and Pluto have been building up over a few days and will reach their exact position at 8:44am, bringing us an extremely dynamic morning when we can literally jump out of bed on a mission to get something done. The Moon joins in and activates this energy even more by adding an emotional twist to things, it can be very easy to take things personally and to react before understanding the whole situation, remember that Mercury is in retrograde and our communication can be murky. It would be a good morning to engage in some active physical activity and go somewhere outdoors, to the gym or find a way to let out excessive tension in a positive way. If you feel you must communicate with someone but aren’t sure it will really come out in the right way, you can write them a letter or email and hold out by not sending it, just let it all out of your own system and go back to it in a few days.

The afternoon could have an air of anxiousness or restlessness, or bring some unexpected information or events that will require some adjustment on our part, particularly if they begin causing big or explosive reactions in the people around us. Again it is good to check in with our hearts before making decisions or changing completely out of the course we had been planning and working on for a while now. Sometimes we just need to let off some steam to be able to regain clarity again and to appreciate what is really important to us in the end.
The evening time will allow us to enjoy a healing beam from the Moon to Venus, so we may feel more collected, receptive, understanding and focused on what really matters.

Essential oil suggestions:

Vetiver is an excellent oil to work with to feel more down to earth and in touch with the physical world, connected with our thoughts and emotions. Peppermint and Lavender will be a good combination for today if we begin feeling overwhelmed, they will help us feel invigorated yet calm, giving us a breather and a sense of being safe when we feel stressed out.

Gemstone suggestions:

Black Tourmaline is a great aid to ground and center ourselves and to let go of negative energy or emotions. Fluorite will help the high or abrupt energies to be channeled more smoothly and directed more constructively, if you want to add some strength you can also add some Clear Quartz and program it to support this flow of energy and the creation of a more peaceful, positive mood around you.

Until tomorrow!
Starlene & Wendy