Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – March 24-30, 2014

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sun-uranus.jpgAstroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene Breiter

Monday March 24, 2014 – The first thing in the early morning hours you may notice some dreams that are calm and intuitive. They may be very real like, or be giving you some insight or intuitive impression in your dream state – so it would be really helpful for you to start to write those dreams down in your dream journal in the morning time. They may not seem relevant at the moment, but in time you might reflect and look back upon them and notice that they make more sense to you in the future or give you deeper insight into what is going on in your subconcious.

The morning time is a good time for a “Happy Monday”, often times on Mondays we feel like “ugh” another Monday – but today is not so much like that. We will feel more energetic and jovial this morning than a typical Monday morning. You might also notice work being smooth and easier.

Our emotions can be inflated somewhat in the morning time carrying us through the afternoon, but this is more of an energy of postive emotions than negative emotions. Sometimes looking within ourselves is not easy, but this is good because it is preparing us for the upcoming New Moon that comes at the weekend.

The moon in Capricorn will give us lots of help getting organized in the morning and allow us to get moving to the direction that we want to be moving into. So try to tap into that Capricorn moon energy and get focus while you work on things that you have been mapping out for yourself as of lately – either in your mind or in your through your journaling.

We might have some surprises pop up this late afternoon or evening, but they are not necessarily negative. They can be, or can be more like insight or inspiration that comes forward from our subconcious minds. This moon in Capricorn can give us more of a symbolic feeling, and we may want to express ourselves through other forms of communication than verbal, such as through art, painting, or other symbolic ways.

Our gemstone suggestions that we have for today are amethyst or iolite which could help with our dream state and the intuitive dreams we were speaking about. Another gemstone that would be suggested to work with in the evening time is mahogany obsidian, to allow us to see clairity and insight into our lives.

Till Tomorrow—
Wendy & Starlene

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report1920633_730107060354381_905861310_n
by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene Breiter

Tuesday March 25, 2014 – Today should be a more introspective sort of day. In the morning we will feel quite organized and ready to get things completed and done. Today we will take a sort of mental inventory of what is going on in our lives. Although we might not yet feel like taking action on those any of those things, we can see them for what they are.

The moon is Void of Course in the morning time at 8:35AM EST until it moves into Aquarius in the evening at 6:39PM EST. When the moon is Void of Course, it can bring with it an energy of just wanting to get through the day and not over stressing or over exciting ourselves.

The energy of the moon in Aquarius will help us shift our own energies from an earthy grounded feeling into a more mental and intellectual energy. The shift of the moon will give us a transition in our mood and likely lighten our energies up a bit more towards the evening and night time.

The gemstone suggestions we want to give you for today are Aragonite which is a great stone for helping you connect with other people. If you are feeling a little disconnected in energy then this would be a great gemstone to hold on to today. In the evening you might want to shift gears along with the moon into Aquamarine which will help you connect with the energies of the Aquarius moon, or garnet which is very grounding, loving and stabilizing which also connects us with the energies of Aquarius.

Till Tomorrow—
Wendy & Starlene

1977133_733274373370983_2096879217_nAstroenergetic Tapestry Report
by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene Breiter

Wednesday March 26, 2014 – The moon stays in Aquarius all day long, sharing with us the energy of a light airy feeling of Aquarius. Today’s overall energy is pretty optimistic and feels good to most of us, so enjoy!

In the early morning there is an energy present that is harmonious with our communication and how we express ourselves in the world. The energy of communication and thought can be inflated, optimistic and give us a good feeling for the morning. Our mind will feel more open and expansive than usual, opening up and really feeling our emotions is a great way to utilize this energy. We might enjoy talking about philosophical topics or the bigger picture of our universe within this energy.

Today may feel somewhat lighter than yesterday, especially during the day since all day yesterday was the Void of Course (VOC) moon and during VOC moon – we can feel a little stuck or like we just want to get this day overwith. So if that was your yesterday (day) – today should be better!

The afternoon may bring little surprises where our electronics are doing funny things, or acting odd. There is an “electrical” energy that is getting stronger as we move further into the Spring, this energy picks up force as the days get closer to mid April.

Although electrical energy sounds intense, today – this energy could bring some flashes of inspiration, or inventive or insight into our lives. As the day progresses into the evening there is a bit of a more restless energy. It is not a negative energy, more just like a progressive and inspirational energy – so try to think outside of the box and see what inspires you this evening!

The gemtone suggestions we have for today are mookaite jasper for the morning. In the morning the energy is great for being optimistic and feeling good, but with that optimism sometimes we feel overly excited our our nervous system is just fireing off adrenaline — mookaite can help to balance that energy and not weigh you down to the point where you do not enjoy that flow of optimism and expansive communication. The gemstone we suggest working with in the evening is amazonite – it will help us feel less stimulated nervously and allow some of that electrical feeling of the afternoon to be sort of tamed. It is also a wonderful gemstone for helping with the heart chakra.

Till Tomorrow—
Wendy & Starlene

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report photo 311.jpg
by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene Breiter

Thursday March 27, 2014 – We might wake up from a feeling that we have had some comforting dreams, the types of dreams that we can heal from. During our dream state we can do a lot of healing, sometimes that we are not even aware of and this might be one of those perfect occassions for us to journal our dreams.

This morning has a very nourising feeling to it, it is an excellent time for you to paint or do some sort of expression with symbols – something that you enjoy.

The moon will be Void of Course (VOC) most of the day today, similar to Tuesday when it was VOC most of the day. This Void of Course begins at 9:13AM and ends at 8:10PM EST – so if you find yourself wanting to just get the day over with, this is likely why.

The moon moves into Pisces at 8:10PM EST and gives us more of a intuitive and watery feel. We might notice we feel adrift in the sea under this moon, it is a good time to tap into any sort of Spiritual or ritual that you might want to intuitively prepare yourself for the New Moon that is coming up on Sunday when the moon moves into the sign of Aries. So collect your thoughts, seek what is inside you and ask yourself, what sort of things do I want this upcoming year for me to be like – as the New Moon coming up on Sunday is the first New Moon of the astrological new year so it is a very important one.

The gemstone suggestions for today are carnelian agate which will help you work with that creative thought process we talked about for the morning. The evening when the moon moves into Pisces you might want to use selenite, which is a great gemstone for cleansing your energy or the energy of your space – while you prepare your surroundings for this upcoming New Moon on Sunday!

Enjoy the day and until tomorrow!
Wendy & Starlene

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report photo 1 (2)
by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva

Friday March 28th, 2014 ~ This might be the kind of restless night when we can’t sleep too well because our minds seem to have a mind of their own, trying to analyze something. We can find good pointers in our dreams about the healing work we have been doing in ourselves and the direction we are going to, very intuitive dreams.

We might feel a little spacey in the morning, though it also will be a good time to meditate and observe where our thoughts and emotions flow naturally.

The afternoon might be a magnifier for our emotions and those of others, so it might be that whatever we feel might be express in a more grandiose or almost exaggerate way than normally.It’s a good idea to focus on the emotions we do want to surf and decline the invitation to go with negative emotions.
It’s a good idea to take note of our feelings and in the evening it will be a good time to express those emotions and have a positive connection with others while doing so. The evening will be a good time to connect with other people, communicate and share your ideas.
It will be a watery sensitive day, more inclined to the emotional side.

We suggest working with Howlite overnight because it is a great aid in getting better sleep.
In the afternoon we would recommend working with Clear Quartz and Pietersite, so we may find help to remain grounded in our emotions yet still connected to our heart.

Happy Friday and until tomorrow!
Wendy & Starlene

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 1977414_737187982979622_299846309_n
by Wendy Villanueva and Starlene Breiter

Saturday 29th, 2014 – In the morning we might feel a little awkwardness to our energy, we may not really know which direction we want to head to when we wake up. Itis a good time to harness our energy and take is as an interesting challenge to remain in focus. It would be a good idea to lean back on your personal framework or structure and work on things from that perspective. The mood might be more supportive to giving opportune moments of appreciation for the little things around us that make life beautiful, lively and bring joy, we might enjoy the signs of Spring around us, like the birds’ song and the blooming of flowers and green around us.

In the afternoon the energy becomes easier and more flowing. In the evening we might be more attracted to the natural beauty of things around us, we might be more interested to focus on issues that give us lasting joy, a sense of well-being and a more tangible value, not so much on things that might give us only some kind of instant gratification that is momentary. It will be a more stable energy than we had in the morning.
It might be that with the Moon slipping into Aries later at night we feel like it’s hard to go to sleep because we would be in the mood of doing things.

One of our gemstone suggestions for the day is Garnet, a valuable ally to ground ourselves and not be so scattered trying to run in all directions. In the evening Jade would be excellent to assist us to enjoy the beauty and the connection all of us have between each other, and to also see things for what they truly are.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene and Wendy.

1509137_737616862936734_872859924_nAstroenergetic Tapestry Report,
by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva

Sunday, March 30, 2014 – We wake up under a powerful Moon in Aries, closing off its monthly cycle to be renewed and start fresh beginning the New Astrological year too. We have the New Moon at 3:45pm EDT, with both the Sun and Moon in the flames of fiery Aries we have the perfect day to set our intentions and begin planting seeds for the coming year. What we put in action in the next few days may have effects up until September this year. The New Moon happens scant degrees from Uranus giving it an electric energy which can also be very powerful, getting ready to begin a very interesting month filled with change.

The evening might have us very focused on how we want to start the restructuring of our lives, considering issues that we have been working on for a longer time now. Some emotional surprises could come up, bringing us back to the issues we were dealing with the previous day while becoming more real with ourselves about our feelings and what is important to us. It will feel like a lively active day.

Moonstone during the New Moon phase, it helps bring the lunar energy and figure out which things we emotionally want to bring to ourselves during the next cycle. In the evening we could work with Howlite to relax and smoothly move onto the next day.

Happy planting and until next week!
Wendy and Starlene.

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