Astroenergetic Tapestry Report May 12-18, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report by Starlene and Wendy1977414_737187982979622_299846309_n

Monday May 12, 2014 – We wake up to a Void of Course Moon which will last for the whole day until 9:07pm when it moves into the deep waters of Scorpio. The day is very likely to be much less eventful than the weekend, but we might feel a certain drain from Sunday or like we’re trying to get started on a Monday but can’t really get there easily. It’s a good idea to take it easy and allow ourselves space to process and digest anything new before continuing on to make any new decisions.

There could be a sense of emotional tension building up because of the coming Full Moon on Wednesday, and around noon we could find ourselves in a situation where we feel a deep urge to communicate or express our thoughts rapidly, though it might be a good idea to remember to stop to think before we talk and to remain centered, so we also abstain from promising more than we can deliver, or from saying something hurtful that we can’t take back anymore.  Allow yourself to roll on with the day and what it brings, remembering to be patient with yourself and with others.

The essential oil suggestion for the morning is Roman Chamomile, to help us remain grounded on our deeper sense of purpose and meaning and because it is calming, you can also combine it with Lavender (more calming) or a citrus like Orange or Tangerine (more invigorating)

The gemstone suggestion for the morning is Chrysocolla. It helps us bring harmony into our hearts by allowing us to release the stress accumulated in your emotional body. Chrysocolla purifies remorse, animosity, and indignation as well as other negative emotions.

As the Moon moves on to Scorpio, we are bound to become more contemplative and tuned in to our deeper feelings.

The afternoon and evening would be a nice time to work with Peppermint and Lavender, they will help us flow with the day’s events and energies while maintaining open communication channels. You can add Lavender oil to your bath water, but not Peppermint, because it has a burning effect when mixed with water. It is refreshing to use on chosen locations (like the back of your neck) when mixed with a carrier oil.

Brecciated Jasper is a power stone that balances the lower chakras and helps us feel inspired and activated while centering us to our foundation to feel stable and at peace. This power stone would be a lovely meditation tool this evening, helping us connect with our own personal power and strength.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy

1535385_738153256216428_856387990_nTuesday May 13th,2014

We wake up under a Scorpio Moon, clearly in touch with our feelings and not really afraid of getting to the bottom of things. Today is a wonderful day to include a personal form of spiritual practice and allowing ourselves to listen, a sudden flash of insight or deeper meaning to our vision and main source of inspiration in life is possible. The morning might bring a very romantic or poetic mood, it could also come up as a philanthropic inclination, where we find particular enjoyment in nourishing and taking care of others. One way or the other, it will be wonderful day to feel and show love, to tune in to our sense of Oneness as part of a greater whole and to also find solace for our hearts if we had a particularly difficult time last weekend.
We don’t shy away from our experience nor our feelings about it, but we may find meaning and a sense of purpose to them as a part of a bigger symphony in our lives. It will probably be a dynamic day nonetheless.

The essential oil suggestion for the morning is Sandalwood, it helps us calm the mind and heart to be more open to listening to Spirit, it also helps us reach beyond our present confines and belief systems.
The gemstone suggestion for the morning is Amethyst, it will help us to go within and look at our inner ideals and what we want to bring forward into this world then make it happen.

The evening might give opportunity for communication or even better understanding of our deeper feelings, it may feel difficult to put into words or ideas, but it could also be extremely healing. It’s a good idea to journal our thoughts tonight, and to remember we are preparing for a Full Moon tomorrow which can also bring needed clarity and release, even if our emotions seem to feel almost compulsive or obsessive at the moment. We can transform these feelings into a committed sense of purpose for the direction we need to go to in our lives, keeping in mind the bigger picture and our highest ideals.

The essential oil suggestions for the evening are Vetiver and Ylang Ylang. Vetiver helps us to become more rooted in life, aiding us to remain connected with what we deeply feel and think so we may become more self-aware and supporting us to find the roots of our deeper emotions. Ylang Ylang is extremely soothing to the heart and to our inner child. It helps us reconnect with innocence, our sense of wonder in life and nurtures our heart during difficult emotional healing.
Gemstone suggestion for the afternoon: Rhodocrosite will be a helpful ally to work with if we feel heavier or tumultuous emotions, it lightens our heart and makes us feel more connected.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy

Wednesday May 14th, 2014Pluto

On Wednesday we may have woken up from very active dreams which stirred up a lot of emotions that we can clearly feel this morning still. Fated relationships? A kin and definite sense of what you want to feel emotionally whole or even healthy and you can clearly savoir what that would be like right now?
All morning will build up in intensity to our Full Moon in Scorpio at 3:16 pm EDT. Full Moons are closely related to release and to lighting up areas or issues we hadn’t been seeing clearly.. have you ever noticed how things look entirely different under the sunlight than they do under the silvery light of a Full Moon? It’s like you can now see an almost imperceptible depth you didn’t notice before. This particular Full Moon is closely related to all the bigger emotions that have been stirred in our lives lately, particularly since last Saturday when the Sun opposed Saturn with exactitude.

Whether we think we are ready or not, it is time to face and release all those deeper emotions that are really only deeply engrained residues from the past, old lingering fears and even old lingering desires that can feel very irrational and compulsive once we look at them, yet they have past their time of helpfulness in our lives. If communicating to gain closure with someone else isn’t possible, write them a letter, a long awaited letter where you allow yourself to pour all passion and emotional energy without hiding your feelings, allow yourself to look at them, to feel them and to thank them and do with the letter what you feel is best for it to be done and for an appropriate sense of closure for yourself.
The themes are release and clarity in whichever form they may come, no need to expect something specific for it is very likely we are all dealing with deeper karmic issues today. With this in mind, think of yourself as a surgeon deeply cleansing a wound of anything already infected and dead, it is painful but very much needed for true healing to happen for it won’t do to simply put a bandaid on and ignore it anymore. When you detox, be it physically, emotionally or otherwise, you may feel sick at first, but oh the relief and benefits once it is done!

The Moon goes Void of Course for the evening propelling us forward on the sheer inertia of our experience today, perhaps feeling a little numb but calmer, let yourself breathe and feel good about the work done until now. Tomorrow will be another day under another Moon that will brightly show us the room we’ve made for so many new and fresh possibilities of growth in our lives.

The essential oil suggestions for today are Vetiver and Rose. Vetiver will aid us to remain centered and not flinch away when we look at our emotions. Rose will envelop us with the highest frequency of love, wrap us up in warmth and help us to accept ourselves unconditionally.

The gemstone suggestions for today are Moonstone and Rose Quartz. Moonstone is closely associated with the Moon and with working with Lunar energy, it enhanced intuition and inspiration. Rose Quartz is called “the Love stone” because it heals and opens our heart chakra to unconditional love, beginning with ourselves and expanding outwards to everyone in our lives. It balances emotions and helps us feel peace and calm.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy

Sun-UranusMagicSpinningMandala2Thursday – May 15, 2014

The first thing in the wee hours is the moon slipping its way into fun loving Sagittarius, this happens at 1:44AM EST.
— So where is the party at?
And when are we going?

This moon might set the tone for a somewhat more uplifted mood than the deeper more intense recently just passed (last night) Scorpio FULL Moon!

The early morning hours after the moon changes signs, at 2:22AM EST The moon squares with Neptune – which in astrological terms means they are 90* degrees apart. This energy gives us the opportunity to reach inside of ourselves and ask ourselves – where do we want to go?

This aspect is not an uncommon one as the moon moves around the zodiac every month this connection comes up several times within a month – for us and it is a good energy – because it constantly has us checking ourselves.

Where are we?
What do we want to be?
What can we do to make that happen?

This energy is not so much like the Saturn energy where you would begin doing something to make it happen, but more like the energy of figuring it all out, looking at it and idealizing it in your Spirit. So pay attention to your dreams and journal them and if you stay up or are reading this later and stayed up – think about what you were doing and manifesting at this time. Ideas are things.

The afternoon leaves us with a really nice energy for our own energy levels; we will be feelings like we want to finish our tasks and get moving and grooving to start our weekend — even though it is only Thursday night! There may be a feeling of excitement in the air like even though it is only Thursday night, you want to go out and enjoy it somehow. – Go on have fun!

Mercury is a busy guy this evening too at 5:54PM he lightly kisses Venus making a sweet little flirty communication energy in the world – so if you have someone to flirt with, go do it. We bet they will be receptive; this energy is cute, light and sweet.

Then Mercury that little playboy that he is, is also a mischievous little trickster in a way, but not in a bad way – its all fun, right? — He and Uranus team up in a fun aspect at 7:22PM EST causing ideas, communications and possibly fun sparks, or maybe sparklers to fly (you really never do know when these two get going!!) So enjoy the inspirational energy that Mercury makes as it kisses Venus then run’s off to play with Uranus tonight!

Lastly Venus had to get in some action here — she’s been crawling her way closer to Uranus for days and finally at 7:54PM EST they conjunct in the sky – this is where the sparks might be flying from, and those sparks should be fun and exciting – if you can handle it, anyway. If you are more the low-key type, then this is the time to let loosen up a little or go out and let your hair down, why not?

We only live once – feel alive, and in love with life under these transits today.

The Essential Oil suggestion for today is:
Tangerine would be helpful, as it brings lots of cheer and joyfulness into our lives. It invites us to tap into our creative side and bring more spontaneity into our lives.

The Gemstone Suggestion for today is:
Labradorite is a great gemstone to work with today as it is the gemstone of magic and it will help you to feel more magic in your life and with your intention setting.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy

Friday May 16th, 201401b9be07c86e62fc7c6a4492de7004a5d752692644

It may have been a somewhat restless night causing us to wake up multiple times or to have restless dreams. The morning is bound to feel lively even though we may be more than ready for the weekend to get started already. The Moon will be Void of Course since 3:43am and for the whole day and Mars is stationary getting ready to turn direct next week, it may feel as if everything is almost standing still, though not necessarily in a heavy way. We might feel like we need to break away and have a little break and breath of fresh air. Did you have a long week?
We also might find opportunity for pleasant and healing conversations throughout our day, particularly with women or about issues relating nurturing or a whole sense of well-being and health.

Do something to relax and unwind tonight, something to reconnect your thoughts and emotions to physical body and the present moment. All kinds of beautifully inspiring ideas, art and poetry could also be very enjoyable.

The essential oil suggestions for today are Peppermint and Roman Chamomile. Peppermint will invigorate and freshen our minds and bodies if we feel we need a little push to slide through the day. Roman Chamomile will help us remain connected to our inner sense of purpose and to what we really love, it is also very healing and calming.

The gemstone suggestions for today are Aragonite and Celestite. Aragonite reminds us that we are all connected to one another and that we all play our share as part of a bigger whole. It invites us be honest with others and with ourselves. Celestite helps us to have good mental activity and to feel connected to our creativity, it creates a flowing balance between outside forces and our inner energies, between the outer and inner energies present.

Until tomorrow,
Wendy & Starlene

1977133_733274373370983_2096879217_nSaturday May 17, 2014 

We wake up with the newly moved moon into Capricorn; this happens at 4:12AM after a long Void of Course Moon. This helps give us a little energy towards working on the things we have been contemplating on working on, over the last week. Our energies feel much more like accomplishing something than sitting back and just watching the tides move in, this morning at least!

In the afternoon at 4:34PM EST the moon and Neptune take us for a little dance around our spirits, allowing us to feel a little floatier and like we want to spend time with ourselves dreaming of the life that we really want to live. This can be the life that we are dreaming about moving into or the life that we are looking at creating – either way utilize this soft energy and expand your mind a little ~ go with the flow.

Later in the evening at 7:13PM EST the moon and Mars are in a tango with one another, this is giving us an itch to move into a space that we want to start to express some of the ideas and dreams of the earlier afternoon today. It may also make us want to go out and be active, so if a Saturday night date is in order, or time spent with friends – then go and have some passionate fun!

The Gemstone Suggestion for today is:
Black Onyx would be a great gemstone for helping the person that wants to get grooving on their work and utilize the energy of the Capricorn Moon. While Amethyst will help us to feel the energy of Neptune and the moon, allowing us to realize our dreams and then start to take action to make them happen.

The Essential Oil suggestion for today is:
Vetiver helps us to become more rooted in life, aiding us to remain connected with what we deeply feel and think so we may become more self-aware and supporting us to find the roots of our deeper emotions.

Until tomorrow,
Wendy & Starlene

MerJup2Sunday May 18, 2014 

Today is an active day for us emotionally, we may wake up in the morning feeling like our deeper emotions have somehow crept out from ourselves in our dreams, or gives us insight into our lives in some manner. This is a good time to write the dreams down, or if the energies present have you up – do something inspirational with yourself and tap into what is deep within your spirit.

After we awake up at 9:42AM EST the moon connects with Venus then right afterwards at 9:49AM EST the moon also connects with Jupiter. This energy will help us feel loving and healing as if we are searching for something open and larger then yourself to fill inside of your heart. Take the risk this morning and feel the love.

At 11:31AM EST Venus and Jupiter connect with one another – this energy can bring up some personal emotions and feelings that are big and can be quite joyous and outlandish. Enjoy this energy as it is preparing you for the week ahead and the final movement of Mars moving into its direct phase tomorrow evening.

At 12:25PM EST the moon and Saturn connect with one another and create a harmonious energy between our emotions and how we want to be really honest and real about them. This is a good time for you to ask yourself –  is the “love” in my life real or not? The earlier aspects of the morning will have your emotions feeling inflated and this one will kind of bring them back down to earth – but not in such a hard core way that you are depressed or not feeling happy. The energy is more like you are sorting out how you should proceed and grow with them from here.

The late evening presents us with Mercury connecting with Saturn in a sort of funky way. This might lend towards having some real conversations with others and even finding it a little difficult to find your words. If that is the case and you can’t seem to articulate yourself very well, then leave it for later on. Just ponder over the thoughts running through your head, don’t stew on them but let them run their course and in time you will feel like you can express them better.

The Gemstone Suggestion for Today:
Rhodocrosite will be a helpful ally to work with if we feel confusing or expanding emotions; it lightens our heart and makes us feel more connected to Spirit.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for Today:
Lavender is very calming, soothing and allows for honest and open communication with ourselves and others.

Until Next Week,
Wendy & Starlene