Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – May 26 – June 1,2014

by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva 

Monday May 26, 2014  sun-uranus.jpg

The moon hangs out in Taurus all day today, giving us a relaxed and enjoyable time for those of us in the USA celebrating Memorial Day. Enjoy family, friends but try not to overindulge in any excessive form of food, drink or otherwise.

The morning lends us an energy towards being intuitive and connecting our desired, dreams and hopes with our heart. It is a smooth sort of feeling and one that happens a few times a month – so this is an opportunity for you to reach into your heart and see where it is that it wants to take you.

Mid-morning we may feel a little bit of a lull in our energy – as if we are ready to get things moving along again but we can’t get other things, people, situations to move with us. This is a wonderful time to remember patience are key to everything in our lives! This aspect does not last a long time so just take it one step at a time this morning.

The evening we have a nice energy that is among us, allowing us to reach deep within our spirit and heart and share that with others. We might notice some nostalgia coming to the forefront of the picture or remembering loved ones that have gone to the other side. It is a time to enjoy a cathartic release of emotions that come up – if they so choose. Enjoy it, laugh through any tears that might pop up too and get those deep emotions out ~ making room for other emotions to be build and stored for the future.

The Gemstone Suggestion for today is:
Kyanite is a beautiful gemstone to work with in connecting with your spirit, balancing your chakras and bringing you messages from deep within or the spirit world. It has a cleansing effect and will also cleanse any other gemstones that you have around you, while it is cleansing your spirit at the same time.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for today is:
Frankincense, it helps us create new perspective based on life and truth. It is a huge cleanser of negativity in life and helps foster spiritual awakening, it brings us closer to Divinity in our lives.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy

earthjupiteruranus2.jpgTuesday May 27, 2013

The moon is Void of Course from 5:10AM EST the rest of the day so we will have an energy of being like we just want to go through the motions and not really do a whole lot of over stressing.

This Void of Course Moon comes right before the new moon, which happens tomorrow, giving us some time to think about some intentions we might want to start setting for ourselves.

We might want to take a few moments out today so that we can gather some things for a little intention setting ceremony on tomorrow. Things like that could be lighting a candle, meditating with crystals, applying essential oils, etc. This ceremony need not be a huge deal but rather just a small personal ceremony, with yourself and your own personal goals for the next month.

The new moon tomorrow is set with the new moon and sun in Gemini – so think about the things that you want to manifest into your life, write them down and prepare for tomorrow when you will do a little meditation for these things. The new moon is a great time to start working on new projects, but don’t start them today, wait until tomorrow as the moon will be in a more favorable position for you to do so.

The Gemstone Suggestion for today is:
Clear Quartz, because it can be programmed to do anything and holds a nice high vibration to it.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the day is:
Lemon essential oil is powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser that can be used to help balance the energies and invigorate the senses of the day. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse the air and uplift mood.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy

Wednesday May 28, 2013 venus mars2

The moon enters into Gemini at 12:47AM EST after a long Void of Course moon, it is almost as if we feel a shift in energies from that of a lagging energy to a curious sense of wonder and innocence. The Gemini moon is light and not too serious, so enjoy!

In the morning at 9:59AM EST Mercury is kissing Venus, giving is a very nice energy, one that is helps us form beautiful ideas and is nourishing and healing to the spirit. This would be a good time to express loving feelings to others, or even do some journaling work.

In the afternoon at 2:40PM EST the moon and sun are conjunct in the sky, meaning this is the peak of the new moon energy that we spoke around in yesterdays Astroenergetic Tapestry Report -you are urged today to do something creative or artistic for the new moon even if just to enjoy exploring something new with childlike abandon and still on the direction of our vision.

The afternoon has a beautiful energy to it, one that is emotionally aware about your ideals and visions. It can be very easy to feel your vision at this time and this is the perfect time because with the energy of the new moon, you are able to set those intentions and start to make them happen over the next couple of weeks!

The energy of the evening is that of being ready to take some action, having a lot of energy and working towards your goals, instead of just thinking or talking about it. So take some time tonight to do a few thing that will start you on your path of those goals and most of all enjoy it.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for today is:
Yland Ylang and Blue Tansy, both of these essential oils are helpful at creating an energy for you of inspired action and what a perfect energy for the Gemini New Moon!

The Gemstone Suggestion for today:
Moonstone to help you connect with the energies of the Gemini New moon and Sunstone to help invigorate and inspire you to reach for your goals. Working with both of these together is especially good under a new moon as the new moon is when the sun and moon are both connected together in the sky! So have fun and make sure you set those intentions!

sun saturnThursday May 29, 2013

We may notice in the early hours of the morning we are gifted with inspiration dreams or dreams of loved ones that passed over. This time is good for us to journal them down and remember them for another time because we may be getting messages from them either that are apparent now, or will be later. So make sure you write them down so you don’t forget them.

Mercury switches signs this early morning at 5:12AM EST, Mercury moves from where it feels quite at home in Gemini to more emotional and sensitive Cancer. This shift may have us thinking things differently; shifting from a very mental, curious mind to one that is more loving, emotional and connected to our hearts. This day may feel a little off as our minds shift from one energy to the other but just know tomorrow we will be communicating and thinking more with our hearts and emotions than we have been the last several months.

The moon goes into another long Void of Course phase from 5:59AM EST until tomorrow when the moon moved into Cancer, so while it is still in Gemini – just get your work done, accomplish what you need to and finish the day. That will be the feeling for the day, not to hot, not too cold – just about in the middle somewhere.

Our Gemstone Suggestion for today:
Rose Quartz invites us to open our hearts to sincere self-acceptance and love, healing our hearts to be able to extend this acceptance and love to the world around us. Celestite helps us to have good mental activity and to feel connected to our creativity, it creates a flowing balance between outside forces and our inner energies, between the outer and inner energies present.

The Essential Oil suggestions for today:
Peppermint and Roman Chamomile. Peppermint will invigorate and freshen our minds and bodies if we feel we need a little push to slide through the day. Roman Chamomile will help us remain connected to our inner sense of purpose and to what we really love, it is also very healing and calming.

Friday May 30, 2014 photo 233

After a lengthy Void of course moon phase yesterday we are given the moon in the sign of Cancer at 10:13AM EST. This zodiac sign is where the moon is comfortable, the energy of the moon in Cancer is nurturing, sensitive, caring and kind. It is a good time to care for those that we love or even just do things around the house, have family over or tend to traditional family matters. The moon hangs out in Cancer until Sunday evening when it moves into the sign of Leo – so enjoy the lovely energy of the content moon in Cancer this weekend.

Early in the morning we are given an energy that will last most of the morning for us, we may feel like we wake up needing to go straight to our dream journals and write things down that we recently dreamt about or thought about just before going to bed last night. So get those journals out and start writing!

The early afternoon has a harmonious energy coming forward for us, one that allows us to easily share our love with others easily and freely. You will feel happy in your own skin and wih the people that are surrounding you as well.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the day is:
Vetiver and Lavender. Vetiver helps us to face our emotions the way they arise without avoiding them, but it also grounds us and centers us to be able to resolve through difficult issues. Lavender is very calming, soothing and allows for honest and open communication with ourselves and others.

The Gemstone Suggestion for the day is:
Green Jade and Jasper. Green Jade helps us enhance the harmonious healing energies of the day and to foster nurturing and friendship. Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly. It is associated with Gemini and can be very helpful with the transition of the Sun into this sign.

222222222222222222Saturday May 31, 2014

Tonight may have space for beautiful dreams of an almost epic or poetic type. The last day of May gives us a lot of energy since the darker hours before dawn, it could be the kind of night when we wake much too early or in the middle of the night because we simply don’t feel that tired anymore. If you are up in those silent hours do give yourself permission to indulge in some music, literature or writing that you find inspiring, tonight provides with a window for a little magic and a call for a sense of the artistic and for making something in our homes or environment simply beautiful.

We may feel pretty active since earlier this morning and the day could seem to get started easily as soon as the Sun tears away the balmy blanket of the night.

Towards noon we might feel more clearly aware of our feelings, under the Cancer moon it is a good idea to nurture ourselves and those important to us and to keep in mind that all emotions fluctuate like the tides, revealing important morsels and treasure within the flood pools of our being.

The afternoon may have a more restlessness within us, slowly building up to a contemplative or introspective mood later at night. If you didn’t get much of a chance to sit down and relax during the day it could be a good idea to take some time to slow down and breathe.

Essential oil suggestions: The morning would be a nice time to work with Tangerine, it’s a very uplifting scent which can encourage us to be creative and spontaneous. Spruce could give us some stability and grounding so we may use the high energy of the day for a longer time without feeling burned out. During the evening time Rosemary can help us expand our minds and look deeper while soul-searching.

Gemstone suggestions:

If you want a good nights sleep Friday night, sleep with Amethyst as that will help calm you and inspire those dreams. Red Jasper for the morning time, to help invigorate us into getting our energy going, but don’t sleep with it the night before, as it could lend more towards restless sleep. If feeling restless in the afternoon something like Rhodochrosite or Lepidolite to calm frayed nerves or over excitement is called for. One or both of these stones touching the skin is awesome at helping you feel calmer.

Sunday June 1, 2014111111

Last night’s dreams may have been expansive or causing strong emotional responses from us. The theme might be related to memories which we can almost perceive as real through our physical senses.
The Moon will be Void of Course for the whole day until later tonight, giving us a chance to relax and restore our energy. The day calls for beautiful or inspiring ideas, and through them reaching out in the direction of our vision and dreams with a confident sense of purpose.
Note the messages your feelings bring up for you, choose the waves you wish to surf so they motivate and strengthen your resolve on your own path.
The Moon slips on to fiery Leo at 9:43pm, getting us ready for a more extroverted mood as we get ready to begin the coming week.

Essential oil suggestion:

Lavender is very soothing, relaxing and can help us to be honest in our communication with ourselves and others. Ginger helps us let go of feelings of powerlessness about our circumstances, so we may feel empowered to be fully present and assume responsibility for what we manifest in our lives.

Gemstone suggestion:

Green Jade helps us foster nurturing and friendship and it is very healing. Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly.

Until tomorrow,
Starlene & Wendy