Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – May 19-25, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report  ~ by Starlene Breiter and Wendy Villanueva

Monday May 19th, 2014MarsD

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 5:58 am greeting us on a lighter mood than we had this past weekend, Venus and Jupiter still beaming on our dreams for greater well-being and beauty and giving life a touch of optimism and hope. We may have been receiving some positive news already, about our plans starting to take shape and some doors beginning to open. Today we fell ready for tangible and lasting growth, for a fresh take on things, and to share our ideas and plans with others.

Today is certainly a day to celebrate because Mars turns back to Direct motion this evening, this signals that the motor will be turned back on for all our plans to move forward and the energy will be set to move onwards and outwards, not so internalized anymore. We will gradually be seeing our plans and actions bear fruit as Mars gradually takes on speed forward giving us the push we’ve been needing. This is bound to be a lighter and cheerier Monday than the ones we’ve been experiencing lately, a good way to start off the week on the right footing for us.
We might be pretty full of energy this evening and may also have a harder time to wind down to get some sleep, some exercise or a relaxing routine could be very helpful settle back down for the night.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Blue Tansy to give us inspired action on what we know must be done, while staying true to our inner sense of guidance. Lime would also be a freshly invigorating oil, it’s very cleansing and makes space for light, joy and determination in our lives. A Lavender oil bath could be very calming and soothing for this evening.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Citrine, it is a great ally to help us feel good and to inspire enthusiasm and self-confidence. It helps us in the achievement of personal goals and to find the best solution to problems. In the evening we could also work with Howlite, it has the ability to calm anger and had a very soothing energy to reduce tension and anxiety and to help still the mind before meditation or sleep.

Until tomorrow,
Wendy & Starlene

NeptuneTuesday May 20th, 2014

Mars is finally Direct after a long period of internalizing our drive and energy, and allowing us to face any buried frustrations or anger before we could be ready to move on to a state of tangible growth. Today we have the last day of the Sun in Taurus, and we may wake up with a restless mind going way ahead of us to where we’re going next. Today may be a very active day within our minds, going over plans and finding insightful missing pieces.
Steady, tangible expansion, taking it step by step and making each step count.

The afternoon may bring a sense of restless anticipation, like an almost electric charge we can feel in our bodies, yet our thoughts today certainly have the power to channel our energy into healing and focusing on the bigger picture of our lives. We are likely to enjoy social company, yet not really of the more superficial kind, we might also find conversations with women very insightful for our situation right now, and a sense of solace from remaining open and soft, receptive and allowing the natural flow of life to guide of forward today.
The Moon is Void of Course since 6:21pm, giving space for emotionally meaningful conversations. Later tonight the Sun moves on to Gemini, bringing us the next shift of gears. This transition still leaves us with a feeling of being “in between” the steadier, earthier energy of Taurus and the lighter, airier and more mentally oriented style of Gemini.

The essential oil suggestions for today are Cypress and Wintergreen. Cypress is a powerful oil to create a smooth emotional flow and catharsis, it helps us to be flexible and to move on from the past by joining the natural flow of life. Wintergreen can helps us let go of the need to know, the need to be right and of control. It reminds us that we don’t need to shoulder all of life’s burdens on our own, but we may release and let go and allow for the natural order of life by a Higher Power to take care and nourish us and our lives.

The gemstone suggestions for today are Green Jade and Jasper. Green Jade helps us enhance the harmonious healing energies of the day and to foster nurturing and friendship. Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly. It is associated with Gemini and can be very helpful with the transition of the Sun into this sign.

Until tomorrow,
Wendy & Starlene

Wednesday May 21, 2014 Sun-MercuryDenseFlowerinBall21

Today feels like a much smoother day ahead for us, as so many things have been just moving and shaking lately. So enjoy the softer side of the energy – if you can – and remember tomorrow is another day to get stuff accomplished, if you just can’t seem to stay on task today.

After a long Void of Course moon from yesterday, we awaken the day with the moon moving into the sign of Pisces at 8:18AM EST. This movement will shift our moods from that which is somewhat feeling like just moving through the day to feeling our way through the day.

Pisces is the mutable water sign of the zodiac and it lends us to want to dream a little, feel a little and devote a little ~ this energy is one that is inclined towards escaping into alter realities through meditation, prayer or even using substances like alcohol or drugs might be especially longing to do during the cycle of the moon in Pisces.

The newly shifted sun into Gemini from last night, is starting to settle on our palates, as there is somewhat of an adjustment period when any planet moves signs. As the morning time passes we have the moon and sun in a tango that will bring with it some vital energy – so we might notice the desire between being in that idealistic heart-set of the moon and the curious, busy energy of the sun. Just go with it, and enjoy the flow.

In the evening the moon connects with Neptune at 9:05PM EST which will give even more energy towards the desire for escapism. Go on and go with the flow – just do it in a healthy way, and not a self-destructive manner! This monthly connection with Neptune and the moon can have us feeling like praying, connecting with spirit or peering through the veils of Spirit or escaping through unhealthy manners. Just choose the right one for you!

The Gemstone suggestion for today is:
Amethyst will help you to connect with the energies of Pisces and Neptune, allowing the veil to be lifted a little – if you so choose, and for you to grow. You might also like to work with alexandrite, as it is helpful at willful dreaming and joyful transformation.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for today is:
Rosewood, because it helps very sensitive people feel protected, better supported by their physical surroundings and not so over-stimulated; and Cypress, this oil helps us let go of the past by moving with the natural ebb and flow of life.

Until tomorrow,
Wendy & Starlene

10300311_10152327806037973_5736496623694093265_nThursday May 22, 2014

We still enjoy the day under a mellow Pisces Moon which may give us more determination and a sense if purpose for during the morning time. The Gemini sun brings out our curious sense of wonder about the world around us, and the Pisces moon invites us to integrate all the new bits and pieces of information and new discoveries into a whole unanimous picture. Enjoy the opportunity to look at the world with a fresh look of innocent childlike wonder!

The afternoon may amplify our emotions and bring the opportunity for comfortable shared moments with others, we feel focused on what really is important for us and what we want to tangibly amplify in our lives. Journaling or working on a vision board interesting any newly found discoveries and details to your plans and dreams could be very fulfilling.

The essential oil suggestions for today are:

Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. Ylang Ylang brings us in touch with our inner child, inviting us to freshen our perspective and experience of the world around us and to reconnect with our own innocence. Sandalwood helps us connect with that higher sense of Oneness with all that is, and with sincere devotion.

Our gemstone suggestions for today are:

Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Amethyst opens us to be receptive and connected to Spirit and the Neptunian energies. Rose Quartz invites us to open our hearts to sincere self-acceptance and love, healing our hearts to be able to extend this acceptance and love to the world around us.

Until tomorrow,
Wendy & Starlene

Friday May 23, 2014 photo 4 (2)l

The moon in Pisces goes Void of Course this morning at 2:25AM EST, this VOC moon lasts until the early afternoon at 12:01PM EST when it moves into Aries. So this morning may have us feeling a little like we are simply moving through the motions and not really going anywhere too fast.

When the moon moves into the sign of Aries we should feel our energy pick up some, where we might want to get some things accomplished and moving along – as opposed to the early morning energy when we may have felt kind of just like going through the motions. We might also feel a little brash or quick to feel certain things, so just be aware of your emotions and most of all try to feel calm and centered throughout the day.

The afternoon lends us with a compatible energy between our emotions and our inner, ego desires. It should be a nice flow of energy between the two, so there isn’t any negativity throughout it, but rather something we can tap into and ask ourselves – what path are we laying out for ourselves in this world? Are you walking it? If not, when should you start? These are some of the thoughts that might come up for you in your heart and or spirit in the afternoon time and might also be good to meditate upon.

The Gemstone Suggestion for the day is:
Red coral will help invigorate us and get us in tune with the energy of the Aries moon, so if you feel like you want to get things moving and shaking – then red coral is one to wear, hold or use in meditation or Reiki practice. Jasper would be a great gemstone for you to use to connect with the energies of the Gemini Sun, so if you want to balance the afternoon energy with the red coral, then grab some jasper too and it will help you delve even deeper into the questions at hand.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the day is:
Lemon essential oil is powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser that can be used to help balance the energies and invigorate the senses of the day. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse the air and uplift mood.

photo 311.jpgSaturday May 24, 2014

The moon is in Aries all day, giving us the motivation to move right along and get things accomplished. Keep your impulses in check and think about what you say before it comes out of your mouth today, as Aries moon tends to allow us to just speak – without speaking inside of our heads first.

Watch as our energy and moods are brought to the forefront this morning, making space for us to either get things accomplished or act impulsively towards yourself or others. Try to not be so hot headed as there are some energy shifts that can either have us busy or brash and of course busy is the better side of that coin – so stay within that space if you can.

The afternoon gives us the energy that is more constructive and disciplined than the morning time when we are more in the go, go, go type of mood. We may feel inspired to begin new projects or a little impulsive towards the projects we begin, just try to remind yourself to keep a healthy head on your shoulders and not over stress or be unrealistic and you will enjoy this energy of the afternoon.

In the evening we are feeling the need to repress our emotions in some way, likely giving us a chance to hold back on things we share with others. This energy is neither good nor bad, but gives us a chance to practice being quiet when we feel like speaking out.

This energy we are talking about counteracts the energy that is also present at the same time that can lead to excess or being a little impractical so it is really up to us on how we express it. You might be feeling like gushing all of the emotions and feelings out and at the same time you might be feeling more like keeping yourself quiet and not saying anything. Whatever it is you feel, just take note upon it and let it come from the heart.

The Gemstone Suggestion for the Day is:
Continuing with Jasper from the day before is good to help you balance yourself and decipher your words before they come out. It will also help you feel more balanced in your heart, mind and soul.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the Day is:
Cypress is a powerful oil to create a smooth emotional flow and catharsis; it helps us to be flexible and to move on from the past by joining the natural flow of life.

Sunday May 25, 2014 sun pluto2

The morning time has a sweet energy to it, we may feel like snuggling with our loved ones or making a nice yummy breakfast for ourselves or our family. This is a good time for you to connect with what makes you happy and has you feeling at home in your own skin.

Then following the morning path, we are given another energy mid morning that supports is to communicate our hearts and desires with others. If you are not spending time with others – then you might want to journal some things down or do something really sweet this morning and write yourself a love letter.

All afternoon the Aries moon is in a Void of Course phase, so don’t over stress yourself, it is a weekend holiday, so enjoy it and simply have fun. At 5:28PM EST the moon moves into the sign of Taurus, this will allow us to feel a little more grounded and less brash than we quite possibly have felt the last couple of days. You may also notice that you feel more grounded and centered under this Taurus moon.

The Gemstone Suggestion for the Day is:
Brecciated Jasper is a power stone that balances the lower chakras and helps us feel inspired and activated while centering us to our foundation to feel stable and at peace. This power stone would be a lovely meditation tool today.

The Essential Oil Suggestion for the Day is:
Roman Chamomile, to help us remain grounded on our deeper sense of purpose and meaning and because it is calming, you can also combine it with Lavender (more calming) or a citrus like Orange or Tangerine (more invigorating)

Until Next Week ~ Wendy & Starlene