Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – November 10 – 16, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report  
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday November 10, 2014 – SunVen2

In the early morning hours the moon sneaks her way into her comfortable sign of Cancer. Over the next couple of days you may notice yourself wanting to cozy up and nest inside of your home. Do some things that make you feel comfortable and enjoy the healing, loving vibration of the Cancer moon.

The Moon links in a harmonious pattern with Mercury, peaking at 8:05am Est, and with Neptune, peaking at 12:44pm EST. This dance in the water signs slide us easily to an inspired mood, connected with our sense of purpose and vision for our lives and also making it easy for us to communicate about it or express ourselves creatively.

Mars has deliberately been approaching Pluto in a close encounter that we have probably been feeling build up as a push forward compelling us to take action in some way, this could also make us feel somewhat reactive or realize that people around us act before thinking more than usual. This vibration peaks at 6:06pm EST and will be of help to move different issues forward which have been in our plans and awareness but had seemed to slow down during the Mercury retrograde phase.

Take this chance to pay attention to where your impulses lead, and to breathe and pause for a moment if you feel yourself tangled in the high emotional currents of the moment. This energy can really help you take steps with inspired action in the right direction, with precise and determined push forward against previously found obstacles, by working with it you can choose to respond to different situations over the next couple of days instead of reacting in the heat of the moment.

Essential Oil Suggestions: 
Lemon is an excellent oil to aid us maintain mental clarity, it helps us focus and concentrate and it also brings a sense of joy and energy. If you have a problem relaxing to go to bed tonight, take a Lavender bath and reconnect with yourself and your path before sleeping.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Lapis Lazuli is a great gemstone to help you speak your mind and clear your mind at the same time. Using some Selenite is a great way to help soothe your energies for the evening.

October 12 2014Tuesday November 11, 2014 – 

We may have a very restless night or extremely active dreams, in some way we deeply crave to release a good amount of pent up energy or kept in emotional impulses. If you can’t sleep, allow yourself to let it out in a positive way, get that punching bag out of the basement and make up for the time you haven’t used it. This is because the Moon activates the energy lock between Mars and Pluto making it all feel even more personal. 

During the morning time we might find a lot of unexpected random events getting on our way or making the start to our day seem chaotic but also exciting. Ride with the waves, this too could bring some interesting flashes of inspiration to bring about a welcome breakthrough. 

Mercury and Neptune greet each other in a harmonious vibration peaking tonight at 10:38PM. Bringing with them, a sense of relief and welcome connection to the bigger picture or higher perspective over events. This would be a wonderful time to meditate or immerse yourself in your personal spiritual practice to reconnect within and listen. 

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Peppermint is a refreshing and invigorating aid to our day. It also helps us get a “breather” when we find ourselves in the middle of many emotional currents. Sandalwood assists us in all kinds of spiritual practices. Sandalwood calms the mind and heart and allowing us to reach beyond our currents confines and belief systems.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Blue Lace Agate would be a nice gemstone to work with, especially if you are having a hard time calming down and relaxing in the early morning time. While Stilbite will help to open your thoughts about your ideal life in the afternoon/evening time.

Wednesday November 12, 2014 – Saturday August 30

Early this morning we have a sweet energy between the moon and Venus that peaks at 2:38AM EST. This energy has us feeling relaxed and joyful in our surroundings. You might enjoy doing something with your surroundings at this time and making them beautiful or more aesthetically pleasing.

The moon moves into the sign of Leo. This energy has us feeling exuberant and lively. Enjoy the day as its vibration is fun if you get into it. The moon in Leo can sometimes have our feelings a little exaggerated though, so curtail any extra craziness that might have you feeling uncomfortable later.

A little later in the morning greets us with a vibration between the moon and Saturn that peaks at 4:16AM EST. This vibration reminds us that practice and perseverance is how we get through things. We may accomplish many things today through remembering to have that sweet patience with ourselves and projects.

The evening has a connection between the moon and Saturn that peaks at 8:02PM EST. This energy has us wanting to search for real love, not what is just on the surface as beauty. You may notice yourself being more attracted to things that are beautiful and not pretensions. Seeing the beauty in that which some may call “ugly” is the sweet energy of this conjunction.

There is a tense energy between Mars and Uranus that peaks 8:29PM EST. You may be a bit accident prone at this time or at the very least high-strung. If you are feeling a bit tense, so something with that energy to release it like working our or using a punching bag. After you release the energy, taking a nice hot bath in Epsom salts and lavender oil is a great idea!

Gemstone Suggestions:
Rhodonite would be a great gemstone for the early part of the day, allowing us to open our hearts and feel the compassion that comes with the astrological vibrations of the morning. You may also like to work with chrysanthemum stone. Chrysanthemum will help you to remain grounded and in the present moment of any situation.

Essential Oil Suggestions:
Jasmine helps to connect one with an open heart while Blue Tansy supports our inspired action, so we may live in alignment with what we know to be true. In the evening you may wish to use Sandalwood which will help you remain grounded and centered throughout the evening time.

Thursday November 13, 2014 – JupSat-Helio

The moon hangs in Leo all day today, bringing with it a vibrant energy. We may feel a bit excited, fun or showy. This is the time to allow your inner world to shine!

Mother moon connects with Mercury this morning, in a vibration that may have us feeling a little bit restless or worried. The best suggestion here is to remind yourself that worry is not something you should hold onto. If some things do pop into your mind today, telling you that you should care for things in your life.

The afternoon time brings us an energy with the moon and Uranus peaking at 4:04AM EST. This energy can bring some interesting surprises and have us feeling quite original. It may also be a good time to do something inspiring with yourself, so get out there and have some fun with you.

The last vibration we have a connection with the moon and Uranus that is enlivening, creative and fun. The energy between these two planets peaks at 10:05PM EST. You may find yourself not sleeping at this time, if so – do something fun and inspiring. The creative types thrive under this energy, so enjoy!

Gemstone Suggestion:
You may want to hold on to some Black Tourmaline or Tourmalinated Quartz today, this will help you feel more balanced and in charge of what is going on in your life. Find the energy and time for you to take some time to do the contemplation on what things really matter to you and the balance you would like to create for yourself in this time period.

Essential Oil Suggestion: 
Vetiver assists us to remain rooted in life, grounded and not scattering our energy too much. It is also very helpful when we are working on our self-awareness. Melissa or Lemonbalm motivates us to reach our highest potential; it also brings enthusiasm, light and joy for life.

Friday November 14, 2014 – 10509522_785676831464070_68181425015829316_222n

The first energy wave we are give is between the moon and Jupiter, which peaks at 9:18AM EST. This energy wave make a connection that allows us to open our expansive nature to our feelings. For those of getting into this energy, expect this time to feel quite optimistic and fun.

The next vibration we are handed on this day is between the moon and sun and peaks at 10:16AM EST. This may have us feeling a little impatient, if so just kind of remind yourself to go with the flow of life and not struggle too much. Struggling against the flow of the energies creates tension, and who wants that in their life?

We move along the astrological energies today with the moon and Saturn making a vibration in the sky that peaks at 5:03PM EST. This vibration has us feeling disciplined and serious. So it might be a good afternoon to start to put some form to some of those projects we may have put on the backburner.

The last connection today, the moon networks into a vibration with Venus that peaks at 9:53PM EST. This vibration with Venus has us feeling a little extravagant and fun. This would be a great wave of energy to do some writing from the heart. If you don’t write it would be a great time to communicate with others in a loving, open minded manor.

Essential Oil Suggestion: 
Clary sage opens our creative channels and helps us dissolve blocks, it also helps us expand our vision and be open to new possibilities. Tangerine is a wonderful mood booster with strong cheery and joyful qualities; it helps us be open to creative spontaneity. 

Gemstone Suggestion:
Jasper would be a great gemstone for the morning time, helping to balance and restore our energies. While in the afternoon you may want to work with some Rhodochrosite which will bring some tranquility and positive energy to you.

Saturday November 15, 2014 – Sunday September 21 2014

The moon shifts into the sign of Virgo at 2:08AM EST where she hangs until Monday. Some positive things you might work on accomplishing under this moon are working on the things that are tedious and usually no fun to do. Virgo loves to get to the nitty gritty of life and this is an excellent time to do that work. Some of us may be feeling like inner work is what is most important right now, if so, dig in and get started ~ the Virgo moon is waiting!

The main vibration of today is between the moon and Neptune which peaks at 11:52AM EST. This vibration has us contemplating our highest ideals within our hearts. This energy is somewhat floaty and can be a little impractical, but it will connect us with our hearts. If this is your sleeping time, you may have some curious dreams, be sure to journal them down when you awaken if you do.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Rose Quartz is a very healing gemstone that opens our hearts to unconditional acceptance and love for ourselves and others. It helps us let go of emotions that no longer serve us. Clear quartz will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Sandalwood would be a wonderful essential oil to work with in the morning, helping us quiet out minds and tune into the voice within and our highest good it will also open our hearts to love and wonder about life. In the evening, Geranium would be a nice Essential Oil to work with, bringing in the lighter energies of the world and allowing us to float along the lovely energies of the night.

Sunday November 16, 2014MerVen

Our dreams tonight can easily take us to deeper waters within our subconscious as the Moon teams up with Pluto to lay focus on Mercury, giving our ideas, thoughts and conscious intellect a sharp intensity and almost compulsive depth, Neptune also turns back to direct motion at 2:03am EST giving us the opportunity to rescue new inspiring insights from the tadpoles left in our wakeful consciousness as the visiting deeper waters of our subconscious recede this morning. Pay attention to the pearls you find and take the time to journal or note them for later reference, the morning energetic vibration does offer the opportunity to organize our thoughts and to also share or express them in a meaningful way.

The Moon dances in an easy and harmonious aspect with Mars, peaking at 10:18am, giving us a spark of energy and the mood to get something done, it could be something very practical to make us feel more organized and productive through our week.

Venus moves into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius today at 2:03pm EST, having us feel like planning a trip or exploring the world around us. Venus shifts the energy of our love to be attracted to and interested in the world around us, rather than inwards into the deep dark secrets she tends to explore while she is in Scorpio. During the coming weeks we may find comfort and well-being in the little things that help us expand our horizons with lighthearted optimism.

Essential oil Suggestions:
Spearmint is a refreshing and invigorating oil that that inspires clarity of thought and confident verbal expression. Ylang Ylang reconnects us with the innocent and optimistic side of our hearts, allowing emotional healing to flow naturally and nurturing our souls.

Gemstone Suggestions:
Tigers Eye would be a great gemstone to work with this morning, helping you to feel like getting things done. Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly.