Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – November 3 – 9, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report  
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday November 3, 2014 – photo 311.jpg

The morning greets us with a vibration between the moon and Saturn that peaks at 4:05AM EST. This vibration reminds us that practice and perseverance is how we get through things. We may accomplish many things today through remembering to have that sweet patience with ourselves and projects.

The moon then slips into the zodiac sign of Aries at 1:53PM EST. This energy of the Aries Moon has us beginning a new cycle of the lunar calendar, as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The Aries moon is an excellent energy to allow you to gain some momentum and get projects started. It would be wise to plan your new projects out to make sure that you do not burn out of energy before they are finished. On Wednesday the moon shifts into Taurus that will help us have the tenacity to push them forward.

The last energy wave we are given for the day is between the sun and Pluto and it has a motivating vibe to it, this wave of energy peaks at 5:51PM EST. We may notice a desire to connect with the community and shine our light on to the rest of the world in the process. Enjoy some time with others and sharing creative exchanges together this evening.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Tigers Eye would be a great gemstone to work with this morning, helping you to connect with the energies of the Saturn and moon vibration that has us feeling like getting things done. The in the afternoon you may want to grab on to some Red Jasper to help your glow of energy be stable, strong and lasting.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Patchouli would be an excellent oil for this morning, helping you feel cool, calm, grounded and collected. While Lavender would be an excellent essential oil to help keep that soothing energy flowing into the afternoon and rest of the day.

Tuesday November 4, 2014 – Thursday October 2 2014

The first vibration of today is at 12:52AM EST. It is between the moon and Mars, they connect and could have us feeling a bit impatient or impulsive. Try to remain calm and remind yourself that in this time you may need to practice kindness coupled with patience on different levels.

The next energy we are given is between the moon and Pluto today, which peaks at 9:08AM EST. This energy is a happy and more joyful energy between these two planets. You may feel like you want to express some of the emotions you have deep down inside. You may also like to connect with others of like mind, heart and spirit.

A few hours down the line the moon makes its monthly connection with Uranus at 12:29PM EST. This vibration can have us feeling a bit wired and/or inspirational. Try to channel this energy into something positive for yourself and do something that you really love doing. Things that are controlled and with fast paced action come to mind like karate or even power yoga.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Rhodonite is helpful with the heart chakra and the morning energies to be more loving and kind to ones self, while helping us remain grounded in our words. Rainbow Moonstone will help you transmute the emotions you are given today, allowing for some room to inspect the energies and open your heart chakra to them more.

Essential Oil suggestions: 
Roman Chamomille is very soothing and a great aid when we want to anchor ourselves in the sense of purpose and meaning of our lives. Cypress oil creates a positive energetic flow and emotional catharsis, helping us join and remain flexible within the natural flow of life and events around us.

Wednesday November 5, 2014 – Venus Mars222

The moon shifts from Aries into Taurus today, putting the breaks on our energies bit. This shift allows us to start to materialize the energies of the last couple days. Take some time today to prepare for tomorrow’s Full Moon by contemplating over things you want to manifest over the next two weeks.

We wake up from possibly expansive, generous and healing dreams this morning, with some inspiration left over to start the day. We may also feel like sharing these ideas and expressing them verbally with the Moon opposing Mercury this morning, peaking at 8:25am. This energy could also aid us to understand and set different ideas or information in their right place of the puzzle.

The Sun is tangled in an awkward angle with Uranus today, potentially making us feel a little anxious or restless. Instead of starting something new we could vent any excess energy through exercise or a good dose of fresh air in our lungs, also listening to music that helps us get in touch with our inner rhythm.

The Moon shifts gears into the more stable and steady energy of Taurus at 4:33pm where she feels very comfortable and gives us more grounding. She makes no other major aspects for the rest of the day, though getting ready for the coming Full Moon tomorrow. Take the chance to center yourself with this earthy energy overnight, enjoy a pleasant meal, appreciate the natural flow and rhythm of nature and the season around you.

Essential Oil Suggestions: 
Vetiver is a grounding oil which is very helpful for us to remain present and aware of our emotions without being swept away by them. Peppermint will also be a refreshing and invigorating aid if you feel like you need to take a deep breath and lighter footing.

Gemstone Suggestions:
Amethyst would be a healing gemstone to work with today, allowing us to open up to the inspiration of the morning time and calms us down in the afternoon. When the moon shifts gears into Taurus, you may want to grab onto some Tigers Eye for grounding and centering energy.

Thursday November 6, 2014 – Saturday October 4 2014

The Full Moon in Taurus today, that peaks at 5:23PM EST. This is a beautiful energy to allow you to manifest what you truly wish to bring forward into your life. Time to clean out the closets and make room for things to come and ask yourself just what is it you wish to make happen for you?

We might experience one of those restless nights when we have trouble sleeping or wake up many times while also having pretty vivid dreams. The Moon and Mars cooperate to help us slide out of bed with some energy though, their vibration peaking at 6:39am and getting us ready for the day.

As the Moon tightens its angle with Pluto, peaking at 12:18pm we also feel how our emotions deepen and intensify, it could feel very easy to frankly express very deep emotions.

The Sun, Venus and Saturn all in Scorpio have been pulling our attention in the direction of emotional stability achieved through inner transformation and healthy yet firm boundaries also inviting us to make many important decisions about these issues. 
This Full Moon in Taurus at 5:23pm invites us to remember the stability and natural development of events around us by taking care of our immediate physical environment, our bodies and taking one step after the other in a steady and steadfast manner.

We may find a lot of our inner feelings reflected and understood by observing and working on the outer aspects of our daily lives, and vice versa. The Moon and Venus have a rendezvous later tonight peaking at 11:31pm and offering us beaming rays of healing and receptivity to them.

Essential Oil Suggestions: 
Patchouli is a very helpful oil for us to connect our body, mind and spirit, much like we do when we practice yoga. It is grounding, opening and helps us appreciate the wonder of the natural processes and functions of our physical selves. Myrrh nurtures our innate bond with the Earth and helps us feel confident in the goodness of life and of our own place in the world.

Gemstone Suggestions:
Carnelian Agate is a beautiful gemstone to work with today as it will help you feel centered, grounded and open to the energies that is present. While Rainbow Moonstone will have an interesting vibe and magical feel to the full moon this evening!

Friday November 7, 2014 – Pluto4

The Moon engages in a dynamic and motivating aspect with Jupiter early this morning, peaking at 4:59am. This energy works as a magnifying glass under which we scrutinize our emotions and can potentially perceive them as larger than life. Pay attention and focus on what you do want to magnify today, not by being dismissive of the rest, but by consciously deciding where to invest your energy.

The Moon will greet Saturn creating a more introspective mood with the will to decide on something personally important and the energy to also begin taking action in that direction.

With the Moon being Void of Course until later tonight, it might also feel like a relief that the weekend is now starting and like it is hard to begin anything outwardly while still there is so much going on inwardly, perhaps this energy could be best used for strategic planning.

The Moon will move into airy Gemini at 8:45pm opening up lines of communication and giving us a lighter boost.

Essential Oil Suggestions: 
Spruce is grounding, stabilizing and very helpful when learning how to regulate our energy over longer periods of time so we may experience vitality while living in harmony with the different seasons and cycles in nature. Lavender is very calming and soothing and supportive of honesty in all our communications.

Gemstone Suggestions:
Tigers eye would be a great gemstone to work with this morning, helping you to feel like getting things done. The in the afternoon you may want to grab on to some Red Jasper to help your glow of energy be stable, strong and lasting.

Saturday November 8, 2014 – SunVenus

The Moon and Neptune conspire to bring us back to our vision and source of inspiration this morning, the energy peaking at 5:21am, it might feel like we are putting together different bits and pieces of information into the greater puzzle of our lives, also beginning to understand certain bits better though perhaps not having the easiest time expressing it. 

Mercury is shifting gears and moving back into the deeper waters of Scorpio at 6:09pm EST, setting the tone of our psyche to a more acutely penetrating gaze with a great opportunity for deeper healing by bringing light to some of our subconscious processes. 
Despite Mercury still being on a transition day today, we might also enjoy more dynamic activities shared with others, going out or doing something spontaneous tonight while the Moon playfully calls for Uranus, this energy peaks at 8:42pm. 

Essential Oil Suggestions: 
Rosemary is a fragrant aid in the development of our intellect, it inspires us to look deeper when we inquire about the world and about ourselves helping us open up to new information and new experiences. It is also very helpful when adjusting through times of transition. 

Gemstone Suggestion:
Fluorite would be an excellent gemstone for opening up to new ideas, relating them and peering into what the truly mean. 

Sunday November 9, 2014 – sun pluto

Today we will feel like enjoying life, starting off this morning with a harmonious vibration between the Moon and Jupiter, inviting us to share pleasant moments with someone else, even if we have a slower beginning to our day we might feel motivated to do something fun like taking a hike, organizing some game to play with good friends or getting together to laugh and enjoy the afternoon together.

Venus joins Jupiter in a dynamic vibration inviting us to socialize and create this shared environment reaching out to others and exchanging positive energy, creating a bubbling ambience where we feel connected and comfortable in a sense of well-being. Pamper yourself and those close to you in some way today and take the chance to create some beautiful memories.

Essential oil suggestions: 
Tangerine has very strong qualities of cheer and joyfulness, connecting us with our creativity and a sense of spontaneity. Cinnamon is very appropriate for this autumnal season and assists us where we feel insecure about ourselves, about being accepting of our bodies and even our own sexuality fostering a healthy relationship with our physical self-expression.

Gemstone Suggestions:
Carnelian agate is a beautiful gemstone to work with today as it will help you feel centered, grounded and open to the energies that is present.

Until Tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy