Astroenergetic Tapestry Report Oct 6-12, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday October 6, 2014 – Monday October 6 2014

Mother moon still in Pisces all day is helping us to connect with those idealistic energies and peer at what we want to create in this world. We may want to do some daydreaming later on in the afternoon or evening today, this will allow you to think about what it is you really want in your life and what you really want to put some action behind once the moon moves into Aries tomorrow. Just remember that Mercury is in retrograde still today and it is best to work on projects that were already started and either revamp them or complete them – this is not a time to start anew.

At 6:35AM EST the moon and Mars connect with each other in such a way that could have us feeling a bit impatient or impulsive. Keep your patience in your hands this morning and remind yourself that in this time you may need to practice kindness coupled with patience on different levels. We know, a great way to start the week!

The afternoon greets us with a vibration between the moon and Saturn that peaks at 3:38PM EST. This vibration reminds us that practice and perseverance is how we get through things. We may accomplish many things today through remembering to have that sweet patience with ourselves and projects.

The moon then slips into her Void of course phase at 3:38PM EST, which she stays in until tomorrow morning at 6:07AM EST. This is a great time for us to do some reflection and meditation. If you are feeling energetic, you may look to channel that energy into some form of physical spiritual practice such as qi gong, tai chi, yoga or even Reiki.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Wild Orange will support our sense of optimism and growing abundance, bringing us invigoration and refreshment. Frankincense helps us remain anchored in our highest truth and sense of purpose, aiding us to feel connected and safe.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Clear quartz will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us. While Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly.

Tuesday October 7, 2014 – Sun-UranusMagicSpinningMandala2

The early morning hour of 6:07AM EST has the moon moving from her Void of course phase since last night into the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is the initiator of the zodiac so we may feel a bit more like getting things moving than we did over the last couple of days. The moon will hang in Aries until Thursday so enjoy the energy of getting things done in this time. You may also want to prepare yourself for a little ritual for the full moon tomorrow. Tomorrow’s full moon is all about finding the balance between being the sole proprietor of your life and the partnerships you have going on. Taking a look at what is there for you and looking at the balance between the two is a great idea. Gathering things to do a little ritual with yourself tomorrow is a good idea. (More details on how to do a simple ritual for this full moon in tomorrow’s Astro Tapestry report!)

The energy we are given in the afternoon is between the sun and Uranus and it peaks at 4:58PM EST. This energy may have us feeling a little bit brash or rushed. Try to slow down and smell the roses a little bit so that you are not so tense. Remind yourself to use tact when dealing with others that are not as chilled out as you are (because you saw this energy coming!)

In the evening we are given an energy between the moon and Venus that peaks at 10:58PM EST. We may be feeling like being a little excessive at this time, like over indulging ourselves in something. Use caution, enjoy a little indulgence and have fun, just remember not to go overboard with it too. There is nothing wrong with a treat of some kind here or there, just remind yourself it’s a treat and should be treated as such!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Brecciaed Jasper is a power stone that balances the lower chakras and helps us feel inspired and activated while centering us to our foundation to feel stable and at peace. This power stone would be a lovely meditation tool today.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Frankincense, it helps us create new perspective based on life and truth. It is a huge cleanser of negativity in life and helps foster spiritual awakening, it brings us closer to Divinity in our lives.

Wednesday October 8, 2014 – October 8 2014

The moon is a busy lady today connecting with many planets to make many different energy patterns for us today. If we think about the energy patterns that the moon and other planets make, we can think of ourselves woven into a beautiful and intricate tapestry of energy. Free will and our own desires is what shifts us in one direction or the other. Enjoy today’s AstroTapestry and let us know what you think of your part in this beautiful energy pattern we all make in the Universe together!

We begin the morning with a connection to the moon and Pluto at 12:12AM EST. This energy is completing a pattern that also includes Venus in it. Venus and the moon’s energy was peaking the night before. The three planets together at this time have us feeling a bit excessive about the things that we love in our lives. We may notice deep feelings coming to the surface on this day. This connection intensifies later in the day  when Venus and Pluto exact their connection in this pattern. Try to curtail any passionate fits of emotion today, practice letting things “be” and don’t get to overly compulsive in your actions of “love”.

A few hours down the line the moon makes its monthly connection with Uranus at 5:52AM EST. This vibration can have us feeling a bit wired and/or inspirational. Try to channel this energy into something positive for yourself and do something that you really love doing. Things that are controlled and with fast paced action come to mind like karate or even power yoga.

The moon peaks its fullness today at 6:51AM EST, in the zodiac sign of Aries. The Full Moon in Aries is an awesome time to do some energy intention setting on what things you want to bring into manifestation this coming year. Today also brings with it a lunar eclipse into the mix of the busy day. Remind yourself that as you feel inspired and full of energy to make decisions based on a solid foundation and not a rash or un-thought about mind. Taking your time and analyzing things before making those big decisions and shift the balance of things for the good, as opposed to rushing head first into something.

Traveling along the morning the moon shifts into a connection with Mars that peaks at 10:05AM EST. This energy brings even more fiery energy to the day. The connection the moon makes with Mars is coupled with a connection the moon makes with Jupiter at 10:20AM EST. This is creating what us astrologers call a Grand Trine. This pattern in the tapestry of energy has us feeling loads of energy, we might consider going for a run, or swim or whatever it is that we like to do with ourselves to burn off some energy this morning. If it is not physical energy you wish to burn off you may notice yourself feeling quite optimistic and progressive.

In the afternoon Venus and Pluto exact their connection that we spoke about earlier in the day. This connection peaks at 1:33PM EST and hangs around for the next couple of days. Under the spell of Venus and Pluto, try to remind yourself not to get overly compulsive or compassionate. Venus is the energy of what we love Pluto brings it to the nth degree, so remind yourself that this energy has us feeling passionate. Just keep in mind that the passions can be overly inflamed in this time and turn to stress too.

Mars and Jupiter make a connection with each other in the afternoon, peaking at 4:43PM EST. The vibration that they bring to the day brings with it a progressive nature to the energy we are intertwined into. We may want to make some steps in the direction of the things we are working on manifesting with ourselves at this time. Although taking steps towards moving in a better, healthier direction for yourself is important, also not biting off more than you can chew is important too. Remember Mercury is still in it’s retrograde phase.

Gemstone suggestions:
Black Tourmaline is a great gemstone to hold on to today as it will be useful in keeping you grounded and centered. While Citrine imparts joy, enthusiasm and attracts prosperity; it activates creativity and gives us a boost to our self-esteem.

Essential oil suggestions:
Peppermint will be a lovely invigorating aid this morning to make us feel refreshed. Ylang-Ylang helps us get in touch with our sense of wonder about life, with our own innocence and inner child open to the freshness and joy in life.

Thursday October 9, 2014 – photo 311.jpg

After a super busy cosmic yesterday – today brings with it a much simpler and calmer moon in Taurus. Mother moon slips into the zodiac sign of Taurus at 7:44AM where she hang out until Saturday. While the moon is in Taurus, you can anticipate your energy being more focused on the physical world and things that bring you comfort. Taurus moon is more lazy than the preceding Aries moon. Once inspired and Taurus gets its energy on – there is no stopping it, so watch out!

A little later in the morning, peaking at 9:88AM EST the moon and Mercury make a connection in the sky. This energy has us putting all the details of our lives in some order. Mercury is so good at filing and organizing and straightening things out, you can think of today as: “The day after.” Which was yesterday, a day full of opening, growth and fiery initiation energy. Now it is Mercury’s turn to organized things back into its new resting place in your life. If you are wondering about what the day before was like, look back and read the AstroTapestry for yesterday!

The afternoon brings with it a nice vibration between the moon and Neptune that peaks at 4:30PM EST. This vibration has us tapping into our creative side. It would be a great time to do some meditation and even a good time to schedule a reading. During this vibration the veils of intuition are lowered at this time. This energy has those that can tap in easily, highly sensitive.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Sodalite will help in the morning when we are trying to organize our worlds. While Amethyst will help to bring some clarity to your dreams and desires when you are wondering about, trying to sort out what life has in store for you.

Essential oil suggestion:
Frankincense helps us create new perspectives based on light and truth. Geranium might also be a nice Essential Oil to work with, bringing in the lighter energies of the world and allowing us to float along the thoughts today.

Friday October 10, 2014 – mars green.jpg

We begin the day when the moon and Pluto dance in the heavens above, this dance of theirs peaks at 2:36AM EST. The dance between the two planets, this time is sweet and can have us feeling a bit on the romantic side. Let those emotions out, if you have them there – don’t bury them inside.

Mercury, still moving in its retrograde phase, moves back into the zodiac sign of Libra today. If it has been feeling mentally like ground hogs day (as if your mind is repeating itself), that is because it kind of is.

Mercury is our mind, our communication with others and our sense of connectivity. When it is in its retrograde phase it appears to move backwards in the sky from the view of earth. During this phase we get to go over things in our lives and fix what is broke, throw away what is no longer needed and redo the things that still have life in them.

Mercury’s travel back into Libra has that focus on partnerships and connections with others in our lives. Over the next couple of weeks left with Mercury in Rx, try to ask yourself what connections are needing to be strengthened and which are needing to be released and let go of? Then take some action on doing just that.

The sun swims with Jupiter in the skies above and connect with one another at 7:17PM EST. This energy is powerful and brings a positive spin on the day. We will have feelings of optimism and joy and be excited about it as the evening and day ahead unfolds for us. Do something fun with yourself or others tonight, it would be a great time to go out and explore the world around you.

We wind up the astrological energies of the day with the moon and Saturn connecting in the sky at 8:49PM EST. This is a contrast of energy from the previous vibration we spoke about with the sun and Jupiter. This just gos to show us that many different facets of energy going on in the heavens above (at any given time), just like we are multi-faceted creatures. The moon and Saturn have us feeling a bit more serious and introspective, we may even be contemplating what purpose is behind the fun that we are somewhere inside yearning to go have!

Essential oil suggestions:
If you are teetering on the fun side of the coin today, reaching for some Green Tourmaline is a great idea to open that heart chakra and let some excitement in!

Patchouli helps us remain grounded within the present moment and within our bodies while also being at peace. If feeling more introspective, Myrrh and Frankincense are a wonderful combination to work with and focus on nurturing and pointing our compass to our inner truth.

Saturday October 11, 2014 – October 11 2014

Early in the morning Venus tugs on Uranus this energy peaks at 5:10AM EST. The vibration between the two planets brings some impulsive feelings. We may notice some quick changes in ones mood and feeling today too. The energy of these two can bring about some highly inspired emotions, as well as some intensity out of the blue. Wear your seat belts, you will be OK. Thankfully Uranus works quickly and in a flash. So if some of the emotions that come out are less than savory, they will go by within a flash instead of lingering around everywhere for ages.

The moon moves into the zodiac sign of Gemini at 11:51AM EST. The placement of the moon into Gemini, she gives us energy to our emotions and feelings come out a little quicker. Gemini can make the moon a little nervous and excitable, try to do some things to spend the nervous energy. If you tend to do well under the Gemini moon, then you may notice a pep in your step and some chit-chat going on – a good time for a weekend, have fun!

In the evening the moon connects with Neptune that peaks at 9:06PM EST. This energy may leave us feeling a little bit impressionable. Tonight you may be wearing your rose colored glasses around. It is OK to wear them from time to time. Just remember they are on and not to let yourself be confused by others at this time. If you feel confusion – wait, and make your decision another time.

The Gemstone Suggestion:
Rose Quartz is a very healing gemstone that opens our hearts to unconditional acceptance and love for ourselves and others. It helps us let go of emotions that no longer serve us. Clear quartz will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us.

The Essential Oil Suggestion:
Wild Orange would connect us with a sense of abundance, optimism and joy in our lives, while Clary Sage would assist us to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives, also refining our ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities.

Sunday October 12, 2014 – October 12 2014

The moon hangs out in Gemini all day today sharing with us its excitable energy. Do something to activate your mind today as you might notice some inspiring energy today. The Gemini moon likes to be mentally stimulated. If feeling a bit on the restless side, games, puzzles or plain ole conversation is called for. Expression, even if just for the sake of expression is the game of the Gemini moon today.

The afternoon brings with is a vibration between the moon and Uranus that peaks at 1:57PM EST. This vibration has us feeling original and inventive, if you are creative then today is a great day to do something with that creativity. There is a web of energy that is expressed today, so try to do something active with it, you will likely feel naturally drawn to doing so anyway.

The moon makes her way around to being intertwined with the energies of Venus that peaks at 5:34PM EST. This energy has us feeling beauty within and without. This pattern of energy that the moon is creating today has us wanting to redecorate or make our surroundings beautiful.

The final peak of the pattern in the tapestry of energy that the planets present us with today is between the moon and Jupiter and it reaches its climax at 8:35PM EST. Tossing Jupiter into the mix has us feeling cheerful and expansive. The day has a sweet, wide-ranging and fun feeling to it. Aside from being creative and beautifying your world, try to reach outside of the box and see what other inspiring things you can tap into.

Essential oil suggestions:
Frankincense helps us create new perspectives based on light and truth. Geranium will also be a nice Essential Oil to work with, bringing in the lighter energies of the world and allowing us open our heart chakra’s and expand our consciousness.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Botswana Agate would be a great gemstone to work with today in helping your energy expand and be balanced. While Rhodochrosite a great gemstone to help you balance and peer into your heart, so keep a piece of that near today too.