Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – October 20-26, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014 – Mars Venus2

In the early morning hours we are given an energy between Venus and Mars, that peaks at 1:18PM EST. This energy allows us to feel a balance in expressing the loving emotions of ourselves with others. If you sometimes find it difficult to tell your partner that you love them or how you truly feel – you may find this time easier for you!

In the afternoon peaking at 4:32PM EST we are given an energy between the moon and Saturn. This energy makes it fairly easy for us to help others and put some action behind the structure we feel within our own worlds. You may be gifted with some insight into how you can do this restructuring yourself so give it some thought.

A little later on there is a vibration between Mercury and Jupiter that peaks at 4:38PM EST. This vibration has us itching to make some travel plans! It is a great time to sort out where and what you might want to do. The traveling that you do may be centered around your mind too, so if you have been contemplating learning some new things then this is a great time to put some energy behind exactly what you want to do.

The last vibration we are give is at 11:30PM EST. It is between the moon and Mars, they connect with each other in such a way that could have us feeling a bit impatient or impulsive. Keep your patience in your pockets this evening and remind yourself that in this time you may need to practice kindness coupled with patience on different levels.

After this last vibration, the moon slips into her Void of Course phase and hangs there until the morning time tomorrow. It is a good night to get a good nights sleep, so get some rest and wake up tomorrow to tackle the problems at hand. If this is your awake time, you may feel like doing some meditation or relaxation exercises.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Jasper is a great gemstone for helping us feel grounded and centered within our core being, it will also help us articulate our ideas and feelings clearly. While Clear Quartz will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Wild Orange will support our sense of optimism and growing abundance, bringing us invigoration and refreshment. Frankincense helps us remain anchored in our highest truth and sense of purpose, aiding us to feel connected and safe.

Namaste ~ Starlene & Wendy