Astroenergetic Tapestry Report Sept 29 – Oct 5, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report  
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday September 29, 2014 – Monday September 29 2014

The first energy we are given is between Venus and Neptune that peaks at 4:42AM EST. This creates a little bit of tension between the two lovely planets of the solar system, which will have us trying to sort out what our highest ideals in love are. If you are not happy with your love life at this time, you might think about why? Likewise if you are sleeping you may have some prophetic dreams about your love life.

Later on in the morning there is a sweet energy between the moon and sun peaking at 6:10AM EST. This energy has a harmony between the masculine and feminine part to our selves, think of the yin-yang and how each side is balanced in perfection of the other.

The afternoon brings us a vibration between the moon and Mars that peaks at 2:34PM EST. This energy gives us some desire to finish the task(s) at hand and lends towards a vibrant, active afternoon. If you can, go do something physical like walk, or swim, or work out – your body will love you for it.

Venus then makes her transition into her home sign of Libra at 4:52PM EST. This gives us a great feeling towards the ones that we love. You may also notice that you want to connect with familiar people or places that you feel at home with or comfortable around. Venus stays in Libra until October 23 when she moves into Scorpio, so enjoy some time with loved ones, spend some family time and most of all remember to have that balance of your heart energy.

The evening time brings us an energy with the moon and Uranus peaking at 9:47PM EST. This energy can bring some interesting surprises and have us feeling quite original. It may also be a good time to do something inspiring with yourself, so get out there and have some fun with you.

The last energy vibration for today is between the moon and Jupiter which peaks at 11:29PM EST. This energy has us feeling very lively with our emotions and like we want to be progressive with our ideas and thoughts. Along with the vibration mentioned above, you may notice yourself not sleeping so much tonight, but rather being vibrant and fun!

Once this last vibration passes us, the moon goes into a long Void of Course phase for us. We will talk further about it in tomorrow’s AstroTapestry Report.

Gemstone Suggestion:
You might try working with Sunstone to bring in the energies of the sun and the vibrant feeling of the solar system into your life. You may also like to add some Aquamarine to the mix later on during the day to feel get in the vibe with the moon and Uranus.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lime brings courage and joy to our hearts, it’s very invigorating, refreshing and it also encourages emotional honesty. Melissa or Lemonbalm motivates us to reach our highest potential; it also brings enthusiasm, light and joy for life.

Tuesday September 30, 2014 – Tuesday September 30 2014

The last day of September has us with the moon Void of course for the entire day. This energy is great for helping us work with things we do in solitude. Doing some form of spiritual practice, such as Reiki, meditation, qi gong or some other form of controlled energy is a great way to spend the day.

Of course this is Tuesday so not the end of the week for most of us, but that is OK – just wade through the day. The vibe of the day is quite still so enjoy the time between the fun and frenzy that life sometimes tosses in our direction!

Gemstone Suggestion:
The best gemstone to work with while the moon is in its Void of Course phase is Clear Quartz. Clear quartz can be programmed for any purpose but even better it can help us simply feel energized. If you do feel a little low on energy you might hold onto some Rutilated Quartz which will help to give you a little bit of pep in your step some too.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lemonbalm motivates us to reach our highest potential; it also brings enthusiasm, light and joy for life.

Wednesday October 1, 2014 – Sun-UranusMagicSpinningMandala2

We greet the beginning of the day with the moon transiting out of a long Void of Course phase into the sign of Capricorn at 12:41AM EST. The Capricorn Moon has a beautiful way of allowing us to get real with our emotions and feelings. It is also a great time to work on projects, allowing us to get down to business. The moon stays in Capricorn until early Friday morning so enjoy the vibes of being a little more serious and real with ourselves during this time.

The moon is rather busy this morning as she moves further and into a dance with Mercury that peaks at 3:37AM EST. During this time you may notice yourself thinking quickly and having lots of ideas floating through your mind. If this is your sleeping time, you may notice dreams being interesting, journal them down when you wake up.

Shortly after the last mentioned connection the moon networks into a vibration with Venus that peaks at 3:51AM EST. This vibration with Venus has us feeling a little extravagant and fun. Connecting the two waves of energy mentioned above has us being mentally busy and having positive thoughts run through your heart and mind at this time. This would be a great wave of energy to do some writing from the heart. If you don’t write it would be a great time to communicate with others in a loving, open minded manor.

Just as these energies start to wane down, the moon decides to dance with Neptune and get her energies involved in the day. This vibration between the moon and Neptune peak at 9:59AM EST but can be felt from early morning time until the afternoon today. This energy turns the day into something more magical, creative and intuitive. This would be a great day for doing some form of art or crafting.

In the afternoon, peaking at 3:33PM EST the sun and moon create a tense vibration with each other, but it need not be bad! This vibration shakes up the energies within us, our ego and emotional selves. This would be a great time to practice patience with yourself and not get flustered over little things!

The final connection that the moon makes today is with Pluto and this peaks at 7:48PM EST. This is our monthly vibration that has us digging within the depths of our emotions and peering what is there. Once we are able to do this, we can examine and release that which no longer serves us. This action makes space for new things to fill that void within us, so do some digging this evening and allow yourself to see what is deep within.

Gemstone Suggestion:
You may want to sleep with some Jasper over the early morning time; this would help you to keep you grounded in case you feel too busy and want to settle your mind some. You may like to work with Amethyst over the later morning time to connect you with the magic that the moon and Neptune share. Amethyst helps open our third eye chakra. Lastly Black Obsidian coupled with Clear Quartz would be an excellent pair to hold on to this evening, allowing you to delve deep into the depths of the Pluto Moon vibration.

Essential Oil Suggestion: 
Clary Sage opens our creative channels and helps us dissolve blocks, it also helps us expand our vision and be open to new possibilities. Tangerine is a wonderful mood booster with strong cheery and joyful qualities; it helps us be open to creative spontaneity. 

Thursday October 2, 2014 – Thursday October 2 2014

The moon connects with Uranus in the early hours of the day (peaking at 2:11AM EST) which may have some of us feeling a bit wired. You might notice yourself waking up early or having a difficult time sleeping. If this is the case for you, try doing something that completely inspires you and just go with the flow of the early morning time.

In the early afternoon (peaking at 12:18PM EST) the moon and Saturn connect. The vibration they give us, allows us to put some structure and realness to the emotions that we have inside of us. You may notice yourself either seeking or giving good, solid advice at this time – it would be a great morning to get or schedule a reading!

Lady moon has been busy quite a bit over the last couple days, in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. She slips into her Void of Course phase at 12:18PM EST. A good idea is to get your work completed early today. Remember the Capricorn moon brings with her a vibration that is very real and often ready to get the world completed. Once she moves into the Void of Course phase you may want to turn that energy into some internal work or solitude if you can.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Holding on to some Blue Lace Agate over night may be useful for you during the connection the moon and Uranus make. It may not help you sleep a whole lot, but it will bring some form to the (hopefully) inspirational energy you feel. If you are feeling tense, it will help you relax a little too. Later on you may want to work with some Black Tourmaline which will allow you to connect with the energies of Saturn and Capricorn both. Black Tourmaline is a great gemstone for helping you feel centered, happy and grounded.

Essential Oil Suggestion: 
Sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang would be a wonderful combination of essential oils to work with, helping us quiet our minds and tune into the voice within and our highest good. Ylang-Ylang will also open our hearts to love and wonder about life.

Friday October 3, 2014 – venus

The moon is still in her Void of Course phase this morning until she slips into the sign of Aquarius at 4AM EST. When the moon is in Aquarius is when we are feeling our quirkiest! We may want to do something fun over the weekend or something new and unique. Our suggestion to you is to explore and enjoy the world around you.

Mother moon connects with Mercury in a vibration that peaks at 7:43AM EST. This vibration may have us feeling a little bit restless or worried. The best suggestion here is to remind yourself that worry is not something you should hold onto. If some things do pop into your mind today, telling you that you should care for things in your life. Get those things taken care of, and know that worrying about them is only going to make things more stressful for you.

Later in the morning we have a sweet energy between the moon and Venus that peaks at 11:53AM EST. This energy has us feeling relaxed and joyful in our surroundings. You might enjoy doing something with your surroundings at this time and making them beautiful or more aesthetically pleasing.

We finish the astrological energies of the day off with the moon and sun giving us a vibration that is harmonious and sweet. This vibration peaks at 9:55PM EST. We may notice a peaceful energy between ourselves and the opposite sex at this time. This would be a great time to connect with your loved one and have an evening of fun together.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Jasper would be a great gemstone for the morning time, helping to balance and restore our energies. While in the afternoon you may want to work with some Rhodochrosite which will bring some tranquility and positive energy to you.

Essential Oil Suggestion: 
Blue Tansy supports our inspired action, so we may live in alignment with what we know to be true. Coriander helps us be who we really are, by honoring our True Self and our own needs, this is especially beneficial for people who tend to put everyone else and other people’s needs before their own all the time.

Saturday October 4, 2014 –Saturday October 4 2014

We begin the morning early, with the moon and Mars dancing in the sky, peaking at 3:14AM EST; and last throughout the morning time. This energy can have us feeling quite energetic and or full of nervous energy. This can be exciting if you channel it well, or have you more focused on the nervous side if not. Things you can to do get through this shorter vibration: are channeling your energy into something positive, working out (before you sleep or when you wake up if this is your sleeping time) or doing something creative with yourself.

A little later on in the morning there is a vibration between the sun and Pluto that peaks at 4:06AM EST. This energy has us shedding some light to our inner, hidden secrets. This doesn’t have to be troublesome; it can have a very healing affect if you let it. The energy between the sun and Pluto give us an opportunity to look with a spotlight on things we have put in the hidden places inside of us. If you are sleeping at this time you may have some deep dreams, be sure to journal them once you awaken.

Just after that last vibration we have a connection with the moon and Uranus that is enlivening, creative and fun. The energy between these two planets peaks at 4:19PM EST. You may find yourself not sleeping at this time, if so – do something fun and inspiring. The creative types thrive under this energy, so enjoy!

At 7:22AM EST the moon and Jupiter make a connection and their energies together have us feeling expansive and extravagant. We may enjoy spending this morning with loved ones. This is a good morning for some enjoyment, so don’t just spend the day in bed sleeping!

In the afternoon at 1:02PM EST, Mercury turns into its retrograde phase. For the next 3 weeks the planet of communication, quick thought and reasoning appears to be moving backwards in the sky, from the perspective of earth. This is an astronomical phenomena that happens to all of the planets in our solar system (except the sun and moon) at least once a year. Mercury on the other hand has a retrograde phase 3 times a year. We like to think of this phase of time as the time to go over all the things that need to be reconnected, rethought and fixed. You may have already been feeling the pull of the Mercury retrograde over the last couple of weeks, as Mercury started to slow down. Today it comes to a halt (what we call station in the sky) and is at its most powerful. 
Things that might pop up over the next few weeks as trouble or issues are likely just that, little troubles or issues – but not the end of the world! They may compile on you a bunch and feel like someone is really making a big joke out of how many things such as repairs to computers, electronics, delays in travel, issues with our cars and other modes of transportation. Things like that, although they are annoying but they are simply surfacing to get your attention back to them. We suggest focusing on what you probably should have noticed and looked at already, and find some solutions to the little annoyances at this time. Also remind yourself to laugh at anything silly or seemingly ridiculous like a chain of missed called, missing emails, or repairs to make. It happens like that sometimes under this phase, especially if Mercury is activating something in your natal chart. So learn to find the humor in it and let it roll off your shoulder. Do yourself a favor and don’t let it get you uptight!

Some things you might like to also consider during this time are going over old projects that you have already started. Looking at the things that are in front of you as well as things you have tucked away in the closets of your life and deciding what to do with them. Take those old unfinished projects and old strategies and ask yourself do I need to dust them off and take a fresh look at them? Starting new things at this time is not advised, but rather work on refreshing what is already there is.

We wind the astrological energies up today with the moon and Saturn making a vibration in the sky that peaks at 2:32PM EST. This vibration has us feeling disciplined and serious. So it might be a good afternoon to start to put some form to some of those old projects we mentioned above.

After the moon and Saturn connect, we are given a Void of Course moon phase that begins at 2:32PM EST and stays with us until tomorrow morning. You may want to do some spiritual practice or have some quiet solitude at this time. If you are feeling like you are not sure about what direction to go in with the current Mercury retrograde phase, this would be a great energy for you to contemplate some of what you might want to accomplish and put your energy into over the next couple of weeks.

Gemstone Suggestion:
You may want to hold on to some Black Tourmaline or Tourmalinated Quartz today, this will help you feel more balanced and in charge of what is going on in your life. Find the energy and time for you to take some time to do the contemplation on what things really matter to you and the balance you would like to create for yourself in this time period.

Essential Oil Suggestion: 
Vetiver assists us to remain rooted in life, grounded and not scattering our energy too much. It is also very helpful when we are working on our self-awareness. Melissa or Lemonbalm motivates us to reach our highest potential; it also brings enthusiasm, light and joy for life.

Sunday October 5, 2014 – Sunday October 5 2014

The first energy we are given peaks at 12:16AM EST and is between Mars and Uranus. When this pair connects in the sky we are often given some unpredictable energy that can be sometimes a little wild. Some of us may feel a little wound up this morning, having a difficult time sleeping. If you notice you have an abundance of energy it would be great to channel it into something positive for yourself and remind yourself not to be reckless in the process. This pair of planets can sometimes cause accidents to happen or us to feel impulsive, just keep all that in mind as this time period unfolds for us.

Later on in the morning the moon slips into the zodiac sign of Pisces at 5:24AM EST. When the moon is in Pisces, she is at her dreamiest and she loves to connect with the energies of the unknown. We may notice that we want to slip into a dreamlike, or trance like state under the Pisces moon too. Some things to do that are healthy are meditating, praying and sleeping. Some things to be mindful of are slipping into illusions or delusions of drugs or alcohol at this time.

As the morning progresses the moon connects with Mercury at 9:06AM EST. This vibration gives us an energy where we may feel like we are making rash decisions. We may also be quite good at persuading others through our conversations this morning too. Just remember if you are persuading others – things always come around again too, so persuade with love.
The afternoon presents us with a moon and Neptune connection at 1:56PM EST. This is the sweet and idealistic day of the month. The day where we may not feel like doing a whole lot of physical things, or that we wound up staying up over the night and this afternoon we just want to sort of float around in our chilled out, or dream-like state. It is a great way to spend Sunday afternoon so enjoy the flow.

The final aspect of the day today is between the moon and Pluto and it peaks at 11:20PM EST. This aspect has us receiving some enlightening information from the depths of our being. This information may even be something we contemplated before but never put much into it – well now we will. If you utilize this energy properly and allow those emotions to come out this evening then we will find some happiness in there too.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Sage is a powerful cleanser of our space and also the energy in our bodies and the room around us, it is very helpful to restore balance and harmony. Patchouli helps us remain grounded within the present moment and within our bodies while also being at peace.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Citrine imparts joy, enthusiasm and attracts prosperity; it activates creativity and gives us a boost to our self-esteem. It is a great ally when tackling all kinds of projects. It will help to bring a lively energy to our dream state too.

Until Tomorrow ~ Starlene & Wendy