Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – September 1 – 7, 2014

Astroenergetic Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter & Wendy Villanueva

Monday September 1, 2014 – Monday Sept 1

The early morning hours, peaking at 3:17AM EST has us feeling like relaxing with friends or being in the comfort of our own home. If this is your sleeping time, you may have sweet dreams.

It would be a great idea to journal some of those dreams you have down as there is a vibration this morning that will help you peer into your heart. Allowing you to remember those dreams; so record them and reflect on them at a later time.

The moon then slips into the fun loving sign of Sagittarius at 1:17PM where she hangs for the rest of the day. Sagittarius loves to have fun and even go out, or go on trips. If you can sneak away or have a fun night out, do it!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Clear quartz is a great stone to use it will give us clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us. You may also like to work with Black Tourmaline which will have you in a happy mood while you are grounded and centered at the same time.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lemon essential oil will connect us with a sense of being alive, well and awake in our day. If you are feeling a little blah, then dab some lemon (or another citrus you have on hand) on your pulse points and watch your mood be uplifted.

Tuesday September 2, 2014 – sunneptune.jpg

Fun and fanciful dreams are the name of the game this early morning. There is an energy pattern between the moon and Neptune that peaks at 12:19AM EST so if you are sleeping, expect dreams that are “otherworldly, sweet or even significant to your subconsciousness.

Mercury moves into Libra at 1:38AM EST also giving an interesting twist to things we are thinking or dreaming about, making them more centered on partnerships and connections with others. Mercury will hang in Libra for the next few weeks. If you do have some interesting dreams, log them in your dream journal when you wake up!

The later morning energy is a connection between the moon and sun (peaking at 8:10AM EST) which has a nice expansive quality to it, allowing us to open our hearts some and really feel connected with others. This is also an easy connection for talking with people of the opposite sex.

The evening (peaking at 5:58PM EST) has a connection between the moon and Uranus which may contain some possible surprises. Those surprises could be fun and inspirational. Or maybe you are the one with the surprise up your sleeve? Either way, have some fun with it and go with the flow of the energy waves!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Amethyst would be a great gemstone to hold onto today, especially to sleep with. It would help you feel connected and drawn to the energy of the morning. You may also like to hang onto some Pink Opal as the day progressed and you connect with Mercury in Libra.

Essential oil suggestions:
Rosemary helps us observe and learn from our findings, sharpening our insight and also allowing us to flow with change. Lavender helps us speak our truth and relax, so it would be a great oil to use to connect with the movement of Mercury.

Wednesday September 3, 2014 –  Jupiter Saturn

This morning time has us still under the spell of the Sagittarius moon, lending towards the desire for one to be jovial, expansive and fun with their hearts and spirits.

The afternoon there is a connection with the sun and Pluto (peaking at 12:10PM EST) which has us feeling quite connected with what is in our inner souls, deep down inside – it is almost as if we want to make shifts to make a progressive change for ourselves.

There is another vibration this afternoon (peaking at 2:06PM EST) which has us feeling like we are shinning our inner beauty on the outside instead of holding it in. This may also be a nice time to flirt or connect with those in a sweet way.

The energy shifts in the evening time at 6:15PM EST) as mother moon slides into Capricorn and she becomes more of the matriarch than the fun jovial person of earlier in the day. The energy of the Capricorn moon will have us finishing up the work week in a fastidious and steadfast manner, so enjoy getting work accomplished until she swings into Aquarius in the evening of Friday (just in time for the weekend – woohoo!)

Gemstone Suggestion:
Today is a two part day, in the morning you may be wanting to work with Labradorite which is the gemstone of magic and vibration. It has a lovely feel to it and will help you connect with the Sagittarius moon more. When the moon shifts into Capricorn you may want to hold on to some Black Onyx which will have you feeling more grounded, centered and on spot with what you do.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Wild Orange is a great oil to work with in the day time today, it invigorates your mood, lifting them and having you feel more inspired and active. The evening you may want to settle down with some Roman Chamomile, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track.

Sun-MercuryDenseFlowerinBall21Thursday September 4, 2014 –

The entire day the moon lives in Capricorn, bringing with it in the early morning (at 4:28AM EST) a desire to reach those dreams and express them in a loving way. If this is your sleeping time you may be gifted with some dreams that are more like visitations than dreams. Journal them when you awaken.

In the afternoon there is a connection between the Moon and Pluto (peaking at 12:56PM EST) which has a vibration to it that can be somewhat cathartic. You might notice a desire to purge or release those things that are pent up inside of you. This is a great time to let it out, don’t keep those emotions buried forever – let them go and move on. The cycle that continues again on September 17th where it stretches your energy purging with other people, so be sure to look for that AstroTapestry!

In the evening time we will be feeling a little more electricity in the air, this peaks at 8:41PM EST. If you are in a good mood and have done your purging earlier in the day, enjoy and have some fun. If you are feeling shaky, then we suggest you relax and don’t get too wound up!

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Roman Chamomile is suggested for today, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track. Lavender helps us speak our truth and relax, try rubbing some on your pulse points of the bottom of your feet to reap the benefits.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Rhyolite would be a wonderful stone to work with today, as it helps you to connect with your inner spirit and karmic self. If you are feeling ungrounded at all, just hold on to some Black Tourmaline which will help ground and center you again.

Friday September 5, 2014 – jupiter3.jpg

The big news in the day is the Venus moves into the sign of Virgo. This happens at 1:07PM EST where she hangs out until the end of the month. Venus is all about art, beauty, love and comfort – putting her in finicky Virgo has us a bit fussy and demanding of the things that we love. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but can have some of us feeling a little under the microscope. Just try to remember that Virgo loves things clean, tidy and neat – so do yourself a favor and make the bed every day, like good little boys and girls this month. That way Venus in Virgo has somewhere neat and clean to lay her head at the end of the day!

The energy of the morning time is a vibration between the moon and Mars (peaking at 11:08AM EST), that is active, fun and lively. Have some fun today – even if you are working, get into your work and remind yourself why you do what you do. If you aren’t happy with where your life path is headed – then try to ask yourself why, and how can I do what makes me feel passionate?

The moon also slips into the sign of Aquarius this evening at 7:59PM EST. Moon in Aquarius is an interesting place for her to hang out, the words that come to mind are quirky, detached, connected and universal (sounds kind of like an oxymoron there, but then again this IS Aquarius we are talking about!). This weekend should be fun with the moon in this unique and zany sign so have some fun and do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Peppermint will be a lovely invigorating aid this morning to make us feel refreshed and open with Venus moving into Virgo. While Ylang-Ylang helps us get in touch with our sense of wonder about life, with our own innocence and inner child open to the freshness and joy in life.

Gemstone Suggestion:
For connecting with Venus in Virgo you might want to hang out with some Sardonyx, which is a very earthy and grounding stone. The other attribute with this gemstone is that it brings stability and good fortune to wherever it is placed. Sardonyx is also great for helping you feel safe. If you want to connect with the moon in Aquarius, you may want to hold on to some Aquamarine or Garnet, but of those stones are Aquarian, Aquamarine being more fluid and opening to the higher chakras and Garnet to help with grounding and stability in the heart and spirit.

sun saturnSaturday September 6, 2014 –

We are gifted with the moon in Aquarius all day today, giving us a bit of energy towards the unique and unusual. You might also be inclined towards things that are fun, different and unconventional for your normal taste. The moon in Aquarius is a quirky placement for the moon, so why not let your inner weirdo hang loose this weekend!

Our morning time there is an energy between the moon and Mercury (peaking at 5:52AM EST) which has us wanting to express ourselves from the inside out. If you find yourself awake at this time or asleep and having interesting dreams, try to do some journaling of what is in your heart when you awaken.

The afternoon gives us a nice little bounce in our step with a vibration between the moon and Jupiter (peaking at 2:1PM EST) that has us fluctuating our moods from being quirky and unusual to wanting to go out and explore the world around you. If you are up to a journey, this may be a great time to go out and have some fun exploring the world outside.

In the evening we have a nice little vibration with the moon and Uranus that peaks at 9:05PM EST and has us feel a little creative and or inspired to take some action on some creativity. It is Saturday after all — go do something fun and enjoy the evening!

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lime brings courage and joy to our hearts, it’s very invigorating, refreshing and it also encourages emotional honesty. Lemon essential oil will connect us with a sense of being alive, well and awake in our day. If you are feeling a little blah, then dab some lemon (or another citrus you have on hand) on your pulse points and watch your mood be uplifted.

Gemstone suggestion:
Connect with some Aquamarine today to enhance some of the Vibration we talked about for the morning time. This will help to bring out the inspirational energies within you. Clear quartz is a great stone to use as well, it will give you clarity allowing whatever energy we are being gifted with to come forward and be present for us.

Sunday September 7, 2014 – Jupiter Venus

If you find yourself awake in the early morning hours today (1:32AM EST) you may notice some serious thinking going on. This energy wave stems from a connection between the moon and Saturn and is opening us up, helping us to start focus and structure some of the inner workings of our emotions and heart. We get this opportunity a few times a month and it’s a great time to take inventory of what is working, let go of what isn’t then rebuild what is new.

Some of us will catch ourselves “cat napping” at this time, don’t worry the energies of the early morning will inspire a structured Sunday morning for you, go into the real world and do something with yourself early in the day. Spend some time gardening or metaphorically planting seeds for yourself.

The afternoon brings a pattern of energy between the moon and Mars, it is an energy wave that has our emotions and energy itself in synch or completely out of whack. This wave peaks at 1:19PM EST and it really depends on which side of the coin you land on this time around as to how you will feel. If you catch yourself on the wrong side, just do yourself a favor and try not to be impulsive, but rather go with the flow of life instead.

The moon shifts into Pisces tonight at 7:47PM EST; this can have us feeling a bit dreamy or “otherworldly”. It may be helpful for you to focus your energies on thinking about the full moon tomorrow and what you might want to release and let go of to make room for what you do want!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Today it would be nice to work with Smokey Quartz, in particular Elestial Smokey Quartz which would allow you to balance the polarities and open you up to change and other thinking. It is so good, not to get stuck in the same old patterns – that aren’t working for you. Elestial quartz and these planetary patterns mentioned will help untie you some.

Essential Oil Suggestion for Today:
Roman Chamomile would be great to work with this evening, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track. Clary Sage would assist us to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives, also refining our ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities.

Until tomorrow!

Starlene & Wendy