Astroenergetic Tapestry Report – September 22-28, 2014

September 22, 2014 – Jupiter Venus

The first energy we are given is between the moon and Pluto today, which peaks at 10:04AM EST. This energy is a happy and more joyful energy between these two planets. You may feel like you want to express some of the emotions you have deep down inside. You may also like to connect with others of like mind, heart and spirit.

Pluto turns direct on this day at 8:36PM EST. When Pluto makes its slow turn into the direct or retrograde phase. Pluto made its entrance into the retrograde phase it is now coming out of, back in April. In this time, you may notice that some of the things you have interanalized since April, start to slowly unfold for you. You may notice it is easier for you to express yourself and share some of those hidden secrets too.

The sun then takes a dive into the zodiac sign of Libra at 10:29PM EST. The sun will hang out in this zodiac sign until next month. While the sun is in Libra, we acan all except to be balancing our inner spirit. You may also notice that you feel more social too. Make it a point to go out and have some fun with others. One thing to watch out for is over people pleasing, its good to be pleasant towards others – just make sure you are good to you too. Sometimes Libra energy has us wanting to make everyone happy and in the process we don’t pay attention to what we desire.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Black Obsidian coupled with Clear Quartz is a great pair to help you connect with the energies of Pluto making its way forward and feeling the season of the outward expression of Pluto. While working with the gemstone Opal or Rose Quartz are great gemstones for you to work with during the suns transit into Libra, opening the heart chakra and allowing us to connect even further to the energies of Libra.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Ylang-Ylang helps us get in touch with our sense of wonder about life, with our own innocence and inner child open to the freshness and joy in life. Roman Chamomile would be great to work with this evening, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track.

Tuesday September 23, 2014 –  10540920_807555865942833_1522339595619017156_n

Early in the morning (peaking at 3:41AM EST) we are given an energy between the moon and Saturn.This energy makes it fairly easy for us to help others and put some action behind the structure we feel within our own worlds. If this is a sleeping time for you, you may be gifted with some dreams about how to structure yourself too. Journal them when you get up.

A little later on in the morning we are given an energy between the moon and Venus that peaks at 8:15AM EST. This energy is a very sweet and loving energy that has us wanting to feel cozy and at home and peace with our surroundins. If you can do something this morning to beautify yourself or surroundings, do it. This would be a great time to make your world beautiful!

After this energy the moon slips into her Void of course phase. This is a great time for meditation, yoga or some other sort of deep spiritual practice. Take time today to relax into yourself and enjoy the silence at this time. The moon stays in her VOC phase until she moves into the sign of Libra at 11:59PM EST.

Lastly the moon moves into Libra at 11:59AM EST. This energy has has us feeling more connected with partnerships and balance. Over the next couple of days while the moon is in Libra, you may want to focus on keeping some emotional balance in your life. You may also want to make your life a little more beautiful and decorate or shop for things for around the home.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Tigers Eye would be a great gemstone to hold and work with today, it is grounding and helpful at centering your energy. You may also like to connect with some Rose Quartz to tap into the Libra energy and feel the love!

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Patchouli will help to ground and center your energies today if you wish to connect with the earthy elements. Roman Chamomile would be great to work with this evening, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track.

venus mars2Wednesday September 24, 2014 –

The climax of the New Moon is today at 2:14AM EST. This is where the moon and the sun are in the same spot in the sky. This time around it is under the zodiac sign of Libra. Under a New Moon in Libra one might want to start to contemplate the partnerships that you have in your life. Are those partnerships working for you, or do they need to be readjusted? This New Moon is a great time to look into that. You also might like to do something for yourself in regards to beauty and refinement. Setting some new intentions is a marvelous way for you to begin this cycle of the moon.

Our morning time should be a great time for us to work at these intentions or even create a little ritual for ourselves. Things you might like to do is say a prayer, ask for guidance or set intentions for new partnerships to come into your life. When you are asking for certain things, like partnerships, don’t just ask for something simple – really dig down deep into your soul and ask yourself what you would truly be happy with.

The afternoon brings with it a vibration between the moon and Mars that peaks at 2:31PM EST. This vibration can have some of us feeling a bit excitable or nervous, depending on which side of the coin you land with how you deal with excitement! If you are feeling the need to spend some energy – do it. Don’t think about it, just do! Have some fun and take an exercise class or something.

In the evening there is a pattern with the moon and Pluto that starts affecting us from the later part of the afternoon, peaks at 9:39PM EST and winds up diminishing in energy by the next morning. This pattern is one of those that will allow us to look inside our souls and see what dark hidden stuff is in there. Some of us may want to examine it and let it go, like by sharing it with a loved one. Some of us may think its time to just keep it buried. Either way, look within and see what is there. If this is your normal sleeping time then you may have dreams that reach in our souls, wake up and journal them.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Onyx is a great gemstone to help you reach deep within and center your energy. This would be helpful for you in accessing higher guidance and mental power during the New Moon. Magnesite would be a helpful gemstone for reaching a deep feeling of inner peace and tranquility. Place it on your third eye and meditate with it today.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Clary Sage would assist us to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives, also refining our ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities. Lemon essential oil will connect us with a sense of being alive, well and awake in our day. If you are feeling a little low on energy, then dab some lemon (or another citrus you have on hand) on your pulse points and watch your mood be uplifted.

Thursday September 25 2014Thursday September 25, 2014 –

The entire day today creates such an interesting web of energies for us to play in! This should be a fun and good vibe sort of day for most of us today. The beginning of the pattern is between the Moon and Jupiter, and it peaks at 5:21AM EST. So we should be feeling emotionally cheerful and cooperative. This energy hangs around until the early evening when it starts to diminish.

Next we have the moon connecting with Uranus that can be somewhat inspirational and exciting. This energy peaks at 5:30AM and stays with us until later in the evening time. So along with the pattern we mentioned above, expect some high vibrations for the day. If you channel this energy properly, you can feel inspirational and vivid. On the other side of the coin, if you feel agitated or annoyed, go spend that energy doing something active!

The final key players in today’s pattern are between Jupiter and Uranus, this energy peaks at 2:19PM EST. Although this energy peaks at this time, it has been building for the last several weeks and will diminish in energy in mid October. The vibration we are given between these two planets help us feel inspired and see things from a new direction. If you have been kind of stuck lately, the pattern of today will help to shake things up a bit and get you unstuck. Just remember that sometimes when things get moved around, it is not always easy, but ride the vibration and watch as things unfold in front of you.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Working with Herkimer Diamond today is a great way for you to channel the high vibrations of the day. This crystal will help you to focus and get your energy in alignment with the vibration of the planets. You may also like to work with something like apophyllite to help open those inspirational channels we talked about.

Essential oil suggestion:
Sandalwood would be a wonderful essential oil to work with in the morning, helping us quiet out minds and tune into the voice within and our highest good it will also open our hearts to love and wonder about life. While Geranium would be a nice Essential Oil to work with this evening, bringing in the lighter energies of the world and allowing us to float along the lovely energies of the night.

Friday September 26, 2014 – Friday September 26 2014

The morning greets us with the moon still in loving and partnership orientated Libra then does a short Void of Course phase in the morning at 8:39AM EST. This would be a great time to do some meditation or other spiritual practice with yourself. She moves into Scorpio shortly after this VOC stage.

At 10:29AM EST the moon slips into the sign of Scorpio where she hangs out until Sunday. When the moon is in Scorpio, we feel all the emotions, all of the depth of our being and all that is hidden within. Some have a difficult time with the moon in Scorpio, but if you have been metaphorically cleaning out the closet of what is hidden inside there – then it shouldn’t be all that bad!

In the morning time, the moon connects with Mercury which peaks at 8:39AM EST. This gives us some energy towards ideas that we may have in our hearts and spirit. We may get excited about sharing some of those ideas or communicating them with others at this time. If you write, this may be an excellent time for you to also do some writing.

In the evening we are gifted with a sweet energy wave between the moon and Neptune which peaks at 8:53PM EST. These two planets make for a nice and calm evening. You may feel like hanging out with your sweetie or having some romance or spending time with loved ones. Whatever it is you feel, it is pretty much going to be a sweet and nice energy. If this is your sleeping time, you may be gifted with some visitations in your sleep. Be sure to journal them down when you awaken if you do!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Working with Mahogany Obsidian would be great to tap into the energies of the moon in Scorpio. It has a solid but piercing energy to it, one that helps you dig deep within your soul to see what is there. In the evening time you might like to grab on to some Sugalite which will help connect you heart and third eye chakras. Sugalite will help open you up to have a beautiful evening.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Lime brings courage and joy to our hearts, it’s very invigorating, refreshing and it also encourages emotional honesty. Melissa or Lemonbalm motivates us to reach our highest potential; it also brings enthusiasm, light and joy for life.


Saturday September 27, 2014 – Saturday September 27 2014

We awaken in the morning with the moon and Pluto dancing together which peaks at 7:25AM EST. This time the energy between this pair is lighter and giving us opportunity to allow some of those deep emotions out, but in a pleasant manner. So find ways to express yourself, maybe through painting or some other form of creativity that really speaks to your spirit.

The afternoon has a connection between the moon and Jupiter that peaks at 3:39PM EST. This energy has us feeling a little excessive with our emotions and possibly a little impractical. Remember to not make promises at this time that you cannot keep or over extend yourself.

In the evening, the big energy in the sky is that Mercury the planet of communication slips into the zodiac sign of Scorpio at 6:39PM EST. This energy of the placement of Mercury into Scorpio has us all peering deeper into all situations. Scorpio is the most intense of the zodiac signs and Mercury governing over our communication style gives us all a bit more of a sting or depth to our words. If you are the sting-y type, watch your words, as words can be painful. If you are the deep kind, reach within and figure out what is really making one tick!

Mercury stays in Scorpio only until October 10th because on October 4th Mercury goes into its retrograde phase, which is a whole other story we will talk about in a future tapestry! Mercury will return back into Scorpio November 8th though. So don’t worry, whatever things you are communicating about at this time will come around again then for you to complete the story.

Gemstone Suggestion:
Red Aventurine is a great gemstone to hold onto all day, especially for the transition of Mercury into Scorpio. It helps us delve deeper into our consciousness and see what is there. It will also help us feel calmer with the things that we find deep down inside.

Essential Oil Suggestion:
Ylang-Ylang helps us get in touch with our sense of wonder about life, with our own innocence and inner child open to the freshness and joy in life. Roman Chamomile would be great to work with this evening, it supports the individual and helps us to find true purpose and meaning in our lives feeling peaceful and on track.

Sunday Sept 28 2014Sunday September 28, 2014 –

The wee hours of the early morning (peaking at 12:46AM EST) have the moon and Saturn doing their monthly connection with one another. This is a great time for us to start to look into our hearts and say to ourselves. What is it that we want to manifest and put structure to in our lives? If you do not feel like you are on track with things, then this vibration gives us the ability to start to put some scaffolding in place so that we may begin to build that structure for ourselves.

The afternoon has a harmonious vibration between the moon and Venus that peaks at 4:31PM EST. This vibration is harmonious and cheerful; the afternoon should be a nice day for most of us. Enjoy the sweet energies that we are given and if you feel like it, do some self pampering.

After this last aspect the moon goes into her Void of Course phase at 4:31PM EST until she moves into Sagittarius a little later. This would be an excellent time for you to meditate, do some yoga or other spiritual practices.

The moon then slips into the sign of Sagittarius at 6:50PM EST. Sagittarius has us feeling a bit more adventurous and optimistic. While the moon is in Sagittarius over the next couple of days it would be good to travel if you can or even do some arrangement of travel, as Sagittarius loves to get out there into the world!

Gemstone Suggestion:
Chiastolite is a great gemstone for helping you find your pathway in this world and put some structure to it. If you feel the desire to sleep with some the night before or keep it in your pillowcase it would help with the Saturn/Moon energy we spoke about first in this AstroTapestry. To connect yourself with the Sagittarius moon you might want to hold on to some Shattuckite which is a great gemstone for travel, either physical or astral.

Essential oil suggestions: 
Patchouli and Lemon are suggested for today, patchouli helping ground you when you feel somewhat off kilter, then Lemon to help you express and speak your inner truth. Tangerine is a highly invigorating oil, bringing us optimism and encouraging creativity.