✨ Today’s Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report ✨

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report
by Starlene Breiter & Linda Berry 

✨ Thursday, November 23, 2017  

 The AstroFrequency for the day (in order of strength)
“29” Transformation through emersion in new and different patterns or lifestyles
“23” Taking risks as needed to express one’s uniqueness
The Daily Vibrations
Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus are generating a mental pattern that is both freedom-seeking and wanting what is true and real and responsible.  This is about the thoughts you are experiencing and there may be some stress as you try to balance responsibility and what is of long-term importance with being in the moment not caring about anything long term.  Often this can result in feelings of wanting true freedom rather than the illusion of it.  This energy will likely make you very sensitive to illusions.
The Mood of the Day
The only aspects to mention today are with the Moon. Moon aspects only last a couple of hours on each side of their peak time we give you. Therefore these are like passing “moods” and suggestions on how to best handle this passing mood of this time. The first Moon aspect is when the Moon in Capricorn comes to make a square with Uranus in Aries at 5:32 AM. This has us feeling a bit eccentric and possibly even erratic in our behavior. It can create a buzz of energy that you feel, awakening you early if you are typically sleeping during this time. If you find that to be the case, why not do something inspirational to focus your energy on? After this aspect peaks, then the Moon goes into her void-of-course phase. The void-of-course phase lasts from the last Moon aspect peak until the Moon moves into the next sign. This is a time when the mood feels very still. It feels like not a lot is going on, no super highs, or super lows either. So this void-of-course Moon lasts until 3:14 PM when the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius has us feeling like we want to live in this interactiveve community. We want to explore our own creativity and extended environment during the trip that the Moon takes through Aquarius. The Moon stays in the sign of Aquarius until early Sunday morning, so enjoy the inspiration and community feeling that the Moon in Aquarius gives off. The last aspect today is when the Sun in Sagittarius comes to make a sextile with the Moon in Aquarius that peaks at 7:05 PM. This has our inner and outer world in synch with one another. We feel positive and there is a desire to be active with what is around you. Enjoy it, and enjoy whatever it is you find yourself doing during this time.
{Longer Term Vibrations that need to be considered.  This continues over several days and you may find that rereading this periodically will help you more effectively handle what we are all experiencing as our “astral weather” in this time period.} 
Cyclic Patterns we are experiencing at this time
This Moon cycle began on Nov 18 and goes until December 18.  The focus is on what is important and long lasting and a sense of wanting to eliminate the superficial and frivolous things from your life.  The symbol picture for this New Moon is “A military band on the march”.  This indicates that you are willing to really get out there and take action.  The emphasis is placed on coordinating your efforts with others in a harmonious way.  When a large group is assertive about something important to them, it is a lot more effective than one person.  Coordinated strength means you and those you are working with will be more likely to be taken seriously and listened to. 
The Fall Equinox has passed and Fall is proceeding.  The mood or feeling for the Fall is shown by the Moon’s symbol at the Fall Equinox, “A Broken Bottle and Spilled Perfume”.  This symbol reinforces the message in the Fall Equinox chart that we can expect some real surprises this fall.  The kinds of events where “nobody saw this coming” .  This is about whether you open yourself up and become a part of the greater universe around and within you or seek to maintain external appearances while you are rotting inside.  This is a time to be real and if you are hiding things, someone else may break the bottle open for you and reveal it.
The Daily Gemstone & Essential Oil
The essential oil suggestion for today is Geranium. Geranium helps you to connect with the sweet side of life, giving you pleasure and wanting to give pleasure to others and yourself.
The gemstone suggestion for the day is Mahogany Obsidian. Mahogany Obsidian will help to motivate you to get things accomplished today.
All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.
Namaste, Starlene Breiter & Linda Berry
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