December 2016

Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report 
by Starlene Breiter

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✨ Saturday December 31, 2016 ✨ 

Happy New Years Eve!
New Year’s eve is celebrated all over the world as the earth makes another rotation around the sun. It is a time to begin new things and many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. I say, instead of doing that this year – make a resolution to live your life as best as you can every day. Instead of waiting for a special occasion to do so. This life that we have is so precious and short. Live every day to the fullest and enjoy it, because before you know it, you are at the end – looking back. Make 2017 the year you resolve to be present in each moment. When you catch yourself lamenting over the past or desiring too much for the future, (and you will, trust me)…. Remind yourself – be in the now. This is your time to shine, and quite literally the only time you have to do that is in the present moment. I wish you all a very happy new year and many more healthy, happy years to come!

There are no ptolemaic aspects for today. So enjoy the fun and quirky energies of the moon traveling through the sign of Aquarius. The new year awaits us with lots of new surprises, twists, turns and plot changes – so enjoy them and see you next year!

The essential oil suggestion for today is Sage. Sage is a wonderful cleanser for the environment and the energies around you. Put some in the diffuser and cleanse your space or even burn some actual Sage and clear your energies to begin the new year off right!

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Friday December 30, 2016 ✨ 

The moon is in Capricorn most of the day today and also void-of-course for much of that time. Today may feel like you are waiting for something magickal to happen – like New Years Eve – tomorrow! It feels like the day drags on, and it sort of does, but try to look at it this way… It is the last Friday of the year and after the work day is over with, you can get your groove on and have some fun!

The first aspect that the moon makes is a square to Jupiter in Libra at 3:07 AM. Our emotions feel blown up and out of proportion, so try to remember that – especially if you are worried. Know that this too shall pass and our feelings and emotions are not always what is real. After this aspect the moon goes into her void-of-course phase and remains there until 8:29 PM. Take time to relax and enjoy time doing things that are mundane. All of life’s tasks need to be completed, you might as well try to enjoy them while you can.

The Capricorn sun then comes to a sextile with Neptune in Pisces at 6:25 PM. This is a great time to meditate and listen to your inner voice.
What is your higher self trying to say to you?
What things would be good for you to start to encompass  into your being?
What dreams and desires do you want to manifest over the next year?
These are the things that Cappy sun sextile Neptune in Pisces bring to our awareness. Listen to your soul, it speaks volumes to you!

Finally the moon moves out of her long void-of-course phase and into the sign of Aquarius at 8:29 PM. Let the parties begin! Aquarius moon is quirky, fun, (usually) social and most of all it shakes us up, out of the rut. Especially since the day was in that long boring Capricorn void-of-course moon, it’s time to enjoy the new year to come! The moon remains in Aquarius until early Monday morning, so have some fun doing something new with yourself, after all it is a New year!

The essential oil suggestion for today is Lemon. Lemon brings about a joyful energy and is perfect for those that are feeling a little bored or low energy today.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Citrine. Citrine will help to lighten your mood and motivate you. It brings about a positive vibration to those that wear it or have it near themselves.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Thursday December 29, 2016 ✨ 

The moon is in business minded and stable Capricorn all day today. This is a good thing as Uranus moves station -> direct and that can cause some turmoil. So stay stable and try not to let things shake you up too much!

The first aspect today is when the moon in Capricorn comes to a sextile with Mars in Pisces at 12:49 AM. I mentioned this in yesterday’s report because the moon also aspects Mercury & Mars still. This is where we feel excitement and even some nervous energy. We may not be sure where exactly to direct the nervous energy though. Just before midnight, the moon made a conjunction with Mercury; as well as Mercury made a sextile Mars yesterday. This makes up a pattern with these three planets (Moon, Mercury & Mars) where we may feel chatty and not at all sleepy. You might think about the ways that you can organize yourself and make good things happen for you in the new year to come.

Next the moon comes to conjunct with the sun in Capricorn, at 1:53AM. This is what we call the new moon! The new moon is a time of renewal and the chance for us to explore new things in our lives. Astrology works in the cyclic patterns, repeating itself and giving us opportunity to chose to learn different things and in that comes growth. This season of the Capricorn new moon has us searching and making plans for our business or work life. If your work life is even being a stay-at-home-mom – you still want to plan and make sure you’re the best at that as you can be at it. Focus your intention on the long goal.

Where do you see yourself in 6 months when the Full moon is in Capricorn?

Some things and intentions you set today will come to fruition during that time, in fact you should make a list of intentions for yourself! The new moon is a lovely opportunity to do so.

At 4:29 AM Uranus turns station direct. Uranus has been in its yearly retrograde phase since late July and now Uranus is finally turning direct! This can translate into today or the days surrounding today to be a bit unstable, as if there is electricity in the air. Uranus is about being in the very present moment, and doesn’t care too much about the past or future. You may notice yourself feeling frustrated or frustrated people around you. If so then this is Uranus speaking to you, telling you to live more presently in the now instead of in the future or past. This passing Uranus retrograde phase may have had us feeling as if our inspiration was something brewing inside of us, instead of something external that you share with others. Now that Uranus is direct you will start to feel like sharing your inspiring thoughts with others.

Following the Capricorn moon comes to a sextile with Neptune in Pisces at 5:11 AM. This has us feeling dreamy and could bring us some intuition and awareness that we may not have had before. If you are asleep at this time and have dreams, write them down when you awaken as they could be something important for you to remember.

The last aspect for today is when the Capricorn moon comes to a conjunction with Pluto, also in Capricorn at 7:12 PM. This is time of the month to release anything you may have held deep down inside of your soul. A cathartic release is possible, and healing often comes from releasing that which no longer serves you. So if you feel emotions like that, let go and feel free!

The essential oil suggestion for today is Chamomile. Chamomile has been used for hundreds of years to calm and release anxiety. Especially if you feel restless this is an excellent essential oil to heal that.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Garnet. Garnet connects you with the Capricorn moon and is helpful at bringing about a feeling of stability and strength. It also lovingly anchors us into the earth so wear it or carry it in your pocket if you can.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Wednesday December 28, 2016 ✨ 

Lady Luna comes out of her long void-of-course phase that she has been in since yesterday at 8:45 PM yesterday; this morning at 10:12 AM. When the moon is in a void-of-course phase she is thought to be sort of dormant. Emotions seem kind of still – not too up and not too down. So this push into the sign of Capricorn at 10:12 AM has us feeling more productive and dutiful. As the day unfolds more of that seems to come out because there is a lot of Capricon energy floating in the air today! This is my personal favorite moon, as my natal moon is in Capricorn.

During the moon in Capricorn which lasts until Friday you should focus your energy on bringing in that which you are desiring and really give some positive thought to that.

Are you creating the life and especially the career you want? Career is often in the forefront of the Capricorn energy and it is helpful to know what if any planets are in your natal chart in Capricon to see how that would personally affect y0u. I can of course guide you with that knowledge during a reading. At the very least, it is good to know your own natal charts and the positions of the planets. – That could be something for you to start to work on with me during this new moon in Capricorn (tomorrow), a new understanding of your natal chart and how it affects you.

The Capricorn sun then comes to a conjunction with Mercury in Capricorn at 1:47 PM. This brings about a desire to want to pay close attention to the details of our work.

Are you doing all that you can to organize yourself?

How can you create a better, stronger structure for the way you work or the things you do with your work?

What can you do to be less scattered?

What ideas do you need to start to think about, in regards to your responsibility, to simply do better in life?

Write them down, as if you are making a “wish list” of important tasks to do, even if you tackle those tasks at a later date.

Mercury in Capricorn then comes to a sextile with Mars in Pisces at 6:06 PM. This has us feeling more social and at ease with things. Less business minded and happier. Communication is active and fun at the same time, and it could center around loved ones, your heritage or family.

The last aspect today that ties all this together is when the Capricorn moon comes to conjunct with Mercury in Capricorn at 11:46 PM. As you notice all three planets, the moon, Mercury and Mars are activated now. Early tomorrow morning the moon will come to connect with Mars too. This is a powerful aspect to use your words and not be afraid to open your mind up to different ideas that are out there. Sure the tried and true are always good, but there is a whole other world out there than whatever it is you have been exposed to. Try to think outside of the box!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Black Onyx. Black Onyx will bring you in connection with the energies of Capricorn and help to ground any emotions that may come up.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Dark Patchouli. Dark Patchouli not only smells divine, it will help you feel connected with the earth energies as well.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Tuesday December 27, 2016  ✨ 

The moon is busy all day today in Sagittarius, so expect moods to be geared more towards having fun, globetrotting or some philosophical thought/thing. Before I get to the moon… The Capricorn sun comes to a sextile with Mars in Pisces at 3:07 AM. This has us energized and feeling like we are ready to go. The trouble is that you don’t quite feel like you have a direction, you just feel the desire to get moving. This could also translate into some nervous energy, so if it does – then get up and do something productive or try some deep breathing exercises to relax if you need to.

The Sagittarius moon then comes to a harmonious trine with Uranus in Aries at 3:30 PM. We want to enjoy the very moment we are living in, not think about tomorrow or yesterday – but really enjoy this moment. This is a great time to see that all moments in time, in your life – make up a beautiful whole. Even if you are doing something mundane, such as paying bills. You are completing a task that is helping you complete the whole of your life. You feel a type of “zest for life”, during this aspect. With Uranus though, you might be skydiving too – who the hell knows – but you will be enjoying it!

The next aspect is when the Sagittarius moon comes to a sextile with Jupiter in Libra at 3:46 PM. You feel cheerful and want to have some fun, hmm that skydiving might be looking better after all! OK, probably not to most of us, but you DO feel optimistic. You want to do something exciting. I think the holiday sugar crash should be worn off most of us by now, we are back on the adrenaline rush.

The moon in Sagittarius comes along and makes a conjunction with Saturn, also (of course, because it’s a conjunction) in Sagittarius. You get a bit of reality served up with all this excitement. Well, hold on now, maybe that is a good thing. It is good to be “inspirational”, “think out of the box” and them come to “reality” to see if all that “out of the box” is doable. If so, make some plans for yourself!

The last aspect is when the Sagittarius moon comes to a sextile with Venus in Aquarius at 8:45 PM. This is another feel good aspect, where we feel cheerful and a loving vibe. If you noticed, the moon just did this little lunar dance with the 4 planets in the isotrap that I discussed in the Astro Tapestry for the last two days. Although that isotrap is slowly waning in strength the moon came along and gave it one last push. It brought in some deep emotions to the mix. Giving some inspirational energy to our soul and some ideas that are sure to surface as the days go on. – So nurture your dreams and desires and write down the inspiring things that have probably come to mind. The time is not quite right to actually start to accomplish them, but it will be soon. So see this as something positive and something you can mother and nurture into something beautiful. – Your life.

The moon then goes into a void-of-course phase and we feel a need to take some time to relax. Sometimes when we have really positive vibrations hit us we get tired and need to take time to nurture our own bodies and do something healing and relaxing. It is not just in stressful times that we exhaust ourselves, we do in really exciting times too. The last few days have had that going on! This void-of-course moon would be a great time to nurture you, and turn off the phone. She stays void-of-course until 10:12 AM tomorrow.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Lemongrass. Lemongrass gives us an opportunity to cleanse and open our chakras. It is also cheerful and energizing.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz has a vibration that allows us to think out of the daily normal routine that we usually think in. It opens energy patterns in our soul, and new awarenesses.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Monday December 26, 2016 ✨ 

The energy of the isotrap I mentioned in yesterday’s Astro Tapestry report is still in effect today. The last aspect between Jupiter opposite to Uranus peaks this afternoon and completed the perfected aspects of the isotrap. But before that happens the Sagittarius moon comes to a square with Mars in Pisces at 9:16 AM. This has us feeling driven and impulsive. Try to keep your focus on something positive and do not let things make you too emotional.

Next is when Jupiter in Libra comes to the opposition with Uranus in Aries at 1:35 AM. If you have not already read yesterday’s Astro Tapestry you might go back and read it. This particular part of the aspect makes us feel a sudden desire to be in the moment of joy or expansion. We can feel somewhat disoriented during this aspect if we are not ready for it. The Venus & Saturn connection I talked about in yesterday’s Astro Tapestry makes it sweeter and more grounded. Doing something you do not usually do, is possible for this time. Just keep yourself in check and make sure t is something you really want!

Next the Sagittarius moon comes to a square with Neptune in Pisces at 5:41 PM. We can feel impressionable during this transit, so try not to make any important decisions during this transit, if you can.

Lastly Mercury still in its retrograde phase and in Capricorn comes to a sextile to Neptune in Pisces at 11:19 PM. This lasts pretty much for the early morning hours and into tomorrow as well. This is a clever and intuitive energy. You might simply know things. Sometimes you get that intuitive hit, well that is the feeling of this aspect. Today may be synchromystic for you! Try to allow those intuitive impressions to flow through you!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Amethyst. Amethyst will help you connect with your third eye chakra, bringing about that synchromystic energy.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Angelica. Angelica helps to open up inner visions and protect you from any negative energies. It is also a wonderful essential oil to use to connect with the angels.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

Sunday December 25, 2016 

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!

There are some pleasant Venus aspects today, so except to enjoy the Venusian energies today! A nice vibration for Christmas, or Sunday even! Enjoy the day and try not to let things stress you out, remember there is beauty in everything – so look for it. The first aspect for today is when the Scorpio moon comes to a square with Venus in Aquarius at 2:22 AM. This brings a desire to relax and enjoy the moment, whatever that moment contains for you. You might be feeling like spending time with loved ones, or even playing Santa (imagine that, tonight – of all nights 😉 )

After this first aspect the moon goes into a long void-of-course phase that lasts until 10:19 PM today. So this is a good day to enjoy what is going on with yourself, and if you have no plans – then why not simply enjoy whatever it is in your life that you do during relaxing times? The moon in void-of-course phase has us feelings like keeping up with the status quo and not starting new projects. So if you get bored, look around your life and pick up one of the many things in your life that you are not really doing and start doing it again – even if that is a book you bought and never started reading!

This energy pattern that I am going to discuss next is a unique one and even more unique that it exacts on Sunday December 25, Christmas and the day Hanukkah begins. This is called an “isotrap” which is short for isosceles trapezoid. I have not really heard many people emphasise this particular pattern as much as I have with those who study Vibrational Astrology (which I do) but isotraps are super powerful vibrational patterns.

This isotrap kicked off with yesterday’s aspect with Saturn to Uranus – so if you missed reading that one, go back and read it (link below). Here is the low down of the rest of it. There is a very strong part that Venus plays in this isotrap though. The exacting aspects are as follows: Venus in Aquarius exacts a trine to Jupiter in Libra at 8:23 AM, a sextile to Uranus in Aries at 11:35 AM and finally a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius at 1:33 PM. If you want a visual on what I mean, look at the chart I shared  as the picture for today. Look for the glyphs of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. In the isotrap it is the shape of a rectangle but one side is smaller than the other, you can clearly see what I am talking about with the lines in the middle of the chart. Also, you can pick out those planets because in the chart shown they are all at 20 degrees.

Isotraps are not rare, they happen most often with the moon because she moves so quickly. The unique thing that is most powerful about this one is that all of the planets involved in it except Venus are outer planets and move slow. That means this aspect has been culminating over the last several days and will continue to stay in aspect for a few days more. In fact tomorrow the last exact part of this aspect is when Jupiter opposes Uranus (but more about that in tomorrow’s report).

So onto how this feels! Well first let’s look at Venus, she is all about the love, giving, sharing, appreciating the love. Her making this aspect with Jupiter makes that love amplified and large. We might even be seeing things with rose colored glasses on a little bit – BUT Saturn has us back down to earth at the same time. Nothing phony gets past Saturn, he brings us back to reality when we get too floaty and reminds us that what we want with this Venus/Jupiter/Saturn pattern – is Grand Real Love!

Oh now, we sure can’t dismiss Uranus in this mix, even though Uranus aspects Jupiter exactly tomorrow, it is still influencing us today. Uranus gives the flavor of being present in this very moment. We desire to feel love flowing through us, but not superficial crap. we want honest and real love or we might as well just be loving ourselves. Which by the way is never a bad idea. Why not put all that energy that is out in the cosmos that we are a part of, onto yourself? Why not be original and inspirational for our own being, and not for another. Be grandiose and real all at the same time.

Who says something grand has to be superficial?

As I talked about in yesterday Astro Tapestry Report, what is it that you need to break through to be genuinely you?

What things do you need to accomplish within this time period in your lifetime that will help you fulfill those dreams and desires?

How can you extend love in ways? Some examples can be extending love to family, friends, the community but totally DO NOT forget to extend that love to yourself FIRST. I believe that to truly love others, we must first learn how to love ourselves. Since this isotrap is not only is it an isotrap but the 4 planets that make up the isotrap are in aspect with each other too (not all isotraps aspect one another like this one). – It is time to really think about how you can take steps to be more loving with yourself and others. You know we are all only here on this earthly plane for so long, we might as well love and be loved while we are here. Love yourself and implement some positive action towards extending that love you have in whatever way is possible for you to do so right now. That means if all you can do is love YOU, then go for it! If you can extend your love and love others, then rock on and do that too!

The last thing that happens today is the moon moves out of her void-of-course phase and into the sign of Sagittarius at 10:19 PM. The moon is happy in Sagittarius and has a bit of fire to her watery soul. Thoughts and desires to take a vacation or at least plan on muster around in the minds of many during the Sagittarius moon. If it is not a physical vacation then what about a mental one. Thinking of things that are not day-to-day stuff and actually are higher awarenesses of thinking is a great way to celebrate the Sagittarius moon, which by the way she stays in Sagittarius until Wednesday.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Clear or Rose Quartz. I am suggestion Clear Quartz to bring clarity to you, as you might not know how to do some of the things I mentioned, Clear Quartz will give you energy to figure that out. While Rose Quartz will help you with the love that I see being so important to you. Opening the heart chakra and bringing in positive healing.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Geranium. Geranium helps you to connect with the sweet side of life, giving you pleasure and wanting to give pleasure to others and yourself. It is a heart opening essential oil, perfect for today’s vibration.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Saturday December 24, 2016 ✨  

Happy Christmas eve to all that celebrate Christmas! I have always enjoyed the tradition my family has, to gather Christmas morning, exchange gifts (and my family has a sense of humor so it’s fun & cute) and eating breakfast with my family. Even as an adult, with adult children… We all gather at my family’s home to do that. This year is my nephews second Christmas. WE have not had a young one in the family since my son was young and he is 20 now! So it is going to be special to watch how my nephew enjoys Christmas. The tradition starting through the eyes of a child is precious. Last year it was all the adults being silly with the presents for him, but this year he will be amazingly cute opening them, I just know it!

I wish all of you a happy holiday however it is you celebrate, whatever holiday – or whichever you do not celebrate, with family, with friends, or even with yourself.

Do something special this time of year – for number 1 – you. Something you will thank yourself for, for years to come. If you do not have a tradition, then why not start one yourself. Pampering you is a great one to start!

The first aspect is when the moon in Scorpio comes to a trine with Neptune in Pisces at 4:57 AM. This is a nice vibration, something for us to feel a bit magickal about. A time to indulge in our idealistic side. If you are asleep you might awaken and write down your dreams. It’s a lovely time to feel sweet, connected and intuitive – especially of things that are in the past. Memories may drift into your subconscious or conscious minds. Or if you are like me – you are going to walk around the nearest 24 hour big box store with my mom. That is kind of cute, and memorable – wish me luck! Idealistically with this transit I see our shopping trip being fun and easy! Remember Neptune is whatever our highest ideals is and with this beautiful transit to the moon we could be reconnecting with memories from the past or making them! I am sure a 4AM shopping trip with my mom on Christmas Eve will be memorable!

The Scorpio moon then comes to a sextile with Mercury in Capricorn at 10:58 AM. This has us thinking quickly on our feet. If there is anything you need to accomplish that requires some mental capacity then this is a good time for you to do it. Ideas flow with ease for us during this time.

Next Saturn in Sagittarius comes to a trine with Uranus in Aries at 7:21 PM. Since this involves outer planets, it is something that has been brewing for a few days now, and will continue to last for days. Thank heavens it is a trine (trines are ‘nice’)! Saturn and Uranus can be explosive!

So, since the aspect is a trine, which the vibration is harmonious – it brings out the good side of these two planets. You feel successful when other times you may have felt like you were not. You have the ability to see where you did not before as if something is shown to you in a flash. Saturn is about reality and what is physically real, concrete and solid; while Uranus really wants to be free. So these two powerhouse planets help us break through resistance that was there before. I think of it like this. You know how if you are either dieting or exercising and you hit that plateau, well this combination of planets is a boost to getting over that hump of a plateau and back in the place of making it happen.

So ask yourself what plateaus are you on?

We all have them.

Maybe it is not diet or exercise but a relationship where you need to either step up with or step out of. Or maybe it is a habit you need to change about yourself. Use this time to unstick yourself, make some promises to yourself and just as easy as you did that – and so it is. You can change as simple as that, it literally takes just a thought and then you act upon that thought. This vibration gives you an idealistic time to “birth” some of those things.

The last aspect for today is when the moon in Scorpio comes to a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn at 7:25 PM. This can bring about some deep or intense emotions, with the moon in Scorpio and the ruler of Scorpio (Pluto) aspecting it. The sextile is a “soft” aspect like the trine mentioned above – but it gives some energy and tension to the planets too. Intense feelings are the name of the game here, but you chose what sort of intense feelings, ok? Good ones? Or ego based ones?

The essential oil for today is Frankincense. Frankincense brings the wisdom of the ages to mind when used, it brings about healing and knowledge that all of this is perfect. Even the really difficult stuff, it is perfect too. We may not realize it yet, but one day the reason why will be known. Frankincense helps us understand that. As we remember those that have passed during this holiday season, Frankincense helps us get closer to them too.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Labradorite. I love Labradorite for today because it helps us let go of past traumas and any need to be forceful or compulsive that comes from deep inside you and the past. Rather it brings a magickal energy to the picture, one that helps you understand the purpose behind the pain.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Friday December 23, 2016 ✨ 

The moon comes out of her long void-of-course in Libra phase this morning and ingresses into the sign of Scorpio at 9:31 AM. The moon in Scorpio has us feeling intense and emotional. Thinking about the motivation of others and being suspicious is a familiar feeling to the Scorpio moon. You might also notice jealousy or feelings of possessing others or your things is also very Scorpio moon. On the positive side, there is a depth that can be reached from within that is not always accessible under all the other moon’s, so try to dig deep into your heart and express the positive emotions that are there instead of focusing on the difficult or more challenging. The moon stays in Scorpio until Sunday at 10:19 PM.

The Scorpio moon makes a sextile to the sun in Capricorn at 2:25 PM. This gives us some motivation to get some things accomplished. It is a nice energy for the Friday before a holiday weekend (for those celebrating Christmas this Sunday.) This vibration gives us a push to accomplish the rest of the day today while we tidy up for a holiday weekend!

The final aspect for today is when the Scorpio moon comes to a trine with Mars in Pisces at 4:25 PM. This brings about a cheerful and fun energy. Excitement and fun are the name of the game this evening, so if you have things to get accomplished, you should have no problem doing them with a smile on your face!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz will give us the ability to release old patterns and habits that no longer serve you. It also gives us a chance to nurture and open up to new things that are more on your wavelength.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Amber. Amber brings us back to the beginning of the wounds, to allow you to see what the issues are from the beginning and how to heal them.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Thursday December 22, 2016 ✨ 

Lady Luna spends the whole day in Libra, moving around the zodiac and connecting with several planets. Remember while she is in Libra she is seeking balance and connection with her partners! The first aspect for today is when the moon in Libra comes to a square with Mercury in Capricorn at 2:05 AM. This tends to lead to some restlessness and worry. If this is your sleep time you might find yourself awake and worried about things. If so, make yourself a cup of herbal tea and try to unwind.

The next aspect is when the Libra moon comes to a square with Pluto in Capricorn at 6:35 AM. This is a tense energy that reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and others at this time. Try not to make too many demands on yourself or those around you.

Next the Libra moon comes to a trine with Venus in Aquarius at 7:23 AM. This sweetens the day and makes for some harmonious energies that should carry you through the morning. You feel positive and enjoy being loving towards others during this aspect.

Later on the moon comes to a conjunction with Jupiter also in Libra at 1:3o PM. This has us feeling jovial and optimistic. We are content and feel happy in the place we are in this world. You might get any last bit of holiday shopping done that you have to do today!

Following is a sextile between the Libra moon and Saturn in Sagittarius at 1:59 PM. This is one of the more pleasant Saturn transits. We want to help others and feel dependable as well. It comes natural to us to give and help others during this time, this is a great time to give or take some solid advice, so be aware of the things said to you during this time. Even if it comes from a stranger.

Lastly today the moon comes to an opposition with Uranus in Aries at 2:31 PM. This is a distracting energy where we feel impulsive towards others and a bit on the unconventional side. We might do something eccentric during this time that involves someone else. Explore your world, and have some fun with this eclectic energy.

After this last aspect peaks the moon goes into a void-of-course phase that lasts until tomorrow at 9:32 AM. You might take some time to finish things up that you started already, how about finishing wrapping some of those holiday presents or taking time to rest and rejuvenate before the holidays?!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Opal. Opal helps us deal with the energies of a quickly moving moon that makes many changes. With those changes comes a lot of mood changes too, opal will help you to see the significance in how those changes guide you through your day.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Frankincense. Frankincense will help you to be less stressed out and calm throughout the day. It will aid in understanding the shifts and changes of the day in a spiritual way today too.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Wednesday December 21, 2016 ✨ 

Happy December Solstice & Yule! The December Solstice is the day in the Northern hemisphere when the night has the longest 
amount of time and the daylight  is the shortest amount of time in the whole year. For those of us in the Southern hemisphere it is opposite, where the day is the longest day of the year, and the night is the shortest. This is the halfway point in the seasons and the actual first day of winter of the Northern hemisphere (and first day of summer in the Southern hemisphere). This is the time of year that we honor death, as after death comes birth (spring) and so on and so forth. It is the cycle of our world. Today also marks the day when the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn which happens at 5:44 AM.

The sun moves into Capricorn just at the perfect time. While we were wheeling and dealing and spending all our pennies on holiday shopping,,, he comes along the Capricorn sun to save us! Plan on counting your pennies instead of spending them now. That is just fine though, the energy of Capricorn likes to be the boss and the one that instructs others how to do their job, its a good sign for control. I also find that in the sign of Capricon, we seem heartier than usual and can withstand a bit more stress in our lives. Well, Capricon is cool on the outside and under pressure on the inside…. while counting her pennies of course. We also make things such as “New Years Resolutions” during Capricon season. This is a time when we set goals and work towards them. Kick off both the end and beginning of the year and make it happen. Capricorn energy is also very intuitive, and connected to the earth. So although it is freezing and impossible to some, those that can, it might be good to sit upon the earth and feel her vibe while the sun is in Capricorn, at least a couple times. Capricorn is the one that feels the energy of the earth and knows how sick the earth is. You might even begin a tradition of how to help the earth heal. Like your own personal tradition, during the sun in Capricorn. Say, start a compost, or recycle – something that the later generations will thank you for doing.

This is the major shift in the skies today. The moon is still in Libra and moving along, she is busy tomorrow so you might notice today being a calmer shift of energies for you with the sun moving into Capricorn and then tomorrow a lot of moods shifting since the Libra moon aspects many plants tomorrow!

The essential oil I suggest for the month of Capricorn is Patchouli. Patchouli is a beautiful earthy scent that is perfect for connecting with the Capricorn vibe. It helps the open the lower chakras and anchor your soul into the earth.

The gemstone suggestion for the month of Capricorn is Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is an excellent deflecter of negative energy and helps you feel centered into the universe.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨Tuesday December 20, 2016 ✨ 

Another day when the moon moves signs, this time she moves later in the day. So enjoy the last bit of the particular and finicky Virgo moon. If you haven’t utilized the health conscious energy of the moon in Virgo, maybe today is the day to do so. It is always a good idea to be aware of our health, especially when the moon is in the sign of Virgo.

The day starts us off when the Virgo moon comes to a square to Saturn in Sagittarius at 2:19 AM.  This is one of those opportunities to have realistic emotions. Emotions are not always so realistic — we feel and sense that which we want. Saturn making this square to the moon says.. no try this instead – reality.  So you might find yourself pondering over your sincere and deep emotions, not the ones that are flavored with sprinkles of sweetness and cherries.

The Virgo moon comes to a square with the sun in Sagittarius at 8:56 PM. This is a good reminder that patience is needed and necessary. Especially with Mercury the ruler of the Virgo moon in retrograde and it being holiday time. I can sense a lot of people just needing time to take a deep breath. Take the deep breath and sigh out anything negative as after this aspect peaks there is a short void-of-course moon. The void-of-course moon gives us a little break, take it!

The final thing for today is when the moon moves into the sign of Libra at 9:40 AM. Libra is the sign of balance and partnerships, when the moon is in this sign we are feeling connected to those around us. Partnerships and social engagements are a perfect thing for us to focus on during this transiting moon. If you are feeling imbalanced and off kilter a little bit, just lean into the Libra moon to help restore the balance. Politeness and compromise go a very long way!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz will help us to feel balanced and loving with ourselves and extend that outward towards others.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Geranium. Geranium brings a loving vibration to the mix. It helps ease any difficulties from the past and brings about a warm feeling to the heart.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨Monday December 19, 2016 ✨ 

The long awaited Mercury Retrograde is here!!! Dun, dun, dunnnnn!!! (Just kidding, but thought it would be fun to be dramatic here for a minute!) 

Oh — haha — you thought I meant Mercury is NOT going retrograde today?!

Well no, that part was true! That dramatic “Dun, dun, dunnnn” was just a joke! How very Mercury in retrograde to mix that up *wink*! But before Mercury gets to make its grand entrance — hold on a minute, because Mars is shifting gears and moving into the sign of Pisces! This ingress of Mars happens at 4:23 AM and lasts until late in January – phew, have we got a few interesting weeks ahead of us with these two planets!

Mars in Pisces is not the happiest place for Mars to be. Mars is fiery and feisty and doesn’t quite give a rats tail what you think… It just does. It is our energy and our metabolism! Think of putting that fireball Mars in a big ole ocean of water, it fizzes, right?!


We might be feeling out of sorts with our energy, maybe even downright lazy if we are not usually lazy. Mars smolders and fizzles in Pisces, so expect to feel a bit aimless during this trip of Mars through Pisces – BUT –  there is an upside to this energy too! There is always an upside – you just have to understand it. We do live in  a matrix of energy and when we learn to go with the flow, as opposed to swim against the currents. The matrix of energy is easier and better for us! I digress…. So our upside to Mars in Pisces is he shines a light onto the arts and people with a compassionate nature. You might find yourself appreciating some form of art that is not typical of you, or mystical of some sort. You may also decide to be passionate about mysticism during this time too. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and brings about a deep need for everything coming together and understanding we are all one. So you may notice your energy swaying that way too. Explore other philosophies or religions during this time, it would be a great way for you to understand this Mars in Pisces energy deeply. And last but not least, try to stay sober within your soul, because Pisces can sometimes be known to be flaky and that is never the right way to be with yourself. Unless of course the lesson you are learning is to keep that stillness and sobriety in your soul!

So on to Mercury in retrograde, which happens at 5:55 AM in the sign of Capricorn, and that last few days Mercury enters back into Sagittarius but is quickly station direct and back in Capricorn in no time. This is a time for those of us (especially with strong Capricorn/Cancer – Sagittarius/Gemini) placed planets to feel it the most. We feel off center, we stop paying such close attention to all the little things, like we do things like lock our keys in the car. Or we lock ourselves out of the house. Or hit “Reply to all” in a group email when you really meant to just hit “Reply”. The good thing about the Mercury retrograde thing is that the events that take place with them are not generally life changing events. They are more like little annoyances that happen. So the trick for you to master Mercury retrograde is to laugh, yep, laugh. Laugh at the silly things that go on and even joke about it. You are going to have a hard time avoiding things like this so you might as well laugh and take it easy! When you learn to do that, you feel calmer and those little annoying Mercurial things are not so annoying! I know – my car died, yes died under out last Mercury retrograde… I am looking for another one now, but I am waiting to actually purchase until Mercury is direct. As things like purchasing a car, or signing agreements are not advised under this transit also! Heck, I have made it this long, what is a few more weeks?!

The Virgo moon comes to an opposition with Neptune in Pisces at 6:23 AM. This is a good time to REALLY second guess your own intuition. Sometimes it’s a great time to go with your gut, but we might be feeling a big impressionable during this time, especially with Mercury just turning station retrograde! So take your time and if you can postpone important things until at least later in the day – that’s not a bad idea.

The moon in Virgo comes to a trine with Mercury in Capricorn at 4:59 PM. This is a time when your mind and your feelings are connected with one another. You feel in synch with life at this time and less anxiety than you may have had earlier in the day. Soak it in.

Virgo moon trines with Pluto in Capricorn at 7:41 PM. Your energy level might pick up while you have more focus on what you want to happen in your life. You may feel closer to those you already feel close with. Have conversations that are deep and from the heart, don’t hold back in some form of comfort at this time. This is the time to let the emotions out and not hold onto them.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Pietersite. Pietersite is great for helping one to achieve authority over oneself. Self-master is the step towards guiding others and Pietersite helps you gain self-mastery.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Sandalwood. Sandalwood will assist you in achieving clarity and calmness. This is a great essential oil to use throughout Mercury retrograde phase, just add a few drops to your diffuser.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

Sunday December 18, 2016 ✨ 

MarsUnevenFlowerWEBSITEThis is a split “mood” day as in the beginning of the day, the moon is still in flashy and gregarious Leo. She comes to a beautiful trine with the Sun in Sagittarius at 7:27 AM. This has us feeling tranquil with our inner selves and what we are doing. In fact if you like to do things with your heart and soul, this would be a great time to connect with that energy and get busy! Things that come to mind to me are cooking, gardening and even singing if that is what makes you feel good! There should be harmony between those of the opposite sex during this transit as well.

The next aspect is when the Leo moon comes to an opposition with Mars in Aquarius at 11:55 AM. I can see us feeling lots of energy during this time but it is not directed in the easiest of ways. So tap into that energetic vibe but have a plan on what you are going to do with it. Things such taking an exercise class, riding your bike or even just doing some squats to get your blood pumping – is a great way to utilize this energy. The moon is often through of as the physical body and Mars being our energy makes this a good transit for pumping some physical energy into your body!

After this aspect the moon goes into a very short void-of-course phase which lasts about an hour. Relax a little if you can during this time, wind down and enjoy the tranquility before the upcoming busy-bee-Virgo moon!

The moon moves into the sign of Virgo a little less than an hour after it went void-of-course at 12:52 PM. The virgo moon has us feeling meticulous and observant. Cleaning and caring for others are things that are common for us to do under the Virgo moon, so enjoy the rest of your Sunday doing chores around the house. Virgo is a mutable earth sign and even gardening or caring for plants is a good thing to do under this Virgo moon. The moon stays in Virgo until Tuesday evening so enjoy!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Moss Agate. Moss Agate is a wonderful gemstone for helping us grow roots in our lives. It also brings about a calmness when one feels stress of anxiety. Moss Agate helps ground us to the earth while doing this.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Chamomile. Chamomile helps keep the Virgo moon’s nerves calm and brings about an awareness as to why things happen in ways that they do.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Saturday December 17, 2016 ✨ 

The moon is in Leo all day today, bringing about a vibrant mood. Lady luna connects with several planets today in harmonious aspects so expect the mood to shift Uranus9-PetalsMulti-Layered222and change but in positive and insightful ways!

The first aspect today is when the Leo moon comes to an opposition with Venus in Aquarius at 3:23 AM. This can have us feeling excessive and even romantic towards our significant others. Feelings of reminiscing or dreaming of a past situation with a loved one. It is an enjoyable energy generally but can bring some emotions out.

Next lady luna comes to a sextile with Jupiter in Libra at 5:51 PM. We feel cooperative and cheerful under this transit. We might even feel like buying something extravagant under this transit (late holiday shopping anyone?!). Just make sure you are not wearing rose colored glasses if you do buy something extravagant and be grounded in the moment!

Following the Leo moon comes to a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at 5:51 PM. This reminds us to keep our happy feet on the ground – as the moon/Jupiter trine explained above has us feeling extravagant and happy… This transit enforces the desire to be realistic and grounded too. We can also get a lot of thing accomplished at this time, so work on projects that you want to use to expand yourself with.

The final aspect for today is when the Leo moon comes to a trine with Uranus in Aries at 8:17 PM. This has us feeling energized and emotionally inspired. This aspect is a positive aspect that bring out the originality in all of us. Doing things that are inspirational at this time is a great way to spend the evening.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Carnelian Agate. Carnelian Agate is connected with the sacral chakra and the Leo moon. It brings about the ability to be grounded yet still connected to the things that we want to create in our world.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Lemon. Lemon sparks imagination and zaps us with a nice pulse of energy. This will help the inspiring energy of the day unfold!

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Friday December 16, 2016 ✨ 

PicMonkey Collage2WEBSITEThe moon moves from her long void-of-course phase since yesterday afternoon at 4:37 PM until this morning at 8:15 AM, where she ingresses into the sign of Leo. The moon in Leo has us feeling dramatic and even gregarious. Leo moon is not afraid to be theatrical and enjoys big entrances. Being the center of attention can be on the forefront of our minds during this transiting moon in Leo. Expressing feeling, in regal style and being romantic might be a way to connect with this moon in Leo. Lady luna stays in Leo until Sunday so enjoy some fun this weekend but try to keep the drama contained!

Other than the movement of the moon, there are no aspects today, so enjoy the day of fun Leo energy!

The gemstone suggestion for today is Sunstone. Sunstone is connected with the energy of Leo, is vibrant and will lift the mood of anyone wearing or holding it!

The essential oil suggestion is Bergamont. Bergamot is a citrus scent that is energizing and fresh feeling.

✨ Thursday December 15, 2016 ✨ 

The calming Cancer moon zips around the zodiac making several aspects to other planets today. Hold on because sun-uranusradianttulip2websitestarlenemoods will seem to shift often and abruptly. Remember balance and greeting others with an open heart is always a wonderful way to conduct yourself, pay close attention to the energies of others. If you can, bring light and compassion where it is needed.

The first aspect today is when the Cancer moon comes to an opposition with Mercury in Capricorn at 5:25 AM. This has us kind of revving to (at least) mentally begin the day. Square aspects are what us astrologers call “hard aspects” which means there is a lot of energy during that time. Do not be surprised during this aspect that lasts a few hours on each side of the peak – if you find yourself thinking and trying to work out ways to enhance your daily routine and the smaller details of your life. This is a good chance to have that monthly makeover to do that sort of thing!

The following aspect is when the Cancer moon comes to an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn which peaks at 9:38 AM. This is the time we get every month to pull out the emotional catharsis from the closet, inspect it and see if it is working for you or not. OK, so maybe I am being a little dramatic here, but whatever things you are holding in, let them out, however it is that you must do that. Once you let them out, let them go, if you can, especially if they somehow involve another person. Oppositions often involve something or someone else so if things from the depth of your soul surface… Then it is time to act and examine what to do with it.

Next lady luna in Cancer comes to a square with Jupiter in Libra at 2:08 PM. Emotions that seem impractical at this time tend to inflate us – not always in the most positive of ways too! We might be thinking about those closest to us and even feeling like others are being excessive. Try not to let any feelings of disappointment bother you, remember things happen for a reason, and it may turn out in the end you are glad you did not get your way during this time.

The moon in Gemini then comes to a powerful square  with Uranus in Aries at 4:18 PM. This particular energy can have us feeling a big erratic or not in our proper minds. We may notice a feeling of being even more eccentric than usual and liking the more bizarre things in life. This can create an inner restlessness, especially if you are not comfortable with things “‘out of the box of normal”. If you are ok with things out of the range of being typical, than you will benefit the most from using this afternoon’s energy to pull those unusual and unique ideas out and get to playing with them!

After this aspect the moon goes into her void-of-course phase, but alas when the moon is in void-of-course in the sign of Cancer  – she is thought to “performith somewhat” and not feel completely void of emotions. Give yourself some time to rest, but also give yourself the ability to explore things that are not typical for you. The last aspect the moon made (Spoken about above, Moon square Uranus) gives us a chance to let that inner unique soul out to play some! Maybe try doing a mantra in another language or something different in the realm of the spiritual world. Experimenting like this is a great way to celebrate this time.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Moldavite. Moldavite will help you in connecting with your higher self and allow those passageways to open for you to open your mind, heart and soul.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Sweet Orange. Sweet Orange invigorates us and brings about a feeling of positivity. This goes along with the Gemini moon and lightens any heaviness you might be feeling.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Wednesday December 14, 2016 ✨ 

Neptune13PetalsMulti-Layers222WEBSITEThe Gemini moon makes a trine to Mars in Aquarius at 12:58 AM. This makes us feel cheerful and energetic. It is a time when we might feel ourselves wanting to be social even though it is the middle of the night for half of the world! If you find yourself having a hard time sleeping, then maybe you should try to do some chanting in another language, Ohm Mani Padme Hum (click the link for the chant on YouTube) might be a good one to relax you and put yourself in the zone! After this aspect perfect the moon moves into her void-of-course phase until 7:09 AM when she ingresses into the sign of Cancer. The few hours that the moon is void-of-course you might want to just relax and even try to get some sleep if you can!

When lady luna enters into the sign of Cancer, she feels at home. In traditional astrology the Moon “rules” the sign of Cancer. The moon feels nurtured and emotional in her sign. You may find yourself wanting to do domestic things, like caring for your home. Likewise you may feel like cooking or even doing sweet things for those that you love. The moon is happy in the sign of Cancer so emotions will flow easier than at some other times. That is not to say that one will not cry or feel sad, as those too are emotions. Express yourself during the Cancer moon and whatever comes out, should be looked at. If the are positive emotions – great! If they are emotions that need to be released so you can move forward, then that too is good. The moon stays in Cancer until Friday so enjoy her time of feeling our emotions.

The last aspect or today is when the Cancer moon comes to a trine with Neptune in pisces at 10:17 PM. These two signs are where both of these planets rule, this means they are really happy in these signs. The moon and Neptune trining in their own signs means that the mood is idealistic romance. Feeling friendly and creative are also energies that this aspect brings to the table. Enjoy an evening with your sweetie or doing something that you love to do.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz will help to bring about a feeling of love and connection to others and the world around you. It is a healing energy for the heart chakra too, which is just perfect for the Cancer moon.

The essential oil for today is Geranium. Geranium brings about a feeling of love and sweetness. It helps to open the heart chakra by energizing our mind to think of both positive and negative experience are meaningful to our lives. One we love, and the other we learn from.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Tuesday December 13, 2016 ✨ 

Today the moon is in busy Gemini all day and is a day full of lunar aspects. That includes the Full moon in Gemini which happens at 22 degrees of Gemini while the SunStar-likewithTriangles2WEBSITEsun is opposite at 22 degrees of Sagittarius. So those of us with planets at that degree will be affected by this deeply, but more on the full moon below!

The first aspect today is when the Gemini moon comes to a trine with Jupiter in Libra at 1:24 PM. Although this aspect only lasts a few hours on each side of the peak it does influence our moods and feelings to be expansive. We feel jovial and comfortable in the presence of others during this time.

On Wednesday November 30th the sun made a conjunction with Saturn, and today the moon makes an opposition with Saturn at 2:04 PM. Back on November 30th you may have noticed yourself thinking about the structure you have in your life. This energy is still in effect so you have probably been thinking of how you might benefit from building a more solid foundation for yourself. While today when the moon comes to a conjunction with Saturn you are feel more like needing and the desire to build some emotional structure in your life. This is particularly pronounced because the full moon that happens a little later in the day . When the moon is full that means it is opposite of the sun and since the sun is still connected to Saturn this full moon has a Saturnian feel to it. Emotional stability, sticking to plans and responsibility are the vibe for this transit.

The Gemini moon then comes to a sextile with Uranus in Aries at 4:18 PM. This vibe is creative and can be inventive. Thoughts and feelings run high in an inspirational sort of way. It would be a good idea for you give some thought to the things that you need to release in your life during this time.
What things are no longer serving your highest good and what things are bringing you lots of joy?
Thinking about being free in the moment, without attachments to anything would be something to ponder over during this transit.

The full moon happens at 7:06 PM and is when the moon is in Gemini and the sun is in Sagittarius. This is a good time to actually do that releasing. Let go of old thought patterns and philosophies that you might have had so long you were born with them. It is time to reassess the energies that are no longer serving you. Sometimes thought patterns are ingrained in us so deeply that we don’t even realize it. Being opposed by the moon in curious and ever thought-full Gemini and the sun being in philosophical and expansive Jupiter gives us a chance to figure out if we want to continue along the same thought and philosophical patterns that we are in. Embrace new ones over the next two weeks, or at least be open minded to listen.

The gemstone suggestion for today is Sugilite. During this soul searching day, you will benefit from meditating or wearing Sugalite on you. Sugilite helps answer some of the deeper questions while bringing high wisdom from our consciousness into our awareness.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Amber. Amber promoted balance and harmony. It also cleanses the environment and purifies the energy surround to you, much like White Sage.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

✨ Monday December 12, 2016 ✨ 

MoonOverlappingStars2WEBSITEI decided today to start begin writing the Astro Tapestry Report after a few weeks off. The Astro Tapestry Report is a look at astrology from a daily perspective and how the planets interact with one another. This is a way to navigate the collective energies of the day. I also include a gemstone and essential oil suggestion for the energies of the day. Enjoy reading these on a daily basis, and if you have questions or want to share your day with me, please do!

The inspirational energy of the day starts at 1:56 AM. This is when The sun in Sagittarius come to a trine with Uranus in Aries. This energy has been building over the last day or two and will wane down over the next day or so. It brings about a vibration of excitement and a desire to want to live in the present moment and dig into what feels inspirational. I could see us feeling like being the life of the party and excitable under this transit.

Following the moon moves into the sign of Gemini at 7:41 AM. Gemini moon has us feeling like busy little bees. We feel like we want to do everything – all at once. Gemini is known as the multitasker of the zodiac and is not afraid to make a phone call, write an email and figure out a puzzle all at once. If you are not very comfortable with all the shifting thoughts, games and conversations you might find yourself feelings scattered during this time. The best advise is to try to get into the rhythm of the energy and go with the mutable, airy energy of Gemini.

At 5:22 AM the moon in Gemini comes to a trine with Venus in Aquarius. We might feel like doing something beautiful at this time, or that we ourselves are beautiful. The beauty could come from some unique or unusual place as the Gemini moon and Venus in Aquarius are not afraid to find the beauty in what others may conceive as “ugly” or “strange”.

The Gemini moon then comes to a square with Neptune in Pisces at 10:30 PM. We could be feeling a little disillusioned during this transit. Both Gemini & Pisces are mutable signs, so very easy going. It is best to double check things or make important decisions tomorrow if you can. You will feel less foggy than under this transit. On the positive side, it can bring some idealistic moods and feelings to the table, giving us insight into other ways of feeling or doing things.

The gemstone suggestion for today is smithsonite. It brings charm and kindness to the forefront. All things that are positive of the Gemini moon influence.

The essential oil suggestion for today is Rosemary. Rosemary stimulates new thought patterns and helps to work on ideas given to the mind. It is great for memory factors also.

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

Your Rock Star Astrologer ~ Starlene Breiter ✨