Facebook Contest to Win an Astrological Consultation with me!

I am doing a contest to win an Astrological Consultation with me!

It is easy, and free for you to join in the contest. You also have an opportunity to get an entree into the contest every single day!

The rules are simple and as follows:

#1 Comment under the day’s Astro Tapestry Report under any one of the Facebook pages that share this Astro Tapestry Report.

They are as follows: 
my personal account Starlene Breiter,
my Public page Starlene Breiter PAC, RMT,
the Astro Vibrational Tapestry page,
or the Rock Star Astrologer page.

(you can only do this to one page each day. So if you comment under the same post on the different pages, you will simply have one entree in the contest for that day.

~~~ What Linda Berry (my Astrology partner in the Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report) want to hear is how the report resonates with you. What parts of each day seem like they fit. Please feel free to be descriptive and most of all honest! Linda and I are both researchers in Vibrational Astrology. We put a lot of work into sharing these very unique Astro Tapestry Reports together. We do this because we just love astrology and really want to work on seeing it become a useful tool in as many people’s lives that are drawn to it! We use some methods that no other astrologer has tried in writing a daily report before. We also use some methods that are more common, such as two planet patterns or as we call them in the Astro Tapestry “The Daily Moods”.

So I am asking everyone that reads them – to please let me honestly know how this may or may not have resonated with your day! So, if you wait until close to the end of the day to write something, that is totally cool too. All replies that are not just one word, and actually say something about how it resonated — are counted as an entree into the contest. So give me a sentence or two about that day!

#2 You also must Like or use one of the other emojis on Facebook for that post you commented under.

#3 You also must share the post on your page. That means you have to make sure this post is public so I can count it as an entree into the account. All of the posts I make are public, just make sure when you “Share” it too, you are sharing it publically, or I won’t see it.

That is literally all you have to do to enter into this contest! You will win an hour consultation with me, Starlene Breiter. We can talk either the phone or Skype. We can discuss what in the consultation you are seeking. You could want information about your birth chart, forecasting, compatibility, even locational or Astro cartography. You have my astrological wisdom and me – for an hour – so we will have some fun!

The last thing is that this contest starts July 2, 2017, and ends August 2, 2017. – So you have an entire month to give me feedback and enter every day for a month (if you want) into the contest. So let me know what you think. Winner will be announced within a couple days of August 2, 2017

Please be honest too! As research astrologers that Linda and I are, we really want to know how things are truly affecting us. That way we can consider other people’s opinions in the field of evidence-based astrology.