Welcome to Rock Star Astrologer — as time unfolds, keep watching this website grow and take an intellectual look at astrology as well as use it as a place to find information about astrology.

Starlene Breiter

Starlene Breiter

As a professional astrologer, I wish to make this site *Rock Star Astrologer* a useful tool for my own astrological practice as well as others drawn to me for the services I can provide through astrological consulting and the teaching of astrology. You can read more about me via my *About* page and understand my knowledge, background and styles of astrology I utilize in my practice and share with others. — and just WHY I call myself “Rock Star Astrologer” in the first place!

Through this website, you are also be able to schedule an astrological consulting session from me, Starlene Breiter.

Astrology is not just a hobby for me ~ it is as way of life, and an amazing tool for all that are willing to open their hearts to understand or learn about and better our lives. So come, with an open mind and heart. You never know what you might discover.

Through this website I share the daily *Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report* that I write on a daily basis. Just click the AstroTapestry tab at the top of every page to see the newest report!

The Astro Vibrational Tapestry Report is not solely astrologically related, they are intuitive energy reports of the solar system and how they will affect us. They are unique and interesting to say the least. I also share gemstone suggestions to work with on any given day. Read the reports here by clicking on Astro Tapestry tab at the top and you can also like our Facebook page!

You can also order emailed astrological reports, astrologically related handmade jewelry & candles that I make – as well as some other cool astrology related items that I am sharing on this website.

StarleneBreiterwheelThis website is the *astrology* part of my business Rocks And Reiki, inc. I decided that my astrological practice was important enough and such a specific part to my work that I wanted to create a website just for astrology. You can find the other websites I run, which are specialty websites of their own – via the pictures to the left of this page. I have several websites that I offer different things through them, so take your time, look around and if you have any questions about what I do – feel free to contact me and let me know!

I truly love to guide others on their paths to wellness and living a life of happiness and fulfillment as much as possible – that, and my friendly Aquarian nature makes me really easy to talk to!

My intention with this website is not only to share my services and items, but to grow it into an awesome place of reference of astrology for everyone!

So, have a look around and please come back to check the website out in the future! <3

Love and Blessings ~

Namaste, Starlene Breiter