Types of Astrological Consultations

There are many different reasons that one would want to have an astrological consultation session with me.

I am fully trained and proficient in the astrology methods mentioned below. I do not mind if you want to look at any one of those things during a consultation session with me. I simply charge for my services by the the time we use. You can go here to purchase astrological consultation sessions with me.

Picture 42Vibrational Astrology – I have attended and graduated the Avalon School of Astrology in a 3 year course to learn the system of Vibrational Astrology that was founded by David Cochrane. I am still studying Vibrational Astrology at Avalon, as it is an evolving science. Vibrational Astrology is an evidence based form to astrology, and the more research that is done with it, the more we come to understand. Therefore I will likely continue to study and refine my skills in Vibrational Astrology as it really is a science, not just some random guesses! I use this system of astrology most of the time during my consultations, and in it I look at Harmonic Charts, Midpoints, Same Angles, Composites and other various techniques to help guide you. Although those words may mean very little to you (even if you are an astrologer, many people do not use these sophisticated techniques) you do not need to know anything about astrology itself to really benefit from a consultation with me. I do not speak in in “astro-lingo” that leaves you wondering what I meant. I have a very rooted and grounded approach to helping you utilize what information is given to you without leaving you wondering.

Some ways Astrology can help you:

Natal Chart Consultations – I use the birth chart, midpoints and harmonics to give you clues to your life and personality. It is a great starting point for any consultation. I am able to tell you what sorts of things you would generally be inclined towards being good at and some areas of your life that might be weak spots.

Forecasting – I use the transiting planets, along with secondary progressions, solar arc directions and look at the energy patterns between these moving planets with your natal chart. This can tell me dates and times that you can excel at something, and times that you might do better relaxing and just working low key. There is a myriad of things that forecasting can tell you about and most people are simply curious about what the upcoming period of time has in store for them. Or they want to know about specific dates and the energies surrounding those dates – both of which forecasting can tell you.

Solar Return Astrology – This is a consultation that you would like to get around your birthday. What I do is pull up a solar return chart for you, and tell you the general vibe of the year ahead for you.

Relocation Astrology – This method of astrology is helpful for someone that is looking to move, or for a place to vacation. I have found it be very spot on in the many different relocation astrological sessions I have done with my clients and it is very helpful to those that are drawn to looking at their life in this way.

Compatibility Astrology – This method of astrology will compare two charts of two different people and help you to understand the underlying dynamics of the energies present in your relationship between you two. This is not just for lovers, although I have done many lovers charts, but it also encompasses the relationships between child and parent, siblings, friends, business partners etc. To be ethical about these sorts of readings, I do ask that you request the two people I am comparing charts with, for permission. We do not need to have them present to do the consultation, but permission is required. Also – if you do prefer to do a couples counseling session, I  do that too.

Horary Astrology – This is a completely unique style of astrology, where you can ask me a question and at the moment I comprehend the question, I pull up a chart for that time and give you your answer. I say comprehend because often the question needs to be negotiated so we can get the answer to the actual question you are seeking. This is a very old system of astrology and I have been trained by Lee Lehman in Horary Astrology.

Electional Astrology – This system of astrology is for when you want to chose a date for something, such as marriage, signing legal documents, elected surgery or other such events that can be planned. I can look within the time constraints you have for a specific event and find the most suitable time for you to do it.

I also offer emailed reports (click here for them) that are a wonderful way for you experience astrological advise, but are not the same as a consultation because in a consultation you are able to ask questions, in the email report you can not. The emailed reports are state of the art astrological readings, amongst various topics written by a professional astrologer. – I find them to be useful tools if you are simply looking for basic information about yourself.